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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 668


Chapter 668 The irreplaceable host!

The audience was going wild!

But Zhang Ye was cool as a cucumber, not looking like he had done something worth mentioning. He did not have that unnatural smug look that some newbie hosts had after completing some difficult lines or a strong sense of showing off. Having been in the industry for some time now, he had already considered himself a veteran. Although he still hadn't been working too long yet, he already had a lot of experience and his control of the stage was getting stronger and stronger. When he moved about onstage, he was very natural at it, and as a host, he definitely had to have that air of confidence about him. How would he be qualified to host any programs at a place such as Central TV Department 1 otherwise?

Offstage, it was getting rather disorderly.

Zhang Ye called for a cut, ’’Please stop recording for a while.’’

The staff members operating the cameras all looked at him.

With quick paces, Zhang Ye walked over to the nearest camera. ’’Show me the playback.’’ As he said that, he put in the earpiece.

The cameraman quickly came back to his senses and switched to playback mode to show him the recorded footage.

Zhang Ye first confirmed whether his lines were delivered without any errors or not as he had said it so quickly that even his mind could not keep up with what he had said. He was relieved when he saw that he did rather well, without slurring or delivering the lines incorrectly. This long sequence of advertising messages was very well enunciated and every word could be heard clearly. Overall, it was delivered quite ideally.

How did Zhang Ye manage to say it in such a fast manner?

Why was he able to achieve such a speed?

Of course, it was due to the more than 100 Fruits of Agility he had eaten!

Before, Zhang Ye had gradually received more than 100 Fruits of Agility from the game ring's system. This item helped to increase one's agility and reaction speed. At the beginning, Zhang Ye felt that it was an useless item and that he had wasted his reputation points on it. But when the idea of The Voice appeared in his head, he had a spark of genius and found a practical use for those Fruits of Agility. In the original version of The Voice of China in his previous world, it was exactly what its host, Hua Shao, did!

If it had been the past, Zhang Ye could never have matched up to Hua Shao's rapidfire speaking. Although Zhang Ye was trained in broadcasting, it wasn't that he didn't work hard at it but that it was more of a talent thing that couldn't be trained. Zhang Ye's reaction speed could only be so fast, even if his speech was faster than most normal people due to the fact that he had had training in school. But there was still a limit to it. He couldn't reach Hua Shao's reciting speed no matter what. If anyone actually insisted on Zhang Ye speaking that fast, he could probably do it. Just that with speed, he would lose the capability of enunciating words clearly. He would surely slur at some point which would mean that it would be useless in this situation. This was a stage where he needed to speak fast and clear at the same time, so that everyone could hear each and every word clearly. Otherwise, all of this would be pointless!

As such, the Fruit of Agility had really helped him a great deal. It allowed Zhang Ye's reaction speed to be raised manyfold in a short time. Not only could he match up to Hua Shao's reading speed now, he was even a little bit faster than him, possibly nearing the limits of humanity!

Ha Qiqi came over. ’’Director Zhang.’’

The cameraman asked, ’’Can this recording be used?’’

Zhang Ye finished viewing it and gave a helpless sigh. He said, ’’I wonder.’’

Ha Qiqi exclaimed, ’’It can't be used? Which word did you get wrong?’’

’’It's not that, but the atmosphere of the audience was too unnatural.’’ Zhang Ye looked at the four coaches. ’’Coaches, may I suggest that you all don't look so shocked? The cameras that focus on you guys and me are all synchronized, so your expressions will be shown as well.’’ Then he turned around to face the audience and said, ’’And everyone, it was too quiet just now. The silence felt really strange, so could I trouble all of you to be more relaxed and look more natural? You can also clap or cheer, just don't stare with your eyes wide while saying nothing. Otherwise, the entire studio's atmosphere will seem nonexistent and feel really strange.’’

Chen Guang said in a speechless manner, ’’Who asked you to speak that fast and scare me!’’

Zhang Xia smiled wryly and added, ’’I couldn't react at all either.’’

Zhang Yuanqi looked at him. ’’Did you eat a bunch of bullets for lunch?’’

Fan Wenli could only react with silence to express her frame of mind.

Faced with Zhang Ye's dissatisfaction with the recording, none the audience members knew how to react. You're still unsatisfied? You still blame us for being too quiet? Your sister! That speed at which you recited your lines was leaving afterimages of the words! What else could we do but stay quiet! That advertising message of yours was simply too shocking!

Zhang Zuo ran up. ’’Director Zhang, are we going to record it again?’’

Ha Qiqi suggested, ’’These advertising lines are really too good. It's like a crowning touch. I've worked in TV programming for many years, but this is the first time I've heard an advertising message being delivered in such a way. It it gets deleted, it would be such a pity. We might not get such a good recording if we do it again. That's a huge amount of words you need to say in a single breath. It's too difficult. Actually, we can just re-record the individual shots of the coaches and the audience separately, then add them together in post by layering the audio together. That would give people the feeling that it was all recorded at the same time.’’

Zhang Ye had not learned directing before, so he wasn't exactly a professional in this area. But he still understood in general what she meant, though he was not prepared to do it that way. He still preferred to make it more realistic. If they added the separate shots together and did it perfectly, the effect would definitely still be largely discounted.

But before he could say anything and before the program team had decided how to handle it, someone in the audience shouted.

’’Record it again!’’

’’Teacher Zhang, do it once more!’’

’’Yeah, do it again!’’

With someone leading, the others followed in response!

Hearing that, Jiang Yuan and many of those belonging to the program teams of Central TV were stunned. Do it again? They'd heard of crosstalk actors doing an encore for their segments and singers doing encores for their songs, but in all the time they'd been in the industry, they'd never goddamn heard an audience requesting an encore for advertisements! Just how bored are you all! These are advertisements we're talking about!

However, that was just how it was!

This would be something no one would believe if they heard of it. But at this moment, at this studio, countless audience members were strongly asking for an encore by Zhang Ye, to recite his advertisement lines once again!

Zhang Ye smiled at this and thought for a while before saying, ’’Then let's just record it again.’’

Ha Qiqi and the others got off from the stage and went back to their positions.

’’All teams, take note. 3, 2, 1, action...’’ Zhang Ye stood back at the same spot and took a deep breath again like before. After a slight pause, he suddenly said his lines again, ’’I-will-not-accept-any-gifts-this-year The-only-gift-I-will-accept-is-Brain Gold There's-no-need-to-watch-any-TV-shows-this-year The-only-TV-show-you-need-to-watch-is-The Voice The-authentic-health-product The-authentic-The Voice Welcome-to-the-broadcast-of-The Voice of China-brought-to-you-exclusively-by-our-title-sponsor-leader-in-health-products-Brain Gold Drink-Mount Zhou Mineral Water-to-show-your-support-for-The Voice The-most-favored-student-of-the-four-coaches-for-this-season-of-The Voice-will-get-a-chance-to-join-Mount Zhou Mineral Water's Music Dreams Tour Text-to-support-your-favorite-singers-and-you' Voice For-any-of-our-contestants-as-long-as-they-get-acknowledged-by-at-least-three-coaches-they'll-win-a-10,000-yuan-Music Dreams Scholarship Sponsored-by-Brain Gold. We-also-give-our-thanks-to-Beijing Dahua Hotel-for-sponsoring-the-accommodations-for-the coaches-of-The Voice of China!’’

Exclaiming once again filled the studio!

The cheering did not stop!

’’Good one!’’


’’I'm kneeling! Fully and totally kneeling!’’

The audience was already prepared for it, but when they heard Zhang Ye's shocking advertising message once more, they couldn't help but applaud and call it good. They were all very excited, just like how people would feel when they were watching a circus act!

They were the same lines of the advertising message!

It was still done in a single breath!

The words were still clearly enunciated!

It was still delivered at the same galeforce speed, or maybe it was a misconception, but they all somehow felt that Zhang Ye had finished reciting the lines even faster than before!

Initially, Ha Qiqi did not recommend recording again, afraid that the second time would not be as good as the first. After all, that kind of reciting speed had already surpassed the limits and was unheard of, but who could have expected that Zhang Ye's professionalism had already exceeded the realms of a normal person's understanding? Reciting it for the second time, not only did Zhang Ye repeat his feat from before and not leave out a single word, he even went faster than the first!

Backstage, some of the program team staff were looking at clocks. In the audience, there were also a few curious members who started their timers when Zhang Ye opened his mouth!

In the end, the clocked time shocked everyone!

The first time it was recited, there wasn't proper timing so no one knew how long it took. It felt like it was 18 seconds or maybe 20 seconds, but this time, the time was precisely measured it only took 14.7 seconds! The advertising slogan consisted of around 200 words, so it meant that Zhang Ye had spoken over a dozen words in just one second!


This was really crazy!

If your mouth could fire bullets and you were left there speaking for an hour, then all of Beijing's citizens would have perished!

Jiang Yuan: ’’...’’

Chen Guang: ’’...’’

Fan Wenli: ’’...’’

All of them were again expressing their innermost thoughts with speechlessness!

Zhang Ye went over to the camera to watch the replay again. This time, it was better, so he nodded and said, ’’OK, that passed.’’

But as it happened, the audience started calling out again!

’’Another time!’’

’’Yeah, do it once more!’’

’’Demonstrate again, Teacher Zhang!’’

The audience's cheering amused Zhang Ye. ’’Did you all get a kick out of listening to that? Just reciting that twice has made my tongue feel very sore. There won't be any more encores!’’

Ha Qiqi laughed.

Little Wang also covered her mouth and giggled.

The staff of the other program teams of Central TV all looked at each other and couldn't help but think of how comparison always ended up torturing people. Like on their own programs, when had the audience ever been so passionate like today? Even if they were recording a slightly more interesting segment like the bantering between the guest celebrities, the audience did not want to watch it a second time. Sometimes, when they had to do another recording of those segments, the audience would end up looking listless and couldn't be bothered with watching anymore. When that happened, the program team would have no choice but to edit the previously recorded audience's cheering into the re-recorded scenes in post-production! But for Zhang Ye's program? Just reciting an advertising message was enough to provoke the audience into asking for an encore? And doing it once was not enough so they had to ask for a second encore??

Wu Mo and the Brain Gold company's people were the happiest people in the studio. They couldn't have possibly predicted that a dry advertisement message segment that no one looked forward to could have become marvelous because of Zhang Ye's reciting. It had created a totally new style of advertising message and brought it to new heights!

Although with the increased speed of the advertising message, their advertisement airtime had also decreased a lot, probably down by around 20% of the originally planned advertisement time, but because of the 100 million title sponsorship fee, Zhang Ye also took care to mention Brain Gold's name multiple times. It was mentioned not only in the place of the title sponsor lines, but was also brought up in the lower tiered advertising rights portion. This was the special care that Zhang Ye had given to them. It didn't matter much since they had only managed to sign two advertisers for the lower advertising rights tier anyway, so he simply gave Brain Gold an additional mention. Moreover, with the continued mention of their product and with Zhang Ye's charming new style of reciting the advertising message, if paired with the chance that it would be imitated by people and would generate heated discussions about it, then the effects of the advertising that the Brain Gold company would get will definitely outperform traditional advertising methods by manyfold!

Wu Mo finally understood why Zhang Ye would ask for a title sponsorship fee of 100 million back when they had the meeting. Even if The Voice did not end up with high viewership ratings, just this style of reciting the advertising message was worth the 100 million title sponsorship! Besides, who said that The Voice's viewership ratings definitely wouldn't be high? Just this opening alone was enough to give everyone surprise after surprise!

Some of the audience's expressions were already different!

They'd realized that The Voice they were watching now was a totally different affair from the online analysis of The Voice that all the experts and industry insiders had done!

Just regarding the segment of the host alone!

It was reported online that a host was only a supporting role in a talent show?

The experts also claimed that anyone could replace Zhang Ye as the host for such talent shows?

What supporting role!

It was clear as f**k that this was a lead role!

Anyone could do it? Why don't you all appoint one and show us!

Just with the godly talking speed of Teacher Zhang, even if you found three hosts and let them do part of the advertising message each, they couldn't f**king recite it that fast! !

Who could replace him!

At least on the stage of The Voice, the position of the host was irreplaceable!

Even if you scoured all over the country, only Zhang Ye would have the ability to do this!


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