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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 660


Chapter 660 Blue-collar worker Zhang Ye!

At night.

Around 9 PM.

Other than those working overtime or those doing night recording, everyone in the television tower had already gone home. The offices on the different floors had already turned off their lights, as more than half of the tower was empty. However, The Voice's program team office and recording studio were still brightly lighted, with many people streaming in and out. There were sounds of construction and equipment being moved, while some people were also discussing work with urgency. There were even the loud shouts of some managers, repeating their orders to the workers.

’’Put that here.’’

’’OK, Sister Qi!’’

’’Over there, hurry up!’’

’’We have to get the lights installed before 11 PM!’’

’’Director Zhang, we will definitely get the lights up before tomorrow afterno ’’

’’We still have other tasks to handle tomorrow afternoon. If we can save some time here today, we must do so. I want it done by 11 PM at the latest. At 11 PM, I will come and check the results!’’

’’OK, we'll try our best!’’

’’It's hard on you all, I know that. After we're done with tonight's tasks, supper's on me!’’

At this moment, a female editor came over looking very tired. She waved her cell phone at Zhang Ye and said, ’’Director Zhang, husband is nagging at me again, so for today...?’’

Zhang Ye replied, ’’Go home quickly then.’’

The female editor said, ’’OK, I will be here early tomorrow!’’

’’Be careful going back,’’ Zhang Ye said with concern.

The female editor turned around and saw Little Chenchen sitting sleepily in the audience seating in the recording studio and said to Zhang Ye, ’’I drove here today, why don't I help you send Chenchen back?’’

Only then did Zhang Ye remember Chenchen. ’’Oh. It won't inconvenience you?’’

’’It's fine,’’ The female editor replied.

So Zhang Ye asked Chenchen, ’’Shall I get Auntie Yi to send you home?’’

Chenchen looked at him. ’’Are you going back too?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’I can't leave yet. I have to live here in the office for the next few days.’’

Chenchen grunted. ’’Then I will also stay.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’What are you saying? There's no suitable place here for you to sleep at all. I'll get someone to take you back. If you're afraid of being at home alone, why don't I call my parents and inform them? You can go over to stay for today or I can get them to take care of you for the next two days.’’

Chenchen did not say a word.

’’Chenchen, I'm talking to you,’’ Zhang Ye said.

Chenchen ignored him and continued doing her own thing.

Zhang Ye was helpless at this and could only say to the female editor, ’’You go home first. Since she doesn't want to leave, I'll have to let her stay here with me. There's no other way around it.’’

The female editor suggested, ’’There's a big sofa behind the makeup and rest area. There are also pillows and blankets upstairs. Although the conditions are not too good, it's still fine to sleep in.’’

’’OK, thanks,’’ Zhang Ye said.

Turning around, Zhang Ye reverted his attention back to his work. Not only was he taking control of the overall situation by giving out instructions to everyone, he also involved himself in the details of the tasks. He was helping out wherever he could, even to the point of climbing up the ladder to handle the lighting setup. He was even oblivious to the fact that he had dirtied himself from head to toe while doing so.

When an executive director like Zhang Ye got down to this state, seeing this, the workers also spared no effort and put more strength into their work. No one lazed around and some of the workers who had initially intended to leave at 10 PM did not feel it was right to simply leave now. They just held back their tiredness and worked on. If the leader did not complain about being tired, how could they have anything to complain about?

At around 10:30 PM.

Chenchen could not stay awake any longer. Her eyelids drooped down heavily as her body swayed left and right as she walked toward Zhang Ye's side. ’’Zhang Ye, I'm sleepy, take me to bed.’’

Zhang Ye did not even turn around. ’’Little Zhao, help me bring Chenchen to the rest area.’’

’’Ai, coming!’’ Little Zhao set down what he was working on and hurried over. He said kindly, ’’Chenchen, let's go.’’

Chenchen glanced at Little Zhao and then laid her eyes back on Zhang Ye and pushed him on the back. ’’Zhang Ye, you take me, you have to sleep too.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’How can I sleep? It's almost the deadline and I'm already planning to work continuously for the next few days. Just be good and let Uncle Little Zhao get you a blanket, then go to sleep.’’

Chenchen yelled, ’’Zhang Ye, Zhang Ye!’’

Zhang Ye ignored her as the installed lighting seemed to have a problem. He rushed up and asked, What happened? Wasn't it checked before the installation was done?’’

Chenchen got angry.

Little Zhao looked at her and said, ’’There have been some changes recently and Director Zhang is the most anxious out of everyone on the program team. He's has the most pressure on him and all he is thinking of now is how to get The Voice broadcast smoothly without any incident. So why don't we not give Director Zhang any trouble, otherwise he'll be even more tired.’’

Though he was unsure if Chenchen understood that, she still slowly walked away with Little Zhao. Just before she left the recording studio, she turned her head suddenly and said loudly, ’’Zhang Ye, you come and sleep soon as well.’’

Zhang Ye acknowledged, ’’Alright, alright.’’

Only then did Chenchen finally leave the recording studio.

However, once he became busy again, he worked until 12 AM.

After they ordered and finished their supper, all the workers left. More than half of the staff also returned home. Only three to five members of the program team staff stayed with Zhang Ye to continue working. They were all the younger male staff members and physically fitter, while another female staff member did not want to leave either, saying that she wanted to stay and continue working. However, seeing that it was already very late, he still made her go back, thinking that it wouldn't be safe if she went back any later than that.

’’Director Zhang, let's continue.’’

’’Can you all still take it?’’


’’I can still take it!’’

’’I'm fine too, I don't usually sleep until much later than this.’’

’’OK, we only have a little more to finish up for today's tasks. Let's get it done quickly so that you all can go home and rest well.’’

Another round of work began once more for them.

Moreover, the effort needed to work after midnight was much greater compared to normal working hours in the daytime. Even though the workload was more or less the same, during daytime they were in a better state of mind and had plenty of rest beforehand, so they could easily complete their tasks. However, after midnight, they were in an entirely different state of mind and fatigued after working more than 10 hours. Coupled with the feeling of sleepiness, their efficiency rapidly declined as well. They only managed to stay awake with great perseverance and physical strength!

Ten minutes!

Half an hour!

Suddenly, a small figure appeared from the rear, swaying unsteadily and walking toward them. It was Chenchen. She was wrapped in a thin blanket and found Zhang Ye in her half-asleep state. Her eyes could barely stay open and it was only through the slits of her eyes that she saw him. She then plopped herself heavily onto the coach's chair closest to her. She adjusted herself in the seat a little and covered herself with the blanket before dozing off again, breathing quietly through her mouth.

Zhang Ye did not notice her.

But a few of the staff members discovered her in the chair a moment later.


’’Director Zhang, Chenchen is here.’’

Zhang Ye turned his head around and saw her. ’’Huh, why did you come out here? The place is such a mess and you're sleeping here? Hurry up and go back into the rest area to sleep.’’

Chenchen was woken by this and opened her eyes, only to glance at him for a moment before shutting them and falling back asleep.

Zhang Ye quickly went over and tugged at her. ’’Go, go, go. Be good and listen. If you're disobedient, I will get angry.’’

Chenchen lay sprawled out on the chair and mumbled a few sleepy words. But as to what she was saying, no one could make out a word.

Zhang Ye was left with no choice and could only tell the staff, ’’I guess that's it for today. We're almost done anyway, thank you for the hard work. Now go back home and sleep well.’’

’’All-alright then.’’

’’Then we'll be going.’’

’’Director Zhang, you rest early too.’’

The several of them were indeed feeling dead tired and knew that it was time for them to go home as well.

Zhang Ye poked Chenchen. ’’Come, let's go to sleep.’’

Chenchen whined but did not move.

Zhang Ye could only helplessly bend over to pick her up. A child seven or eight years old was already considered somewhat heavy. Zhang Ye could not single-handedly carry her like the landlady did and could only hold her with two hands, carrying her to the rest area and putting her back onto the big sofa.

’’Go to sleep,’’ Zhang Ye whispered.

Without needing him to say so, Chenchen was already fast asleep.

Zhang Ye pulled the blanket over her but did not leave. He knew that Chenchen could not sleep well if she was alone and needed someone beside her. He was afraid that if Chenchen didn't fall into a deep sleep, she would go out looking for him again. So he laid down beside her and closed his eyes for a nap, but not fully falling asleep. After about 20 minutes, he sat up and studied Chenchen before carefully getting off the sofa and returning to the recording studio to work.


It's time to continue!

He was the only person left in the huge recording studio, so Zhang Ye went over to the control room to test out some of the equipment he had knowledge on, for instance the hanging ceiling microphones he had requested. Then, item by item, he finally got to testing the lighting rig, tinkering with the movement controls. Next, he began to fiddle around on the computer and printed several hundred audience admission passes as well as making the contestant passes. Then he created a short publicity video explaining the competition's rules for the program. Due to his experience from making advertisements, such tasks were not difficult at all for him and he could do it by himself even if no one was helping him, although it took much more time doing it alone. On top of that, he also did the voice-over for the video explaining the competition's rules.

Time was ticking away.

Zhang Ye was so absorbed in his work that he had long since forgotten all about the time. He now regarded himself as a blue-collar worker and ordered himself around as such. Titles of program executive director or famous host were all useless at this point in time. All he wanted to do right now was ensure that the quality of The Voice would still be retained even if he had to rush it out before the deadline. Other than that, everything else was pointless and in vain!

He went all out!

It was a race against time!


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