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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 647


Chapter 647 Confirmation of the first-seeded contestant!


Along Nanxinhua Avenue.

It was currently afternoon recess at No. 2 Experimental Primary School. The main gate was locked as students were not allowed to leave the school during lunch break or breaks between classes. The main gate would only be opened at the start or end of school.

The car stopped and Zhang Ye got out from the car.

He walked near to the guardroom and greeted, ’’Uncle.’’

When the security uncle saw him, his eyes lit up. ’’Zhang Ye!’’

’’It's me, can you open the side gate for me?’’ Zhang Ye smiled.

The security uncle naturally knew who he was and asked, ’’Your kid has given you trouble again? The teacher has called you up for a meeting again?’’ He fished out the key and opened the side gate for Zhang Ye. ’’Come on in.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Thank you very much, Uncle.’’

Walking in farther, he reached the large playground.

He could see many children playing on it, some kicking the shuttlecock,1 some playing basketball, and some others in a group, playing Eagle Catches Chicks, a traditional Chinese chase game.


’’Don't run!’’

’’Hahaha, Fang, you're too slow!’’

’’Pass it to me, pass it to me!’’

’’Take the shot!’’

The school field was filled with frolicking sounds and voices.

Zhang Ye could not see Chenchen anywhere. Even without needing to think, he could figure that out Chenchen would not participate in these activities. She was definitely in the classroom napping or reading some comic book she had snatched from some little boy. Zhang Ye did not go upstairs because he had not come for Chenchen. He had other motives this time. His eyes scanned the school field and he suddenly spotted the person he was looking for.

At a corner of the playground.

Chenchen's form teacher Zhao Mei, P.E. teacher Luo Yu, and some other teachers were seated on a long bench, happily chatting as they supervised the children's activities. This was a school regulation as they were worried that the children would get into trouble while playing or injure themselves from overexertion as they played sports during the break. Every afternoon recess, there would be some teachers on shift duty at the playground. If it snowed, there would be more teachers supervising the break.

Zhao Mei said, ’’Do you all know about Zhang Ye's new program?’’

A sixth grade mathematics teacher said, ’’How can we not know about it? It's all over today's news!’’

Luo Yu added, ’’My goodness, even Zhang Yuanqi, Old Chen, and Old Fan joined as coaches for the program. With so much money spent, this program must definitely be good to watch!’’

Zhao Mei laughed, ’’I'm also waiting for it as well. I'm really anticipating watching it on television.’’

Beside them, a fine arts teacher suddenly looked at Luo Yu with interest and asked, ’’Teacher Luo, why don't you go and take part in the program since you like singing so much?’’

Luo Yu did not even give it thought and waved it off. ’’Heh, me? Forget it.’’

Zhao Mei said, ’’Don't the application conditions for The Voice state that they do not judge on looks or background? Teacher Luo, you should give it a try since you like to sing so much. Your dreams of becoming a singer might actually get fulfilled this time. Previously, when you criticized Zhang Ye and tore into him, it was only because of work. It was right to tell her guardian off as Chenchen was really being too naughty. From what I know of Zhang Ye, he is not a petty person and he certainly won't take it to heart.’’

Luo Yu continuously waved her hands. ’’Come on, even if Teacher Zhang did not bear any grudges, do you expect that I could appear on TV to sing? I'm afraid that the equipment will be damaged by my voice!’’

With that, several teachers burst out laughing.

Everyone in school knew of her reputation for having a lousy voice.

Luo Yu sighed, ’’I love to sing but I still know where I stand. That is such a big program with over a hundred million invested and even has the Heavenly Queen as coach. With my looks, how can I appear on TV? As a P.E. teacher, I should just concentrate on teaching my P.E. classes. Teacher Yiyi is a more suitable candidate to apply since she is good-looking and also a music teacher. She should just go and apply. Besides, we have some degree of a relationship with Zhang Ye. If we ask a favor of him, it should not be a problem to take part in the audition, right?’’

Zhao Mei said, ’’How would we ask for his help? Zhang Ye is not someone you can just meet if you want to.’’

Luo Yu exclaimed, ’’If not, then we can just call him up on the pretext of a guardian meeting. Call him and make him come over. Hasn't Chenchen, the little rascal, always been getting in trouble anyway?’’

Suddenly, a voice sounded from behind their backs.

’’Who wants to call me?’’ Zhang Ye abruptly appeared!

Luo Yu turned around and was dumbfounded. ’’Ah!’’

Zhao Mei and the rest of the teachers were also stunned. ’’Zhang Ye?’’

Then Zhao Mei seemingly thought of something and laughed. She patted Luo Yu and said, ’’Those words were from Teacher Luo and do not represent our opinions.’’

Why is he here!

Speak of the devil!

When Luo Yu heard that, her heart sank. Previously, she did know that this person was Zhang Ye as he was wearing sunglasses and it obstructed her view of his face. She only knew that he was Chenchen's guardian, so she criticized him without a second thought. Afterwards, when she realized that he was Zhang Ye, the composer and writer of her two favorite songs, her stomach churned. Today, Luo Yu was just idly chatting with a few other teachers and she just happened to make a joke of calling up the guardian for a meeting but who knew that Zhang Ye was actually right behind them and could hear what they were saying? Luo Yu literally wished that she could find a hole to crawl in to hide herself from this embarrassment!

How unlucky!

Why am I always so pathetic!?

’’Teacher Zhang, no, no, I was just joking!’’ Luo Yu quickly came up with an excuse, ’’And the previous time, I really didn't know that it was you. No one told me anything at all!’’

The bells started ringing.

It was the signal for classes to begin again.

A female teacher suddenly said, ’’I'm leaving then. It's time for class.’’

’’I'll be leaving too,’’ the fine arts teacher said.

Zhao Mei looked at Zhang Ye and asked, ’’Are you looking for Chenchen? Or?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’No.’’

Zhao Mei nodded. ’’Then alright, I'll go to my class with the children now.’’

When Luo Yu saw that everyone had left, she also wanted to leave, so she said, ’’Then I also...’’ Actually where could she go? As a P.E. teacher, even if she had classes, it would be right on this playground.

Zhang Ye stretched out his hand and called to her, ’’Teacher Luo, please stay put.’’

Luo Yu's eyes shrank. It's over, it's really over, Zhang Ye has a grudge against me now! He's going to find trouble with me! Oh my mother! Why do I have such a hard life!

’’Are you calling me?’’ Luo Yu acted dumb, stood still, and turned her head around.

Zhang Ye asked, ’’Do you have any classes in the afternoon?’’

Luo Yu wanted to say that she had classes until midnight, but she really did not have any classes in the afternoon, so she stammered, ’’About that...’’

Zhang Ye smiled and said, ’’Let's have a talk, shall we?’’

Luo Yu grit her teeth and acquiesced, ’’Alright.’’ She turned around and led Zhang Ye to the equipment storage room as there was no one there. It did have some small chairs in an alcove where they could also have drinks.

The room was small and simple.

’’I'll get you some water.’’ Luo Yu busied herself with chores.

Zhang Ye said, ’’There's no need, I will not stay for long. I'm here to ask you about a matter.’’

Luo Yu said at once, ’’No need to say anymore, I know it's all my fault, I...’’

’’It's not about that matter.’’ Zhang Ye was a bit speechless and said, ’’I'd like to ask you about that day I heard you singing 'Wishing We Last Forever.' Well, do you always sing like that normally?’’

Luo Yu was shocked. ’’Singing? 'Wishing We Last Forever'? Uh, that's right. My voice has always been quite lousy and everyone calls me Raspy Luo. That's how my singing is and no one likes to hear it. I like to sing whenever I'm free and will just grab any opportunity to sing a few lines. My family members also find me irritating when I'm singing. Everytime I open my mouth to sing, my mother will go out and take a stroll.’’

Zhang Ye asked, ’’Do you like to sing?’’

Luo Yu replied, ’’Of course I like to. I've even been singing every day since childhood. Why else do you think my vocals got damaged during puberty and became like this?’’

Zhang Ye nodded and inquired, ’’Then if you are given a stage to perform on now, would you dare to step up on it?’’

Luo Yu instinctively answered, ’’What's there to be afraid of? As long as anyone wants to listen, I will try to sing even if you place me on the surface of the moon! Eh, why are you asking me this?’’

Zhang Ye acknowledged and then said something surprising, ’’In that case, as the Executive Director of The Voice of China, I hereby formally invite you to join us!’’

Luo Yu was shocked. ’’What?’’

Zhang Ye repeated, ’’I will reserve a spot for your participation!’’

Luo Yu exclaimed, ’’Reserve a spot for me? Why are you reserving it for me?’’

Zhang Ye said in an amused manner, ’’Because you're good at singing, so I want you to participate and get involved with The Voice'saudition and the competition proper!’’

Luo Yu said, ’’I can appear on TV?’’

Zhang Ye confirmed, ’’That's right.’’

Luo Yu said, ’’Is it the most talked about program right now, that The Voice of China? The program that even the Heavenly Queen has joined?’’

Zhang Ye affirmed, ’’Yes.’’

Luo Yu said, ’’My singing is good?’’

Zhang Ye maintained, ’’That's right.’’

Luo Yu hurriedly waved it off. ’’Oh, come on, how can my singing be good when my voice is so lousy. You should reconsider. Even my own mother who is my immediate family does not like my singing, so why would others think it's good? Do you think I don't know what I'm worth?’’

Zhang Ye was amused by these words. People from Beijing had a particular sense of humor, comprised of dark humor and self-mockery. It was specific to the locals of Beijing and could not be found at other regions as they all had their own different and unique humor styles.

Zhang Ye attested, ’’Teacher Luo, I came specifically for you this time. I'm very sincere in inviting you and truly feel that you are good at singing. Who says that you have a lousy voice? I really don't feel that way. Besides, I would not have come looking for you if you had a traditionally nice voice. Central TV is having an audition around 1 PM. I don't need to deceive you on this matter if you agree. You don't have any classes in the afternoon anyways, right? Then you should directly follow me right now and come to the audition venue. If you're afraid of embarrassing yourself or that your voice would scare others, then forget it. Treat it like I did not say anything. You will remain as a P.E. teacher here and continue to sing only for yourself.’’

Having said that, Zhang Ye stopped talking.

Seeing Zhang Ye this serious, Luo Yu was also at a loss for words!

After about thirty seconds, Luo Yu asked, ’’Can I really make it?’’

Zhang Ye nodded. ’’It's not going to be a problem.’’

Luo Yu asked again, ’’Are you sure my voice can really...’’

Zhang Ye interrupted, ’’I'm sure.’’

Upon hearing this, Luo Yu finally hardened her resolve. ’’OK! If you guys want to listen! Then I will sing! Who's afraid of who! Teacher Zhang, I will go!’’

Zhang Ye smiled and uttered, ’’I was waiting for you to say that!’’

Chapter 647 Confirmation of the first-seeded contestant!



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