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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 638


Chapter 638 Would you believe it?


The leader left.

The program team's office of The Voice was filled with whisperings.

’’Teacher Zhang is really eyeing the title sponsorship?’’

’’But it hasn't even started production yet. Where's he going to get that from?’’

’’Even if he could get some company to sponsor it, it wouldn't be much. It's definitely not going to be enough for Teacher Zhang's budget, so what's he going to do? The remaining money that we have is not even enough to sign a few B-list celebrities as the program's coaches, right?’’

’’The station is also to blame. Why don't they just give us a little more?’’

’’Actually, 20 million is already a lot. If not for the station giving us the green light, just look at the other programs' production costs, they're not even close to 10 million, right? It's just because Teacher Zhang's ideal program requires too much money. I wonder what kind of coaches Teacher Zhang is intending to invite when he said that he wanted 80 million in total production money? Could he be thinking of getting some Heavenly Kings and Queens to be the judges and coaches? Being able to sign those S-list celebrities....It would be difficult to invite them even if we had a lot of money, isn't that so?’’

’’We definitely won't understand what Director Zhang is thinking.’’

’’Teacher Zhang is really trying too hard to chase perfection.’’

’’I just hope that the program will become popular, or else the money we spend will really all be lost.’’

’’Ai, I guess we can only leave it to Zhang Ye from here.’’

Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and the others were still relatively calm in this situation;in contrast the other editors and writers were unable to sit still any longer.


In the executive director's office.

Little Wang came in and asked, ’’Were you looking for me?’’

Chenchen grabbed Zhang Ye's cell phone and went to the sofa to play some games. Zhang Ye said to Little Wang, ’’Yes, Little Wang. Help me to compile a list of big companies that we can contact, preferably those enterprise- or corporation-level companies, like the ones that sell herbal tea or milk. If you don't have their information, find the relevant Central TV department to request for a copy. I need to contact some of them regarding the title sponsorship matter, so please hurry on that.’’

Little Wang responded, ’’Sure.’’

About 20 minutes later, the list of companies and contact numbers was ready.

Zhang Ye browsed through the company names but as he was still quite unfamiliar with the companies of this world, he did not know which one was better, so he decided to just give them all a call.

’’Hello, is this Daily Milk?’’


’’I'm calling from Central TV Department 1's The Voice of China. This is the executive director of the program team speaking.’’


’’We are currently preparing a new, large-scale singing talent show and the exclusive title sponsorship is still available, so I would like to ask if your company is interested. I can tell you more about our show....’’

’’Sorry, we are currently not looking for any opportunities in this area.’’

’’Alright then, thank you.’’

’’If we are interested, we will contact you again.’’


Then he made the next call.

This time, Zhang Ye wised up. He began to speak persuasively with charm.

’’Hello, is this Almond Tea?’’

’’Yes, and you?’’

’’I am Zhang Ye from Central TV Station.’’

’’Ah? You're Zhang Ye? Which Zhang Ye?’’

’’I should be the Zhang Ye that you're thinking about.’’

’’Aiyo, why did you call us for?’’

’’Our new program has just started production on our new program. It's going to be on Central TV Department 1's Thursday evening slot, but the title sponsorship has not been confirmed yet. Although the competition between the corporations is getting quite heated, we are still not too satisfied with them as the product's image does not mirror our program's image. That is why someone recommended your company to us. And since I'm also a frequent customer of your product and find it quite delicious, I called to ask if your company would be interested.’’

’’Oh, I understand. Please wait a moment, I will check with my leader.’’


’’...Sorry to have kept you waiting, Teacher Zhang. Our leader has informed me that our company has just taken an advertising deal with Central TV Department 1's Friday drama slot. We don't intend to do any advertising during a singing program for now since the market for variety programs isn't too good currently.’’

’’Oh, what a shame then.’’

He made a continuous seven or eight calls.

Zhang Ye only had one strategy, and that was to first tell them where he was calling from, then with a flurry of words, he would persuade them with praises first, such as saying how he felt that their company was the one who among others was the best or telling them how this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that had arrived at their doorsteps and that they should really grab at the chance or else live to regret it. In any case, he just tried to sell them the title sponsorship using praises and talk of wasted opportunities.

However, not one of them responded positively!

When they heard that it was a variety program, everyone rejected his offer!

In the end, when Zhang Ye got tired of making calls, he gulped down a few glasses of water. He was quite angry at this outcome, thinking of what the hell was going on. Did anyone even know what sort of a program this was? This was The Voice! The reputable and famous program worldwide that was called The Voice! Back in Zhang Ye's previous world, the title sponsorship for The Voice was a sky-high figure which did not even need anyone to go around begging others to buy it. Without stepping out of the television station's door, the advertisers would make their interest known and try to outbid each other for the rights to the title sponsorship! But now? Zhang Ye's mouth was already worn out from all those calls but none of the companies were interested in buying the title sponsorship. Some of these companies even assumed Zhang Ye to be a scammer and hung up on the phone immediately. That made Zhang Ye not know whether to laugh or cry!

You fail to see the great product!

You people really don't consider the steamed bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste to be food!

A program like The Voice that had conquered people's hearts all around the world was now in such a sorry state? But that was not surprising at all since there was no precedent of a program like this in this world. It wasn't his fault that the values of this world's singing programs were totally different from his previous world! The emergence of a new product was always going to face doubt and resistance since no one understood it well enough!

But what could be done now?

Sell it for cheap? That's not possible!

Even if everyone did not know the great value of being the title sponsor to The Voice, it did not mean that it had no value. Even if he had to hold it in his hands, Zhang Ye would not consider selling it for cheap. This would be disrespecting the hard work of his predecessors. But if he had to sell it for cheap, he would sell it to someone he knew.

Someone he knew?

Oh, right!

Zhang Ye suddenly thought of a person. Wu Mo! Now that was really someone he knew well, what with Wu Mo being Wu Zeqing's nephew as well as the CEO of the Brain Gold company!

Zhang Ye's eyes lit up as he immediately grabbed his phone back from Chenchen, saying, ’’Stop playing.’’

Chenchen would not have any of it and said, ’’Zhang Ye, give it back.’’

’’Uncle has some serious work to do now.’’ Zhang Ye scrolled to Wu Mo's contact in his contacts and gave him a call.

Du du du. It only took three rings before Wu Mo's spirited voice came from the other end: ’’Hahaha, Brother Zhang! My benefactor's has called!’’

Zhang Ye laughed and said: ’’CEO Wu, what are you busy with?’’

Wu Mo said happily: ’’Nothing, I'm just lazing around at home.’’

’’Whoa, you're that free? That's good then. Let's go out for a drink, I have something that I need to discuss with you.’’ As Zhang Ye was considerably close to him, it was also easy for him to talk to Wu Mo.

Wu Mo did not hesitate and said: ’’Sure, I'll pick you up.’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’But you're a tycoon worth billions. How would that be suitable?’’

Wu Mo said, ’’Brother Zhang, aren't you making me feel disgraceful now? Without your endorsement and advertisement, would your brother be here today? I will go pick you up, that is a must. It has been a while since we've met and I also intended to go look for you anyway!’’

’’Fine then. So shall we meet at the entrance of Central TV Tower?’’ Zhang Ye asked.

’’Oh, I just remembered. You've gone to work at Central TV now. Sure then, I'll be there in twenty minutes.’’ Wu Mo ended the call after he said that.

When Zhang Ye put down his cell phone, he was already preparing his speech for later. He should have really thought of Wu Mo earlier. Ever since that viral advertisement, Brain Gold's sales figures had risen like it was attached to the top of a launched rocket. It went from being an enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy to becoming the market leader of health products. It was rumored that the management of Wu Mo's company had an internal target to be listed at the end of two years. With the business developing at such a rapid pace, Wu Mo's net worth was now staggering, though Zhang Ye did not know what the exact figure was. If Wu Mo bought the title sponsorship, it would first solve Zhang Ye's pressing problems of getting additional funding, and second, ensure that the benefits of the deal would not be given to any other outsiders. It would allow Brain Gold to ride on the coattails of The Voice's imminent rise and certainly allow its sales to be increased several fold more. As Wu Zeqing's unpublicized boyfriend, there was no reason not to take care and look out for her nephew.

After calming Chenchen down, Zhang Ye got Ha Qiqi to help him look after her and went out to meet with Wu Mo.


Underneath the tower.

The two of them met up.

’’Brother Zhang.’’

’’CEO Wu, it looks like you've been enjoying life?’’

’’Hai, I've been eating too much lately.’’

’’Come, let's get in the car to talk.’’

’’Sure, let's find a coffee house.’’

After getting into Wu Mo's new luxury car he had swapped to recently, they drove off.

Wu Mo spoke as he drove, ’’What did you want to tell me about?’’

’’Well, let me be direct with you then.’’ Zhang Ye laughed a little and continued, ’’I don't know how familiar you are with the title sponsorship and related advertising opportunities on television programs.’’

Wu Mo blinked and said, ’’Title sponsorship? How could I not know about that? Didn't the success of our Brain Gold product happen all because of the extensive advertising campaign?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Then it will be easier to explain.’’

Wu Mo heartily asked, ’’What about it? Your new program is seeking a title sponsor? Then that won't be a problem at all. How much is it? I just need a word from you. My Brother Zhang's program definitely won't go wrong!’’

Zhang Ye laughed and said, ’’Don't promise me too soon. I suggest you listen to what I have to say first. Yes, I am thinking of roping you in to join as the title sponsor, but my program's title sponsorship won't be sold for anything less than 100 million RMB.’’


The car came to a screeching halt by the side of the road!

Wu Mo asked dumbfounded, ’’What? Please say again?’’

Zhang Ye cleared his throat and said, ’’100 million.’’

Wu Mo was nearly close to tears when he spoke, ’’Brother Zhang, I'm not well educated, so don't try to fool me. But what sort of program are you producing? Even if it's an advertisement during News Simulcast, it shouldn't cost 100 million, right? I think I saw some news last night about the program that you're doing for Central TV Department 1. It's a singing program? I didn't remember incorrectly, right?’’

Zhang Ye nodded and remarked, ’’You're right.’’

Wu Mo said, ’’But the market for singing programs is in a downturn at the moment, isn't it? As far as I know, the exclusive title sponsorships are generally in the range of 10 to 20 million RMB at most. But of course, I know that your program will surely be different from theirs. They have got nothing on you, so I think that 30 million RMB should already be a ballpark figure.’’

Zhang Ye shook his head and said, ’’That's far from it.’’

Wu Mo was still extremely trusting of Zhang Ye, so he stated, ’’I'm sure you wouldn't say that without a reason. Why don't you tell me what the situation is like instead?’’

Zhang Ye explained, ’’I won't touch on the program's technicalities and the market trend issues for now since even industry insiders do not seem to grasp that fully, let alone you. But what I can tell you right now is that this program that no one has any expectations of will gain a viewership rating that you cannot even begin to imagine. If you become the title sponsor of this program, I can assure you that, even with 200 million, you would not be making a loss!’’

Wu Mo asked, ’’What sort of a viewership rating are we talking about?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Think big.’’

Wu Mo said, ’’0.9%?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Even bigger.’’

Wu Mo said, ’’1.3%?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’You can up that a bit more.’’

After holding it in for a long time, Wu Mo daringly said, ’’Could it be 1.6%?’’

Zhang Ye laughed and said, ’’If I told you that the figure of 1.6% is just for the start, would you believe it?’’


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