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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 630


Chapter 630 Executive Director Zhang Ye!


At Central TV Tower.

As this place was next to Yuyuantan Park which was also known as Bayi Lake the air here was noticeably much cooler and refreshing than other places. When the breeze was blowing, it felt most relaxing. Many tourists were buying tickets from the main entrance to go into the park. Some brought their children, some were here as a couple, and there was also many children from primary and secondary schools here for their field trips. The park was packed with people. The television station tower here was also a popular tourist spot in Beijing as well as allowing tourists to tour it. But of course, the Central TV office area where the staff worked at and the visitors' area did not overlap. The entrances for these places were also different, such as the places where programs were recorded and the smaller recording studios which were located underground beside the tower area and were not open to public.

In the tower.

A staff-only elevator was slowly ascending. Because the tower was constructed very early on and was considered a high-rise, the elevator's speed was also comparatively slower. In Beijing slang, this elevator was ’’meatier’’ than the common and smaller Beijing district buildings' elevators.

There were only two people in the elevator, a child and an adult.

Zhang Ye repeatedly badgered and asked, ’’Do you remember what I told you? Repeat it again.’’

Chenchen said impatiently, ’’No running around, no nonsense, listen to you, don't give you trouble, and greet others when I see them.’’

Zhang Ye nodded at this and said, ’’Today is Uncle's first day at work, be sure to earn some brownie points for me. Don't make me lose face. If you do well today, then Sunday tomorrow I can still bring you to work. We can see the whole of the city of Beijing and even further from the observation deck upstairs. But if you're not obedient and cause trouble for me, I will leave you at home alone tomorrow!’’

Chenchen curled her lips and said, ’’I know. Zhang Ye, you nag even more than my aunt.’’

If Zhang Ye wasn't worried about leaving Chenchen alone at home, he would never have brought her to the workplace for sure!

’’Alright, we've reached our floor,’’ Zhang Ye said as he put out his hand in front of Chenchen.

Chenchen looked at his hand and then put her little hand in his.

When the elevator door opened, Zhang Ye pulled Chenchen by the hand and walked out. He proceeded to the HR Department to handle the joining formalities and saw Central TV Department 1's Deputy Director Jiang Yuan already waiting there for him.

Zhang Ye smiled and greeted, ’’Director Jiang.’’

Jiang Yuan nodded and said, ’’You're here?’’

A few people working at the HR Department looked toward him. So this was the legendary Zhang Ye? Indeed, he was just like he looked on TV, really ordinary after all. If this person was seen on the streets, no one would have batted an eyelid at him, nor would anyone think that this person would have the potential to become a celebrity. However, that couldn't be further from the truth, as this person standing before them right now was not just a celebrity, he was a B-list celebrity of the entertainment circle who was ranked a little higher than one of the pillars of Central TV, Chen Ye. This was exactly what people meant by not judging a book by its cover.


Why is there a child beside?

A few of the HR Department staff members were a bit taken aback when they saw Zhang Ye holding the hand of a little girl. Whoa, whose child is that, why is she so pretty?

Jiang Yuan also noticed her and asked, ’’This is?’’

Chenchen automatically moved her mouth and greeted, ’’Uncle.’’ She seemed to have taken Zhang Ye's instruction to heart.

Zhang Ye was a little embarrassed. He explained, ’’So, one of my relatives went out of town to settle some business and the little girl had no one to take care of her, so the task fell to my hands. As the child is still young, I am quite worried about leaving her at home alone.’’

Jiang Yuan acknowledged and said, ’’Oh, alright then.’’

The HR Department staff were all a little bemused by this. Bringing a child to work on your very first day? This was truly something they'd never seen before! If it wasn't a case of the talented being bolder, then this was surely something that only Zhang Ye, a wonder of the entertainment industry, would dare do! He was truly worthy of the reputation for taking the path off the beaten track!

Very quickly, the formalities were completed.

Jiang Yuan called for Zhang Ye to go to his office and then asked him to have a seat. He said, ’’Teacher Zhang, the paperwork is all completed. As of today, you're a part of Central TV Department 1. So let's skip the formalities and I'll talk about the new program first for you to have a little reference.’’

Zhang Ye told Chenchen to go sit outside on the guest sofa. Then he said, ’’Alright, please speak.’’

Jiang Yuan said, ’’I've already told you about taking over the current program slot, so you have a general idea of that already. What we need to discuss now are the details of the new program proposal. As you know, it's not easy to make something new in the variety program market now as all of the other satellite channels are also doing the same thing and churning out similar types of programs without any creativity. Even though there are several standouts, those are all programs that have been adapted from foreign programs brought in by the other satellite channels, especially the variety programs from Korea. But as Central TV, we cannot do that, as our station's theme comes from here, after all. There are some political factors as well. Generally, we are more restricted as we cannot buy the copyright of good foreign variety programs, but we are still looking for something innovative, not blind innovation or innovation for the sake of innovation, but innovation that fits the current market trends and practices.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’I understand.’’

Jiang Yuan acknowledged that and said, ’’Among the number of innovative program producers in the country now, you are one of the better ones. In this matter, you're the professional and know better than me, so I will not go over the technicalities, but I will touch on our requirements. The station does not have any restrictions on the program, whether it is a traditional style variety program or reality television program or talent show program. We're fine with any of that. As long as the program is something new and has a market, we will do it!’’

Zhang Ye asked, ’’How about the funding?’’

Jiang Yuan said, ’’Let me first hear how much you need.’’

Zhang Ye spoke honestly, ’’I want however much you can give. But, to be honest, I will not think it is too much no matter how much you are going to approve, because in making a good program good funding is a must.’’

’’The station does not have a lack of funds, but surely we won't be able to give all that funding to you, am I right? There must be a limit.’’ Jiang Yuan said, ’’Let's talk about the funding at a later time. I need to see your program proposal before I can decide. If it really is a good program, then it will definitely get the funding it deserves. Even if it exceeds our budget, I don't have a problem, as long as it doesn't exceed it by too much. The station urgently needs to claw its lost market share back and have a good program that can compete with the other satellite channels. It's easy to talk things over;anything can be negotiated.’’

Zhang Ye smiled and said, ’’With your promise, I feel reassured now.’’

Jiang Yuan also laughed, ’’I have to see your program proposal to feel reassured as well.’’

’’Sure. I'll get it done before leaving work today,’’ Zhang Ye bragged.

Jiang Yuan was taken aback at this, ’’So quickly? You don't need to rush as there's still some time before you take over the broadcast slot. Just give the proposal to me within the next few days and it should be fine. Haste makes waste. What we want is still the quality of the program.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Don't worry, I understand.’’

Hearing that, Jiang Yuan didn't say anything further, ’’Alright, then I'll await your project proposal. The new program's team has already been set up. They're all Central TV Department 1's elites and there's nothing to complain about in regards to their working capabilities. Well then, I still have a meeting later, so I won't join you there. Let me hook you up with one of the team's personnel, Fu Sihong. Old Fu is a veteran of our Central TV station and is very dependable. As your new program's executive producer, he is definitely the most suitable man for the job. When you meet him, take the chance to get to know him and then have a discussion with him regarding the new program.’’

After that, he made a call.

Soon after, a slightly plump middle-aged man knocked on the office door and came inside.

Jiang Yuan introduced the both of them, saying, ’’Old Fu, this is Zhang Ye.’’

Fu Sihong looked at him and reached out his hand, saying, ’’Hello, Teacher Zhang.’’

Zhang Ye shook his hand and said, ’’Hello, just call me Little Zhang.’’

Jiang Yuan needed to go as he had work to take care of, so Fu Sihong and Zhang Ye also left the office together. He heard Fu Sihong tell him, ’’Let's first go to the program team's office to have a look. I will introduce the team members to you.’’

’’Sure.’’ Zhang Ye turned around and called for Chenchen, ’’Let's go.’’

Chenchen was still leaning on the glass window and looking down at the outside, as though she did not hear a thing.

Zhang Ye called out again, ’’Chenchen, hurry up. We're leaving.’’

Chenchen acknowledged him and followed him unwillingly.


They took the elevator down.

Downstairs, at the office area.

When Fu Sihong pushed opened a door that was emblazoned with the words ’’Central 1 Thursday 9 PM Slot (Program To Be Confirmed)’’, a bright light greeted them immediately as a warm ray of sun shone on them through a row of windows inside the office. The entirety of Beijing could be seen from here as they stood at a high place looking out, with a view that would no doubt infuse people with excitement. The office area was not small either, with just the tables alone numbering around 50 to 60. There were also quite a few standalone rooms which were clearly prepared for the program team's leaders. Each of these rooms were labeled with titles such as executive producer, executive director, host, etc. There was even a lounge, a small meeting room, as well as a nursing room (breastfeeding room).

It was completely kitted out!

There no need to scrutinize the environment and facilities!

There were not many people in the office area, just seven or eight people. Some of them were still busy packing and arranging things at their desks, clearly showing that it was their first day operating from this office as well.

’’Producer Fu.’’

’’Brother Fu.’’

’’Teacher Zhang.’’

’’Teacher Zhang Ye.’’

’’Director Zhang.’’

Everyone started greeting them, addressing them by all kinds of titles.

Fu Sihong was not young, probably in his forties or fifties. He looked very calm and did not wear much of a smile either. He said, ’’This is Zhang Ye, but I don't think I really need to do any introductions about him here.’’ Then he started to introduce the staff to Zhang Ye.

’’This is Zhang Zuo, an assistant director.’’ A thin man around thirty years of age.

’’This is Ha Qiqi, also an assistant director.’’ A woman in her thirties.

’’This is Wu Yi, the technical director.’’ He was a bespectacled man.

’’This is...’’

One by one, he made the introductions to Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye shook hands with them one by one as well, smiling and saying a few words to them.

In a big unit, at a big television station, the roles and responsibilities were more clearly defined. There were also more rules and regulations here, unlike when Zhang Ye was working at BTV-Arts Channel or the online television station. Overall, as the program team was just formed and meeting for the first time, although the roles of the team had not been fully filled yet and would have to wait until the program details were solidified, the main leadership roles of the program team had already been set. Fu Sihong was the executive producer appointed by Central TV Department 1 and would oversee the general administration of the team. Zhang Ye was the second-in-command as the executive director and would oversee the program planning, production, and other technical works.


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