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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 629


Chapter 629 Return of the Jinx!

Later that afternoon.

Zhang Ye was waiting at Nanxinhua Avenue for Chenchen to out of school.

On the internet, a picture of Zhang Ye and Jiang Yuan taken in the morning at the coffee house where the two of them had their meeting and were seen shaking hands was leaked. Almost immediately, it caught people's attention.

Several social media news blogs started to report about it as others picked up the news and reported a constant stream of updates.

’’Secret meeting between Central TV Department 1's Deputy Director and Zhang Ye?’’

’’Zhang Ye to join Central TV?’’

’’Shocking! Central TV Department 1's ruthless move: joining hands with Zhang Ye!’’

’’Central TV's 'big move'. Is Zhang Ye going to join?’’

Central TV, being the big brother of all domestic television stations, operated in a way that was traditional in style.

Zhang Ye was an oddity of the entertainment industry whose style did not abide by the rules.

This cooperation between the two who vastly differed in styles, akin to heaven and earth, had obviously left many citizens unable to imagine it, so when the photo and speculation of rumors came out, it immediately caught countless people by surprise.

’’It can't be?’’

’’They can still work together in that kind of situation?’’

’’Didn't Zhang Ye offend Central TV Department 11 in the past? After the recent annual crosstalk competition was wrecked by Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai, I heard that many of the major satellite channels already blacklisted Zhang Ye from the industry and labeled him a 'trouble-making master.' He can accomplish many things and exceed expectations but at the same time also create trouble that is too much to handle!’’

’’Central TV Department 1 is not the same as Department 11.’’

’’I'm dumbfounded.’’

’’That can't be true, right?’’

’’The picture doesn't look like it's been photoshopped!’’

’’Is Central TV really so gutsy? They dare to use Zhang Ye?’’

’’I feel it's very good! Central TV has made an extremely wise move!’’

’’Likewise, I also think that way. Although Zhang Ye's reputation isn't too good within the industry, he is really capable and has real abilities too. Central TV's variety programs have gradually grown worse beginning more than ten years ago just because they were too old-fashioned and refused to develop with the times like some other satellite channels. They even refused to follow those satellite channels that bought program copyrights from overseas at high prices to refresh the market. That is why they're getting increasingly out of touch with the market trends and losing their viewers. If Zhang Ye really joins Central TV Department 1, it will surely be a breath of fresh air. And he can bring an outstanding program to them. At the very least, it should be similar to Do You Remember, right? As long as it can get a nationwide viewership ratings of about 1%, or maybe even less than that, maybe around 0.9%, Central TV Department 1 would surely be satisfied. How many variety programs these days can even exceed 1% viewer ratings? The market share is shrinking with all the television stations pitted against each other. The viewership share in the modern context is no longer as glorious as a decade ago.’’

’’Waiting for Zhang Ye's joining!’’

’’I think Teacher Zhang doesn't have a job currently, right? For him, there's should be no better choice than Central TV Department 1. There's no other platform bigger than this!’’

’’The main issue now is whether this news is real or fake!’’

Rumors were flying everywhere, as many people and industry insiders paid close attention to this matter. Zhang Ye was no longer the nameless rookie without any experience. He was now a B-list celebrity and someone who had the ability to affect the pattern of a television station's viewership ratings. His job movements were surely being looked at closely by countless pairs of eyes now, and even more so now that there was a rumor of him joining Central TV Department 1 where the quality of the hosts was the highest in the industry.


The alarm bell for the end of classes had still not yet rung.

But Zhang Ye's cell phone was already ringing in the car.

It was Zhang Ye's old colleague from Beijing Radio Station and the current Central Radio Station's DJ, Tian Bin. He was the first person to call him: ’’Zhang Ye, what's your current situation?’’

Zhang Ye laughed and said: ’’Old Tian.’’

Tian Bin exclaimed: ’’Is the news that's being spread online real? Did Deputy Director Jiang go to look for you?’’

As there was nothing to keep under wraps, Zhang Ye acknowledged: ’’Yeah, he came to find me this morning. I've already signed the contract too, so I'll be starting work formally tomorrow.’’

Tian Bin said: ’’So it's true?’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’Yeah.’’

Tian Bin said: ’’Whoa, I'll have to congratulate you then.’’

Zhang Ye replied: ’’From tomorrow onwards, we will be colleagues again.’’

Tian Bin said: ’’Come on, I'm just a host at the radio station. You're the host of Central TV, and even a host at Central TV Department 1. So how can we even be considered colleagues? At most we can say that we work for the same corporation. Heh, seems like you have gotten some good success in this past half a year. You're getting more and more popular. I'm really happy for you.’’

Zhang Ye gratefully said: ’’All thanks to you, Old Tian. If not for the fact that we kept getting into arguments at Beijing Radio Station, I'd probably not have resigned yet and still be struggling at the radio station.’’

Tian Bin laughed: ’’Don't mention those trivial matters of the past. If we did not get into arguments like we did, we would not have this kind of a relationship now. This is called 'from an exchange of blows friendship grows.'’’

Zhang Ye exclaimed and said sarcastically: ’’It's not considered from an exchange of blows friendship grows because you're the one who's always taking the beating. When did you ever beat me in an argument?’’

Hearing those words, Tian Bin nearly vomited blood. He said: ’’How have I never beat you? I can't pretend that I didn't hear your words. Since you brought it up, we must talk about this thoroughly!’’


The two of them bantered for a while more before finally hanging up.

After that, his mom called next.

His mother said: ’’Son, are you joining Central TV Department 1?’’

Zhang Ye acknowledged: ’’I've just signed the contract and was about to inform you and Dad about it.’’

’’Good! Good! Good!’’ His mother exclaimed consecutively three times. ’’Like I said, there are surely people who know what's good for them! Look at this, look at this, Central TV Department 1 has even come looking for my son now! It's the biggest TV channel in the country! Alright, you go and do your own things, I won't disturb you. I'll quickly give your Dad a call to give him something to cheer about!’’

The moment that call disconnected, the third call came.

This time it was Yao Jiancai: ’’You're going to Central TV?’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’You know about it too?’’

’’I've just heard some news about it, have you signed the contract yet?’’ Yao Jiancai asked.

Zhang Ye said: ’’I did.’’

Yao Jiancai said: ’’What are the terms?’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’Just the usual conditions but the contract is rather short. It's only for a year.’’

Yao Jiancai said: ’’That's already very good. I was wondering why you didn't choose to join Beijing Television. So it turned out that you've already found a better place. Beijing Television really does not compare with Central TV in any way.’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’I didn't have an offer before that. It was only today that someone from Central TV approached me. Since I felt that the platform wasn't too bad and they were also willing to give me quite a good extent of authority, I accepted it.’’

Yao Jiancai said: ’’The platform isn't too bad? What? It's better than not bad!’’

Zhang Ye: ’’Haha, it's passable.’’

After hanging up from Old Yao's call, Zhang Ye thought for a while and simply decided to call up some of his close friends to inform them about this. For example, Dong Shanshan, Hu Fei, not to mention Wu Zeqing as well. Now that he had joined Central TV, he was considered to be back in Old Wu's territory as Central TV's direct higher authority was the SARFT. Heh, strictly speaking, as long as Zhang Ye was in the entertainment industry, then he would be under the overseeing authority of SARFT's Deputy Chief, Old Wu. Because the SARFT basically encompassed all areas of the entertainment industry!


A bunch of phone calls were made and time passed very quickly.

The alarm bells for the end of classes rang out from the school. Shortly after, the main gates of No. 2 Experimental Primary School opened and the children gradually walked out as the parents piled forward to receive their children.

There were too many people and Zhang Ye certainly did not go forward immediately. He only wore his sunglasses and got out from the car, waiting by the side of the road. Suddenly, he saw Chenchen's figure and motioned for her to come over. He opened the door on the other side of the car. When the little kid came over, he lifted her onto the passenger seat, then said, ’’Fasten your seatbelt.’’

Chenchen fastened her seat belt.

Zhang Ye walked back to his side of the car and drove away. While driving, he said, ’’How was your performance today? Did you get criticized by the teachers?’’

Chenchen said with a straight face, ’’No.’’

’’Hmm, then your performance wasn't too bad.’’ It wasn't known what metric Zhang Ye was measuring this by.

Chenchen: ’’...’’

Zhang Ye recalled something and said, ’’By the way, I'm starting work at Central TV tomorrow. There's no school for you tomorrow, right? Don't you go running around by yourself at home.’’

Chenchen said nothing.

Zhang Ye looked at her and asked, ’’Are you going to be fine by yourself?’’

Chenchen said, ’’Cook for me.’’

’’I still have to go to work. Don't you already know how to cook?’’ Zhang Ye said.

Chenchen said, ’’My aunt told you to take care of me, so you have to cook for me, Zhang Ye.’’

Zhang Ye blinked and said, ’’Why don't I order delivery for you instead? You can open the door when the delivery person comes....That won't do, it's not safe for you as a child. Then I'll get a neighbor to take care of the meals for you? You can go to the house across the way, Sister Sun's place, tomorrow afternoon to eat? It will be fine since she is also renting your aunt's place. If not, I'll get my parents take care of you for a few days?’’

Chenchen made a sullen face and said nothing.

Zhang Ye knew this little kid was getting angry at him, so he said, ’’Must I be always be by your side?’’

Chenchen said, ’’Yes.’’

’’Hai, let's see how it goes tomorrow.’’ Zhang Ye was also feeling very helpless.

Chenchen suddenly said, ’’Zhang Ye, I will go to work with you.’’

Zhang Ye turned the steering wheel as the car swung greatly to one side, ’’Ah? I have to bring a child with me to work on my first day at Central TV? Won't the people there surely be gossiping about this then? No, no, that won't do.’’

Chenchen immediately said, ’’Then you will stay at home to accompany me.’’

’’But I have to work.’’ Zhang Ye stared at her.

Chenchen replied, ’’Then you will bring me along to work.’’

Zhang Ye didn't know how to react and said, ’’Good lord, you're totally putting the blame on me now. Alright, I'll consider it when I get back home and we'll talk about it tomorrow.’’

He drove them both home.

After entering the house, Zhang Ye carried Chenchen and gave her soap to wash her hands. After that, he made a call for delivery to be delivered. When Chenchen said that her school bag was dirtied today, Zhang Ye unwillingly took it into the bathroom to clean it for her he was just like a full time nanny now.


At night.

Central TV's official website has officially released the good news confirming that the famous host, Zhang Ye, had joined Central TV Department 1. Central TV Department 1's new program would be planned by Zhang Ye and was in the preparation and production stages, ready to take over Thursday's 9 PM slot soon!

The moment this news was released, it caused an uproar everywhere!

’’So it's true!’’

’’Holy shit!’’

’’This really isn't a rumor?’’

’’Central TV has really invited Teacher Zhang Ye to join them?’’

’’Central TV takes a traditional position while Zhang Ye has always had a different way of thinking compared to normal people. Can he display his abilities over there? Or will he not be accustomed to the new place?’’

’’Chen Ye is also a pillar of Central TV Department 1. Are they going to come face to face with each other soon? They're going to have a real competition with their viewership ratings?’’

’’That is Chen Ye's territory. With Teacher Zhang still a newcomer to the station, his program's viewer rating will surely not be able to outperform Chen Ye's. Besides, Zhang Ye only has the Thursday evening slot and not some primetime slot. It will sure be incomparable to Chen Ye who is a senior at Central TV. Chen Ye has everything laid out for him already and has the advantage between the two of them.’’

’’That may not be the case.’’

’’Right, this is Zhang Ye we're talking about and that name of his already represents miracles!’’

’’Really looking forward to Teacher Zhang Ye's new program! You're finally making a comeback! You've made us fans wait for such a long time!’’

’’Congratulations to Teacher Zhang for advancing to Central TV!’’

’’Tossing flowers! It's the return of the jinx!’’

’’I've got a strong feeling that something interesting will happen soon!’’

’’Hahaha, there will always be drama wherever Teacher Zhang goes!’’

’’Let's see how big a commotion Zhang Ye will cause at Central TV Department 1 this time!’’


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