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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 614


Chapter 614 Reporters from nationwide clog the gates!

In the morning.

The day had just begun and congratulatory calls were arriving one after another.

The first call came from Yao Jiancai.

Yao Jiancai said: ’’Old bro, are you still sleeping?’’

Zhang Ye replied: ’’Old Yao?’’

Yao Jiancai continued: ’’I have seen the change in your ranking!’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’Yeah, I finally sneaked onto the B-list rankings.’’

Yao Jiancai said: ’’Finally? Don't put it like you have already put in so much effort, since you've only debuted for a year or so. In the entertainment industry, who else has can have it so smooth sailing like you. Just look at your old bro here. Including my time in the crosstalk world, I have been working in this industry for more than twenty years, but where's my popularity? I don't even have a fifth of your success!’’

Zhang Ye replied: ’’Yup, well said.’’

Yao Jiancai said: ’’ Stop being irritating. Come out for a meal when you're free?’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’OK, I'll go if you're treating.’’

Yao Jiancai said: ’’My treat? You're really such a miser!’’

The second call came from Dong Shanshan.

Dong Shanshan said: ’’Hello, may I know if this is Teacher Zhang? I'm sales agent 123 from the insurance company. I've heard that you have recently become a B-list celebrity. Our company is worried that your heart is unable to take this surprise, so we've specially launched an insurance policy, going for only 998! It's only 998!’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’Man, if I didn't see the caller ID, I would've hung up. I couldn't tell who it was on the phone at all when you were talking with a high-pitched voice.’’

Dong Shanshan said: ’’Hur hur, congrats.’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’I should congratulate you too.’’

Dong Shanshan said: ’’I don't have anything to be congratulated on.’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’Oh c'mon, I know that you are also getting really popular now.’’

Dong Shanshan said: ’’Is that so?’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’After the third episode of Do You Remember, I saw on the internet that someone had already given you a nickname: Goddess of Otakus. You already have your own fan club now?’’

Dong Shanshan said: ’’I guess so. It was formed by the fans themselves.’’

Zhang Ye lamented: ’’Hai, having long legs is really an advantage.’’

Dong Shanshan said: ’’I can't be compared to you when you're the one who's secretly become a B-list big shot. Although we were both from the same class, our gap is too great. From now on, I have to look up to you in admiration.’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’I'll keep a low profile.’’

The third caller was Tian Bin.

Tian Bin said: ’’You defy all logic!’’

Zhang Ye laughed: ’’Haha.’’

Tian Bin said: ’’It's been really busy over here at Central Radio Station recently. After being busy for over a month, I only came to know about it when I watched the news in this morning. Good god, you're already a B-list celebrity? How did that happen? How did you do it so quickly? I remember that you didn't even have a proper job in recent times? So how did your popularity rise by so much?’’

Zhang Ye said: ’’Hai, after the Peking University incident, my popularity score went up by a lot. Later, I took part in a movie and also helped Beijing Television plan a new program.’’

Tian Bin said: ’’I really don't know what I can say to that.’’

On the other end, Tian Bin's wife's could be heard saying: ’’Teacher Zhang, congratulations to you.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’Ai, thank you, sister-in-law.’’

Afterwards, there were calls from Hu Fei;skit actress, Ci Xiufang;Wang Xiaomei from the radio station;Zhang Yuanqi's agent, Fang Weihong;Peking University's Chinese Department's Su Na;the publishing firm's Li Mei;and even Dean Pan of the Peking University School of Mathematical Sciences;etc. The only regret was the person whom Zhang Ye wanted to hear most from did not call him. Actually, Zhang Ye could call her but he did not want to disturb Old Wu's rest as she had been very busy at work.

He got up and went to wash up.

Zhang Ye did not feel sleepy anymore after getting so many calls and was unable to fall back asleep. Thus, he went out to have the breakfast that had turned cold which his parents prepared earlier before they went to work.

Ding dong.

The doorbell rang.

Zhang Ye, feeling a little suspicious, went over to open the door.

A young man dressed in work attire was standing outside the door and holding a bouquet of flowers in his hands, said, ’’Hello, are you Mr. Zhang Ye? This is your...ah!’’ That person was stunned and continued, ’’You''re Teacher Zhang Ye? These flowers are for you. Please sign to receive them.’’ Although there was a name indicated on the delivery order, the name of Zhang Ye was far too common. This young man never expected this Zhang Ye that he was delivering to would actually turn out to be the Zhang Ye!

Zhang Ye signed for the delivery order and asked, ’’Who sent this?’’

The young man hurriedly said, ’’The delivery order indicates it was from a Madam Wu but no full name was given.’’

Zhang Ye knew who it was, so he said, ’’OK, thank you then.’’

The young man quickly replied, ’’You're welcome, too welcome, no need to thank me.’’

When the door closed, Zhang Ye looked at the flowers in his hands with mixed emotions. It being sent so early in the morning clearly meant it was not ordered at the last minute. His ranking update had only been released at 12 AM last night. if the flowers weren't ordered by Wu Zeqing last night, then Old Wu must have ordered in advance but did not fill in the delivery timing until the moment Zhang Ye became a B-list celebrity. Ever since Old Wu became the deputy chief of SARFT, her workload became increasingly heavy. Zhang Ye knew this as, when they were on the phone sometimes, Old Wu would still be working as she chatted with him. But even though she was so busy, Old Wu still thought about him, and this made Zhang Ye feel really touched.

Without any more hesitation, he made a call to her.

The call went through and Zhang Ye said: ’’Are you awake yet?’’

’’I just woke up.’’ Old Wu's voice sounded very gentle and cheerful.

Zhang Ye laughed: ’’I got your flowers. Hai, how can I be the one receiving flowers from you first when I have never even sent you any before. I feel so embarrassed. I should have sent some to you first.’’

Old Wu laughed: ’’It doesn't matter who sends to whom first, do you have to be so clear about such things with me?’’ She let out a lazy yawn and then asked: ’’Have you eaten yet?’’

’’I just finished the fried breadsticks my parents left for me.’’

’’Was it hot or did it already turn cold?’’

’’It had already turned cold.’’

’’In the future, don't eat anything that has turned cold. It's bad for the stomach.’’

’’Sure, I'll listen to you.’’

’’Hurry up and drink some warm water to ease your stomach.’’

’’OK, I will.’’

’’Go and drink first. We'll talk again later.’’

’’Alright then.’’

Old Wu was the kind of woman who knew just how to take good care of others. She was also very gentle and would dote on and respect others. It was probably only such a woman who could capture his heart. Zhang Ye would often lose his temper with other people, but with Old Wu, Zhang Ye felt a sense of calm whenever he was in her presence.

In the morning.

After watching the news for a while, Zhang Ye decided to go for a jog as he had not exercised in many days. He had already reached his goals ahead of time and whatever work that needed to be done was also done. Since there were no new job offers at the moment, the only thing left that he could do was training himself up and doing some self-cultivation while hoping for good news.

He met some of his old neighbors at the corridor.

’’Little Ye, you're already up?’’

’’Yeah, Auntie.’’

’’You've really made us proud. I heard that you already became a B-list celebrity!’’

’’It's all thanks to everyone's help. I'd be a nobody if not for all of you.’’

’’Heh, look at our Little Ye, how eloquent he is!’’

’’Where are you going?’’

’’I'm going for a jog, get some exercise.’’

’’Then you have to be careful. When we were buying our groceries earlier, we saw between ten and twenty reporters in the district. There was also an interview van from the television station outside. They're blocking the path to the gate.’’


’’Hur hur, be careful and don't get surrounded.’’

’’I understand, Grandma Zhou, thanks.’’


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