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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 598


Chapter 598 The Upgraded Effects of the Lucky Halo!

In the warmth of spring, flowers were blooming.

Another brand new day had begun.

On this morning, Zhang Ye was awoken by a phone call. When he answered the call, there was no response from the other end even after he said hello for many times. Then, it got disconnected, probably due to a bad signal. On the second call, it eventually connected.

’’Is this Zhang Ye?’’

’’Yes, may I know who is this?’’

’’I'm from Qinghai Television Station's Channel 5.’’

’’Oh, hello.’’

’’I heard that you're still out of a contract for a hosting job, so we would like to see if you'd be interested in working together with us.’’

’’I'm sorry, maybe next time.’’

’’Please do reconsider. Although we are just a local television station and our coverage is only within Qinghai, we can work together on a program first. If you get a better offer next time, you can still go at any time since we are fine if you do not want to sign an annual contract. We can have a program-based contract instead.’’

’’Never mind, thank you.’’

After hanging up, Zhang Ye went to wash up.

Actually, it was not that he had no job offers in the past few days. There were some people who had found out his contact information and called him directly, while others got Zhang Ye's friends to contact him for them. These were mostly commercial performance related work, for example, ribbon cutting at a company's opening ceremony, being the host at company dinners or some company leader's wedding, etc. Zhang Ye never took up these offers as they were often meaningless to him since it would not raise his popularity. There were some more invitations from smaller scale television stations such as local channels, city channels which could only cover up to a province area and were unable to broadcast to the entire country. With Zhang Ye's current popularity, even if he accepted their offers, it wouldn't mean anything to him. He couldn't possibly keep living in the past.

And so he rejected them and did not accept their offers. Zhang Ye was only waiting for the effects from the broadcast of Do You Remember, to let those satellite channels or Central TV re-evaluate and judge his ability in program production. His target right now was only at those television channels with a nationwide broadcast coverage. As for the rest, he would not even consider them.

But since Do You Remember had only just started its production, there would still be a period of time before it could be broadcast. Zhang Ye did not wish to sit idly at home for these remaining days while waiting for things to happen, so he took the initiative to contact some platforms or asked his friends to inquire about any television station gala night events, celebrity guest appearances on variety shows, or film crews to see if there was any position he could take. If there were any suitable job offers, he would accept them for the time being since such opportunities were never considered too much. But from the looks of it, there was no such luck for the time being.

It'd already been a few days now, so he could only stay at home for now.

After heating up his breakfast, Zhang Ye just took a few mouthfuls of it before losing his appetite. Because his job progress was not smooth, he could no longer bear the waiting anymore.

He decided he was not going to wait around any longer!

He had to think of another way!

It's not like this bro only had this path to take, he also had other unorthodox methods he could depend on.

He put down his chopsticks and went over to sit on the sofa. With his legs crossed, he activated the game ring on his left pinky, opened up the virtual game screen and went straight into the merchant shop. The first thing he looked for was the upgraded version of the Lucky Halo. Ever since Zhang Ye had received this item from the lottery draw, he had not used it at all as the usage of the item was too expensive, even for him. The old version of the Lucky Halo only cost 10,000 reputation points per second, which he was still able to accept. After it got upgraded, though the effects of the Lucky Halo increased manyfold it came at the cost of greater consumption of reputation points. Enabling the effect of the upgraded Lucky Halo would cost him 100,000 reputation points per second now. Even at the rate that Zhang Ye was earning his reputation points with his current popularity level, it was still too much for him to handle.

As for Difficulty Adjustment Die, it was also an option, but since he was only trying to find a temporary job, there was no need to use it. Zhang Ye only had one Difficulty Adjustment Die left now. If he used it here, there would be none left. Although this item only cost a hundred thousand reputation points to get from the lottery draw, its value was naturally much higher because of its unique ability. This was Zhang Ye's trump card. If he was not at his wits' end, he would never resort to using it.

Considering it all, the most suitable item to use right now was still the Lucky Halo. He couldn't worry too much anymore, so he would just use it this once. At such a time, he could no longer afford to be so stingy. As he has not been getting any media exposure for many days, if it continued on like this, his popularity would also start to decline and his fans' passion would be reduced. That would be the most fatal outcome!


Activating the Lucky Halo!

Zhang Ye activated the Lucky Halo a little unwillingly and it came into effect almost immediately. A white halo hovered over his forehead and emitted a bright glow that rippled out towards the walls and windows, as though Zhang Ye was at the center of the universe spreading a warm pulse outwards. The radiating glow was also very rhythmic as it rippled outwards constantly at every second.

The activated Lucky Halo looked very beautiful!

His reputation points also decreased at the speed of running water.




His reputation points decreased by 100,000 with every second which Zhang Ye shudder with fear when he saw this. He could only clench his teeth and bear with it as he couldn't possibly deactivate the Lucky Halo after only a few seconds. Based on his past experiences, the Lucky Halo would require some time to accumulate its effects. For example, the first time when Zhang Ye was at the Golden Microphone Awards, the Lucky Bread was activated for five minutes. If it had only stayed activated for a few seconds, then just the trophy would have been broken, and when the effects of the Lucky Bread ended, Zhang Ye's and Zhāng Yě's names would not have been mistakenly swapped by the award presenters!

He had to bear the pain of seeing his reputation points dropping so quickly!

At the very least, he had to keep the Lucky Halo activated for the next three to five minutes!




At the same time.

In Shanghai, in a villa.

’’Brother Shui, how is your new movie going?’’

’’We wrapped up the filming yesterday.’’

’’It must have been hard on you for this period of time.’’

’’That's right. I have injuries all over my body and my arm is still in pain now. Come, brothers, we have not gathered together for more than two months already. The purpose that I asked everyone over today is so that we all could have some fun.’’

’’Are you suggesting that we're going to...take a sniff?’’

’’Yeah, I have it all prepared.’’

’’Heh, Brother Shui is truly loyal to friends.’’

’’It's my treat today, come on, come on!’’

A short while later, the sound of police sirens wailing echoed as two police cars surrounded the villa!


On the other side.

At Zhang Ye's parents' place.

60 seconds!

120 seconds!

150 seconds!

300 seconds!

Zhang Ye deactivated the upgraded Lucky Halo and the countdown timer immediately stopped. Looking at his almost vanished reputation points, Zhang Ye was close to tears. In just five minutes, it had already cost him 30 million reputation points. It had almost wiped out all the accumulated reputation points he had earned from the Peking University and public service announcement incidents since upgrading the game ring system and using the upgraded lottery draw.

It was too expensive!

This was too f**king expensive!

However, just what kind of effects would there be? If there was a great surprise waiting for him, then it would be worth it no matter how many reputation points were spent. After all, wasn't the reputation points he earned and accumulated meant to be used in precisely such situations? As long as they could help to increase his popularity, it wouldn't matter to him how many reputation points were spent!


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