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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 595


Chapter 595 The host who never needed a script

After the call ended.

The room was in complete silence!

Although Father Dong who was beside her could not clearly hear every word that was said, he could still grasp some of the details he heard from the faint voice on the phone. He was also stunned at that moment.

After Mother Dong had finished burning incense in the living room, she returned to the room and asked, ’’Eh, what happened?’’

Father Dong grabbed onto his spouse and said, ’’Shanshan has found a job!’’

’’Ah? So fast?’’ Mother Dong said in surprise. ’’What kind of job?’’

Dong Shanshan was a bit stunned as she subconsciously blurted out, ’’Beijing Television invited me to be the female host of a large-scale variety show that will air every Friday at the primetime slot of 9 PM.’’

Mother Dong was pleasantly surprised and asked, ’’Really?’’

Dong Shanshan said, ’’It sounded real, not fake.’’

’’Aiyo, that's great, that's so great!’’ Mother Dong was so excited she didn't know what else to say. ’’That is a one of the country's more reputable satellite channel stations, the highest-rated television station in the north and it's even a Friday primetime slot? Shanshan, looks like there are still some people with foresight. Who says there are no television stations who want you!’’ Mother Dong paused for a moment and then claimed credit by saying, ’’Old man, see that? That's why I said we must always burn incense and pray to the gods! And you still say that I'm superstitious!’’

Father Dong said, ’’...What has all this got to do with burning incense!’’

Dong Shanshan sat down, stood up, and sat down again. She could not calm her mind down and said, ’’But it can't be, why would they look for me? They could have looked for anyone else, it shouldn't even be my turn yet, is this sis' reputation that great? I could even alert a big station like Beijing Television?’’ She was still quite aware of the weight she could pull. So she was becoming even more perplexed at all that was going on. She then said, ’’They had only just confirmed the name of the program and the female host has already been designated as me? From the way they offered me the job, it seemed like it had to be none other than me?’’

Mother Dong smiled and said, ’’That shows just how much they admire you!’’

’’It's too ridiculous,’’ Dong Shanshan said. She had already begun packing her luggage. ’’But...I must still go no matter how ridiculous it sounds. If I miss this opportunity, I will jump off a building!’’

Mother Dong went to help with the packing and said, ’’I'll help you pack.’’

Dong Shanshan said, ’’Dad, Mom, I will go to Beijing to discuss with them. If it is a fake offer, I will come back again. The distance between Inner Mongolia to Beijing is not that far anyway!’’

Father Dong kindly smiled and said, ’’Go on, just do what you need to do and don't worry about the matters at home.’’

In a short while, Dong Shanshan was done packing her luggage. Actually, most of her stuff was still inside since she hadn't taken them out when she had returned home.

’’I'm leaving!’’ Dong Shanshan left quickly as she was the type of person who got things done very quickly.

’’Be careful on the way.’’

’’I'll call back if the job is confirmed.’’


Later in the afternoon.

At Beijing Television Station.

At noon, Zhang Ye scrounged a meal from the station before leaving. Hu Fei and his team started to get busy as they were racing against time to speed up the preparations for the program. No one from the program team lazed around.

’’Do we have any candidates for the male host?’’

’’What about Teacher Li?’’

’’I thought Little Li went abroad for training?’’

’’How about Teacher Yu?’’

’’Teacher Yu still has a program so he's not available. Besides, Old Yu's getting up there in years and won't suit this program.’’

Hu Fei, Xiao Lu, and a few people were discussing, when suddenly, someone came in from outside. It was Little Liu from the station's HR Department. Beside him stood a long-legged beauty.

When Hou Ge saw her, his eyes shone brightly and he said, ’’This is?’’

Hou Di and Dafei also stopped what they were doing and looked over together.

In fact, all of the male colleagues in the office area appeared to suddenly focus their attention onto the figure of this long-legged beauty...or her legs.

This was Teacher Zhang Ye's old classmate?

She was even prettier in person than on television!

Especially that pair of long legs. How could they be so long! Did you connect another joint on it by yourself!? Is this the legendary ’’nine-heads-tall figure’’?

That HR Department young man gestured to his side with a smile and said, ’’Let me introduce her to everyone. This is Teacher Dong Shanshan. Her contract has already been signed and the joining formalities are being processed at the moment. From today onwards, Teacher Dong Shanshan will be a staff member of Beijing Television. Brother Hu, I brought her over already and I will hand her over to you now.’’

Hu Fei led the applause.

Dafei, Xiao Lu, and the rest also applauded in unison!

’’Welcome, our new colleague!’’

’’Teacher Shanshan, we were all waiting for you.’’

’’We warmly welcome you!’’

The atmosphere of Hu Fei's new program team was excellent. This was the kind of style that he built up in any of his teams. He didn't allow or condone any of his program team colleagues to have friction or conflicts between them. Hu Fei set a good example for others. He was always dedicated to all of his subordinates. At the same time, he also requested that they should build a good relationship between themselves. No matter how famous or highly experienced you were, you could not put on airs or be lazy. He felt that only a relatively harmonious team could be the best soil to grow a good program upon.

Zhang Ye also started out in this sort of culture in Hu Fei's team. This was also imbued deep in him. Although Zhang Ye had worked at many places and offended many leaders and units, even to the point of not seeing each other anymore, after he left Beijing Arts Channel, he still maintained a close relationship with Hu Fei and his team that just a call was enough for him to come back and help out.

Dong Shanshan was not at all affected by all the eyes staring at her now. Judging from her demeanor and aura, she was totally unlike a rookie who had only debuted for a year. She greeted, ’’Hello everyone, it's my first day today, so please take care of me.’’

Hou Ge immediately said, ’’Sure, sure!’’

As expected from brothers, Hou Di also said in unison with his brother, ’’Sure, sure.’’

The HR Department young man laughed heartily. ’’Brother Hu, the task that was passed to me has already been completed with all the necessary work. When the program starts broadcasting, I'll be waiting to join in your celebratory feast.’’

Hu Fei patted his shoulder like a close friend and said, ’’Alright, thanks, Liu'er.’’

’’You're welcome. I'll leave now as I still have some matters to attend to.’’ The young man turned around and walked away.

Hu Fei looked at Dong Shanshan and finally put out his hand for a handshake and said, ’’Welcome, I'm Hu Fei, the executive producer and executive director of Do You Remember.’’

Dong Shanshan smiled and shook his hand, saying, ’’Hello, Executive.’’

Hu Fei smiled and said, ’’Don't address me like that. Just calling me Brother Hu or Old Hu will do. Come, let me introduce the team to you. This is Xiao Lu, this is Dafei...’’

She was getting to know the team members in quick succession.

Finally, Hu Fei said, ’’Teacher Shanshan, we will be officially starting the production of the program tomorrow, but I have not planned your hosting script nor is there a draft yet as the program concept had only been fixed this morning. For the matter of the hosting script...let's talk about it later. I need to find someone to write it on an ad-hoc basis for now.’’

Dong Shanshan immediately got into gear and was ready to start working. She asked, ’’Will it be ready on time if it gets written at the last minute? Why don't you give me the program outline and requirements for the hosts and I will try to write it instead.’’

Hu Fei acknowledged and said, ’’Alright, then we'll trouble you to put in some hard work first until I manage to borrow a screenwriter from the other program teams to write up hosting script for you. We will discuss again with you and the unconfirmed male host once this is settled.’’

Dong Shanshan blinked and said, ’’Borrow someone? Did our program team's screenwriter resign?’’

Xiao Lu who was at the other side smiled and said, ’’It's not like that. It's just that we never had a professional screenwriter for the hosting script in our program team since the Arts Channel.’’

How could that be?

No script?

How could a program be done without having a script then?

Realizing Dong Shanshan was unable to comprehend the situation, Xiao Lu laughed, ’’Because we have never needed one before as we once had a host who didn't have a need for any script!’’


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