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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 589


Chapter 589 Beijing Television Station's three visits to the thatched cottage!


At the entrance to the district, in Meiyun coffeehouse.

’’Ah, are Zhang Ye!’’

’’Hello, how are you?’’

’’So you really do stay here!’’

’’That's right. I've been living here for more than twenty years now.’’

’’Welcome, please come this way. Our place is small and there aren't any private rooms, so let me bring you to a corner table. It's quieter over there.’’

’’OK, thanks a lot.’’

’’Order whatever you like! It's on the house!’’

’’That won't do. Please charge us accordingly, I appreciate it.’’

This was a small business where the shop was not big and did not have many customers, so it seemed rather quiet.

Today, Zhang Ye was dressed casually and did not wear his sunglasses. When he and Wang Huayuan stepped into the coffee house, the owner recognized him immediately. Without getting the staff to come over and serve them, the friendly proprietress personally led them to their seats. The staff at the other end saw them, and except for one who did not recognize Zhang Ye, the other two were staring with their eyes wide open. They hid a distance away, talking about them and even secretly using their cell phones to take photos and posting them onto Weibo immediately. Two customers in the shop were also looking wonderstruck in the direction where Zhang Ye was seated. A young male customer looked like he wanted to go over and get an autograph and take pictures together. He stood up a few times but eventually did not gather enough courage to approach them.

The coffee was served quickly.

The proprietress excitedly exchanged some words with Zhang Ye, telling him that he must visit them often, before walking away and leaving them to discuss their matters.

Wang Huayuan was not surprised at this as he knew that the current popularity of Zhang Ye was already not the same as the time when he was still at Beijing Television Station Arts Channel.

’’Director Wang, why are you looking for me?’’ Zhang Ye was not exactly asking the obvious as he was still unsure what this meeting was about. After all he and Beijing Television Station had their squabbles before.

Wang Huayuan took a sip of coffee, looked at him, and then said, ’’It's like this, the station asked me to come over to discuss with you, we were wondering if you have any intentions of returning to the station.’’

Zhang Ye acknowledged and asked, ’’Why me?

Wang Huayuan replied rhetorically, ’’Why not you? We've worked together before and are considered old friends. Even if we did not have deep bonds, we are still familiar with each other. I do not know if there are any other television stations who approached or discussed with you before this, but since I did not see any news on the media or related news from the entertainment circle, I suppose that you have yet to sign any contract. If that's the case, why can't we look for you? Although our satellite channel's program ratings are not bad, it still not ranked as the top few among other provinces' satellite channels. We lack a good program and even a top-rated host. You have fame, ability, and are a professional host and program planner. You even have a group of diehard fans who are more loyal than Hallyu fans. I believe it will be a win-win situation for us if we work together again.’’

Zhang Ye shook his head and said, ’’To be honest, I've never thought of going back since the day I left BTV-Arts Channel.’’

Wang Huayuan immediately said, ’’BTV-Arts Channel was a relatively independent provincial channel which is different from us. This time it's BTV-1 you will be working with.’’

’’It's the same,’’ Zhang Ye said with a mild tone.

Wang Huayuan said, ’’A satellite channel is different from a provincial channel.’’ He paused and then said, ’’I know that something happened back then. The station had a direct responsibility for Wang Shuixin's wrongdoings in the Arts Channel. After discovering that, the station also swiftly punished him, although it was a little too late and had caused some irredeemable losses, like the case of Old Wei. We also felt grief over it, but if you noticed, the station handled Wang Shuixin's matter along with the related people who were involved very decisively and severely for them. As for the case of firing you...’’

Zhang Ye waved his hand and interrupted him, ’’I do not blame the station at all. After all, I had caused too much trouble during the live broadcast. I know that even if it were any other television station, they would punish me as well.’’

’’But we are also very sorry.’’ Wang Huayuan said sincerely, ’’It was due to our negligence that led to all that happening. If the station had discovered the problem of Wang Shuixin earlier, then it wouldn't have been necessary for you to come forward using another way to seek justice for Old Wei. It should be handled by the station instead, so regarding this matter, some of our leaders discussed in private and felt that we haven't been fair to you. If we were a little more proactive and took action promptly, it wouldn't have caused all the matters later on and we wouldn't have lost an outstanding domestic host like you.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Let bygones be bygones.’’

’’It's already the past, so we also should have a new beginning.’’ Wang Huayuan said seriously, ’’I hope that we can cooperate strongly together again. This was also the station leader's idea.’’

Zhang Ye laughed and said, ’’I'm also not afraid to reveal to you that there has been no television stations contacting me in these few days. You are the first and also the one I least expected.’’

Wang Huayuan said, ’’I know why are the others television station are hesitating. If we were to only talk about hosting experience, ability, popularity, you have everything we all are looking for. Even though you haven't hosted on a satellite channel which has nationwide coverage, no one will doubt your ability. Those television stations did not come looking for you because they are worried about when your temper will suddenly explode again. They don't dare take such a risk.’’

Zhang Ye asked, ’’And you do?’’

’’We also don't.’’ Wang Huayuan said, ’’But since we were colleagues and worked together before, we consider you an old friend. Compared to the other television stations, we know what your temper is like. We are the ones who understand you the most as well. The station is confident that we won't let you get a chance to flare up.’’ The last statement was almost a joke. ’’Besides, people are like this there are good and bad sides. As they say, nobody's perfect. Since the station is willing to invite you to work together again, it shows that after considering all the pros and cons, we feel that your strong points surpass your weaknesses. That is why the station made this decision.

Zhang Ye said, ’’Don't say it that way;you are putting pressure on me. After I was unbanned and wanted to make a comeback, I considered a list of television stations. But I never thought of going back to my past experiences. Besides, after I left the Arts Channel, many television stations also did not want me. In the end it was an online television station that invited me to join them instead. I heard it was because of one of your station leaders communicated this with his contacts in the entertainment industry?’’

When Wang Huayuan heard that, he shook his head vigorously and said, ’’That can't be true, Teacher Zhang. You think too highly of our Beijing Television Station. If it were other matters, I would believe, but of this matter, it is absolutely impossible. I give you my word that our station leaders don't take such underhanded moves or that kind of stuff. The relationship between our station with other provincial television stations is not that harmonious. Competing for higher program ratings by snatching program producers and hosts have had all the television stations in the country nearly coming to blows. So the rest of the television stations wouldn't have reciprocated just because of something a leader in Beijing Television Station said. The station does not command such respect yet. If any of our station leaders really said those words, then our competitors would have in turn gotten even more interested in you and would have attempted to sign you over to compete with us, don't you agree?’’

Right, that sounds logical.

Zhang Ye did not say anything to this as he had also known about this through rumors in the first place.

’’If you use this kind of an excuse to reject us, I can't accept it.’’ Wang Huayuan said, ’’Please believe me, this matter is definitely not the way you think it is.’’

After talking for a while.

Wang Huayuan said, ’’Teacher Zhang, we can discuss it further if you agree to our proposal. As for the salary offer and contract, we would certainly not disappoint you.’’

Zhang Ye shook his head. ’’Let me consider for now.’’

Wang Huayuan looked at him and did not speak anymore. He had said all that he wanted to as the discussion came to an end. ’’Alright then, I will give you my card. Let's stay in contact.’’

Taking it from him, Zhang Ye nodded and said, ’’Alright.’’


When they came out of the coffeehouse, Wang Huayuan drove off in his car.

Zhang Ye was pondering while he took a stroll around the neighborhood. He was not in a hurry to go home as he felt that the atmosphere after the rain was refreshing. There were the scents of nature everywhere.

Suddenly, Hu Fei called.

Zhang Ye put his cell phone to his ear and said: ’’Brother Hu.’’

’’Where are you?’’

’’Taking a stroll in the neighborhood.’’

’’That's good. Let's meet at the entrance of the neighborhood.’’

’’Oh? When?

’’I'm already here.’’

Zhang Ye hung up and walked towards the outside of the neighborhood. The moment he arrived, he saw Hu Fei get out of a taxi and waved to him.

Hu Fei smiled and said, ’’Let's find a quiet place to have a chat.’’

Sure. Zhang Ye brought Hu Fei back to the entrance of that coffeehouse.

The proprietress saw them and smiled enthusiastically. ’’Teacher Zhang is really interesting. I'd only just mentioned to you to come often, but just twenty minutes have passed and you are back again.’’

Zhang Ye smiled and said, ’’We'll sit at the same spot.’’

’’OK.’’ The proprietress led the way.

Hu Fei sat down and said directly, ’’Deputy Wang of the HR Department told me that you didn't look interested in his offer, so he wanted me to do some persuasion based on our relationship. So let's cut the chase? Let me tell you, the station is really sincere in asking you back. If you still have any concerns or requests, you can tell me.’’

Zhang Ye smacked his lips, ’’I do not have any concerns or requests.’’

’’Then why didn't you agree?’’ Hu Fei asked, ’’No television stations have contacted you yet, right? Besides, when you go back, it won't be anywhere unfamiliar since I've also transferred to the satellite channel. Xiao Lu, Dafei, and the rest of your old colleagues are there too. We are doing a new program and are waiting for you to join us!’’

Zhang Ye was stunned. ’’Join your team?’’

’’Yes, I've already made a request of the station. If you are coming back, then our old team will continue to work together.’’ Hu Fei said, ’’If not, what do you think I'm so busy with? It's because I need you. Besides, the program we will be doing is going to be a primetime slot at 9 PM every Friday. If you join any other satellite channels, can they give you such a good slot since you are still a newbie at their place? Besides, let alone the primetime slot, those television stations probably wouldn't dare employ you either, so what is there still to choose from? Come over quickly! Come and help me!’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Give me some time to consider it.’’

’’Don't think anymore, I am the executive producer, which you shouldn't even be thinking about taking, but I have already reserved the position of executive director for you. All I'm doing is just waiting for you to join us!’’ Hu Fei said very firmly.


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