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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 588


Chapter 588 Return to the television station?

The rain outside had stopped.

The fragrance of the home-cooked dishes flowed throughout the house.

’’It's time for lunch.’’

’’Oh, it's been hard on you, Little Cao.’’

’’Yeah, we've really troubled you today.’’

’’It's fine. I'm very happy that everyone agreed to come. Quick, take a seat.’’

’’Oh, there's so many dishes? I know it's good just from the smell.’’

’’Old Zhang, shall we have some to drink?’’

’’Sure, let's drink together. I have some here, it's Yùyè.’’

’’Yùyèis top-quality wine and really expensive.’’

’’Little Ye brought it back home. Someone gave it to him.’’

This brand, Yùyè, is a world-famous wine with a great aroma.

In the living room, two tables were set up and was somewhat able to fit everyone. Zhang Ye also came out but did not sit around it. Rather, he kept to his usual position near his bedroom. He pulled a chair to the side and sat on the outside. Everyone even praised him thinking that Zhang Ye was being polite.

During lunch, Zhang Ye was kept extremely busy as he constantly gave food to everyone at the table. ’’Here, Grandma Cui, have some of this. Auntie Yu, try this one here, my mom's fish-flavored pork slices are the best. Little Yan, you too. Don't stand on ceremony, we're all family here, there's no need to feel shy. Have a taste of this dish.’’

Grandma Cui quickly said, ’’Little Ye, you have some for yourself too.’’

’’Yeah, don't keep giving food to us. Have some yourself too,’’ Auntie Yu said with a smile.

Little Yan felt overwhelmed by the treatment he was getting and hurriedly gave some food to Zhang Ye too. ’’Thanks, Brother Zhang Ye.’’

Zhang Ye gave some more food to him in return. ’’What's there to thank me for? Here, there's still some of this.’’

Grandpa Sun nodded and said, ’’Look at our Little Ye, how sensible he is.’’

The whole table had Zhang Ye taking care of them as he busied himself here and there by giving food to everyone. Soon, the 3 closest dishes to him were already empty and in the bowls of everyone. Zhang Ye took this chance to remove the empty plates from the table and pulled the dishes that were still full closer to him and continued to distribute the food to everyone.

It wasn't that he was being hospitable.

This person was just intending for everyone to finish up as soon as possible so they could quickly go back home!

With Zhang Ye working hard, the results were striking. A meal for a dozen people only took slightly more than 30 minutes as the plates were emptied.

’’I'm so full, so full.’’

’’How delicious.’’

’’I can't eat anymore.’’

Everyone put their chopsticks down.

His mother stood up and said, ’’I will go make some tea.’’

Grandpa Sun said graciously, ’’Don't trouble yourself, Little Cao. We won't be drinking anymore. We have already been troubling you the whole morning and it's time we go off as well. I still have to take a nap when I get home.’’

With someone taking the lead, the others followed suit and said their goodbyes.

’’Yeah, go and rest now.’’

’’We will come by to visit again next time.’’

’’Yes, I have to get going too.’’

’’Little Ye, come over to my place and visit when you are free.’’

Zhang Ye said cheerfully as he stood up to send them off, ’’That's for sure, that's for sure.’’

His mother said, ’’Why don't you all stay awhile longer. There's no rush since we've just finished lunch. Yu, I planted two pots of flowers awhile ago and was intending to show them to you.’’

Auntie laughed and said, ’’The one in your living room, right? I saw it;it's really nice. It's different when you have some greenery in the house. I was still saying that I'd buy a pot some day.’’

His mother smiled and said, ’’Why would you need to buy it? There's no need. Oh right, there's a bush lily in my son's room. He has always been complaining about how these plants attract flying insects all the time. He doesn't seem like he's interested in keeping them, so why don't you take it with you instead!’’


The bush lily!?

Zhang Ye's sweat glands nearly exploded. This was the nth time he felt like he was about to faint. All of you, this is just unbelievable!

Auntie Yu said embarrassed, ’’Is that alright?’’

’’It's fine, it's fine. Little Ye, go and get the bush lily for Auntie Yu,’’ his mother said to him.

Get it? Why would I get it? Zhang Ye said hastily, ’’Not the bush lily!’’

His mother stared at him, ’’Why not? Didn't you say you didn't like keeping it?’’

Zhang Ye explained, ’’That plant of mine isn't doing too well and the leaves don't look good either. If you want to give one to Auntie Yu, use yours instead. The one that you have been nurturing looks quite good.’’

He thought to himself, Auntie Yu, it's not that I don't want to give it to you, I'm just afraid that the smell would be too musky for you!

His mother immediately said, ’’That's right, take my pot then. That one is well nurtured. Come, I will get it for you.’’

Auntie Yu said, ’’It doesn't need to be good. I'm not really good at gardening. The bush lily will do.’’

Zhang Ye quickly said, ’’No, no, the bush lily is really hard to care for!’’

A few minutes later.

The neighbors gradually had left. Grandpa Sun also took his dog away on its leash.

His mother, looking invigorated, said, ’’Heh, I had such a good time chatting and catching up with the neighbors today.’’

’’All you know is boasting.’’ His father said in criticism, ’’Look at that impetuous look on your face. When our son has shown some results, it is because he is capable. Must you be so cocky?

His mother did not like listening to this, so she said, ’’I was the one who raised him, so if my son is capable, can't I feel happy for him? Can't I boast a little?’’

His father said, ’’You have to be more low-key.’’

His mother apathetically said, ’’I've been low-key for over 50 years.’’

’’Just wash the dishes. Huu, I've had too much too drink. I need to go lie in bed for a while.’’ His father savored and sipped a mouthful of tea and then strolled back to his room in a laid-back manner.

His mother followed up sarcastically, ’’You're low-key, especially when it comes to chores like washing the dishes, you're low-key as well! I have never seen you helping out with such things before!’’

When he heard this, Zhang Ye immediately said, ’’Mom! Let me!’’

His mother immediately smiled. ’’My son is still the best, hur hur. Don't worry about it.’’

’’No, let me do it, Mom. Go take a nap with Dad. You've been working tirelessly the whole morning. I will handle the chores today.’’ Saying so, Zhang Ye was already clearing the dishes off the table.

His mother did not want her son to trouble himself, so she came to try to clear the dishes instead. ’’Don't do anything.’’

But Zhang Ye did not listen and said, ’’Give me a chance to do something for you. Leave it to me!’’

’’Your main task right now is to find a job. That is more important.’’ His mother was also rather worried about this as the matter was always on her mind. By right, her son was already a celebrity of such a level, yet he still had to look for a job? Using the word ’’look’’ was seriously a joke. Didn't people on the same level as her son have all sorts of persons trying to snatch their attention, having no end to their movie role offers, or having all sorts of programs and not having the headache of being unemployed? But her son? He did not have a management agency, he did not have an employer. He was either fired or suspended by them and the key was that no one dared to employ him! This was a C-lister who would soon become a B-list celebrity. This special case was also the only one of its kind in the whole of the entertainment circle!

It was truly an oddity!

Zhang Ye nudged his mother back to her room. ’’Don't worry. I will ask around in the next few days to see which television stations still require a host or have a new program lined up.’’

’’Make the best of it.’’

’’I know.’’

’’Alright then, I will go and rest.’’

His mother went back to her room.

Zhang Ye closed the door carefully and heaved a sigh of relief. He cleared the table and brought the dishes into the kitchen half-heartedly as he waited for his parents to fall asleep. When he thought it was about time, he finally turned to walk out of the kitchen and headed back to his bedroom.

Old Zhang was still asleep in his bed.

’’Sister Zhang, wake up,’’ Zhang Ye said in a low whisper to wake her up.

Zhang Yuanqi, having been roused, did not respond in a friendly manner. ’’What?’’

’’Everyone has left and my parents are also asleep,’’ Zhang Ye said.

Old Zhang acknowledged him, and then slowly rubbed her eyes before sitting up.

Zhang Ye went out into the living room to avoid any suspicions.

About 5 minutes later, the bedroom door opened. Zhang Yuanqi had already changed into a new set of clothes. She took every step lightly as she walked out, scanning the living room carefully with her eyes.

Zhang Ye put his index finger to his lips and pointed to the main door.

Zhang Yuanqi nodded, then followed him and walked toward the outside.

One step.

Three steps.

Five steps.

Finally, they were there.

Zhang Ye's heart was already in his throat. When he saw they had already reached the front door, he finally heaved a sigh of relief. The front door was blocked by a wall. Even if his parents suddenly came out at this time, he didn't need to be afraid of them seeing anything. And so, Zhang Ye opened the door and looked to Zhang Yuanqi, saying, ’’You had enough rest?’’

Old Zhang replied without much of an expression, ’’Enough.’’

Zhang Ye said with lingering fear, ’’Next time if you're coming again, call me earlier to inform me. I will be able to arrange it better, otherwise, if something like today happens again, we might get into big trouble.’’

’’Go back in,’’ Old Zhang said.

Zhang Ye nodded. ’’Take care then.’’

’’OK.’’ Old Zhang had already put her sunglasses and face mask on. ’’Prepare more wine at home so you can save me the trouble of getting it next time.’’

Zhang Ye said in a speechless manner, ’’Then you'll reimburse me?’’

Old Zhang looked at him. ’’Buy a 100,000 RMB worth, and I'll reimburse you.’’

’’Woah, so generous?’’ Zhang Ye said happily.

Only to hear her add on, ’’But you must write a song for me first.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’A song of mine only costs 100,000 RMB? Don't even think about it.’’

’’I'm leaving,’’ Zhang Yuanqi said as she adjusted her sunglasses and walked out the door with her bag. She headed down the stairs where she gradually disappeared from view.

Zhang Ye smiled. He had already gotten used to the Heavenly Queen's lukewarm treatment of him. As he was closing the door, he heard Zhang Yuanqi's footsteps suddenly stopping, and the sound of another pair of shoes getting closer, like someone else was coming up the stairs. His heart almost stopped there and then!

Holy shit!

Old Zhang, you better not be recognized!

Only to hear the person saying in a voice that sounded like it belonged to a middle-aged man: ’’Hello.’’


Did she get recognized?

Zhang Ye's heart pounded hard against his chest!

’’Yes?’’ Old Zhang's voice sounded.

The middle-aged man said, ’’I would like to ask if Teacher Zhang Ye stays upstairs?’’

Old Zhang: ’’Upstairs.’’

The middle-aged man: ’’Alright, thank you.’’

The footsteps thudded again, with one getting softer and the other getting louder.

Several seconds later, Zhang Ye looked through the security door and saw a man in his forties who might have looked rather familiar but yet had no impression of.

Seeing that the house door was left open, the man was also slightly taken aback. ’’Teacher Zhang? What's the matter?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’I was just about to go downstairs to throw out the trash and had just opened the door. You are?’’ Out of courtesy, he opened the security door as well. Upon checking his expression, Zhang Ye was pretty sure that he had not recognized Zhang Yuanqi.

The middle-aged man put out his hand and said, ’’We met last year at Beijing Television Station during a meeting but did not have the chance to speak together. Let me introduce myself again. I am the deputy director of the HR Department of Beijing Television Station. My name is Wang Huayuan. You may also address me as Old Wang.’’


Beijing Television Station?

Zhang Ye shook his hand and asked, ’’Director Wang, you're looking for me for?’’

The middle-aged man spoke directly, ’’Earlier, I had asked Old Hu to invite you to the luncheon but Old Hu said that you were busy, so when the luncheon was over, I invited myself over here. I hope that I did not bother you?’’ Since Zhang Ye had worked at the television station before, they could definitely check for his home address easily. Moreover, even the media had gotten their hands on both his house and his rented apartment's address, so it was no longer a secret too.

Zhang Ye had only just gathered his thoughts a moment ago and recalled Hu Fei's call in the morning. The station had a luncheon and they had invited him as well? In his mind, he could guess what the matter was, and since this person who was paying him a visit now was from the HR department, it made it even more obvious to him. However, he wasn't exactly sure either, so he suggested, ’’How about this, Director Wang, I just had a lot of guests over at my house and they just left a short while ago. My house is not cleaned up yet, and is still a bit of a mess now. Why don't we go to a coffeehouse and talk?’’

The middle-aged man said, ’’Sure, I'll wait for you to get changed then.’’

Zhang Ye took only the keys from inside the house and directly stepped out. He closed the door and security door of his house, and then said, ’’It's not necessary. I'm fine being dressed like this since I'm not an idol anyway.’’

The middle-aged man laughed. ’’That's not necessarily true. My niece likes you a lot and is a hardcore fan of yours. When we were having dinner at home once, she even said that you were handsome.’’

Zhang Ye said at once, ’’Oho, then I better get a change of clothes.’’


’’Just kidding. Director Wang, this way.’’

They went downstairs and chatted as they walked.


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