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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 586


Chapter 586 Pandemonium!

In the living room.

It was very crowded and chaotic.

’’Here, have some tea.’’

’’Little Liu, come and sit over here.’’

’’There's not enough space on the sofa. There's a chair here for you.’’

’’Here, have some fruits. I just bought them at the market.’’

’’Find a spot and have a seat. If it's too crowded, go to my bedroom.’’

The guests were divided into three groups: some women were talking in his parents' bedroom, Grandma Cui and some of the elderly people were sitting on the sofa chattering away, and there were some relatively middle-aged and younger people sitting on chairs and stools. Somehow, they had managed to fit all the guests in the house as everyone settled down.

People were chatting away.

The dog was barking away.

The liveliness of the place didn't even need to be mentioned!

His mother said, ’’Little Ye, why are you standing there like an idiot? Everyone is concerned about you. Come over quickly and talk with your uncles and aunties.’’

Zhang Ye wondered how he could be in any mood to chat, as there was an entire living person who was barely wearing anything in his bedroom right now!

Grandma Cui laughed. ’’There is no need to chat with us. Little Ye is now a busy man who can host, give lectures, and produce commercials. Let him busy himself with work.’’

Grandpa Liu said, ’’Heh, Little Ye is really that capable.’’

’’That's right. When I saw Little Ye back then, I knew he was no ordinary person,’’ Auntie Yu praised. ’’He had the potential ever since he was young and always did things low-key without showing off. One look and I knew he would be a very capable person when he grew up. Just look at how he's doing now. I was right, wasn't I?!’’

His mother beamed. ’’Not really. This kid only got a little lucky. Little Ye, take your Brother Little Yan and the others to your room for a conversation. It's too crowded out here.’’


Why my room!

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, ’’No, I have not made the bed yet and my bedroom is a mess.’’

His mother pursed her lips and said, ’’What would that matter?’’

Zhang Ye was, of course, afraid. If he opened the door right then, it would give everyone a fright!

Little Yan also came over to consult him. ’’Brother Zhang Ye, your Quit Smoking PSA is really good. How did you come up with this idea?’’

Zhang Ye knew Little Yan since childhood, living in the same district and playing together several times before. But after they grew up and went to university, they did not hang out or play together anymore. ’’Hai, it was just a moment of inspiration.’’

After chatting for a while, his mother suddenly stood up. ’’You all continue talking. I need to use the restroom.’’

Zhang Ye was still chatting with Little Yan until his mother walked pass. He suddenly recalled that Zhang Yuanqi's clothes were still in the bathroom! He immediately called out, ’’Mom! I need to go first!’’ He walked over quickly and intercepted her.

His mother stared at him. ’’You, after me!’’

’’I really can't wait any longer!’’ Zhang Ye pretended that he needed to use the bathroom very urgently, which in fact, was the truth. ’’Could you make some breakfast first? I just woke up and have not eaten yet.’’

His mother pushed him aside. ’’Let me use the bathroom first!’’

’’I got here first!’’ Zhang Ye had already entered the bathroom and shut the door.

His mother stared angrily and scolded him, ’’You damned kid.’’


In the bathroom.

The chaotic chattering noises outside had nothing to do with him anymore.

Zhang Ye took the opportunity to take a breather and clear his mind. Then he looked around and found Old Zhang's clothes on a small stool under the shower head. He went over to pick up the clothes which were damp from the rain. He intended to go back to his room after retrieving the clothes when something dropped onto the floor. Upon closer inspection, it was Old Zhang's black panties made of real silk. The material was very thin. The right side of the front was embroidered with dark black flowers and exuded a mature air.

He bent down and picked up the panties quickly. Because they was worn underneath, they did not get wet from the rain. But after dropping it on the floor, one side of them became a bit wet.

At this moment, he realized there would be a problem. How would he bring out so many clothes without being noticed? He couldn't possibly leave them in here as anyone who came to use the bathroom would surely see them. If he brought the clothes out, it would be obvious that they were not his. If parents saw them, they especially would ask. This was why the clothes must stay hidden!

How should he hide them?

F**k! He decided to hide it on himself instead!

Zhang Ye folded Old Zhang's track pants and found a good spot on himself to hide it. He pulled up his clothes and stuffed it in the back between his pants and waist. Then he folded Old Zhang's long-sleeved shirt and stuffed into the front of his pants, which were secured with an elastic band. There were still two stockings, the sort of ankle-high nude hosiery. Although Zhang Ye's pants did not have any pockets, this was still easy to handle. Zhang Ye took off his slippers and stuffed them into his left slipper and then put it back on. The slipper suddenly became tighter fitting but he had to make do with this for now. Then Zhang Ye stared at the panties for a long time before deciding to use the same technique. He stuffed them into his right slipper before putting it back on.

In the end, only the bra was left.

That lacy black floral bra!

The material was thin, but because of it shape, it was not easy to hide. He held the bra and tried to stuff it on himself. However, because it still protruded out under his clothes, it would easily be discovered by people with just a glance.

Dong dong.

’’Are you done yet?’’ his mother called out.

Zhang Ye immediately replied, ’’I'm coming. I'm almost done.’’

His mother said, ’’I've already heated up the food for you. Hurry up.’’

Zhang Ye sucked his stomach in and stuffed the bra under his clothes, the rough, lacy material rubbing against his belly, making him feel slightly ticklish. He opened the door with one hand while the other clutched his stomach, pretending to have the runs and not feeling well. ’’Huu, I'm done.’’

When the door opened, his mother looked at him and asked, ’’What's wrong?’’

Zhang Ye held onto his clothes tightly and said, ’’I probably didn't eat well last night.’’

’’I thought that you didn't eat dinner last night? You were only sleeping. Alright, stand aside.’’ His mother quickly went into the bathroom without noticing anything.

When Zhang Ye dodged this crisis, he immediately dragged his feet, shuffling forward with his left foot which was stepping on the stockings while the other was stepping on the panties, hobbling back to his room.

He was almost there.

But the more he was anxious, the more mistakes he would make!

As the slippers were not tight fitting, and had something stuffed in them, Zhang Ye's heels were not fully on the slippers at this moment. When he was about to reach his bedroom door, he sped up and missed a step, making him lose his balance. His feet slid out from the right slipper and even tumbled across the floor. The compressed lump of Old Zhang's panties rolled out as the slipper tumbled along and landed beside it.

’’What happened, Little Ye?’’

’’Be careful.’’

As a group, Little Yan, Grandma Cui, and the rest all looked over at once.

Zhang Ye's face turned green as he hastily put his slippers back on and said, ’’Nothing, nothing.’’

Little Yan said concerned, ’’Brother Zhang Ye, why are you sweating so much? Does your stomach not feel well?’’ Suddenly, he looked down slightly at the floor. ’’Eh? Brother Zhang Ye, you dropped something. What is it?’’

Zhang Ye was terrified. He tugged on the bra underneath his shirt with one hand while the other hand quickly picked up the clump of black panties and calmly held it in his hand. He raised up that hand to wipe off the sweat on his forehead and smiled. ’’Yes, my stomach doesn't feel good. Maybe I'm just hungry. It's nothing. I'll be fine after I eat something.’’

Grandma Cui looked at him and reminded, ’’There is sweat on your sideburns as well.’’

’’Oh, I can wipe it off. It's fine.’’ Zhang Ye held onto that lump of black fabric while wiping off the sweat from his sideburns and neck and then smiled. ’’All of you please continue chatting. I will go back to my room first.’’

Holding the black panties in his hand, he grabbed the doorknob to his bedroom and twisted it. After opening the door, he went in quickly as he was afraid that the guests would see the view of the bedroom. He immediately closed the door. Still feeling uneasy, he locked the door from inside. He rubbed his forehead and neck while panting, the lingering scent of the black panties on his face. He nearly cried and thought to himself, wondering what he had done to deserve this and why he was so unlucky!

In his room.

Old Zhang was lying on the bed burrowed beneath blankets. She was holding Zhang Ye's Legend of Wukong in her hands, which had originally been placed on the windowsill, and was currently reading it.

Zhang Ye was speechless. ’’What are you doing?’’

She replied, ’’Reading a book.’’

’’I'm over here working myself to death yet you're amazingly laid back.’’ Zhang Ye whispered, ’’Why are you even all wrapped up in bed? If someone comes in, how can I explain it!’’

She said deadpan, ’’What else can I do? It's impossible to leave since there are so many people around and I also can't help it if they enter the room. Is there any difference between standing or lying down in the room?’’

Indeed, there was no difference at all. It would be on the headlines if it were made public that the Heavenly Queen was wearing pajamas in his bedroom! One of them was an S-list celebrity while the other was a C-list celebrity. If they were caught in a scandal, neither of them could handle the consequences. Besides, Zhang Ye already had a girlfriend now.

Zhang Ye unbuttoned his shirt, took off his slippers, took out her clothes one by one and helped put them back into her bag.

But he heard Old Zhang say, ’’Your house is really crowded today.’’

Zhang Ye said gloomily, ’’Who could've guessed that my parents would invite so many people in such a short span?’’

Old Zhang added, ’’And a dog.’’

’’That's right. There's a dog too.’’ Zhang Ye rolled his eyes and said, ’’I've gotta hand it to them. They can invite enough people to even make up a soccer team with subs.’’

She said, ’’You think of a way,’’ and continued reading her book.

Zhang Ye said, ’’There's no way out, we can only hang around for a while. Let's wait and see. Alright, I'll stop talking now. I'm going out for my breakfast.’’

She casually remarked, ’’I also have not eaten breakfast.’’

Zhang Ye muttered, ’’I understand.’’

He opened the door, walked out of his room, and quickly closed the door, all done with lightning speed.

Having used the bathroom, his mother was now busying herself in the kitchen. When Zhang Ye went over, breakfast had just been prepared. He suddenly said, ’’I'll take this then, Mom.’’

His mother asked, ’’Where are you taking it?’’

’’There are too many people out there. I'm going to eat in my room.’’ Zhang Ye came up with an excuse. ’’Please give me some more.’’

’’Can you finish all that?’’ His mother flicked another egg and two leavened pancakes from the night before onto the plates and asked, ’’Do you want pickled vegetables?’’

’’There's no need.’’ Zhang Ye took it and walked away.

He closed the door very quickly per usual and put down the plates. Then Zhang Ye handed the chopsticks to Old Zhang who was on the bed and said softly, ’’You use the chopsticks. I'll use my hands to eat.’’

Old Zhang put down the book and started to eat when then she frowned. ’’The pancake is salty.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Please make do. My mom's cooking is just this way. We should be thinking of a way to smuggle you out of here. If anyone sees you, with so many of them and so many mouths, we won't even know how quickly or crazily the rumors will spread. If something really happens, your fans will surely kill me and your manager will chop me into pieces.’’ If we were spotted at a hotel together, we might still have a way to explain things and give a reasonable explanation. But in our current situation, there's totally no way to explain things clearly. Even an idiot would not believe!

Silently eating breakfast.

Old Zhang was probably feeling sleepy again, so she leaned against the headboard and closed her eyes.

Zhang Ye sat by his bedside and listened to the noisy chatter outside his room. At this moment, he felt rather screwed!


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