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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 570


Chapter 570 The three greatest virtues of Old Wu!

Past 7 PM.

It was getting dark outside.

Zhang Ye, who was still on the road, even answered a call. First, because the car ahead of him did not move an inch at all, and second, because another hundred cars ahead of that car did not move as well he was caught in a traffic jam.

The call was from Hu Fei, the man who got Zhang Ye his job as the host of BTV-Arts Channel's ’’Lecture Room’’. He was Zhang Ye's Bo Le 1, ex-leader, and someone he enjoyed a good relationship with.

’’Hello, Brother Hu.’’

’’Have you finished your work? Free to talk now?’’

’’Yes, I'm stuck in a traffic jam.’’

’’Hur hur, did you enjoy the scolding today?’’

’’Hai, what's enjoyable about that. I got myself into such a mess and I don't know how to solve it.’’

’’Come on. Although you put it that way, from what I hear, it doesn't bother you one bit. Alright, I'll skip the platitudes. It's impossible to make you control your temper anyways. That's how you are, and I doubt you'll change.’’

'Heh, you know me well.’’

’’I called to check on you and your situation, but hearing how spirited you still sound, I feel at ease now. Anyway, I just want to inform you that I just received my posting today and, from today onwards, will be transferring from BTV-Arts Channel to Beijing Television. I will be bringing Hou Ge, Hou Di, Xiao Lu, and Dafei along with me’’

’’Oh, you got promoted?’’

’’Not really.’’

’’The Arts Channel is just a local provincial station, whereas the satellite channel broadcasts countrywide, so how can it be the same? Alright, Brother Hu. Say no more. Hurry up and report about my news, so that the people may know about the glorious side of me and at the same time help to rid me of my current troubles.’’

’’Please, let me off. I haven't lived long enough yet. Just by your scolding of the Japanese in such a public setting, who would dare report any positive news about you? I reckon that Central TV along with the other local or satellite news channels would not even dare mention your name for the time being. Please don't give me any trouble. Besides, our program team is transferring to Beijing Television to handle a new program, not the news.’’

’’Ha, I'm just joking with you.’’

’’You started the mess, so you should clean it up yourself.’’

’’Is it really that serious, Brother Hu?’’

’’What do you think?’’

At this moment, another incoming call arrived. Zhang Ye took a quick glance and then hurriedly ended the conversation with Hu Fei. Following, he took the new call from Rao Aimin.

’’Landlady Auntie,’’ Zhang Ye said.

Rao Aimin said directly, ’’You do not need to pay rent for this month!’’

Zhang Ye was delighted. ’’Woah, there's even such a good deal?’’ Old Rao was notorious for her love of money. She was so calculative that she would would go down to the decimals when it came to charging miscellaneous fees, yet she was automatically offering a month's rent for free to him?

Rao Aimin spoke in a casual tone, ’’Kid, I've seen your scolding video. Not bad at all. You scolded well. You have a similar style to my younger self.’’

Oh right, I had almost forgotten that the landlady was also famous for being a nationalist. Zhang Ye said, ’’Sure, I will continue to learn from you then. As for next month's rent, could it also be...’’

Du du.

The call ended.

Zhang Ye was speechless for a long time, then called back and chatted with Little Chenchen for a while before hanging up again.


8 PM.

The road accident was cleared and Zhang Ye finally reached home.

Upon entering the house, he saw his father sitting there uncomfortably with a sunken expression. His mom stealthily signaled to him by scrunching up mouth to let him know that his father was angry.

Zhang Ye understood and quickly changed the subject. ’’Aiyo, the roads were really congested today. The cars in front somehow rear-ended, so I was stuck in a traffic jam for two hours. Mom, I haven't eaten yet and I am so hungry. Is there any food left? Didn't you say that you'd celebrate my becoming an associate professor?

His mother asked in surprise, ’’Your associate professor title did not get withdrawn?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Why would it be withdrawn? It was already approved. Besides, that is also a reward for my contributions to the field of math, so it should not be affected by other matters.’’

His mother thought her son had messed up so badly that his associate professor position would be compromised. Who would have thought that it didn't affect anything at all? When she heard that, she felt happy and said, ’’OK, Mom will heat up the food for you.’’

His father slammed his hand onto the table and said, ’’Heat up what food! Let him starve!’’

His mother stared at him and said, ’’Is there any meaning to that, not letting your son eat?’’

His father said angrily, ’’As a teacher, he led students to scold others in public. How does that make him look! And he calls himself a teacher?! And he calls himself a member of the Party!’’

’’Dad, you are making it worse for me.’’ Zhang Ye went over to sit and said, ’’Don't mention being a party member or a teacher of the people. Even a cornered rat will bite back. Moreover, it is precisely because I am a teacher and Party member that I can't back off just when I see something is wrong. It is also why I must be the first to speak up, otherwise if we care too deeply about how we should carry ourselves as teachers and end up not daring to speak up about this or that, then who else would stand up for the students? If we, as Party members, are always considering about the consequences of our actions and not daring to speak up, then won't there be nobody to stand up for the citizens!?’’

When his father heard this, he was a little taken aback.

Zhang Ye added, ’’It might not be right for me to scold others, but I have to make myself clear, Dad. I really did not lead the students to scold them, I only scolded once when I got into the mood while I was giving the speech and did not expect the students to join in the fray and follow along in the scolding. I admit that I did not manage myself properly regarding that.’’

Dad was stifled and waved him off. ’’I can't outargue you!’’

His mother smiled and said, ’’So should I heat up the food?’’

’’Go ahead,’’ his father grunted. ’’I haven't eaten yet either!’’

Zhang Ye immediately said, ’’Let me do it. Let me heat up food for Dad.’’

His father said, ’’Don't try to please me. Your explanation still does not make things right. Wait until tomorrow when I have sorted out my thoughts before I bring it up with you again!’’

Zhang Ye laughed. ’’Sure. I will listen receptively to you tomorrow.’’

After dinner, the house was peaceful again.

Zhang Ye went back into his room and thought about today. He did not feel too comfortable about all that had happened. He was about to contact Wu Zeqing to check out the situation to see if this matter had become too serious or not. But, afraid that she was busy or in the middle of a meeting, he did not call and just messaged her instead. Old Wu, as a newly appointed official, had to deal with many matters, so sometimes they would communicate by texting instead.

Zhang Ye: ’’Old Wu.’’

A minute later, she replied: ’’You're home?’’

Zhang Ye: ’’Yes, have you watched the news?’’

Wu Zeqing: ’’I did. It was also brought up earlier during the meeting.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’Hmm, is the matter very serious?’’

Wu Zeqing: ’’It's not trivial.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’Will this bro get banned again?’’

Wu Zeqing: ’’No.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’Really?’’

Wu Zeqing: ’’I'm here.’’

Zhang Ye felt relieved when he read her words, but not because he was worried that he would get banned again, since it did not bother him even if he were banned. What was most comforting to him was Old Wu's unconditional support for him, no matter the situation. After messing up so badly, if it were anyone else's girlfriend, even if they didn't get angry, they would still have something to say about it, right? Besides, no matter how you looked at it, Zhang Ye leading a group of people and scolding others was also not commendable behavior, yet Wu Zeqing did not even blame him. Something happened? Then they would settle it. She unconditionally sided with him and respected all of Zhang Ye's choices.

What was so good about Wu Zeqing?

This was what was so good about her!

Zhang Ye had a mind of his own even though it did not reflect in the way he spoke. Whatever Zhang Ye thought was the right thing to do, no matter how others tried to convince him to not do or made him guarantee to not do it, he would always end up doing the exact opposite of what they told him or made him promise not to. This was because he had his own way of approaching a situation and followed a set of guiding principles for his decisions. With such wonderful and distinct traits, his way of doing things was destined to be very different. So Old Wu being authoritative yet not showing it, a gentle woman who knew how to respect others, made her very attractive to him.

So did you still need to ask?

If Zhang Ye listed out the three greatest virtues of Wu Zeqing that he liked most, then without a second thought, Zhang Ye would surely rank them as follows.

One: Large breasts!

Two: Large breasts!

Three: Large breasts!!


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