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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 566


Chapter 566 Incident Details Exposed!

On the official website of Peking University, the decision to suspend Zhang Ye's classes was posted with no reason or explanation given. The details of the punishment were posted directly onto the notice page of the website in a highly visible location.

Some netizens who were browsing the page saw it by coincidence.


’’Zhang Ye?’’

Class suspended? What happened?’’

’’Isn't it the first day of school at Peking University? Why did they suddenly suspend Zhang Ye's classes? I was still looking forward to the videos of his new classes this semester. What happened?’’

’’I don't understand either!’’

’’Are there any Peking University students around? Please explain it to us!’’

’’Yeah, does anyone know anything at all?’’

The news had spread to Weibo, Tieba, and some other forums. Gradually, the number of people who were paying attention to this news increased. Everyone wondered why Peking University had suspended Zhang Ye, unable to make heads or tails of the whole thing. It was only the first day of school and classes had not even formally started. So why would a suspension be given out of nowhere?

Many of Zhang Ye's old friends were also roused.

Yao Jiancai posted on Weibo: ’’What's up this time?’’

Dong Shanshan also posted a series of question marks below.

Skit actress, Ci Xiufang also posted: ’’What trouble did Little Zhang get into again? What big matter is it? Otherwise, it wouldn't have called for a suspension, right?’’

A netizen posted: ’’Yes, the classes were all scheduled in advance, especially the elective classes which require the students' registration. If they suspend his classes now, then how much manpower and time will they need to waste to get things back in order? Besides, it sure would be difficult for the students to arrange and would definitely mess up their schedules. What's so important that they had to stop his classes? He has even been relieved of his duties? What's up with Teacher Zhang Ye again this time? Could it be that he has destroyed Peking University?’’

Online, everyone was left wondering.

Suddenly, a few netizens exclaimed!

’’Dammit! Go switch on your televisions and watch Central TV!’’

’’Quickly, quickly!’’

’’Damn, something big happened at Peking University!’’

’’It's a press conference with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs! Listen to it, quick!’’

They ’’shouted’’ with such surprise that many netizens also hurried to turn on their televisions to take a look. Some who switched it on late missed the beginning and could only watch from the middle of the press conference.


Half a minute ago.

At this moment, Central TV Department 1 was broadcasting live. The scene was at the news office where the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had just started answering press questions. The spokesperson discussed the recent topics of the Sino-Japanese political visit and cooperation projects, the pollution control standards of Japanese enterprises that had settled in China, as well as the negotiation process for related projects. Of course, there were also a series of question regarding the future cooperation between the two countries. On the floor, there were many reporters from both the Chinese and many Asian media outlets.

At the beginning, the questions were quite routine, with the foreign reporters asking questions that were relatively peaceful and not too confrontational.

But suddenly, a Japanese reporter who had just received a call had a big change in his expression. He immediately raised his hand to signal his intent to ask a question, but the spokesperson did not call on him. Disregarding the rules, he stood up directly and interrupted a Chinese reporter who was about to speak. He asked loudly in fluent Chinese, ’’I just received news that our political and university delegations who were visiting Peking University today have been on the receiving end of insults by thousands of Peking University students who were led by a Peking University teacher. They verbally abused and threw personal attacks at our delegates. Would the spokesperson please answer and give an explanation for this! Is that the way the Chinese treat their guests?’’

When these words were said, every reporter at the press conference was stunned!

Verbal abuse?

Personal attacks?

No way! What the f**k were you talking about?

Not only the Chinese reporters, even all the other foreign reporters' initial reactions were of disbelief. They felt that this person had probably just latched onto some hearsay or rumors. What sort of a place was Peking University? It was China's most prestigious and best educational institution, where the most elite teachers and students were gathered. Their standards and upbringing were the highest. If your political delegation went to visit Peking University, why would they scold them for? Who would dare scold them? So how could something like a teacher leading thousands of students to scold people happen? This was virtually unheard of. Even if you thought on your feet, you should know that it couldn't possibly happen!

A Chinese female reporter chuckled. ’’Is he daydreaming? What on earth is he talking about?’’

A middle-aged male reporter shook his head and said, ’’Does he think this is a Western country where people protest or throw shoes over almost anything? Leading a thousand people to scold? What an international joke!’’

’’Right, the Peking University teachers are...’’

Before he finished the sentence, the Chinese reporter was astonished for a second before asking, ’’Hey! Wait! Wait a moment! Is Zhang Ye...a teacher of Tsinghua University or Peking University?’’

The female reporter froze and said, ’’...Zhang Ye is a Peking University teacher!’’

Another male reporter beside them also paled at this. ’’That's right! He's a Peking University teacher!’’

A young reporter swore and then said, ’’How could I have missed that!’’


Of the Chinese reporters at the press conference, some were involved in society news, some did international news coverage, while others specialized in field work. However, even if not all of them were considered entertainment reporters, all of them were familiar with the name of Zhang Ye. If the Japanese reporter had said another institution's name earlier, like Renmin University, Tsinghua University or Fudan, then these Chinese reporters would definitely not believe his words. They would even risk guaranteeing that this was a rumor. This was not something that would happen at a Chinese university. But since the Japanese reporter had mentioned Peking University when he brought up the incident, and with the legendary Zhang Ye working as a teacher at Peking University, putting these two together led them all to come to a conclusion which left them in shock!

It might be true!

This was most likely not a rumor!

Wherever a thorn like Zhang Ye went, anything that happened would not even be considered surprising anymore!

On stage, the spokesperson ignore the Japanese reporter's question. He looked back at the other reporter he had originally pointed at and said, ’’Please go on with your question.’’

However, the Japanese reporter angrily said, ’’Please answer my question now.’’

The Chinese spokesperson looked at him this time and said, ’’First off, I have already picked this reporter and let him ask his question. By interrupting us, you are being very rude. Second, I have not been informed of the matter you have raised. I am not in the know. When we do get news of it, I will answer your question then.’’

The press conference continued.

That Japanese reporter sat down indignantly!


On the internet.

Central TV's live broadcast was shown throughout the nation!

Countless people who were watching all became dumbfounded at this moment!

’’Something big has happened!’’

’’Since when did Peking University become so fierce?’’

’’Damn, I wonder if it really happened or not!’’

’’Could it just be a rumor? How could such kinds of incidents happen in China? Your sister! Have I been transported to another world? No matter how I see it, the fact it happened still seems unbelievable!’’

Then, many people linked the matter to the notice that they just saw on Peking University's website Zhang Ye's classes have been suspended and he was relieved of his duties!

’’It's Zhang Ye!’’

’’Heavens! It's Zhang Ye again!’’

’’Who can tell us what has happened!’’

’’Are there any friends from Peking University?’’

’’How did Teacher Zhang cause such trouble again?’’

’’Ah, a video clip was uploaded. I've linked it below!’’

The number of people paying attention to this news grew greater, as they flocked to check out the clip. It was a video taken with a cell phone, so although the resolution wasn't very clear, the audio still had good quality. Anything that needed to be seen or heard could.


The beginning of the video showed the lakeside.

It was obviously Peking University's Weiming Lake. There were several large buses stopped on the road beside it. The whole scene was chaotic. There were many students shouting, looking, and sounding furious and heated.

’’Get back, all of you! Do you all even know what situation this is! What day is it today? Such an important exchange and cooperation event is being held! Why are you all causing trouble over here!’’

’’It was they who started to insult us first!’’

’’Which faculty are you from? Which class?’’

’’What the f**k are you taking our pictures for!’’

’’You'd better shut up!’’

’’Teacher Bai!’’

Bai Yi was sternly scolding the Peking University students.

Through the dialogue, a lot of the netizens who were watching the video clip finally understood the situation. This was an incident where people from the Japanese delegation and the Peking University students had clashed.

The next scene cut to the speeches being given at Centennial Hall.

First to speak was Yan Jiantao, followed by Bai Yi.

We're more backward than others, we need to give respect, we have to forgive, etc. As these ideological examples were raised, many people were extremely irked by what they heard. Suddenly, the video clip showed Zhang Ye getting on stage, holding a sheaf of papers and looking hesitant. After a while, he threw all of those papers onto the rostrum in front of him!


’’Why should I forgive you? Japan!’’


’’Boycotting Japanese a sign of patriotism!’’

’’Scolding a sign of patriotism!’’

’’Scolding those who defend Japan by scolding a sign of patriotism!’’

’’Is scolding people right? Scolding people is not right! Sorry then, we have low standards, we are inelegant, but this is who we are! Just a common citizen's way of showing his love for his country! But this is just us, an ordinary citizen's most humble patriotism! ’’


’’When you near.

’’Please listen closely.

’’The quivering leaves

are the warmth of my waiting.

’’But you eventually moved on, oblivious?

’’Falling all over the ground behind you,/my friend,/are not petals, but me softly saying...'idiots!'’’


When that word came out, all of the netizens watching the video suddenly felt very pumped up, like a spout of boiling blood was about to explode out from within them!

The video was at its climax!

The Peking University students had all stood up from their seats in the hall!




This scene could only be described as crazy!

Online, the emotions of everyone also exploded to its highest point. The netizens had finally found out exactly what had happened at Peking University! It was true! Zhang Ye really led over a thousand students to scold others! They had always known Zhang Ye to be a thorn amid thorns, a nationalistic youth among nationalistic youths. They also knew that he was very gutsy and fearless of everything, but when they saw this video with their own eyes, they felt that they had still underestimated Zhang Ye's courage! This was no longer an issue of whether he had guts or not. This guy was too damn audacious! Zhang Ye's bravery was simply too much! Even the Earth could not contain it!

What a spectacular sight!

It couldn't be looked at directly with your eyes!

Countless netizens had already frozen at this!

Suddenly, a Tsinghua University female student called out on Weibo: ’’The warriors of Peking University are as great as can be!’’

A Renmin University student passionately commented: ’’Renmin University sends its congratulatory message! Well scolded! You've all done really well! That was so domineering!’’

A few dozen of Nanjing University's freshmen and year two students suddenly came forward in support on Weibo: ’’A Like for the warriors of Peking University! Awesome!’’

One by one, the students of many other universities also responded and gave their Likes too!


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