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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 565


Outside the auditorium.

It was already 4 PM in the afternoon.

Cambridge University's Baker had a face gasping in admiration of Zhang Ye who had came outside alongside him. He spoke in English, ’’Zhang Ye, your eloquence in speaking was really eye-opening to us all.’’ The foreign mathematicians had been present the whole time, with the translators translating everything Zhang Ye said in his speech. So they were also in the know of what had just happened.

Zhang Ye said, ’’Oh, is that right?’’

Baker commented, ’’Even at Cambridge University, the most elite teachers who research languages would probably not even be half as good as you.’’ What kind of place was Cambridge? If you say that Peking University was the best educational institute in China, then Cambridge would be the best educational institute in the world. The difference in rank was huge. It could even be considered an entirely different tier of an institute. This was why Baker's comment spoke very highly of Zhang Ye, although it was not known if he was just flattering or speaking the truth. ’’I am really wondering right now if you're actually a mathematician? In our mathematics world, how can there be someone who can articulate and speak as well as you?’’

Xin Ya explained, ’’Teacher Zhang Ye of Peking University originally graduated with a broadcasting major. Not only is he a mathematician, he is also a very famous and outstanding host in China.’’

Baker clearly did not know this before. ’’Ah?’’

Most of the other foreign mathematicians were also taken aback. ’’What?’’

Only a few of them knew of Zhang Ye's background and were not surprised.

Zhang Ye sighed. ’’I'm not that outstanding, Professor Xin is really generous with her praise. My work in broadcasting hasn't reached the national level yet. I'm just somewhere in the middle, doing OK,’’ he said humbly. What he said was actually true, though maybe he was far from even the middle. But in his work as a host, he was probably considered to have an excellent standard. However, if compared to an elite host, he didn't think he could compare. After all, he had never hosted a nationwide, satellite broadcasted program before. He was always doing his work on the smaller platforms like the local channels or online television station. Thus, he was still considered inexperienced.

A German mathematician said, ’’I'm looking forward to Professor Zhang's programs then.’’

Zhang Ye laughed. ’’Sure, if you're all interested, I will invite everyone to the studio when I have a program in the future. I believe my next program will be happening soon.’’ When he said that, he sounded a little compelled by his situation, but not exactly feeling depressed. He was rather accepting of all that had happened.

The foreigners might not have noticed it, but the teachers from Peking University heard the depressing undertone in his words. Next program would be happening soon? Yes, it's about time you went off to do your new program! With today's mess, it would be a miracle if you were still around to teach. The punishment would definitely not be light. It even seemed that many of Peking University's teachers thought that doing a program right now would be taking it too positively. This incident, this mess might not even be resolvable any time soon. Who knows how it will end up? Don't think that burning incense will help out again if you get banned once more!

The mathematicians left.

Zhang Ye sent them to the vehicles and went back with Dean Pan.

On the way, some Peking University students passed by from time to time. When they saw Zhang Ye, they all excitedly waved to Zhang Ye to greet him.

’’Teacher Zhang!’’


’’Teacher Zhang, you're so awesome!’’

’’Well done!’’

Many Peking University students who were not at the hall for the ceremony had heard of the incident from their classmates who were there. They heard that Zhang Ye led more than a thousand Peking University students in pointing at and scolding the Japanese political delegation as ’’idiots.’’ When they heard this, their blood boiled as the nationalistic youth spirit in them could only imagine what had gone on. They hated themselves for not being at Centennial Hall to witness it in person!

Zhang Ye returned their greetings along the way. When he had just reached the teacher's office at the Chinese Department, Peking University's punishment for him had already been passed down!


Classes stopped!

The students who had applied for Zhang Ye's elective class were to apply for other classes within the next three days.

This punishment was announced by Dean Chang Kaige. With his classes stopped, it meant that he was suspended and temporarily relieved of his duties at Peking University, at both the Chinese and Math Departments. In normal circumstances, this punishment would definitely be considered heavy. Suspension was a punishment only meted out when a teacher made a critical error. But for Zhang Ye's mess that he created today, why did it seem as though this punishment was too light?

Only earned a suspension?

Shouldn't he be removed from his post? Shouldn't it be a sacking instead?

When Zhang Ye received the punishment details, he heaved a sigh a relief. It was a punishment he could still accept. He really wanted to retain the position of a teacher of Peking University. It wasn't only for his status and reputation. During his days here at the school and the time he spent with the students, he had started to like this place, the campus, and every one of the cute students of Peking University. This was why he did not wish to leave this place. Although a suspension meant he could not come here for the time being, or he might still have additional punishments lined up for him, at the very least, it left a thought for Zhang Ye. It meant that he could still have the chance to resume his classes in the future!

Chang Kaige looked at him. ’’Hai, you are really...!’’

The Department's Secretary, Zhen Shuquan, said disappointedly, ’’It's only the first day of the semester and you've already made such a big mess. You can't give classes anymore now, just because you did not think before you spoke. Was that worth it?’’

Worth it?

But Zhang Ye did not think the same as him!

He always said what he wanted, did whatever he wanted. It was as simple as that, because if you did not live life this way, then it would truly be a life not worth living. You would end up in a coffin, regretting the times that you did not speak up!

Chang Kaige said, ’’Go back home and rest for some time. Secretary Zhen and I will try to help you deal with the matters here, see if we can appeal for you. But if there's even a chance to resume your classes, it might not be in the near future. Probably next semester. So just be prepared for it, alright?’’

Zhang Ye suddenly said, ’’Thank you, Dean Chang. Thank you, Secretary Zhen. The fuss I kicked up has made both of you worried about me. It's alright. I'm fine, and I will accept my punishment.’’

Since he had already done it, Zhang Ye was prepared to shoulder the consequences. wasn't his first time anyway. He looked calm, like nothing had happened at all. If this punishment were given to another Peking University teacher, that person would probably faint upon hearing it. It would feel like the sky had fallen on them or the end of the road. However, Zhang Ye was different. He was a battle-hardened person. Suspension? Sacking? Ban? Jailed? What had he not done before? So, with these experiences behind him, his mental strength was clearly different from others!

Di di.

A text message came.

When Zhang Ye looked at his cellphone, he saw a message from Dean Pan of the School of Mathematical Sciences.

The message displayed: The title of associate professor will not be withdrawn. It still belongs to you. Rest for some time. We will all wait for your return.

The title of associate professor won't be withdrawn?

Zhang Ye knew that Pan Yang must've spoken up for him, otherwise, with his mistakes, he wouldn't have possibly been able to retain the position without having even gone through the proper channels. Of course, a part of this outcome was probably due to Dale's Conjecture too. For a global mathematical conjecture that was so important and on such a large scale, even if Zhang Ye had committed an even graver mistake, Peking University wouldn't dare to deny this achievement of his. He guessed that the reason why he had not been sacked was likely related to this matter. The Peking University authorities had probably deliberated before meting out his punishment that offered a glimmer of leeway in it. Peking University would still protect its own interests. Although those heads of school nearly died of anger because of him, in the end, they still sought to protect him. From a certain angle, his punishment was probably given so that they could answer to the public.

Exhaling, Zhang Ye finished packing his work desk very quickly. He picked up his belongings and said, ’’Alright then. I'm leaving.’’

Su Na was slightly more emotional, her eyes red, as she said, ’’Teacher Zhang.’’

Professor Zeng was also looking a little unhappy. ’’Ai.’’

A young teacher from the Chinese Department said, ’’It will be a little difficult getting used to not having you around.’’ After Zhang Ye had arrived at Peking University, he had brought the Chinese Department a lot drama as well as joy. The teachers who usually only had a decent relationship with Zhang Ye, or did not talk much with him, were now feeling a little disappointed that he would be leaving.

Zhang Ye smiled and said, ’’It will be fine. I might be able to come back in the future. When the time comes, we will be able to work together again. I'm the sort of person who doesn't have a good temper and often gets into trouble. But you all should know that I bear no bad intentions. I just speak whatever I think. Some of us might've been good friends. There are others whom I have not spoken much to, but I would like to thank all of you for taking care of me while I was here at Peking University.’’

Su Na turned away, secretly wiping away her tears. It would have been OK if Zhang Ye did not say that, but when he did, she could no longer hold it in. In Peking University, Su Na was probably the one who had the best relationship with Zhang Ye. They weren't just colleagues. Privately, they were good friends as well.

Professor Wu: ’’Come back soon. We will all be waiting.’’

A middle-aged female teacher nodded. ’’Yes, we will wait for you to return.’’

’’Let's go downstairs together,’’ Professor Zeng said.

Chang Kaige also said, ’’Yes, let's go together to send you off.’’


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