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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 563


Chapter 563 The Peking University's Students' Epic Act!

Outside the auditorium.

Everything was as usual.

A few security guards were patrolling the grounds relaxed.

’’What kind of big shot came today?’’

’’I heard it was a delegation of Japanese officials.’’

’’No wonder. I was wondering why it sounded so tumultuous inside.’’

’’Yeah, I'm not sure what they're doing inside either. Maybe there's a speech or something? Why is it so raucous? It's like someone is shouting? But shouting what?’’

’’I can't hear clearly.’’

’’Huh? It sounds like someone is shouting 'idiots.'’’

’’You're the idiot, hur hur. How could that be happening in such a setting? Even if you're mad, you wouldn't possibly choose such a day to make trouble. Wouldn't that cause a big ruckus?

’’I suppose so. I probably heard wrong.’’

But a few seconds later, the shouting grew louder and louder, sounding clearer and clearer.

The three security guards looked at each other in shock and were suddenly overcome by a sense of surreality. F**k! They really did not hear wrong! It was really ’’idiots’’! The people inside are really shouting ’’idiots’’!

A staff member from the neighboring hall ran over in a panic, asking, ’’What's going on? What the heck is going on?’’

’’What sound is that?’’ another staff member came running from a hall further away. ’’What happened?’’

The shouting was very rhythmic and loud, so there was definitely no chance they heard wrong. Not only around the grounds of Centennial Hall, even the other halls in the surrounding 200-meter radius could faintly hear the shouting. The hall was soundproofed, with Peking University having spent large sums of money to build the most spectacular soundproofed hall in the country, and yet the clamor inside right now could be heard from so far away. The volume inside must be off the charts!

A hallucination!

It must be a hallucination!

The security guards and the school staff were all feeling very confused!

Then, the security guards' walkie-talkie crackled. A call for assistance? They knew by now that something big must have happened. Without a second word, they rushed into the hall with their batons. A few staff members from the other halls also followed behind to go in to help. When the main door was opened, the loud shouts from inside nearly pushed them back out. The sound wave kept hitting them. It was nothing like what they had seen before. They were all startled!

Subsequently, many other Peking University students who heard the commotion rushed over as well. When they saw all that was happening in front of them, they stopped in their tracks, their jaws dropping to the ground!


’’This is...’’


The hall was exploding!

The shouts were deafening!

A thousand angry voices, a thousand hands were all directed at the upstairs of the hall!

The security guards and many Peking University students who had just come inside immediately noticed Zhang Ye standing at the rostrum and recognized a few of the students from the audience!

Wasn't that Zhao Yuzhou! An officer from the Student Council!

They could see Zhao Yuzhou, with a reddened face, pointing and shouting at those upstairs, ’’Idiots! Idiots!’’

Damn! And that person there, wasn't that the scholar from Jiangnan province this year! I thought he was a just a bookworm? He usually doesn't even talk much in class with his classmates? But right now, this scholar's face had anger written all over it. The usually quiet and reserved him was shouting much louder than the 20 or 30 people around him. His voice had gone hoarse. ’’Idiots! Idiots!’’

Ah! And that person!

F**k, even the Student Council's Vice President is scolding!

You're the Student Council's Vice President! Why are you also leading in the jeering!

Aiyah! That...that...could that be Sister Yan? The national college entrance exam scholar from three years ago and top scholarship winner for two consecutive years, the publicly acknowledged straight-A student? But who was this person in front of them right now? Just who the heck was this woman standing on the chair and shouting ’’idiots’’!?

Oh my God!

It's getting crazy!

Everyone's gone crazy!

A number of students who had just arrived on scene went off again to quickly make some calls!

’’Bangzi! Come to Centennial Hall quickly!’’

’’What's the matter, man? I'm sleeping.’’

’’Just come quickly! Something big has happened! The Japanese political delegates have been surrounded by our school's students! A thousand of them! Y'know, a thousand! They're all pointing to the delegates and calling them idiots!’’

’’Get lost! Trying to prank me!?’’

’’Your sister! It's f**king real!’’

Beside him, a Peking University female student was calling her dormmate!

’’Meimei, quickly gather the people from our dorm! Come to Centennial Hall now! Aiyo, this is too exciting! It's crazy over here! The Japanese political delegation has been scolded!’’

’’How's that possible!’’

’’Have you ever seen over a thousand people squeezed into a place, simultaneously scolding someone?’’

’’Get lost, hehe. Let's make a bet. If you lose, drinks are on you. Are you trying to trick us into going all the way there? Don't even think about it! Do you think we're stupid?’’

’’Dammit! Wait a moment, I'll let you listen to this! Listen to it! Did you hear?’’

’’Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn! It's really true! Wait for me! We'll be there immediately! Immediately!




For the 40th time!

For the 50th time!

For the 55th time!

The doors to the hall opened again. Many of the Peking University students who had just heard of the news rushed over. Some of them were also present at this morning's showdown with the Tokyo University representatives. When they saw what was happening, under the influence of the atmosphere, a few of them also suddenly started to shout along with the audience. One by one, more and more of them joined in!

The shouting became increasingly synchronized. Under the effect of this resonance, the decibel level of the angry shouting rose so high that it nearly blew the roof off the hall. Nothing else could be heard in the hall other than the synchronized shouts of ’’idiots.’’ No one had asked them to do this. Zhang Ye had only shouted that once. However, that resulted in the Peking University students unifying together to spontaneously shout the same! With one, there was two;with two, followed a hundred, then a thousand. At this moment, an esprit never before seen had united all of these students and braided them together like a rope!

What straight-A student?

What national college entrance exam scholar?

What male or female?

What elite party member?

What officer or vice president of the Student Council?

In this moment, everyone had dropped their statuses or the labels that others had given them. They all just scolded the things they dared not scold before and did what they used to not dare do! Scold the Japanese head on? Scolding the Japanese delegation head on? This was an epic act of defiance they had never even thought they would do, let alone do for real! But today, at this moment, under the influence of Zhang Ye's amazing speech, they scolded! They did it! They had committed an act so epic that it would shock anyone and everyone!

’’Stop scolding!’’ a Peking University teacher yelled from the front row.

Another Peking University teacher tried to bring about some order. ’’Sit down! All of you sit down!’’

There were even teachers who went around dragging some students back. ’’Zhao Yuzhou, you're an officer of the Student Council! How can you lead the others in doing this with you? Are you out of your mind? Hurry! Tell the other students to stop shouting!’’

But Zhao Yuzhou did not even bother with the teacher and just continued pointing upstairs, shouting and scolding!

The publicly acknowledged straight-A student, Sister Yan, couldn't be bothered by whether she'd be able to qualify for this year's scholarship. Nor did she care if the school authority would discipline her. She was a very headstrong woman. If she wasn't as tall as the male students around her? Then she would just step onto the chair. Her voice was much louder and sharper than the guys anyway!

The teachers around were unable to persuade or stop what these students felt to be the most humble patriotism in the hearts!


Shut up?

Wait until the country's standards surpass Japan before we evaluate them? Wait until our fields of science and technology surpasses Japan before we judge them? Wait until the Chinese per capita income surpasses Japan before we comment on them? By that time, we will be qualified to point our fingers at them?

Go f**k yourself!

They have already been quiet for too long!

They have kept their silence for too long!

They did not want to wait any longer now! It has to be today! It has to be now!

We might not be able to have achievements in science and technology, we might not be able to increase our per capita income, we might even be labeled as people who have low standards who hold the country back! But there's one thing that we're able to do! There's one thing that we can achieve!

Point at the faces of the Japanese!

And use all of our strength to shout at them... Idiots!!!


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