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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 539


Chapter 539: The Difficulty Adjustment Die's ultimate power!

In the afternoon.

They had eaten and drunk their fill.

Old Wu was leaning back on the sofa with her phone in her hand, reading the last chapter of Legend of Wukong.

Zhang Ye was holding a toothpick in his hand picking his teeth in a relaxed manner. With one hand satisfactorily on his belly, he mumbled, ’’I'm so full, the food was so delicious. Huu, I'm sweating just from eating.’’ Looking to the sofa, he said, ’’Old Wu, you're about to go to the south for your new appointment. When I can't get to eat your home cooked dishes in the future, I'll surely die. Why don't you stay? Otherwise, I will really die.’’

He was bringing up the same topic again.

Although he knew that the appointment could not be changed, Zhang Ye was still unwilling to let Wu Zeqing go. He wished that she would stay on in Beijing and get posted to some other appointment even if she did not stay in Peking University. That would be the best since he could still meet her. But thinking about it, he also had his aspirations and Old Wu would definitely have hers as well. She had goals that she worked for to get ahead in her job. It wasn't easy working for the government, and even though Zhang Ye had never been an official or a civil servant before, he clearly understood this. For Old Wu to obtain her achievements up till now, it must not have been easy. This transfer should be rather important for her as even if it was a lateral promotion, it was still necessary to prepare her for her next upward promotion. She couldn't miss this chance.

When he thought of all these, Zhang Ye changed his tone. ’’Forget it, treat it as I did not say that.’’

She continued reading the novel, calmly replying, ’’If you really want to, you can fly over and come visit Big Sis.’’

Zhang Ye forced a smile and said, ’’Sure.’’

’’Besides, it's still not confirmed yet. Didn't I mention to you that, as long as the appointment has not been given and if there are some last minute changes, I might still not be going?’’ she said.

Zhang Ye blinked. ’’Won't be going? How big are the chances?’’

She did not raise her head up and just said, ’’0.1%.’’

’’That's as good as going for sure. A 0.1% chance is no different from a 0% chance,’’ Zhang Ye said, knowing that he should not talk about this anymore. They were going to be separated soon and only had these few extra days together. At such times, he should only talk about happy things.

Suddenly, she put down her phone and said, ’’I've finished reading.’’

Zhang Ye asked, ’’Not too bad?’’

’’Yes, the literary standard is still as outstanding as ever. It's like you can write anything quite well,’’ Old Wu praised him and then looked at him. ’’You're worthy of being my little boyfriend.’’

Zhang Ye was a little speechless and said in annoyance, ’’What do you mean, 'little boyfriend'? Just boyfriend will do.’’

She nodded. ’’Alright, boyfriend.’’

Zhang Ye was very proud of this. He went over to the sofa and sat down, holding Old Wu's hand.

Old Wu naturally held his hand as well. ’’After Big Sis leaves, I won't be able to look after you everyday. Honestly speaking, I am a little worried about you.’’

Zhang Ye sighed. ’’It's not worth it.’’

’’When I'm around, I can help you whenever needed. I can supervise wherever you need my supervision.’’ She laughed. ’’When I'm gone, you just might get into some big trouble again.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’You don't wish to go?’’

Old Wu replied, ’’Yes, I don't really want to go to the south. Hur hur, but that can't be helped. If the organization has already decided, then I can only follow it. So when I'm not around for the next few years, you have to take care of yourself. If there's anything that you want advice on, you can always call me. Even though I'm older than you, I can't claim that I am smarter or more cultured than you. But at the very least, Big Sis has more experience with many things, so giving you some advice will definitely not be a problem.’’

’’Alright, I understand.’’

’’How do you intend to deal with the trouble with the SARFT?’’

’’I don't know, I will just take it a step at a time. That has always been how I dealt with things since the beginning anyway.’’

’’Since you've already chosen a different path from the others, be determined. Don't be bothered by what others say of you and remember that I will always be supporting you.’’

’’Thanks, Old Wu.’’

Old Wu's words left Zhang Ye feeling great and took away all his stress. With such a woman by his side, Zhang Ye felt that even if the whole world were scolding him, he would be alright with it!

Later in the afternoon.

The two of them didn't go anywhere and just stayed in the room to chat.

Perhaps it was because he knew that they wouldn't have much time left together, Zhang Ye spoke about a lot of things. He chatted with Old Wu about the news, about celebrities, and even gossiped.

He was unwilling to see her go!

They sat together intimately and affectionately!

But life is always full of surprises!

The way some things developed would always be unexpected to everyone. Zhang Ye wouldn't have believed it if you told him that the upcoming developments would be so dramatic! Even for someone like him who had witnessed all sorts of unbelievable situations, he was dumbfounded for a while!

At 1:15 PM.

Wu Zeqing's cell phone rang. She took a call from a department of the organization.

’’Hello, President Wu.’’

’’Secretary Chen.’’

’’There's something I should let you know in advance. Regarding your appointment changes this time, I'm afraid that some problems have cropped up. The personnel over at the south did not handle the paperwork properly and there are no more open positions left. You might have to wait a little longer while I try to communicate and sort it out with the organization. Wait for my call. I will try to arrange something as soon as I can.’’

’’Alright, sorry to trouble you, Secretary Chen.’’

’’Don't say that. I had given you the guarantee for this job previously but somehow it did not work out. I should be the one apologizing, so anyway, just wait for my news.’’

After hanging up, Old Wu said to Zhang Ye, ’’It seems like your wishes had come true, heh heh. The 0.1% chance really did happen.’’

Zhang Ye was a little confused and asked, ’’What's the matter?’’

She said, ’’There are some problems with the new appointment and they told me to wait for further news.’’

Zhang Ye said in surprise, ’’Wow, really?’’

’’Let's go.’’ Old Wu stood up. ’’Big Sis needs to start contacting some people to find out more about this. I'll have quite a bit to do. Why don't you send me back home?’’

’’OK, this is more important.’’ Zhang Ye quickly packed up and checked out of the resort with Old Wu.

Zhang Ye was actually feeling a little suspicious and wondered if it could be due to the five times reduced difficulty effect. Up until now, the Difficulty Adjustment Die's effect was still going on as there was a total of a little more than six days. Right now, there were a little less than two days left to go!

Old Wu might be able to stay after all?

That would be great!

Zhang Ye did not think much and could only be happy about it. But the developments of this event would once again leave him dumbfounded over and over again. It was seriously too shocking!


That night.

An incident occurred at the SARFT!

The newly appointed deputy chief, Comrade Wang Changlei, had a welcoming banquet thrown for him after the issuance of the statements to warn Zhang Ye and the television stations. But as a result of overdrinking at the banquet, he suffered a stroke and had to be rushed to the hospital. In the evening, the medical report indicated that he would be unfit for his duties at the SARFT, and as such, had to step down from his post. It seemed that the procedures for his resignation were already being processed, and according to the online news outlets, the organization had also accepted Comrade Wang's resignation.

The netizens were very surprised at this outcome!

Many people also began ridiculing such an incident!

’’Another incident at a welcoming banquet! Isn't this already the second time it had happened?’’

’’They were even drinking while on the job?’’

’’What the heck were they doing?’’

’’F**k, something has already happened so soon after he had taken over?’’

’’Are they going to change to a new deputy chief again? Who would it be?’’

There were not many people who were too concerned about this news as it wasn't something that affected them. But people from the entertainment circle all paid close attention to this as any movement in the upper management of the SARFT would affect the celebrities and entertainment companies very directly. It's like how a soccer player and the soccer team are affected by the soccer associations as those were the authorities who had control over their livelihoods. An appointment like the deputy chief would surely attract the attention of countless entertainment circle members as even any changes in middle management would already be something that affected them. Including the bosses of the entertainment companies, the cadres of the television station, and those A- and B-list celebrities, all of them would surely have to pay attention to such matters!

A new leader of the overseeing authority, and you don't even know the name of the person? Then do you think you can survive in this field? Definitely not!

And so, everyone from the entertainment circle had their full attention on this matter!


The next day.

A new appointment had been issued.

Comrade He Yi from the State Council Information Office would be taking over the duties from Comrade Wang Changlei.

A sense of surprise rippled through the entertainment circle.

’’Deputy Chief Wang is really stepping down?’’

’’They've already chosen a new guy to take over the appointment?’’

’’So it really turned out to be Director He. I'd guessed so. Only Director He has the necessary experience and qualifications since he has been in the field of news and publicity for so many years. After the incident involving Deputy Chief Wang, the whole branch must be in a mess. Director He is the only one who can take hold of and control the situation.’’

Very quickly, a lot of people started reacting to the news.

Some staff from the entertainment companies immediately rushed to handle the public relations. Several bigwigs from the entertainment circle who had links to the SARFT's upper management also contacted Director He or his relatives directly to congratulate him, trying to make a good impression and improve their relations. Such ground work needed to be done early.

But ten hours later, on the evening of the day of his appointment, before Comrade He Yi had even received his appointment letter from the SARFT, a case that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection had been investigating had a major breakthrough and important evidence was uncovered. As the top party members placed significant attention on this case, the commission sent out their operatives overnight to quickly gather the evidence to press charges against the involved personnel.

Late in the middle of the night, there were rumors of Comrade He Yi being taken away from his home.

In the morning, this rumor was verified by the relevant authority and the case was exposed, involving more than a dozen people of which Comrade He Yi was amongst.

The case caused a sensation!

The entertainment circle was once again shocked!



’’How could something like that happen again?’’

’’How could the past two days be full of happenings like that? How absurd can it get?’’

’’The SARFT had just declared war on Teacher Zhang Ye and their internal department has already been thrown into chaos?’’

’’Teacher Zhang really deserves the title of jinx!’’

This time, not only people from the entertainment circle had their attentions on this matter, even the commoners could not help but turn their attention to this in shock!

’’They're changing people again?’’


’’Is there even anyone left to change with?’’

’’There shouldn't be many who are qualified enough,have done work in the publicity department, and can handle the mess right now, right?’’

’’Who will they switch to this time?’’

’’My guess is that they will promote from within the SARFT itself?’’

’’That can't be. Their department heads and leaders are still lacking in qualifications by far too much. If they were to be promoted to the deputy chief's position, that would be too forced. Although it is called a deputy chief position, the SARFT is a leading role in the ministry and its deputy chief ranking is of vice-ministerial level! If they were to promote from within, that would not adhere to the policies! How can that be right?’’

Those who knew how the system worked were all discussing privately. It was not safe to talk about a leading role in a government ministry on the internet. Those who did so were probably just talking nonsense or bragging about their knowledge.

Time slowly ticked away.

The tension and pressing urgency was spreading!

The whole entertainment circle was now concerned about who this third appointee would be and how that person would affect the future of the entertainment circle.


The sun rose.

The morning sun did not arrive until late morning.

Just when the five times difficulty reduction period was in its last minute of effect, the appointment statement was finally released to all in the entertainment industry!

’’It's out!’’

’’Quick, take a look!’’

’’Who could it be?’’

Statement issued in regards to change of appointments:

Comrade He Yi has been stripped of all duties and dishonorably discharged from the party.

Peking University's Vice-President Comrade Wu Zeqing will be appointed to the role of Deputy

Chief of the SARFT in effect immediately!

When this news was released, the whole entertainment circle flew into an uproar!

Three seconds......

Two seconds......

One second......


[Countdown complete!]

[Difficulty Adjustment Die Five times reduced difficulty effect completed!]


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