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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 535


Chapter 535: Unbanned?

The next day.

The sun had risen.


Entertainment star Zhang Ye's preliminary proving of a global mathematical conjecture was still being actively discussed. Following the Central TV Department 1's News Simulcast and several major evening newspapers'report on the matter, the major morning newspapers, online media, and even People's Daily were also reporting on the news. This was already Zhang Ye's second time appearing on People's Daily newspaper. Even though it wasn't on the headlines, it still featured prominently on the second page.

The news had shocked everyone!

It was as though the news had been given a pair of wings and made its rounds across the country!

Some news had more of a lasting effect than others. For example, when Zhang Ye went around scolding and picking on people a few days ago, he had created a big stir. But after less than half a day, it had died down and no one discussed it any further. Then, there was the time when Zhang Ye posted his poems. Those had also caused quite a commotion and heated discussions followed, but after a day or two, it too had died down. It did not continue on for long. But this time, it was different. This time, Dale's Conjecture was a different matter compared to previous times because this was really so sensational that it was unbelievable. It also involved national pride which pushed it further up the list of trending topics. From yesterday afternoon, since it got published in the newspapers until now, it had not cooled down at all and was even becoming more and more heatedly discussed among the people. The number of people who had been shocked by this news was also increasing, and if the trend continued, it looked like the news would still be the subject on everyone's lips for at least three or four more days!

The follow-up reports were also constantly being published.

Fellow Wan from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and several domestic mathematicians had already formed a validation team, ready to start the final checks on Zhang Ye's proof of Dale's Conjecture. On the global stage, several famous mathematicians had departed in the middle of the night or the morning and were scheduled to arrive in China shortly to take part in the verification process.

Shanghai, in some coffee house.

’’Did you hear? Zhang Ye has solved Dale's Conjecture.’’

’’Ah? Which Zhang Ye?’’

’’Don't you know? Aren't you too behind the times!’’

’’I was sick yesterday, so I didn't watch the news. What's going on?’’

’’It's the Zhang Ye who used to host a talk show in Shanghai on the online television station, that one!’’


Some gym in Chengdu.

’’Old Cheng, you're here this early?’’

’’Yes, I came for a jog.’’

’’Did you watch the news? Regarding Zhang Ye.’’

’’Look at you. How would I not know of such a big news? I've heard about it too many times just from watching the news. Each time they report about it again, I can feel my blood pumping faster and faster. Our country really has talented people! Hur hur, although I don't know who Zhang Ye is, but I think I've seen him on a commercial before. I've got to find out more about him when I get back!’’


In Beijing, at a breakfast stall in an alleyway.

’’Brother Wang, you're going to work? Why are you so early today?’’

’’Haha, didn't Dale's Conjecture get proven already? A professor from Math department at the university had been sent to help out with the verification checks, and as the professor's assistant, I'll probably have to work overtime in the next few days. I might get so busy that I won't be able to come back at night and have to stay at work.’’

’’Aiyo, that's so hard on you.’’

’’In the past, working overtime would always leave me exhausted and bitter. But this time, I'm really in high spirits. I won't mind even if I have to work overtime everyday. Did you hear about it? Those foreign scholars have always looked down on our country's standards for mathematics, but now, they are all willingly flying over. Some even came with their students! Do you know why? They are here intending to see if we made a mistake because a global mathematical conjecture that no one had been able to prove for decades finally has proof to it. And it was even proposed by a Chinese person! If they cannot find any mistakes, then they will be here to learn from it, to understand how Dale's Conjecture can actually be proven.’’

’’That Zhang Ye! He's really great!’’

’’That's right. Do you know where he is from?’’


’’You don't know? He's a Beijinger! A born and bred Beijinger!

’’Oh! Is that right?’’

’’Hur hur, how can this be faked?!’’


The topic was actively discussed all around the country.

Following the discussions, following Zhang Ye becoming the center of attraction, all the past incidents regarding this ’’Math Hero’’ were also uncovered. What got the most attention from people was of course in regards to the recent SARFT's Decree #43 listing of banned artists!

There was a big commotion on the internet.

’’I really don't understand what the authorities were thinking!’’

’’A math hero like him, why would they even ban him?’’

’’Let's see how they will deal with this matter! I'm guessing the SARFT's panicking now! Ban? People's Daily and News Simulcast have already aired footage of Zhang Ye's news! They won't be able to suppress Zhang Ye after what he has done this time! I suggest they lift the ban on Teacher Zhang immediately!’’

’’Yes, the banned artist list should not have included Zhang Ye in the first place. When he beat someone up that time, he had done so to stand up for someone else. Using that as an excuse to ban Zhang Ye was really forcing it. Now that Teacher Zhang has brought so much honor and glory to our country and might even win an international math award, if he were to stay banned, then that'd really be unforgivable!’’

’’It's a little difficult to handle. Mathematics is an academic field while the SARFT oversees the publishing and entertainment fields. There's nothing in common in the first place, so even if they do not lift Zhang Ye's ban, no one can do anything about it.’’

’’Although there's no relation, they are both governmental bodies. There should be some way to talk this out. Zhang Ye's has gained much credit, so they really shouldn't treat him this way. Whether it's the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the science and mathematics worlds, I think they would send a representative to communicate with the SARFT.’’

’’That's right.’’

’’I also hope that the ban will be lifted. I love Zhang Ye too much!’’

’’What an awesome person. Hahaha, I am also a big fan of Zhang Ye now! So cool!’’

’’Quickly let Teacher Zhang return! The entertainment circle cannot do without him! The entertainment circle without Teacher Zhang Ye should not be called the entertainment circle anymore! It will only be good with him around!’’

’’Pfft! Looking forward to the return of the hero!’’




The netizens were making an issue of this and were all wishing for the same thing!



At the SARFT.

In a certain department's meeting room.

’’Sir, the incoming deputy chief is coming here today?’’

’’Yes, he should be here by the afternoon.’’

’’Regarding the banned artist list, shouldn't we handle it first? Or should we wait until the deputy chief is here before we report it to him? This matter has blown up too much. The Letters and Complaints Department received more than a hundred letters protesting Zhang Ye's inclusion in the banned artists list. It's been a sea of scolding comments and doubts against us online as well. I heard that some leaders from other offices even called to check on this matter?’’

’’They have called us. Our department is responsible for this matter. Zhang Ye surprisingly proved Dale's Conjecture, considered to be one of the most difficult mathematical conjectures in this world, and has garnered a lot of support through this. I'd already anticipated this outcome yesterday. Let's discuss. How should we handle this matter?’’


’’Are we really going to just unban him like that?’’

’’That won't do. The decree had only been passed a few days ago. If we were to unban him and take his name off, then our department's reputation...’’

’’The new deputy chief was assigned here from the CCPPD. He's always been aligned to the party's ideology and I've heard that he doesn't have a good temper. His work style is also very tough, so if we were to lift the ban on Zhang Ye without any conditions, then wouldn't that mean that we have admitted our loss to Zhang Ye? When Zhang Ye wrote several of those poems and essay to scold at us, like 'Hold unyielding, no matter where the winds blow'? 'Why should I lower my face and bow for the influential and the rich, and take away my joyous smile'? I remember each and every word clearly. If we were to lift his ban, then when the new deputy chief takes over officially, wouldn't he be angered? Already losing our composure before we could stamp our authority? The authorities couldn't even handle a banned artist? We have to lift the ban after banning him? If we put it bluntly, doesn't that just mean we were slapping their own faces? If the new deputy chief is angered, then who could deal with him when the responsibility is pinned on our department!?’’

’’What can we do then?’’

’’Yes, Zhang Ye has already made such a huge contribution that even People's Daily reported on him. If we ignore this, the people would definitely not take it lying down. Then the management would surely...’’

’’I have an idea.’’

’’Oh? Xiao Li, do tell.’’

’’We cannot put the ball in the deputy chief's court. We have to handle this matter according to the new deputy chief's principals. So we can only do this, which is to use a roundabout way to lift the ban on Zhang Ye. There has to be conditions attached to this lifting...’’

They were all trying to come up with plan!


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