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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 534


Chapter 534

Not long later.

It was gradually getting darker outside.

It was a little stuffy in the room so Zhang Ye suggested that they go downstairs to hang out for a little while. It was well-lit downstairs, and he was also feeling a little hungry by now. Wu Zeqing did not say anything. She just put on a coat and they left their suite to go downstairs together. Zhang Ye was wearing a large pair of sunglasses. He looked to his side, then grabbed Old Wu by her hand and held it tightly as they headed to the area behind the resort.

The aroma of grilled fish could be smelled from where they were.

The charcoal stoves glowed with a bright orange fire as many guests, mostly couples, were gathered here. There was a Valentine's Day promotion going on, and as long as they were guests of the resort, they could try the specialty dish of grilled fish for free. There were not many types of fishes available, but they were expensive due to its freshness. It seemed that there was a fish pond around here and the fish were freshly caught for grilling.

Zhang Ye swallowed his saliva and said, ’’How about we get a couple?’’

’’Big Sis might not be able to finish one by herself,’’ Old Wu laughed and said.

’’That's OK. If you can't finish it, I'll finish it for you.’’ Zhang Ye went ahead holding the key card to their suite and showing it to the staff there before collecting two plates of freshly grilled fish.

One for him and one for Old Wu. They headed for a less crowded seating area, finding a dimly lit corner so that they could have some privacy from the others.

Not far from there, a conversation could be heard.

It seemed like it came from the table of a big family group.

The son said, ’’Did you all hear about Zhang Ye's incident?’’

The mother said, ’’Yes, your dad and I just watched the news in our room.’’

’’That Zhang Ye is really quite capable,’’ the father said. ’’He even solved a global mathematics conjecture? He's definitely going to be famous this time!’’

The daughter-in-law said, ’’I've only gotten to know about this Zhang Ye from the news today. Before this, I had not even heard of him. I didn't expect there to be such a smart person in our country!’’

The son said, ’’That's because you've only been interested in following those western celebrities and always think that they're superior to our country's celebrities. You don't even know Zhang Ye? I've known about him for a long time. See it now? Our country also has such great people, and compared to those foreign stars, he is so much more awesome. Even if I let you pick from among the whole world's stars, could you find one that could solve Dale's Conjecture? Haha, he's really gone and won pride for our country!’’

Farther away, a young couple was seemingly discussing this matter as well.

Zhang Ye smiled a little. Hearing all these people who knew of him, he was definitely happy. At the same time, he was also enjoying his food as a whole fish had already been eaten. ’’Huuu, it's quite hot, but so nice!’’

But Old Wu was slowing down as she ate. ’’Its taste is alright.’’

’’What's wrong? Can't finish it?’’ Zhang Ye asked.

Old Wu smiled and said, ’’I can't eat any more. I'm not feeling too hungry.’’

Zhang Ye took her plate. ’’It's OK if you can't finish this. Don't force yourself. Let me eat it instead.’’ He did not mind Old Wu's saliva. After he took the plate, he directly bit into the fish.

Old Wu patted him lightly on his thigh while seated beside him. Her hand just naturally rested on his thigh after that.

A short while later, a performer started singing followed by a lucky draw event held by the resort. But Zhang Ye and Wu Zeqing were not too interested in the events and simply proceeded back upstairs to their suite after finishing their meal.

As it was quite cold outside, they had put on warmer clothes to go downstairs. After they returned to their suite, Wu Zeqing went back to her bedroom and changed. When she came out, she had changed out of her qipao into a light flesh-colored bathrobe, tightened around the waist with its attached belt. Her hair was done up in a bun and it made her look even gentler. When Zhang Ye saw this, he also decided to get changed into the resort-supplied bathrobe like Old Wu.

It was still early.

Looking at his watch, it wasn't even 8 PM yet.

’’Are you sleepy?’’ Zhang Ye asked her.

’’It's still early. I'm not tired yet,’’ she replied.

Zhang Ye looked around the room and asked, ’’Then what should we do? Watch TV? Go online?’’

Old Wu smiled and said, ’’If you're still up for it, you should continue your novel.’’

’’I could do that. But if I were to write, then what would you do?’’ The two of them had planned to come out to enjoy themselves today. Surely he could not leave Old Wu by herself?

She said, ’’You write. I'll look on from the side.’’

Zhang Ye's eyes brightened. ’’Alright then. Let's check out the resort's computer.’’ He walked over, switched it on, and tried it out. It wasn't bad. It was quite fast and came with a new keyboard which felt fine as well. He pulled out the chair and then cocked his head at her. ’’OK. Then I'll start writing?’’

Old Wu also took a chair and pulled it to his side. She raised a leg from under the bathrobe and crossed it over her other leg, revealing a fair bit of her smooth legs. ’’Come on, Big Sis is waiting to see you work.’’ After saying that, she asked, ’’Will Big Sis affect your writing by sitting here?’’

Zhang Ye quickly said, ’’Of course not.’’

’’Hur hur, then that's good.’’ Old Wu nodded her head.

With a beauty by his side, Zhang Ye's spirits were raised. He felt like he was on steroids the moment he touched the keyboard. He created a new document and immediately began typing.


Chapter nine.

In the beginning.

500 years ago.

’’Did you know? The sky is but a desert,’’ said Zixia. ’’It might be made up of exquisite and beautiful things, but the moment it became a part of the celestial heavens, its soul was taken. Did you know?’’

No one answered her, because there was no one beside her.


His condition today was really good.

The main reason being because Wu Zeqing was at his side. Knowing that everything he wrote was so anticipated by Old Wu, Zhang Ye felt a sense of tension and did not wish for her to wait too long to see the developments. This was the reason for his speedy typing, as his fingers tapped away on the keyboard as though they were alive. He felt as though he were possessed by the Holy Spirit as he completed the chapter within 15 minutes. Never before had he done a chapter so quickly!

When he finished typing, Old Wu had also finished reading.

’’How is it?’’ He asked.

’’Great.’’ Old Wu enjoyed what she had just read.

Zhang Ye was very satisfied as well and proceeded to post the chapter on his blog. He did not wait for any comments and continued to write on after closing the browser so that he would not be distracted.


Chapter ten.

’’What thing rules over all under the heavens?’’ Monk Tang asked.

’’Monkey!’’ said Sun Wukong.

’’No! It's pig!’’ Pigsy yelled out.

’’You're both wrong. It is I,’’ Monk Tang said. ’’When Buddha was born, with one finger pointing to the heavens and another pointing to the land, he declared so.’’


Chapter 11.

Chapter 12.

Chapter 13.

Without rest, he wrote five or six chapters straight.

After finishing, Zhang Ye did some stretches to loosen his muscles and was about to continue writing. Suddenly, he heard a soft, quiet breathing sound beside him. He looked up and saw that Wu Zeqing had already fallen asleep, still sitting in the position with her legs crossed and one hand supporting her head. Looking at his watch, it was already past 10 PM. Only then did he realized that he had been writing for more than two hours, so he decided to stop and just look at Old Wu sleeping, unsure if he should wake her up.



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