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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 533


Chapter 533: People across the country...are alright now!

The sun was almost setting.

The two of them had already been soaking in the bath for an hour now.

Wu Zeqing put her cell phone on a rack beside the bath where it would not get wet, laughing gently and saying, ’’The way your fans talk is really quite funny. It's just like your style.’’

Zhang Ye laughed, having had his hands on Old Wu's thigh from before she browsed the news until now, slowly moving them upwards. He said, ’’That's only natural. Since my debut, these friends have been following me all around in my scolding battles. Honestly speaking, sometimes I am really grateful to them because if it weren't for them accompanying and supporting me, I might not have been able to endure through this arduous path. I wonder where I would be now if not for them. To me, I no longer see them as just fans, and I'm not lying because this is what I really feel. It's like they're all my friends, occasionally having some amusing exchange of words. Our relationship is really quite good.’’

Old Wu said, ’’That's good. It looks like your reputation will grow again after this.’’

Zhang Ye also thought so. He said, ’’Hopefully. I'm still far from becoming a B-lister.’’

’’It's not far anymore.’’ She smiled and said, ’’In the whole of the entertainment circle, there are many who can sing, act, or host, or know martial arts, but to be able to solve a global mathematical conjecture....Only you, Little Zhang, could do it. Hur hur, other people's celebrity path can be replicated or mimicked, but your path to fame can only be walked by you alone. That is also the reason why so many fans love you. You are unique.’’

’’Heh, I love to hear this,’’ Zhang Ye said, as his hand under the water had already moved up further on Old Wu's right thigh. It was even meatier and had a better feel as his hand was kept busy.

She laughed. ’’I think we're about done here?’’

Zhang Ye nodded. ’’I'm already sweating all over.’’

After soaking in the bath for a long time, they were feeling a little tired.

’’Yes.’’ She stretched her arms a little. ’’Big Sis has also had enough of soaking now. Don't massage me already. You've been doing it for quite a while now. My legs feel much better now, thank you.’’

’’Why are you so polite?’’ Zhang Ye slowly and reluctantly took away his hand from her thigh.

She asked, ’’Do you want to shower first or should I go first?’’

Zhang Ye rubbed his nose with the back of his hand and said, ’’About that...why don't you go first.’’

She nodded. ’’Alright then.’’


You are really going ahead to shower?

Zhang Ye had subconsciously thought that, as he was a little embarrassed to shower in front of Old Wu. In order to shower and wash off the foam bubbles from the hot spring bath, they had to get out and head to the shower area. It would be strange if he just got out of the bath and wiped himself dry with a towel. Zhang Ye did not expect Old Wu to be so open and agree so readily. From this alone, their difference in age and maturity was immediately clear and evident. With regards to these situations, it seemed that she had thicker skin than him.

As he was fantasizing, the sunset was already casting shadows onto the balcony through the full length windows. Old Wu had her back facing Zhang Ye as she stood up gracefully from the bath. She swung her hair back and turned on the shower located two meters away from him. The water came gushing out and splashed all over Old Wu's shapely body.

Zhang Ye sat there appreciating the sight, not even blinking. The flowers in his heart were blossoming at the sight of this.

In front of him, Old Wu's back was still covered with foam bubbles and as the showered sprayed, it slowly revealed her fair and smooth skin. The foam bubbles on her neck also flowed down her back with the shower down towards her waist and gluteal cleft. From there, it split into two streams and continued down her fleshy thighs, dripping and splashing into the shower area.

This scene was truly too touching!

It was too enticing!

Zhang Ye sniffed and could feel the heat with each breath he took.

Even after a few minutes of this scene, Zhang Ye felt like it had only been a few seconds. At the next moment, Old Wu had already elegantly stepped out of the bath and into the area outside. She bent over slightly to pick up a clean towel and dried her hair in front of Zhang Ye. Then, she wrapped the towel around her body and stepped into a pair of slippers.

She looked over and said, ’’You should have a shower too. Don't soak in the bath for too long.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Yeah, I will be out in a bit.’’

He saw her walking into the bedroom which Zhang Ye had chosen and stopping in front of the bed. She bent over to retrieve her clothings the flesh-colored stockings, her bra, panties, and qipao , hung them over her left arm, and then knelt down to hook her high heels up with two fingers. Old Wu's figure was very voluptuous, not plump where she should be slim, but plump and full of flesh where she ought to be, like her chest and hips. When she knelt down, the towel looked like it was about to split apart. From the back, with her slim waist contrasting her wide hips, it emphasized her curves with maturity and gentleness at the same time.

The door closed and she was no longer in sight.

The fragrance still lingered and the bath was still filled with the foam bubbles that had been washed off of Old Wu's body.

Zhang Ye finally stood up and headed towards the shower to wash himself clean. After that, he wiped himself dry with a towel, wrapped it around his waist, and went back inside to change into proper clothing.

When he exited the bedroom, the fragrant smell of tea attacked his nostrils.

Wu Zeqing, who was in her qipao again, waved him over. ’’Come here, I made tea, some, have some.’’

’’It's fine, I don't need it.’’ Zhang Ye went over and sat down on the oddly-sized sofa.

But Old Wu had already brought it over. ’’You've got to have it no matter what. After sweating so much, you need to hydrate yourself.’’ She pushed the cup of tea into his hands. ’’Slowly drink it. It's hot.’’

’’OK, I will listen to you.’’ Zhang Ye could only force himself to take a few sips.

Across from him, Old Wu was holding something in her hands. ’’Apply some moisturizer.’’

Zhang Ye waved his hands. ’’I'm a man. I don't need this. I've never applied something like that before.’’

Old Wu gave a demure smile and said, ’’You've just finished a bath so now's the best time for your skin to absorb nutrients. You're still young and have good skin naturally, so you don't know about such things. When you're older, even if you try your best to maintain your good skin, it will be too late. Listen to Big Sis and put some on. It's just going to be on your face.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’It's really not necessary.’’

’’It's just normal skin care products, hur hur. You're a celebrity. Surely you ought to pay attention to such details. It's dry in the winter. The skin on your face will crack easily.’’ Old Wu was already seated down beside him as she used her hand to push his hair back before squeezing some moisturizing cream onto his forehead, cheeks, and chin. Then, she spread it uniformly on his face with her hands in a very caring manner.

’’Umm, let me do it.’’

’’Don't move.’’


’’Done. Feels better, right?’’

’’Uh-huh, it feels fine.’’

’’In the future, always remember to apply some moisturizer after you've washed your face. It's good for your skin. If you don't have any at home, get some from Big Sis. I have a lot.’’



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