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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 532


Chapter 532: People across the country continued to be stunned!

At the resort.

Zhang Ye received a call from his mother.

’’Mum,’’ Zhang Ye said.

His mother spoke loudly: ’’Why did you take so long to answer? What are you doing?’’

Zhang Ye laughed and said, ’’I'm taking a bath. Did you watch the news? Were there reports of me on the newspapers and TV? What did they say about me? Was it good or bad?’’

His mother laughed and said: ’’Who would still dare to speak badly about my son now? It's all praise, but let's not talk about the news. A group of reporters came to our house to interview your dad and me, and even interviewed some of our neighbours.’’ His mother was clearly enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. ’’Wait a minute. I'll let your dad speak to you.’’

The person's voice on the other end changed. ’’Little Ye, tell me honestly. Your math results have never been that good. How did you suddenly solve that whatever conjecture it's called?’’

Zhang Ye responded in a bragging manner yet also not forget to flatter his father by saying, ’’Who am I? I am your son! That talent was inherited from you and mom. As for how I got the enlightenment, I can't explain it, but it was just a moment of brilliance.’’

His father was almost rendered speechless but managed to say: ’’But both your mom and I do not have any talent in math at all! So what on earth did you inherit exactly?’’

On the other end, his mother said: ’’Alright, alright, why do you care about talent or no talent? Our son has solved a global mathematics conjecture and brought glory to our country and our people. That is the result, and as the hero's parents, you should be letting our relatives know about this good news instead!’’

After he had finished with his parents call, his cell phone rang again.

Zhang Ye looked at Old Wu, showing her his phone. ’’See, I told you? They're calling again.’’

Old Wu smiled and said, ’’Answer it.’’

Zhang Ye answered, ’’Old Yao, I knew you'd call.’’

Yao Jiancai's voice came through and sounded a little startled: ’’Bro, are you crazy or what! You've just lowered the curtains on the crosstalk world and now you're creating a storm in the Mathematics world already?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Sigh, it just happened.’’

’’So that Dale's Conjecture was really solved by you?’’ Yao Jiancai asked doubtfully.

’’How could it be fake? This bro just tried it out and who'd have expected this conjecture to be so easy anyway?’’ Zhang Ye was in a good mood as he was touching Old Wu's leg while boasting to Old Yao.


The third call came from Peking University Chinese Department's teacher Su Na.

’’What is your brain made of, Teacher Zhang?’’

’’Hur hur, Teacher Su. My brain is of course made of human tissue.’’

’’We young teachers from Peking University were having a meal together when we saw the news on TV. You've really surprised us all. When we found out about the news, all of us were dumbfounded!’’

’’Thank you everyone for your concern.’’

’’It seems like you are preparing to leave the Chinese Department next semester to go teach at the Mathematics Department! You didn't even mention anything about it, but your math knowledge is too damn good!’’


The fourth call came from the landlady auntie's house.

When Zhang Ye saw the caller ID, he swallowed his saliva loudly and glanced over at the direction of Wu Zeqing. He did not know if he should answer it as they were too close to each other but he was afraid that Old Wu would hear the conversation.

Old Wu smiled and said, ’’It's from a woman?’’

Zhang Ye coughed and said, ’’No.’’

Old Wu looked at him as she continued to wash herself. ’’It's alright, answer it.’’

Zhang Ye smiled but had a guilty conscience. He couldn't show it, so he quickly answered as though it was nothing and said, ’’Hello?’’

It wasn't Rao Aimin.

Chenchen voice sounded: ’’Zhang Ye.’’

Zhang Ye felt relieved. ’’Oh, it's you, Chenchen.’’

Chenchen's signature unfeeling voice said, ’’I watched the news together with my Aunt. From now on, you will do my math homework for me.’’

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes and said, ’’You want me to do your second grade math assignments for you? Do you know the status of your Uncle Zhang now? I'm an internationally recognized mathematician! Aren't you making little use of great talent then?’’

Chenchen let out a cold laugh. ’’Hur hur.’’

Then the line got cut off.

Zhang Ye could not help laughing and saying, ’’What a wretched kid.’’

Following that, a wave of calls came in from his friends and relatives. He answered them all and after nearly 20 minutes, decided to silence his phone and put it aside.

As expected, it was a national sensation!

The websites of major newspapers in the country, Youth Daily, Huabei Daily, Beijing Times, even People's Daily had all posted news about Zhang Ye and most of them had reserved their headlines in regards to his news. Videos taken the park visitors in the afternoon that were posted onto Weibo, Tieba, forums, and some streaming websites, and had all reached the top-ranked list. This news had also already gone viral more than 30 minutes ago and risen all the way to the top post on Weibo!

The excitement!

The craze!

Those two words were more than suitable to describe the current situation in the country!

Even the foreign media had given this a great deal of coverage!

For example, a math magazine in the United States!

A few mainstream media outlets in the United Kingdom!

The news channels in Korea!

Many netizens had screen-grabbed the videos of news reports from the different countries in different languages and posted them online. Some of them even came with translations. Although Zhang Ye's name did not cause that much of a sensation on the international level as every country only reported the news with regards to Dale's Conjecture, there was still a simple introduction of Zhang Ye's name and his nationality. For Zhang Ye, this was a key step that had never happened to him before. Before he had risen to the top domestically, he had already gained some fame on the international scene. This suited his goal of become an international superstar really well! A math superstar was still a superstar! They were the same and people would start paying attention to him and know about him. This had always been Zhang Ye's goal all along, so he didn't care what industry it was as he knew that his path towards superstardom was destined to be different from the others!

When Zhang Ye heard the good news, he said, ’’What a bustle of activity!’’

A description like bustle was really not enough to describe the situation. It should be called a great reception instead!

Countless people on the internet were screaming!

’’Teacher Zhang Ye, well done!’’

’’That was too f**king awesome!’’

’’You added a lot of pride and glamor to our country's mathematics community on the global scene!’’

’’Hahahaha! I heard that Teacher Zhang Ye had slapped a few more faces again when he was there! This really makes me happy! Teacher Zhang Ye seems to have worked hard all his life on one of two things either slapping faces or getting ready to slap faces!’’

’’Pfft! Laughing out loud!’’

’’Solved Dale's Conjecture? That is basically the real thing when it comes to such knowledge! Although Zhang Ye's words might be a bit lacking at times, always offending and scolding people, but this guy's knowledge is real! Unlike other people who only know how to speak about boycotting this or that and not taking any action!’’

’’You can say that I've been totally surprised today! When I bought the newspaper while on my way home today, what I read left me unable to find my way home! What a shock! It's unbelievable!’’

’’Everyone's feeling the same, hahahaha. Teacher Zhang Ye has really caused an uproar this time! I love him too much! Do you all know what I like best about Zhang Ye? What I like most about him'll never know what that person will come up with the next time!’’

’’Mathematical has totally nothing to do with Zhang Ye at all, right?’’

’’I was shocked too. All I can say is...a wonder, he's really such a wonder. Being able to mess around in the entertainment circle until such a level, I am totally bewildered! He's totally going off the beaten path!’’

’’After creating a new style of crosstalk, Teacher Zhang Ye is now carrying the banner of the Chinese Mathematics world! When I imagine such a scene, I find it full of comic relief!’’

’’Teacher Zhang has even snuck into the Mathematics world! To the friends in the Mathematics world, please be careful! Zhang Ye's fan club is currently sending out a red alert to the whole Mathematics world! It's every man for himself from here!’’


’’Did Zhang Ye really solve Dale's Conjecture? What's wrong with the world? Is it April Fool's day today?! How could something so bizarre happen! How dramatic even! Teacher Zhang Ye, knock it off. Please, knock it off for real. Continue writing your Legend of Wukong novel and don't keep us waiting around any longer. Why did you even go to the Mathematics world? Damn! Come back and write your novel quickly! Mass updates! And I will let you live!’’

The people were abuzz with discussions about him.

Old Wu was browsing through the comments and Weibo.

When she saw a post by a fan of Zhang Ye on Weibo, she showed it to Zhang Ye and the both of them were tickled by it!

It was written as such:

ZhangYeNumber20Fan: ’’In the past, I thought that Zhang Ye was a radio broadcast host, but later on I found out that I was wrong. He's actually a poet. Then when I had accepted his status as a poet, I found out that I was wrong again. He turned out to be an author. When I accepted his status as an author, I realized that I was wrong again. He was actually a television host. Then when I had accepted his status as a television host, I found out I was wrong again. He was really a musician. When I accepted him as a musician, I got it wrong again. He had now become an advertiser, so I accepted his new status as an advertiser. But who knew, it turned out to be wrong again, he was now a calligrapher. When I accepted him as a calligrapher, I was once again wrong. He had now become a crosstalk actor. When I once, once, once, once more accepted this new status of him being a crosstalk actor, I realized that I was f**king wrong again. He was really a mathematician! Fact!’’

The post got reposted countless times!


’’Aiyo, this really hits the sweet spot of what I also think!’’

’’Pfft! Teacher Zhang is such a tease!’’

’’I've never seen such a jack-of-all-trades celebrity before! Teacher Zhang, can you not be so multi-talented? I've become so numb from all of these! A mathematician? If you are a mathematician, so be it. Whatever surprises Zhang Ye still has in store, I'll be damned if I'm even surprised by them anymore!’’


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