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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 530


Chapter 530: People across the country were stunned!

On the balcony.

It was 5 PM in the afternoon.

The air in the suburbs was much better than the city's. The sunset was clear and had brightened up the sky with it's fiery presence. Occasionally, birds would fly past the front window. They could be clearly seen with their pointed beaks, but it was not known what species they were. As the window was a panoramic floor-to-ceiling window, the view from the balcony was extremely scenic. The faraway western mountains, the bird's eye view of the resort at the bottom were all clearly seen from here. They enjoyed the view as they soaked in the hot tub, within the privacy of the one-way window.

In the tub, the two of them were seated opposite one another.

’’Is the water temperature good for you?’’ Old Wu asked casually.

Zhang Ye felt a little awkward but answered anyway with a slight cough, ’’Ye...Yes, it's just right.’’

She laughed and said, ’’Big Sis has already been soaking in this water for a while just now. If you mind, we can release the water and refill it again easily.’’

Zhang Ye waved his hand and said, ’’It's fine as long as you don't mind me being dirty. Why would I mind you?’’

She did not bring it up anymore and continued, ’’So how is it? This place isn't bad, right?’’

’’It's really quite good,’’ Zhang Ye said. ’’The view is great, the facilities are good, but most importantly, the person I am with is the best. Old Wu, we will come again next time?’’

She splashed some water on her arm and wiped it down. ’’When Big Sis is not so busy, we can see.’’



Old Wu was pushing the water towards herself, ’’Did you watch the news just now?’’

’’I watched it a little,’’ Zhang Ye said.

She asked, ’’Were there any reports of you solving Dale's Conjecture?’’

Zhang Ye laughingly said, ’’I did not notice, but didn't the SARFT already ban me from appearing on any forms of media?’’

She explained, ’’That has nothing to do with this. Big Sis used to be engaged in such work as well and knows a bit. The authorities will only clamp down on news concerning yourself and any related commercial activities that you partake in. This time, you've solved a great problem such as Dale's Conjecture and it does not fall under any jurisdiction or guideline. Even if they wanted to fully stop any news of it, they couldn't. Don't worry. Such big news will surely be reported for sure. In any case, you've won great honors for our country and made significant contributions and breakthroughs for the educational field. They might even redact your name from decree #43 in some time. All of this can be possible, so wait patiently. I think you should be able to get past this setback.’’

’’That would be nice, but how long would I have to wait? If it's going to take several months, then I would still be unable to do any programs for now.’’

She smiled and said, ’’That might not be the case. Just wait and see how it goes. Big Sis can also help you by checking with my friends for some updates. But as for how long until the ban gets lifted, I can't give you an estimate since I do not work at the SARFT.’’



But unknown to him, at this moment, people on Weibo, Tieba, forums, television, and all over the country were surprised by news that no one could have seen coming!


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