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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 529


Chapter 529

Although it was meant to be dinner, by the time they finished eating, it was only late afternoon.

Zhang Ye finished up the last of his Erguotou and then put down his chopsticks. He was already full. Seeing Old Wu picking up a napkin to wipe her mouth, Zhang Ye stood up and was about to help her with clearing the table when she stopped him. It was just as before. She still did not let Zhang Ye do the chores. She cleared the chopsticks and bowls in a graceful manner and opened the room's door to place it outside for the waiter to clear it.

’’Have some tea.’’


’’Be careful, it's hot. Do you want any fruits?’’


’’Apple or orange?’’


’’Alright, Big Sis will peel it for you.’’

’’How about I do it?’’

’’Don't even try. I'll do it.’’

Zhang Ye sat down and did not move. Old Wu had already taken care of him extremely well, particularly knowing how to show her love. In the past, Zhang Ye had always been polite with Old Wu, thinking that he should at least help out a little. But each time he tried, it had always come to nothing. Now, he no longer tried to do so and just enjoyed her care. He couldn't even begin to describe how blessed he felt.

This was the first time he realized and felt that Old Wu being older than him wasn't actually a bad thing at all. Although he wasn't sure how old exactly Wu Zeqing was, and he dared not ask either, but it was definitely in the 30s. He had not bothered to check what her age was, but it was likely at least ten years older than his. In the past, Zhang Ye felt that this gap was a little too large, and in his current relationship with her, this was probably the only thing that wasn't perfect. If he had to pick a problem between them, it would be their age difference. But now, he had slowly come to realize that this was actually an advantage of hers as it was exactly because of her age that she was so good at caring for others. She was gentle, mature, understanding, knew how to cook and did not need Zhang Ye to worry about her. This was great. And she was the ideal, perfect woman in the eyes of many guys. So what if she was older? It's not like she looked old anyway.

After a few moments of quietness.

Zhang Ye was eating the orange while Wu Zeqing was using the computer. She looked like she was sending some emails and settling some work-related activities but was done with it very quickly.

’’Old Wu.’’ Zhang Ye looked over and suggested, ’’Do you want to get into the hot tub?’’

Wu Zeqing rubbed her shoulder, then smiled and said, ’’Yes, I'm aching all over so I will need to soak in the hot tub for a little longer. You didn't bring your swimwear, I bet?’’

Zhang Ye nodded. ’’Yeah, I didn't bring it.’’

’’I'll ask if they have any.’’ She picked up the phone on the study table and made a call to reception. ’’Hello, do you have any swimwear for sale? ... Yes, a male and a female set...the style does not matter...yes? Oh, knocked off already? ... Alright then, I understand.’’

She put down the phone and said, ’’The staff member in charge of the swimwear sales has already knocked off. I guess there's no other way then. Why don't you get into the hot tub first and I'll go after you.’’

Zhang Ye quickly said, ’’Why don't you go first? I'm in no rush.’’

’’Aren't you tired after such a long day? Go soak in the hot tub to improve your blood circulation,’’ she said.

Zhang Ye had wanted to suggest that the two of them go together. It didn't matter even if they were naked inside. Why the need for swimwear? But after thinking about it for a while, he decided not to and said, ’’It's alright. I want to watch the news first. Say no more Old Wu, you can go first.’’ After saying that, he switched on the TV and starting watching the news.

She nodded. ’’OK then.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Soak for a while. Don't rush.’’

She smiled and pointed to the bedroom. ’’The hot spring bathtub is joined to your bedroom. Big Sis will use the room first. I'll call you after I'm done.’’

’’Sure,’’ replied Zhang Ye.

Old Wu went inside and closed the door. Then came the sound of water coming out of the faucet. Old Wu was definitely letting out hot water. The public baths might or might not be supplied with water from the hot springs, but these private baths were definitely just using hot tap water. At most, they would supply some sea salt or rose bath milk that they could add themselves. The hot spring was just a concept for these private baths.

Zhang Ye did not have any interest for what was on TV, so he switched it off. His ears perked up trying to listen to the sounds coming from inside the bedroom. Sigh, at first, he was still hoping for a chance to have a dip together with Old Wu, but it looked like that was no longer on the books.

Five minutes passed.

Suddenly, a woman's voice called out to him from inside, ’’Little Zhang.’’

’’Ah?’’ Zhang Ye turned around to face the bedroom door. ’’I'm here.’’

The voice was not loud since there was a door between them, ’’Do Big Sis a favor. My towel dropped onto the floor and got dirtied. Same thing happened to my bathrobe too. Could you help me to check if they have extras outside?’’

Zhang Ye answered, ’’Sure, I'll look around.’’

The woman's voice said, ’’Thank you.’’

He immediately went to the bathroom to check and got a new set from the shelves before going back out to the front of the bedroom door. He knocked on it and said, ’’I've gotten a new set already, do I give it to you?’’

The woman's voice said, ’’The door's unlocked. You can come in and place them on the bed. Big Sis will take them by herself later.’’

’’Alright then.’’ Zhang Ye swallowed his saliva and then pushed open the door. He went into the bedroom. Once he entered, he wildly turning his head to look at the balcony. The hot spring bathtub was very big and Old Wu was inside soaking in the hot water. From Zhang Ye's angle, he could see the back of Old Wu with her hair tied up and pinned into a bun behind her head. Her shoulders could be slightly seen with condensed water beads on it. It was an incredibly moving sight.

He quickly looked away and placed the towel and bathrobe on the bed.

After setting them down, Zhang Ye saw something that tickled his fancy again. It was Old Wu's clothes that she had left on the bed. On the floor were a pair of neatly placed high heels aligned to a pair of flesh-colored stockings on the bed. There was a long qipao beside them. From this alone, it showed Old Wu's personality. Even the clothes she had taken off were placed neatly in order. The kind of people who would do something like this were usually more serious and virtuous.

’’I've placed it here.’’


’’Enjoy your bath.’’

After closing the door, Zhang Ye exited and sat down.

But before he could warm his seat, Old Wu called out to him again. ’’Little Zhang.’’

’’Ai.’’ Zhang Ye stood up again and asked, ’’What's the matter?’’

The woman's voice said, ’’Can you do me another favor? There are two bottles of bathing foam here and there should still be a bottle of shampoo but I don't see any around here.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’There's one in the bathroom. Let me get it for you.’’

The woman's voice acknowledged him and said, ’’Sorry for troubling you.’’

’’Don't worry about it.’’ Zhang Ye went to get the shampoo which was in a small bottle, and then came back to the bedroom door. He turned the doorknob and opened it a little and said, ’’I'm coming in then, Old Wu.’’

’’OK,’’ the woman's voice said.

Zhang Ye placed the shampoo on the bed. ’’I've placed it together with the bathrobe.’’

Old Wu turned around and said, ’’Alright.’’

Zhang Ye and her exchanged glances at that moment and he coughed lightly before going back out and closing the door. What a pity! All he saw was her neckline and nothing else! Sigh, she was right there but he couldn't do anything about it. Zhang Ye had a fire raging his heart, so he took out a cigarette, planning to smoke one.

Before he could find the lighter, the bedroom door opened.

Old Wu was wrapped in a towel, dripping wet. In her hand was the small shampoo bottle.

Zhang Ye looked at her until his pupils dilated. Even though the important areas were covered up, the towel was still not enough to hide Old Wu's voluptuous body. It only served to make his imagination run wild, especially her chest which seemed to be bursting at the seams of the towel. She was really well-endowed!

’’Why aren't you bathing?’’ Zhang Ye asked.

The barefooted Wu Zeqing could only smile helplessly. She handed over the bottle in her hands to Zhang Ye. ’’I couldn't get it open. The cap is too tight. You have more strength than me, so help Big Sis to open it.’’

’’OK, let me do it.’’ Zhang Ye twisted the cap but it didn't budge. ’’Ah, it really is tight.’’ Then he tried again with more strength, and this time, it opened. ’’Done.’’

She took it from him and smiled. ’’Big Sis's bath time has really kept you busy.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’It's nothing. This is a chance for me to do something for you. If there's anything else, just ask.’’

She looked at Zhang Ye and then suddenly suggested, ’’Let's bathe together instead.’’

Zhang Ye was a little stunned. ’’Is that alright?’’

’’It's fine. There'll be no trouble if I need something or another. Hur hur, get undressed and get in. If you want to cover up with a towel, just do it. It's up to you.’’ Old Wu was very open about it.

Would Zhang Ye even have second thoughts? He nodded vigorously. ’’OK, I'm coming in then.’’

Wu Zeqing had already turned around to go back in. When she left, Zhang Ye immediately took off his clothes and went into the bathroom to look for a clean towel to cover himself up. He wrapped it around his waist and grabbed his clothes and willingly went into the bedroom. He threw his clothes beside Old Wu's stockings and closed the door. He coughed a few times and looked over to the balcony, pondered for a moment, and clenched his teeth before walking over to the balcony.

His heart was racing!

Old Wu actually agreed to let him bathe with her?

Suddenly, something clicked and Zhang Ye wondered. The towel fell onto the floor? Old Wu was such a tidy person. How could she have made that mistake? The resort did not prepare the shampoo for the tub? Wasn't that too careless? And why was the cap of the shampoo bottle so hard to get open? That even he had to use so much strength to open it? Even when all that was put together, it might still seem coincidental. But Zhang Ye remembered that there were still a few days of his five times reduced difficulty left. Was this the difficulty adjustment die's power again? Did it cause all of this to happen?

It definitely did!

Besides, there was no other possibility!

If it weren't for the reduced difficulty, in the situation when there was no swimwear available, Old Wu would definitely have chosen to bathe on her own. Although in the past, Zhang Ye had seen Old Wu's provocative photos and even taken nude photos for Old Wu, those were still considered as photography-related activities and were a form of art. Bathing together was a different matter altogether and had nothing to do with art at all. If those incidents did not happen, Old Wu would definitely have finished bathing by herself. But because of these minor incidents, she had to get Zhang Ye's help. Old Wu probably could not bear to trouble him any further. This, in turn, gave Zhang Ye such a chance!

It was a divine item!

It truly was a divine item!

Zhang Ye glanced at Old Wu lying down in the tub with a towel wrapped around her. He lifted his feet and plunked down into the water, right across from her. He slowly sat down in the tub, the hot water enveloping his entire body.


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