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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 528


Chapter 528: A token of love!

Outside Summer Palace Park.

The car had already been driven quite far away.

In the car, Zhang Ye was driving while Wu Zeqing was seated beside him making a call.

Xin Ya's voice from the phone could be heard in the quietness of the car. ’’Sis Wu, you're really bad to me. We've been friends for over 30 years now and you've hidden away such a preeminent mathematician boyfriend on the side away from me? You didn't even give a little hint and hid him so well. What's the meaning of that? Are you afraid that someone would steal him away from you? Is that even necessary!?’’

Wu Zeqing laughed and said, ’’Didn't I tell you already that I did not know about Little Zhang's math knowledge? If I knew about it, I would have already told you so that you two could have a good chat.’’

Xin Ya said, ’’I don't believe you.’’

Wu Zeqing said, ’’There's nothing I can do about it if you don't believe me, hur hur.’’

’’Where are you now? Why is it so quiet?’’ Xin Ya asked.

’’I'm in the car with Little Zhang. We're going back since it's so crowded over there,’’ Wu Zeqing answered.

The voice from the other side didn't sound too friendly, saying, ’’Is Zhang Ye beside you? There were too many people and media reporters around just now, so I did not say anything. Someday, I will settle the score with him! How dare he scold our mathematics world in front of so many people! He even dragged me in to argue with him. Old Wu, you saw what happened, right? Tell me, how should we settle it then? Your little boyfriend there totally showed me no respect back there.’’

Zhang Ye looked over.

Wu Zeqing gestured to him to keep his eyes on the road and then spoke gently into the phone, ’’He wasn't wrong to say what he said. All of you were really too harsh on the children.’’

Xin Ya nearly died from anger. ’’So you prefer to protect your little boyfriend, right?’’

’’I'm just stating things as they are.’’ Wu Zeqing laughed.

Xin Ya said, ’’Alright, dates before mates, I get it. I'm not gonna talk any further for now. There's too much work to handle here. I'll deal with you again soon.’’

’’Alright then, bye.’’ Wu Zeqing hung up and then looked over at Zhang Ye and said softly, ’’Xin Ya says she will settle things with you soon.’’

Zhang Ye laughed. ’’Yes, I heard that.’’

Wu Zeqing casually asked, ’’How did you come to learn such advanced math?’’

’’Sigh, I just learned it like that. Was it alright, Old Wu? Did I look really cool when I solved the problem? Extra handsome?’’ Zhang Ye boasted.

Wu Zeqing replied warmly, ’’Hur hur, kind of.’’

Hearing a positive comment from his beloved, Zhang Ye felt very satisfied. ’’Great, that's good enough. Old Wu, where should we head to now? We were supposed to come out and have a good time before you headed to the south for your job posting, but we ended up not doing that and got caught up in the events at Summer Palace Park instead. We didn't even get a proper meal together.’’

’’Where do you wish to go to?’’ Wu Zeqing asked him.

’’I don't know either. I will follow along with your decision,’’ Zhang Ye said.

She thought about it for a moment before suggesting, ’’Big Sis knows a rather good hot spring resort. I was there for a work holiday once and I find it to be a nice place.’’

Zhang Ye nodded. ’’Lead on.’’

She said, ’’It's not far from here.’’



The suburbs. At a certain hot spring resort.

Despite it being Valentine's Day, there weren't many guests at the resort. It may have been because the resort was targeted at higher spending consumers. This could be seen just from the cars parked outside. Few of them cost less than 500,000 RMB.

Zhang Ye stayed in the car while Wu Zeqing went inside to check-in. He had initially planned to show off a little, but thinking about how he was really poor right now and this place looked really expensive, he wasn't even sure if his debit card would be able to pay for it. So rather than disgrace himself, he decided to just stay behind.

Di di. He received a text.

Wu Zeqing: ’’Come into the inner building. Floor 5, room 566.

There were three or four buildings in here and a small garden with a rather large area for the hot springs. There was even a ski resort being built but it probably wouldn't be operating anytime soon. As Zhang Ye and Wu Zeqing's status were a little special, they did not choose to use the common hot springs. They could only wear sunglasses and face masks to hide their identity, but had anyone ever dressed up that way at a hot spring? That would be such a curious sight, so Zhang Ye definitely chose to avoid it. Luckily, according to Old Wu, this resort also had private suites furnished with a hot spring spa on the room's balcony. In that way, they would be able to enjoy their privacy.

At the inner building.

He took the elevator to the fifth floor.

He looked for the suite along the corridor, and when he found it, the door was slightly ajar. Zhang Ye went inside and the first thing he saw was a large living room area. There was even a family theater, complete with a computer and an open kitchen that was partitioned from the living room by a transparent glass pane. On the other side of the kitchen were two doors to the bedrooms. It was a very large suite.

Wu Zeqing was just hanging up her coat. It was comfortably warm in the room and the temperature felt just right for her in her long qipao. Then she turned around and asked, ’’There are two rooms here. Which do you prefer?’’

Zhang Ye offered to let her choose first.

She casually pointed to one of them and said, ’’Big Sis will take this room then. You must be hungry, right?’’

’’Yes, I'm starving already.’’ Zhang Ye rubbed his belly. ’’After standing for almost an entire day, I'm feeling really hungry and tired now.’’ His arms were aching badly after having written with his hands raised high for more than five hours straight.

She smiled and said, ’’Let's order some food and get them to send it up. Big Sis didn't have much to eat in the afternoon too.’’

’’Sure, you decide what to eat. I need to go into the room for a short rest.’’ Zhang Ye put down his bag and went into the other room. When he saw the room, his eyes brightened.

A connected balcony was accessible via the bedroom and it was equipped with a hot tub. But rather than calling it a balcony, it seemed more like a garden. Its area was even larger than the room itself and it had clear glass separating it from the outside, making it feel really spacious. The glass looked like it was one of those one-way mirrors which let people inside see out, but those outside could not see in, so there was no worry of being watched. In the middle was a large bathtub that could probably hold five or six people easily. Several kinds of flowers were scattered around the bathtub, some yellow, some green, and the whole setup looked full of life.

It was very beautiful!

It would definitely be very comfortable to soak in this bath!

Zhang Ye lay down on the bed to rest and was already looking forward to sharing the bath with Old Wu. These kinds of days were the best!

’’The food will be here soon,’’ Wu Zeqing said as she came into the bedroom.

Zhang Ye did not turn towards her as he was too tired. ’’Alright.’’

But a few seconds later, a pair of soft hands rested on his shoulders and started massaging them. ’’You're really tired, aren't you? Let me massage it a little for you.’’

Zhang Ye quickly turned around to turn down her offer. ’’That won't do, that won't do. You've been standing the whole day too, so you really don't need to do this for me. I will be fine after lying down for a while.’’

Her hands continued massaging him. ’’Where do you ache?’’

Zhang Ye immediately shrugged his shoulders a little. ’’Alright then, over here.’’

She smiled and said, ’’I thought you'd still refuse me for a little longer.’’

Zhang Ye coughed and said, ’’Isn't that enough?’’

She asked, ’’Over here?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’A little further down, yes. Yes, that's it.’’

She smiled and acknowledged in a soft voice as her hands carefully and gently massaged his shoulders.

’’Thanks, Old Wu.’’ Zhang Ye still felt a little awkward. After all, they had only confirmed their relationship a few hours earlier and he was still getting used to it.

She asked, ’’Do you feel better?’’

Zhang Ye nodded and flatteringly replied, ’’Much better. If it were someone else massaging me, it wouldn't be of any use. But because it's you, I feel better immediately. I could go out now and run ten kilometers without breaking a sweat.’’

She laughed. ’’Big Sis even has such capabilities?’’

’’Of course,’’ Zhang Ye said. ’’It was that good a massage.’’

’’Alright, then I will do it for a little while more. Don't move,’’ She said.

Earlier, Wu Zeqing had been standing, but now she was already half sitting on the bed as Zhang Ye took up most of the space. She half sat on the right side of Zhang Ye, her buttocks closely in contact with Zhang Ye's waist. He had already taken off his coat and could feel them directly on his waist. Gradually, he also began to feel the warmth of Old Wu's body heat.

Zhang Ye slowly turned his head and stole a glance at that spot. He saw the lower half of Old Wu in her qipao looking attractively stunning. Her legs were beautiful as well, and she had one leg still in her high heels, while the other was hanging from her foot which was already halfway up on the bed. Because of the posture, each time she pressed on Zhang Ye's back with her hands, her high heel would sway about loosely from her foot and the friction of it rubbing against her flesh-colored stockings would make a rustling sound.

Ding dong.

The doorbell rang. It was the resort's room service delivering the food up.

Zhang Ye felt a light pat on his back. ’’OK, it's time to eat.’’

’’Oh.’’ Zhang Ye sat up and stretched his waist, feeling much better. He could smell a hint of fragrance on himself, possibly Old Wu's mature scent which he found very attractive.

In the living room.

While Old Wu went to get the food, Zhang Ye quickly opened his bag and took out a box with embroidered, classical flower patterns on it and then hid it well on himself. When the food was all laid out and the wine was poured, Zhang Ye finally sat down.

Wu Zeqing said, ’’Don't drink so much.’’

’’You want a glass too?’’ Zhang Ye blinked.

She smiled and said, ’’Big Sis doesn't drink.’’

Zhang Ye raised his glass. ’’It's OK, you can have tea instead. Cheers.’’

She picked up the tea cup and touched it to Zhang Ye's glass. ’’Celebrating your achievement and taking honors for the country by solving Dale's Conjecture.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Don't say that. Ahem.... We should be celebrating...our relationship.’’

’’That too.’’ She took a sip of tea.

Zhang Ye finished his wine in a gulp and then said, ’’Old Wu, you've given to me a bracelet, so I would like to give you something too.’’ Saying that, he took the box and placed it in front of her.

Wu Zeqing opened it up and a deep-green jade thumb ring was revealed. Its shine was very beautiful and it glistened brightly in the light. ’’Hur hur, you seriously asked them for it?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Of course I did, it was the promised prize after all. Why don't you try it on?’’

She took it out from the box and wore it on her thumb. ’’Are you really giving this to me?’’

’’Of course. You've already given me your token of love, so I have to show you mine too.’’ Zhang Ye laughed. ’’When we were at Summer Palace Park, you seemed to pay a lot of attention to it, so I knew you must have definitely liked it a lot. That was the reason why I solved the problem, otherwise I wouldn't even have tried to solve Dale's Conjecture since it was so complex.’’

When Wu Zeqing heard this, she nodded and accepted it without much response. She put it back into the box and said, ’’Alright then, Big Sis will accept it. I really do like this thumb ring very much.’’

Zhang Ye was also very happy and boasted, ’’It's good that you like it. As long as it's something that you like, even if it's a satellite in orbit, I will go get it and give it to you.’’

She laughed lightly and said, ’’Why would I need a satellite? Let's eat, or else the food will turn cold.’’


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