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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 527


Chapter 527: Chinese is what I'm good at!

After just two minutes, the interview was terminated.

They had no choice but to end it, as Fellow Wan brought a group of people with him to separate Zhang Ye from the reporters and forcefully ended the interview. They did not dare to allow Zhang Ye to blabber on with his nonsense anymore. Mathematics had always been an abstruse and out of reach subject to commoners who could only look up to it in awe. Dale's Conjecture had also been one of the world's top math problems and was always afforded a great deal of respect, but after just answering a few questions from the media, these Chinese mathematicians felt that their status as a higher authority had suddenly been degraded. It wasn't even just normal degradation but unadulterated degradation!

He solved the conjecture just to win the prize?

How can you still show your face after saying that! It was too harsh on the ears!

Even if that's what you were thinking, you still.... you still shouldn't have said it!

Zhang Ye was not a member of the mathematics world in the first place. He was a celebrity from the entertainment circle and had his own style and spirit. There was nothing that he did not dare to say, but these mathematicians couldn't understand Zhang Ye's humor and entertaining side, therefore they quickly had to pull him aside to stop him from further damaging the image of the Chinese mathematicians. If it were his reputation alone that was at stake, then so be it. His reputation was already terrible to begin with anyway. Yes, it was already bad since a long time ago, but today he was representing the Chinese mathematics world and they were not willing to tarnish their reputations because of him.

Seeing Zhang Ye being forcefully pulled away by the crowd of mathematicians, the park visitors all laughed hysterically!


’’Zhang Ye is such a trouble maker!’’

’’Pfft! Wherever Teacher Zhang appears, trouble will surely follow!’’

’’And of course, not to mention, fun! That is the reason why I like Zhang Ye! He's too entertaining! This is what a real star is! Not only does he entertain himself, but he also entertains the people around him too!’’

’’This trip to Summer Palace Park today was really fulfilling!’’

’’Yea, it was really worth the effort to come all the way out here!’’

’’First, he came up with the stunning 'On Horses', then had a scolding battle with the Chinese mathematicians, and then to top it all off, he solved a world math problem! Wherever Teacher Zhang appears, there's always something astonishing that happens!’’

Everyone was enjoying the discussion.

Zhang Ye, who had been pulled aside, was also feeling annoyed. If they didn't want him to say anymore, then so be it. He was not interested in doing so anyway since he was really only interested in the old jade thumb ring. He immediately went off in the direction of the American team, afraid that they would take it away with them when they left, ’’Hi, can I collect my jade thumb ring? The rules earlier stated that whoever could answer another country's question would be able to claim the prize, is that correct?’’

David said, ’’About that......’’

Louis hesitated as well.

This jade thumb ring was donated by an already deceased teacher of theirs to the American mathematics world and belonged to the Mathematics Association. It was also one of the few precious items that the association possessed. The only reason they dared to use it as a prize was because they hadn't expected anyone to actually solve their question. It was just put up as a token for the event, but who would have thought that there would be such a godly person in attendance? Not only did he not abide by the rules after appearing, he even solved Dale's Conjecture, astonishing everyone in the process!


Or not to give?

Zhang Ye looked at them without speaking. He was ready to fall out with them and spoke in Chinese, ’’So what will it be? Are you intending to go back on your words?’’

The American translator translated his message to them.

Louis was a little stunned, but still finally managed to say something with the help of the translator. ’’Actually, whether Dale's Conjecture has really been proven or not still needs some time to be validated. We can't be sure about this yet and definitely need to do a more in-depth study on the the details, but.... as the main pointers have more or less been verified already, we are willing to break our rules and award the prize to you.’’

At last, David, the American mathematician, carefully took out a box containing the jade thumb ring from the display booth. His lips twitched as he handed it over to Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye took it from him and smiled, ’’Thank you very much then.’’ He looked at David and gave him a pat on his shoulder, ’’Don't feel too bad. This belongs to our country anyways. We even had to trouble you to bring it back here for us from such a long distance away. Yes, so now the item is back where it belongs.’’ His words carried the intention of picking on them.

The American translator pretended not to hear him and did not translate it for David and the others. He was afraid that they would quarrel again if he did. Besides, it could be seen from the events that even if Louis and David were to work together, they would still be unable to beat this Chinese youth. This person's mouth was really too good at speaking.

With the jade thumb ring in his possession now, Zhang Ye felt extremely satisfied. He showed an expression of attraction as he opened the box to see a really attractive looking object. It was no wonder Old Wu kept staring at it for such a long amount of time. When he touched it, he could feel the coldness and polished smoothness of it. The colors were very soothing and it was really comfortable to the touch.

His job was done, so now it was time to retreat!

Zhang Ye looked all around for the figure of Old Wu, but was still unable to find her after some time. He seemed to understand what Old Wu was thinking and took out his cell phone to check. He saw an unread text notification from her.

Wu Zeqing: ’’See you outside.’’

Zhang Ye replied: ’’On my way.’’

Wu Zeqing: ’’No need to rush. You should do some PR first.’’

Zhang Ye replied: ’’It's fine. Just wait for me at the carpark.’’

He kept his cell phone and put his sunglass and face mask on. He was looking for a chance to slip away since he had come out here today with the intention of going on a date with Wu Zeqing. To him, that was the main event.

But with this move, everyone's focus quickly shifted back to Zhang Ye again.

’’Little Zhang, what are you doing?’’ Elder Rong was a little taken aback.

Zhang Ye said his farewell to them, ’’I have to leave first. There are still some matters that I must attend to.’’

Fellow Wan immediately came over and said, ’’We will still need your cooperation in the verification work afterwards. Since there's still a lot to do, it's better if you could come with us and be around.’’

Zhang Ye gave a wave of his hand, ’’Don't mind me. All of you are top and famous seniors in the mathematics world. I'm just here to have fun and don't really have the necessary skills. Anyway, since the proof has already been written on the whiteboards, please help yourselves to it. Verify whatever you want and I won't bother to stop you. Just do as you all see fit.’’

Wang Yiming: ’’.....’’

The mathematicians were all exasperated. Aren't you being a little too casual here!?

If it were any other mathematician, just having a chance to mingle and exchange knowledge with the top mathematicians in the country while validating a proof would be an opportunity they would surely jump at, but Zhang Ye did not. If there was reputation to be earned or if it united his fans through the solving of this math problem, he would definitely not turn down the opportunity, but since the proof had already been proposed, Zhang Ye did not want to do anymore validation with regards to it. This kind of work should be left to the professionals as it did not concern him anymore.

Seeing that Zhang Ye wasn't too interested in joining in, Professor Qu also shook his head helplessly, ’’Forget it. Go if you want to, but please stay contactable at all times as we would still have to look for you if there are any problems.’’ Since all the information was already available to them, it did not really matter if Zhang Ye was there in person.

Zhang Ye said, ’’Alright.’’

Suddenly, Huang Lingling squeezed over to him and said, ’’Teacher Zhang.’’

Her brother, Huang Leilei, and the other youth participants all came up to him, ’’Congratulations! You're really smart.’’ At the beginning, when Zhang Ye had borrowed Huang Lingling's marker pen and claimed that he would teach these foreigners a lesson, they were at a loss at how they should react. They did not believe that Zhang Ye would be able to do it, but now that they witnessed such a miracle, they were all feeling extremely pumped up!

Zhang Ye smiled and patted the children on their heads, ’’Big Bro has to go now. You are all the little geniuses of our country, so work hard and don't let your families down.’’

Huang Leilei suddenly said, ’’When I grow up, I want to become like you. Solving the math problems of the world so that my parents can be happy and I can gain honor for our country!’’

’’Great, you're ambitious.’’ Zhang Ye gave him a thumbs up as encouragement.

Huang Lingling hesitated for a long time before opening her mouth to speak, ’’Teacher Zhang, when I am able to attend Peking University, could you teach me mathematics? I would like to learn from you.’’

Zhang Ye smiled widely and said, ’’You've played a part in the proving Dale's Conjecture this time. I used your marker pen and the last whiteboard was chosen by you as well. Looks like I managed to rub off some of your glory. Alright, if you can make it to Peking University while I am still there, I will teach you for sure, whether it be mathematics or Chinese.’’

Huang Lingling had a flash in her eyes, ’’Chinese?’’

Zhang Ye nodded, ’’Hur hur, actually the Chinese department isn't bad either. Especially when it's Peking University's Chinese department. It is the top faculty among all of the top institutes of higher learning in the country. Compared to the Mathematics department, it is much better, so are you interested in the arts? Chinese is what I am good at, so if you wish to learn, I can....’’

Wang Yiming coughed loudly!

All the other mathematicians were also in a state of speechlessness. This was the venue where the International Math Olympiad was being held at and where many of the members of the mathematics world had gathered today. How dare you try to use such underhanded means to take one of ours to your side? Convince our children to learn Chinese instead? Do you even know how to behave! How can there be anyone like you!?

And what do you mean by Chinese is what you're good at?

To them, this declaration sounded very strange!

You managed to solve a math conjecture, that no one else in the world was capable of, so effortlessly, but in the blink of an eye, you're claiming that you're just an amateur in mathematics? That Chinese was what you really excelled at? If you're a f**king amateur, then what the heck are the bunch of us researchers who have dedicated their whole lives to mathematics!

Shouldn't we just go off somewhere and die?!

’’Alright, I'm off.’’ Zhang Ye took his leave.

Huang Lingling and the others looked at him with admiration and said, ’’Teacher Zhang, goodbye!’’

’’Goodbye.’’ Zhang Ye waved back at her.

The other Chinese mathematicians, foreign experts, and reporters looked on as Zhang Ye left. Some of them had very doubtful looks on their faces as they wondered. What an unfathomable person, just where did he get all that talent from?


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