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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 525


Chapter 525: A global mathematical conjecture has been proven!


’’Has it really been fully solved?’’

’’This is crazy, what the f**k!’’

’’Why do I feel like crying!?’’

’’Teacher Zhang is too damn awesome!’’

’’He actually managed to prove it?!’’

Cries, shouts, and screams continuously sounding out!

The people were totally excited by the events. After waiting and standing for so long, they had finally witnessed the moment of a miracle. Other than the excitement in their hearts, they were feeling a mix of emotions. They were not able to understand those math equations, not a word of it, but that didn't mean that they didn't understand just how important this math problem was to the world! The Chinese reporters felt the same. They could no longer control themselves as they recorded this historic moment while excitedly calling out and praising the effort. This was a national honor and a problem that was solved by their fellow countrymen! In the future, who would dare to look down on the standards of the Chinese in the global mathematics world?

Louis suddenly interrupted, ’’Wait a moment!’’

David also added, ’’It might not be validated at the end!’’

Only then did the fervent celebrations calm down.

In the crowd of park visitors, a woman had heard from a university student who translated their words. She gave a sharp stare at those two Americans and said, ’’My ass! Everything's written out clearly and concisely already, what's there to prevent it from being validated?’’

A male park visitor said, ’’Right, it will definitely be alright!’’

A female park visitor said, ’’Yes, Teacher Zhang would never be wrong!’’

As a citizen of China, they had strong faith and trust in their fellow countrymen to have solved the conjecture.

But as a mathematician of China, they need to uphold the strictness of validation as it was respect towards math and their passion towards science.

Elder Rong instructed, ’’Make good use of this time to do the verifications!’’

Professor Qu also worked his hands tirelessly, rapidly calculating, ’’Everyone, let's do this! It's already the last bit! We need to validate it with everything we've got!’’

Fellow Wan was already feeling short of breath and did not bother to say anything else. He stepped forward to do the verification himself!

When Zhang Ye had finished writing, he just sat at the side looking very tired. Working continuously for the past few hours had left him fatigued and his hands numbed. His feet were also aching badly.

A disciple of a certain mathematician had brought over a stool for him.

Another intern from a math research facility also brought over a bottle of mineral water for him.

Their faces were all in awe and worship, ’’Teacher Zhang, for you.’’

’’Thank you.’’ Zhang Ye said feeling like he had become an important person.

On the other side, the verification was beginning.

Louis joined in.

David as well!

The foreign mathematicians joined in as well!

By the time they were verifying the final parts of the proof, they had gathered all of the mathematicians present and computing resources to verify the last few steps proposed by Zhang Ye!

The atmosphere and everyone's feelings were too tense!

It was as if everyone's breathing had stopped!

Among the thousand over pairs of watchful eyes, the park visitors did not make a single sound. They could almost hear each other's heartbeats, pu tong, pu tong, pu tong!

Even the reporters did not dare to take any photos, afraid that the sounds of the camera shutters would affect them!

They were just a step away!

Just that last step!

The people's hearts were already in their mouths as the tense mood weighed down on everyone!

Elder Rong asked, ’’Modularity calculation?’’

Han Henian immediately answered, ’’The first equation has been verified and it's valid!’’

Wang Yiming took a little longer to finish calculating before saying, ’’The third equation is valid as well!’’

’’The coordinate functions are also valid!’’ Xin Ya called out.

’’The operations are valid!’’ Professor Qu's disciple also called out.

’’The formulas....are all valid!’’ Professor Wang from Tsinghua University said.

’’The perfect power equations are valid!’’ A mathematics researcher from a research facility said.

’’The N-value statistics do not have any errors!’’ Professor Qu said with a trembling voice.

One after another, every mathematician from the various countries called out a positive answer for their validations of the proof details. They were getting closer and closer to the final step!

Each time it was called out positively, it tugged on the heartstrings of everyone!



’’No errors!’’




When a mathematics professor announced the final verification, all of the other mathematicians stopped their calculations at the same time and raised their heads in unison!

Fellow Wan's jaw was still trembling before he paused for a moment, and then quivered with excitement in a low voice saying, ’’Dale's Conjecture.....has been proven!’’

It wasn't loud!

But it was full of conviction. The crowd exploded like a roar of thunder in reaction to this announcement!

An old Tsinghua University professor was already in tears, ’’It's been cracked! Cracked!’’

The two young mathematician standing beside each other turned and embraced, celebrating with loud yells!

A Chinese mathematics researcher threw up a stack of documents into the air like a madman and shouted, ’’Our country has solved Dale's Conjecture! My God!’’

Wang Yiming murmured, ’’This is truly unbelievable! Unbelievable!’’

Xin Ya turned around and looked at her colleagues, ’’Are we....are we dreaming?’’

’’It's not a dream!’’ A female mathematician said with her eyes red, ’’It's true! This is all true!’’

Those who were not from China would not understand these people's feelings right now. Their emotions and pride right now were indescribable!

Suddenly, the female mathematician from the United Kingdom starting clapping! Bba Bba Bba!

Behind her, a group of Italian mathematicians looked over to the Chinese youth and also started clapping enthusiastically!

The applause was getting louder!

A few seconds later, the venue was fill with thunderous applause and cheering!

Louis, David and the others from the American team did not say anything. They just looked at each other and began to applaud Zhang Ye sincerely as well. Although they were a little unaccepting and did not really like him, they were still very impressed and respecting of Zhang Ye's exquisite foundation in mathematics, as well as his genius reasoning ability. This person was worthy of their applause and worthy of the global mathematics world's applause too!

’’Too awesome!’’

’’He's a genius of the mathematics world!’’

’’A talent not found in a hundred years! Totally unheard of!’’

’’It's been really eye-opening today!’’

Zhang Ye was feeling a little embarrassed by now. He coughed and stood up, waving his hands and saying, ’’You're all too generous with your praises, too generous. I've shown my incompetency and you've all been too accepting of it.’’

The female volunteer who had accused Zhang Ye of cheating with a calculator earlier also squeezed to the front to Zhang Ye and apologized with a blushing face, ’’Teacher Zhang, I'm very sorry. Before this....I did not recognize Mount Tai even when you were standing right before me. I thought that you had used a calculator to solve the problem, but I was the frog in the well instead!’’

Zhang Ye patted her on the shoulder and said, ’’It's alright, you are willing to admit your mistakes, you're a good comrade.’’

Xin Ya laughed and said, ’’I would have to apologize too. When you did the five-figured multiplication, I was not expecting you to know mental calculations. Although that speech ’’On Horses’’ was quite difficult to swallow for me, I do admit that a lot of us are not Bo Le, otherwise how would we even not know when a thousand-li horse stands before us?’’

A mathematician, who had been very sarcastic towards Zhang Ye at the beginning also apologized, ’’I'm sorry about before. I judged you before I got to know you.’’

Zhang Ye laughed and gave a wave of his hands, ’’It's fine.’’

They had even mistaken a person who could solve a global math problem by himself to be a cheater who needed to use a calculator to solve a five-figured multiplication sum? From the looks of it now, that must have been the world's greatest joke! When they thought about it, they couldn't help but feel embarrassed, but they also knew that they couldn't be blamed regarding this matter. Who would have even expected that a Chinese department teacher would have such hidden and deep mathematical skills?

The park visitors were also celebrating in joy!

’’Zhang Ye!’’

’’Zhang Ye!’’

’’Zhang Ye!’’

’’Zhang Ye!’’

All of them were cheering Zhang Ye's name!

The reporters were also very excited!

Teacher Zhang had won glory for the country today!

Zhang Ye's image to many of these people had changed by now. In the past, there were a lot of reporters who had been left speechless by Zhang Ye and carried biased opinions about him, but in this second, at this very moment, they all looked at Zhang Ye and thought that this wretched character.....seemed rather cute after all!

To other people, what kind of person was Zhang Ye?

Perhaps you could say that amongst 100 people, there would be 100 different opinions!


A wonder?


A rule breaker?

He was an extremely controversial celebrity!

But no matter how many people grinded their teeth when they thought about him, no matter how many had suffered headaches because of him, all of them would have to admit that he was f**king talented. What others could not achieve, he could f**king achieve. A mathematical conjecture that could not be solved by anyone else? He f**king solved it!

This was a historical moment!

A Chinese mathematician had flipped to a new page in the history books of the global mathematics world!

Outside the crowd of people, a group of foreign media reporters had finally arrived. Some were foreign correspondents station in Beijing, while there were also others who happened to be in Beijing to cover some events in Beijing like the Foreign Trade conference. All of them were now flocking to the venue when they found out what had happened!

’’Where is he?’’

’’Who was the one who solved Dale's Conjecture?’’

’’Oh God, did someone really solve it?’’

The foreign media reporters, who had not been updated of the latest news, were all taken by surprise. Many of them had expressions of disbelief and then a look of shock after they had received confirmation of the news! They looked towards the Chinese youth in the middle of the crowd and were getting extremely curious about him!

A Japanese reporter asked a fellow reporter from China, ’’What does that person do?’’

The Chinese female reporter smiled proudly and told him, ’’He's a famous program host from China.’’

Every foreign reporter was asking the same question, but every Chinese reporter gave different answers.

A young reporter said, ’’He's a teacher from Peking University's Chinese department.’’

’’Who is he? A famous author, of course.’’ A female reporter answered casually.

’’Him? He's a famous poet from China!’’ A Beihe province television station reporter answered.

’’He's a musician, have you heard of 'Woman Flower'? That was composed and written by him!’’ A middle-aged female reporter from a newspaper said.

’’Oh? You're asking about Zhang Ye? He's a crosstalk performer!’’ A male reporter, who was a fan of crosstalk mentioned.


This was the sound of people vomiting blood!

All of these foreign media reporters were dumbfounded listening to the different introductions of that person. All they could feel right now was one emotion!


These Chinese colleagues of ours are too god damn dishonest!

They're all liars! A naked lie!! We're all fellow journalists, so how could you lie to us in such a blatant manner!

But when they came to know about the truth behind all of these 'lies', the foreign reporters finally understood that the person was really not a professional mathematician, nor did his profession have anything to do with mathematics. The Chinese reporters did not lie at all and they were even all speaking the truth!




Crosstalk performer?

Chinese department teacher?

At this, all of the foreign reporters were stunned!!

They only had one thought Just how f**king talent could this person be!


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