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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 523


Chapter 523: An all directional shockwave!


The ninth whiteboard....

The tenth whiteboard.....

Fourteen whiteboards had already been filled to the brim.

The reporters were making urgent phone calls back to their headquarters.

’’Quick! Something has happened!’’

’’What's the matter?’’

’’I can't explain, just get more manpower over here and bring along the equipment too. Remember to reserve the afternoon newspaper headlines for me as well!’’

’’Ah? Headlines?’’


’’But the headline has already been planned and confirmed this morning. It's been reserved for Jiaqi's extramarital affair news, are you sure you have a bigger and more important headline than that?’’

’’Yes, I'm very sure! Jiaqi's extramarital affair is nothing compared to this! Even if it's a headline about her committing suicide, I would have to ask for it to be pushed back! An explosive event has just happened over at my side! It involves the honor of our country!’’

’’Alright then, I understand! We will transfer some manpower over to your site now!’’

’’Hurry up, I will update you when you're all on the way here!’’

In front.

Zhang Ye was still busy writing calculations for the proof.

Behind him, mathematicians from the different countries had gathered and were following suit in writing and doing the calculations. They were all busy verifying the formulas and calculations on the board and some people gave up after a short time, while others who were determined not to give up, threw in the towel one by one after a while!


Because they could not keep the pace at which everything was being written!

They totally could not catch up at all!

A female mathematician from the United Kingdom and two other male French mathematicians were the leading experts in one of the equations proposed by Zhang Ye. The three of them gathered together and followed Zhang Ye's pace to verify the equation, but they found out that even though they did not need to think much while calculating it, nor needed to do it in the sequence that Zhang Ye was going through, they still could not keep up. While verifying this equation for a few minutes, Zhang Ye had already moved on to the third equation's calculation and onto the next whiteboard!

This guy was a beast!

Did you eat a rocket or something!?

The mathematicians were once again aghast by what they saw. Just as the foreign youth participants had said, this speed of calculation was far too crazy. You don't even need to draft your calculations? You are even doing such a large equation mentally? It doesn't even seem like there's any hesitation on your part? So many of us mathematicians are doing the calculations alongside with you, yet none of us can keep up? You've already calculated the rest of the equations when we had just finished the first one? We are even slower than you who has to calculate, think, and collate the results??

Some of them had already given up.

A minority of them were still following the derivatives slowly. If they could not follow Zhang Ye's speed, then they could just continue validating the earlier equations slowly.

Time was ticking away.

A lot of the park visitors had found spots to sit down at and were getting lunch and drinks.

The reporters were also taking turns to take a rest, while the camera operators from the television stations were continuing to record the event. They were eating and drinking so that they could continue covering the event with energy.

Zhang Ye was feeling tired as well, since he wasn't made of steel. With his stomach growling, he continued writing while putting a hand over his belly.

Huang Lingling who had been observing Zhang Ye beside him all this while asked with concern, ’’Teacher Zhang, are you getting hungry?’’

Zhang Ye laughed, ’’Yes, a little.’’

Huang Lingling immediately said, ’’Then you should go get something to eat.’’

The crowd was a little surprised. Hungry? Oh yes, he has already been writing for almost the entire morning now!

’’Eat something?’’ Zhang Ye pouted and then looked behind him. Wow, when had such a big crowd gathered behind!

Xin Ya took the initiative and came over when she heard, ’’I've got some bread here. Make do with it for now.’’ Then she took out a piece bread from her bag and gave it to Zhang Ye. At this key point in time, the Chinese mathematicians and her were all wishing for Zhang Ye not to stop his work. Sometimes, mathematics was a subject that required a moment of brilliance and inspiration and if his thoughts were to come to a sudden stop while having lunch, it would be a terrible thing to happen. Although Xin Ya had been criticized by Zhang Ye earlier, when it came to a matter of national honor and glory in the mathematics world, she was still pretty much level headed not to allow her personal feelings get in the way. Without a doubt, they were all fully supportive of Zhang Ye's attempt to solve this problem!

Zhang Ye looked at the bread offered to him and replied repulsively, ’’I don't like ketchup flavored bread.’’

Xin Ya nearly had to be held back from laying her fists on him, ’’.....’’

Zhang Ye blinked and asked, ’’Do you have chocolate flavored ones?’’

Xin Ya was already getting impatient about the possibility of the conjecture being solved. At this time, how could you still be so choosy?

Zhang Ye coughed and said, ’’I'll be alright with melon flavor bread too.’’

The young mathematician who had clashed with Zhang Ye earlier hesitated for a moment before helplessly taking out a box of vanilla and chocolate cakes. As most people knew that the event today would take almost a day and food wasn't easily available in Summer Palace Park, some of them had prepared their own food. He held the box of cakes out to Zhang Ye and said, ’’Would these mini chocolate cakes be alright?’’

Zhang Ye again asked in an unsatisfied manner, ’’That's kinda little.’’

A dark expression appeared on the young mathematician's face, ’’........’’

’’I'll make do and eat it.’’ Zhang Ye took the cakes out of the box and gobbled down the contents into his stomach in just a few mouthfuls. With his eyes still focused on the young mathematician's bag, he seemed to be aiming for the carton of milk in his bag. He did not open his mouth or say a word, but just intensely looking at the milk carton.

The young mathematician once again experienced the unlikeable side of Zhang Ye's character and reluctantly took out the milk to pass to him. He was actually feeling very hungry and thirsty right now as well.

Zhang Ye didn't even appear to stand on ceremony, as he grabbed it over and drank directly from it, ’’Thank you, my friends.’’

The young mathematician thought to himself just whose friend does he think he is!?

As he ate and drank, some of the mathematicians were also feeling hungry and they began to have their food as well.

Then, the old professor who had a clash of words with Zhang Ye earlier, unwrapped a rice dumpling stuffed with red dates and was about to eat it when Zhang Ye's focus shifted over to it. He continued drinking the milk and looking at the dumpling, but not saying a word.

The old professor nearly fainted from frustration. How dare you lay eyes on my rice dumpling!

Zhang Ye continued looking.

Zhang Ye was the focus of everyone right now and when everyone saw him looking at something, whether it was the park visitors or the mathematician's in the yard, along with the reporters, everyone's focus turned to the old professor and the rice dumpling in his hand. The atmosphere of the entire place was at its most awkward!

The old professor almost vomited blood as a few hundred pairs of eyes were all focused on his rice dumpling. It was made even more awkward by the silence as no one made a sound. Such an awkward situation was indescribable and only those present would understand just how weird it was! The old professor was left with no choice as he took out two dumplings and passed them to his disciple beside him, ’’Give...give these to Teacher Zhang.’’ Although he was a little angry, but considering the overall situation and Zhang Ye's frightening math abilities, the old professor even could not help but address him as Teacher Zhang when referring to him.

Zhang Ye waved his hand and said, ’’Thanks!’’

Xin Ya glanced sideways at him and said, ’’If there's anything you need, just ask. We'll help you get it done.’’

Zhang Ye nodded and then looked over at Wu Zeqing, ’’It seems like President Wu hasn't had anything to eat yet either. Well, so do you still have any rice dumplings?’’

’’Pfft!’’ Many park visitors nearly spat out their food!

Care about yourself first before you bother yourself with others!

The old professor nearly fainted from this. You're really thicked skinned, aren't you? Even want to use my rice dumpling to gain President Wu's favor?

When the other Chinese mathematicians heard this, they became extremely speechless. They were all thinking that at this critical juncture, you should just quickly continue working on the problem. Why would you still think about currying favor with your Peking University leader!

Wu Zeqing smiled.

Xin Ya stared at Zhang Ye, ’’I'll get something to eat for President Wu.’’

Zhang Ye wanted to remind her that Old Wu preferred food that was lighter in taste, but felt a little embarrassed with all these people around. He just lowered his head to continue eating the two rice dumplings and drinking the milk. Finally, as he was finishing up, he felt very uncomfortable. It wasn't because he hadn't had milk before, but it was still the first time he had so many people staring at him while drinking milk.

Forget it.

This bro should just continue to solve the problem.

Zhang Ye had had his fill and quickly moved back to trying to solve the problem. He had already used up seventeen whiteboards up until now.


Another forty minutes passed.

Suddenly, one of the mathematicians cellphone rang. After answering it, he immediately turned to the person beside him and said, ’’Elder Rong and Professor Qu have arrived.’’

Everyone was getting excited!

Wang Yiming suddenly said, ’’Come, let's go and receive them.’’

Xin Ya also followed along, ’’I'm going too.’’

A bunch of them went over to receive Elder Rong and Professor Qu. These two people were the top mathematicians in the country and were also highly revered veterans in the global mathematics world. Elder Rong had received three international math awards before and even though they weren't top level awards, they weren't low either. Domestically, the number of awards he had received were countless and hard to keep track of. The Americans had invited him over to their shores in the past, but had been rejected by him. He had dedicated all of his life to the advancement of mathematics in China. As for Professor Qu, he was also a giant in the global mathematics world. He had contributed largely to the scientific research of the country and just last year, won the top honors in the domestic scientific community awards. From this alone, his status was evident to everyone else.

In the presence of the two of them, the Chinese mathematicians present, whether they were students or seniors, would definitely have to go receive them.

Not far away, Elder Rong and Professor Qu could be seen walking towards the venue. They seemed to be very excited by what brought them here!

It wasn't only the two of them who had come. The group with them consisted of two Tsinghua University professors, a deputy director of a certain research facility, and a handful of retired academics. All of them were big names of the community and everyone of them had gathered here after receiving the news over the phone. All of them had expressions of disbelief and surprise as they walked over. If it were another country's mathematician who had made the big advancement in the solving of Dale's Conjecture, they would definitely be impressed and admire the person's contributions, but probably not be too excited, but from the updates, they had gathered that this person who was attempting to solve it was a Chinese mathematician and so their mood was certainly different!

Well done!

This will be such a source of pride for them!

Elder Rong was an old man of about 70-80 years of age. He had a very healthy body and could climb the stairs without using a walking stick or anyone assisting him. He even looked to be in better shape than the average young person these days. His short white hair made him appear to be in good spirits and when he saw Wang Yiming and the others from afar, he even called out without losing his breath, ’’Haha, Little Wang!’’

Wang Yiming walked a little faster, ’’Elder Rong.’’

Elder Rong kept praising, ’’You're great, you're really great. Dale's Conjecture has been unsolvable for so many decades now and you've finally managed to get a crack at it?’’

Wang Yiming was a little taken aback, ’’Me?’’

Elder Rong was stunned, ’’It's not you?’’

They did not really know the details of the ongoings yet and had been discussing the matter on their way over here. Everyone of them seemed to have thought it was one of the teachers leading the team for the International Math Olympiad.

Wang Yiming smiled bitterly, ’’It's not me.’’

Professor Qu was a little young, at around sixty years of age. When he heard that, he looked at Xin Ya, ’’Xin Ya? Could it be you, girl?’’

Everyone's focus immediately shifted onto Xin Ya.

Xin Ya nervously said, ’’It's not me, I don't have that kind of ability.’’

Behind them, a deputy director of a research facility asked curiously, ’’Then who is it? Professor Zhou? Or could it be Professor Wu? I don't remember the two of them to be specializing in mathematical theories?’’

Professor Qu asked, ’’So which one of our country's mathematician is it?’’

This was the question on everyone's minds. Which one of their colleagues was so great?

Han Henian stood there and did not say a word as he was still still a junior.

Wang Yiming did not know how to explain it, ’’I, sigh,'ll know when you see.’’

Elder Rong said curiously, ’’Heh, look at all of you beating around the bush. Can't you just tell say the name? I don't dare to claim this for other communities, but in the world of mathematics and those mathematicians who have made even a slight name for themselves, who do I not know?’’

Xin Ya helplessly smiled, ’’You wouldn't this person for sure.’’

’’I wouldn't know?’’ Elder Rong said disbelievingly.

Before they knew it, they had already reached the yard area.

The group of mathematicians that had just arrived were immediately attracted by the large crowd present. They could not see the person whom they wanted to see, as the crowd was blocking their view, but they could see more than a dozen whiteboards that were laid beside them. When they noticed the equations written on it, their eyes lit up like a cat seeing a mouse. All of them stood still and looked at the whiteboards with full concentration!

Suddenly, Elder Rong exclaimed, ’’Wonderful! It's too wonderful!’’

Professor Qu took a quick look and understood the author's idea to solve the problem, then suddenly applauded and exclaimed, ’’What a great use of the modularity theorem! For someone to be able to simplify it to such terms, he must be a great genius! If this special case of the modular theorem could be proven, then Dale's Conjecture would have been solved by a great bit! I was still wondering why you all were so anxious to bring us down over here! So there really was someone who had advanced Dale's Conjecture to such a level??’’

An old professor from Tsinghua University laughed heartily, ’’Our country is going to be famous in the global mathematics world this time! Just this simplification method alone would have been worth all the effort!’’

Elder Rong hastily made his way into the middle asking, ’’Who could it be? If it's not any of you here? When did such a high level mathematician appear in our Chinese mathematics world?’’

The others followed along, eager to see the person at the center of all these equations.

They got nearer and nearer!

Squeezing past the crowd and finally reaching!

When they saw the side of his face, a lot of them became confused.

Professor Qu was taken aback, ’’He's so young?’’

Elder Rong couldn't react in time either as he thought that the person would be about as old as himself and did not expect it to be a young lad instead. Mathematics was different from other fields of studies, as it involved a huge amount of knowledge and involved a lot different topics. This would require a person to continuously learn and absorb new knowledge before they could reach such a pinnacle. A common twenty something year old should not be able to do something like this even if he were a genius as the learning period was too short and amount of knowledge that could be gained would not be enough. That would have severely limited the possibility of such a great achievement. In the mathematics world, it is common to call a mathematician below the age of 40 as young mathematicians and that was internationally accepted by all.

So when they saw that this person was only around 20, they couldn't help but be surprised!

Then, someone said,

’’Hey, doesn't that person look a little familiar?’’

’’Why does he look a little like some celebrity?’’

’’Right, isn't he from that Brain Gold commercial? What was his name?’’

’’Is it Zhang Ye?’’

’’Right, he does look a little like Zhang Ye.’’

’’Not bad at all, this young man is really good. He's only twenty? What a great future he'll have! Which mathematical organization is he from? Or is he still attending university?’’ Elder Rong asked impatiently, wanting to know everything about this talented young man!

’’Come to think of it, that person is beginning to resemble Zhang Ye the more I look at him.’’ Professor Qu said smiling. He was not that old fashioned to not watch television or the news at all.

Amongst the newly arrived group of mathematicians, everyone was discussing fervently.

Wang Yiming coughed and scratched his nose awkwardly, then told them, ’’It's not that he looks like Zhang Ye but that he is Zhang Ye!’’

When he said this, the surrounding air seemed to have froze and everyone was silent for a moment!


’’What did you say?’’

’’Zhang Ye?’’

’’Are you saying that those equations and calculations were written and done by a celebrity from the entertainment circle?!’’

Wang Yiming nodded.

Xin Ya also laughed derisively at this.

Professor Qu and the others, ’’......%^&*()&^%^&(#((#[email protected]@@! ! ! !’’


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