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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 521


Chapter 521: Zhang Ye the Mathematician!

Walking the wrong path?

The world's mathematicians have all been going down the wrong path?

Huang Lingling secretly bit her tongue thinking that Teacher Zhang was really reckless and brave to say something like this!

All of the other mathematicians had already wanted to beat him up, especially the American team and its youth participants. They had never before seen someone as conceited as this!

Louis couldn't stand to hear anymore of this and said something in English.

The American team translator then explained in Chinese, ’’Teacher Louis says that he would like to hear how you propose this be solved! If the whole world has been wrong, then do you have the correct way to prove it? We are all ears if you have one!’’ After translating, even the translator was shaking her head and laughing.

But Zhang Ye immediately responded with two things, ’’Elliptic curves and modular forms.’’

Louis, who was ready to rebuke him, was suddenly shocked by what he heard. His eyebrows raised up as he speedily processed what he just heard and said, ’’Modular forms?’’

Xin Ya was also taken aback.

The park visitors looked doubtfully at each other, not really understanding what was going on.

Although they could not understand what was being said, the other mathematicians could understand. They had really not taken into consideration the possibility of Zhang Ye's thoughts applying to Dale's Conjecture all these years. Or perhaps someone did, but did not make any breakthrough and so nothing came of it. It was totally not the mainstream school of thought in regards to solving this conjecture. Some of these mathematicians were not even familiar with the modularity theorem as the number of mathematicians who specialized in it were rarer than rare!

What did he mean?

Does he know about the modularity theorem?

Xin Ya was in disbelief, but also for the first time, was surprised by Zhang Ye's claims that their analytical process was wrong and his usage of these mathematical terms. These terms were not things that a Chinese department teacher should be able to say and this made her heart beat an extra few times. What the f**k, does this Zhang guy really know math?

Han Henian frowned even more and wondered if this was a bluff?

The others also felt that Zhang Ye was just boasting and had probably over-boasted this time, but his shocking claims had also invoked everyone's curiosity and they had now turned their eyes onto the writings on the whiteboard.

Zhang Ye did not bother responding to them and just continued writing on.















The scope of the writings on the first whiteboard covered all sorts of random topics.

Louis had a look at it and shook his head.

Xin Ya also blinked a few times, wondering why Zhang Ye had jumped from one topic to another so drastically? Why did he go straight to the calculations at the back? Where were the calculations in front? Where were the other calculational rules?

Zhang Ye quickly filled the first whiteboard with his writings and then pushed it away. He pulled a new whiteboard over and continued writing without pausing to think at all!

This second whiteboard was different from the first one. It was as though it was a totally separate topic from the first. Zhang Ye had began producing other theorems and even wrote a corollary! Many of the mathematicians were marveled by the theorem's constitution, but yet they could not understand what Zhang Ye was doing!

Han Henian said in a stunned manner, ’’What is this?’’

A old Chinese professor said, ’’Why is he solving the functional equation for?’’

A female mathematician from the United Kingdom praised, ’’The Chinese really have such a concealed talents. Even amongst the park visitors, there's such a great master in mathematics hidden!’’

Another French mathematician asked doubtfully, ’’But what has all of these got to do with Dale's Conjecture? It it totally unrelated, so why is he writing all these reasonings for?’’

Before anyone knew it, the number of mathematicians gathered around Zhang Ye was increasing. No one bothered going to another country's display booth to check out their problems anymore. All the focus was on the American team's display booth as they discussed in whispers with each other and occasionally took out pens to verify the equations.

Wu Zeqing was smiling.

The park visitors were fully concentrating on the ongoings.

Up until now, although the layman did not understand what Zhang Ye was writing and even though the mathematicians knew that he was solving some equations and stating corollaries for reasons unknown to them, none of them could deny that this Peking University Chinese department's teacher really f**king understood Mathematics well!

The Chinese mathematicians were an embarrassed lot!

Especially that young mathematicians that had shouted at and accused Zhang Ye of cheating. His face was burning as though he had been slapped in the face until it was swollen. When he remembered that Zhang Ye had questioned him back about how he thought that he was cheating, the young mathematician froze and just felt like he should leave the venue immediately!

Because this person really did not cheat!

He had really calculated that five-figured multiplication mentally!

Why were they so sure this time? It was needless to say! Why would a person who could just raise his hand and start stating corollaries that no one had even attempted before resort to cheating on a mere multiplication problem?! Even a fool would know that it was impossible! That person could not have resorted to such a low move! Nor would he even need to! Even if the calculation for a five-figured multiplication was complex, it wouldn't pose a problem to a mathematician of this level!

Along the peripheral of the crowd of the park visitors, the female volunteer, who was in-charge of that five-figured multiplication quiz station, was also staring in disbelief. What was Zhang Ye calculating right now? She could not understand it at all, but observing the gazes of all the other mathematicians, she understood that she had wrongly accused Zhang Ye just now! Even accused him of cheating? And using a calculator at that? Thinking about it, the female volunteer face turned green with shame. She could only lower her head in a bitter smile, knowing how disgraceful she must've been!

Zhang Ye was being disgraceful?

From the looks of it, it was them who were disgraceful!

The park visitors were discussing amongst themselves.

’’What is he writing over there?’’

’’I don't know.’’

’’It all looks very amazing!’’

’’Damn, Teacher Zhang is actually such a scary person!’’

Huang Lingling was feeling terribly excited as she clenched her fists, not even daring to breathe as she stood beside Zhang Ye, afraid that any sound she made might affect Zhang Ye.

Huang Leilei was so shocked that he couldn't move. Teacher Zhang was really amazing!

The second whiteboard was filled up as well.

Twenty minutes later, the third whiteboard was filled with writing as well.

Then after another ten minutes, the fourth whiteboard was filled with theorems.

Zhang Ye had sensationalized his attempt and even managed to make himself look very suave while doing it. Not only was he suave, even his writing was suave. His calligraphy standard was already great to begin with, so the Chinese characters he wrote in the formulas and calculations were very beautiful and artistic. The numbers and alphabets looked good as well. When everyone saw this, they felt like Zhang Ye was painting an artwork, his wrists twisting and turning as they left a stream of writing behind. The words even looked like they were alive and dancing!

The fifth whiteboard....

The sixth whiteboard.....

The seventh whiteboard.....

As time passed, the confusion in the eyes of many of the mathematicians deepened. They still could not understand what Zhang Ye was doing. Didn't he say that he wanted to use modular forms? Where the heck were the modular forms then? Why have they still not appeared?! Furthermore, none of these proofs that you wrote had anything to do with Dale's Conjecture! All 7 whiteboards had corollaries stated on them, but how did they matter in regards to this topic?!

Xin Ya had already walked up to Wu Zeqing's side and whispered to her, ’’Sis Wu, what is he......’’

Wu Zeqing did not wait for her to finish and just shook her head laughing, ’’I don't know either.’’

’’His mathematics standard is at such a high level, how could you not know?!’’ Xin Ya felt cheated. She drew a deep breath and said, ’’You see those formulas he is working on right now? Even if I had a day's time, I would not be able to solve them, but look at him! It's only been about an hour? There aren't many people in this world that can do something like that!’’

Wu Zeqing smiled, ’’I really didn't know that he knows things like this.’’

Wang Yiming suddenly asked, ’’Do you all think.....that he could really be able to prove Dale's Conjecture?

’’Surely not.’’ Han Henian was also discussing the matter with them, ’’Those formulas have no basis in the conjecture. Even though I'd have admit that his calculation methods are very high level or even world class, I do not believe that they have anything to do with Dale's Conjecture. We did not even see the modular theorem that he talked about at the beginning!’’

This was also on the minds on all the mathematicians present at the event. What were you doing? Were you really intending to prove the conjecture, or were you just using the chance to show off your math skills!

The shock at the beginning was slowly turning back to calm.

The mathematicians from the American team were all laughing in disappointment. They felt that even though this person seemed to be very skilled in math, his bragging had done him in. All those functions and related calculations would not be able to prove Dale's Conjecture. From the beginning, it was a giant waste of time!

An old Korean mathematician said, ’’He's out of steam.’’

’’Yes, it's too messy.’’ A Japanese mathematician in his thirties said.

Another Japanese mathematician said, ’’He's probably already confused by his own writings by now, what is he doing?’’

’’How can a single person handle such a great deal of calculation by himself. At the very least, he would need a team of mathematicians working tirelessly with him together. Having reached this part of the calculations, it would seem like it has already gotten too messy.’’ said a German mathematician while shaking his head.



Hur Hur.

When Zhang Ye heard that, he just smiled and continued to write on. With a hand in his pocket, he acted as though as he was busily calculating formulas that they could not understand. Each and everyone of his formulas were labeled with the marks (1), (2), (3) and that made everything look even messier, but Zhang Ye had his own ideas and continued to put on a serious face as he wrote on. Dale's Conjecture? This was in fact Fermat's Last Theorem! Regarding any other matter, Zhang Ye might not dare to claim so, but when it came to Fermat's Last Theorem, Zhang Ye knew that he was the only person who understood it the most in this world!

Suddenly, when he was writing on the ninth whiteboard, Zhang Ye took a deep breath and loosen his wrist with a few shakes. Then, he raised the marker once more and drew a diagram which immediately started a heated debate behind him.

’’Hey!’’ Xin Ya focused onto the newly drawn diagram.

Wang Yiming said, ’’The elliptic curve has appeared!’’

Han Henian asked, ’’Professor Wang, how is he going to calculate this?’’

Wang Yiming shook his head as he looked on, ’’Hmm? Why is he going about it in this way? If it's done this way, the logic would be flawed. Without a relevant formula, this elliptic curve should not be valid!’’

A female mathematician from the United Kingdom couldn't bear to watch any further, ’’NO! That can't be established!’’

Louis and David from the American team looked on disapprovingly, knowing that this Chinese youth had hit a wall and would be unable to write on any further!

Huang Lingling was getting anxious, as she could sense from the expressions of all the mathematicians present that something bad had happened. She said nervously, ’’Teacher....Teacher Zhang....’’

Everyone knew that Zhang Ye had already tried his best and would no longer be able to carry on from here!

Zhang Ye also stopped writing at this moment and then walked confidently for more than 10 meters to the second whiteboard where he made a mark to label it. Then he went back to the latest whiteboard where he drew the elliptic curve diagram on and also made a mark on it with '(1)'. Next, he took the second whiteboard, that no one thought there was a use for and was filled with formulas labeled as (1). With a few additional writings now and some complex computation, an impossible question earlier had now been established!

Countless of people were shocked by this scene unfolding before them!

Xin Ya was so taken aback that she said in a dumbfounded manner, ’’What?’’

Then Zhang Ye wrote a few more statements that required establishment, which he labeled again and then pulled over the third whiteboard, which the establishment was already written on. He labeled it as (2) and then turned his attention to the fourth, fifth and sixth whiteboards where two algorithmic conclusions and formula conclusions were labeled as (3) and (4). He pulled those whiteboards over and added it to the rest to unify the whole function!

The conclusion had been reached!

The verification was also completed. Passed!

Wang Yiming was stunned, but managed to exclaim, ’’It's established!’’

Han Henian was in a state of confusion and said, ’’What the f**k! It could even be done this way?!’’

Louis and David also stood up in shock!

The faces of the three French mathematicians had a great change, ’’This....’’

The female United Kingdom mathematician eyes nearly popped out of its sockets, ’’OH! MY! GOD!!!!’’

One by one, all of the mathematicians present slowly understood what it was all about. They could only draw cold gasps as they were utterly shocked by this Chinese youth's reasoning! He had really walked down a path that no one else had tried before. And this was using a very peculiar, but clever way to derive the conclusion with! Everyone knew very clearly now that the solution to Dale's Conjecture had advanced by a huge step now!

Not a small step!

But a big, big step!

It was a qualitative leap of advancement!


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