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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 519


Chapter 519: Zhang Ye Solving a Mathematical Conjecture!

The park visitors were all discussing and chattering.

’’What a classic!’’

’’It's going to be another famous quote!’’

’’Hahahaha! Those words have really turned the situation around!’’

’’Ah, is that really how they educate the kids?’’

Some park visitors hurriedly transmitted the happenings to a live stream online to share with everyone. Some others held up their phones to record the ongoings before uploading them.

These videos attracted more and more netizens to join in and watch excitedly. They were all standing by at their computers, requesting for the latest updates to be uploaded. It was as if they were watching a football match, chewing on sunflower seeds and drinking tea, commenting on or laughing every now and then. They only wished that this matter would blow up even further!

The words that he had said just now were from his previous world, from a crosstalk performance by Guo Degang and Zhang Ye had presented it to this world on this very day!

Around them at the other countries'display booths, the translators had explained to their mathematicians and young participants about what Zhang Ye had said. When they finally understood what was going on, many of them started laughing.

A young participant from the United Kingdom was laughed so hard that all of his teeth could be seen.

On the Korean's side, they did not laugh as they knew who Zhang Ye was. They knew he was famous for his insults of Korea and thus were biased against him.

The Americans did not laugh either.

The mathematician, David, raised his eyes and just looked on at how they were making a fool of themselves.

Meanwhile, the American team leader Louis did not even seem interested. Everything here today could only be proven by capability. The strength of the Chinese on the international stage of mathematics was not exactly large and their contributions were generally scattered around too much. They had no large contribution to claim for, nor were they able to make any impact at competitions such as today's. In the past, the Chinese had really high standards, especially showing it at this competition in the previous years. They had many championships to their name, but now it seemed like that standard had dropped drastically. They only managed to achieve third place this time and had been sliding down the ranks with each passing year. Naturally, the elite and authority figures within the American team looked down on the standard of the Chinese and there was also no Chinese mathematician who had made any major contributions to the Mathematics world!

Seeing her professors'expression change so many times today, Huang Lingling quickly said to Zhang Ye, ’’Teacher Zhang, it's not like this. The teachers are very good to us, I, I.....’’

Huang Leilei and the other teenagers were also getting nervous. Although they were young, it did not mean that they were stupid. They did not dare to follow up with Zhang Ye's words.

Xin Ya was speechless. When she met Zhang Ye for the first time just now, Wu Zeqing had already mentioned that she would not be able to out argue him. Xin Ya still refused to acknowledge that when it had been said, but now that she knew that this person was Zhang Ye and after hearing what he said, Xin Ya knew that she was not his match. This was Peking University Chinese department's lecturer, a famous literary genius in the country, how could they, as mathematicians, even think of out arguing him! Bickering? That Zhang guy did it as a profession! Even when those other literary world professionals had conflict with Zhang Ye, all of them couldn't match up to Zhang Ye in scolding! This person was well known to have won all of his scolding battles throughout the country!

The conflict was getting more complicated now!

The professors from the Chinese mathematics world were all raging by now, barely able to hold in their anger anymore!

Xin Ya felt that this could not go on anymore as it would do nobody any good. They will only become the laughing stock to the Americans. Seeing how Louis and David were looking at them, Xin Ya knew what they were thinking. So, she made a pass to to Wu Zeqing as she knew clearly that the only person who would be able to control Zhang Ye was her. She needed Sis Wu's help to control the situation, to make her boyfriend shut up.

Privately, Zhang Ye was her boyfriend.

Publicly, Zhang Ye was a teacher at Peking University.

Now that Zhang Ye had created such a mess, private or publicly, Wu Zeqing had to be responsible for it. Moreover, within this group of people now, only Wu Zeqing had the level and rank to do anything about it.

However, Wu Zeqing was still ignoring her and remained unmoved, looking very calm as though it wasn't a big deal. She did not seem like she had any intention of stopping Zhang Ye at all.

Xin Ya was already clenching her teeth in frustration and getting quite angry!

This Old Wu!

She's totally given up loyalty now that she's in love!

With a boyfriend now, she has totally abandoned a childhood friend like me!

Over there, Dean Wang said to Zhang Ye, ’’That's enough. This is the International Math Olympiad, not your house. Don't affect other people just because you want to say something!’’

Han Henian said loudly to Huang Lingling and the other kids, ’’What are you all still standing there for, come back here.’’

The young mathematician from before was also very hating of Zhang Ye now, seeing how Zhang Ye had spared no effort to scold them. He sarcastically said, ’’This is not a place that you should appear at. For someone who cheated with a calculator while attempting to solve a quiz that was meant for the park visitors, you don't deserve to say a thing!’’

At this moment, Xin Ya interjected, ’’Alright now, knock it off, everyone!’’

The young mathematician quickly said, ’’Professor Xin, we have to put him in his place. We've been working so hard in our mathematics career and also put in so much effort to groom these children, but what has he done? All he knows is to make sarcastic comments here! I can't let it slide just like this! I can be criticized by anyone else, but not this teacher who even resorted to cheating to win a cellphone! I'm having none of this!’’

When Xin Ya heard this, she frowned and said, ’’He was just joking around earlier.’’ Although Zhang Ye did not hold back on her just now and they had only known each other for half a day, he was still her childhood friend's boyfriend. Xin Ya still took into consideration about Wu Zeqing's feelings and tried to put up a good word for him. Besides, with so many foreign mathematicians, park visitors and the media around, it would be bad to let everyone know that a teacher from the top rated Peking University had resorted to cheating for a prize! That wouldn't look good on all the parties involved and would only serve to make the current situation worse. Xin Ya might have been angry, but she was still thinking logically.

Han Henian said to Huang Lingling, ’’Come back now, what are you standing there in a daze for?’’

Huang Lingling hesitated a little and looked at the topic board of the American team. She bit her lips and said, ’’Teacher, I, I.....’’

Xin Ya said in a consoling manner, ’’Don't blame yourself anymore. It's not your fault. This isn't a topic that you would be able to solve and it's not only you. This is a topic that no one in the world is able to solve at the moment. Come back over here, we don't blame any of you. What's lost is already lost and we need to learn from this experience. We can come back again next year.’’ Zhang Ye's words might have been very harsh, but when Xin Ya thought about it, she realized that what he said had in fact made a lot of sense.

Huang Lingling lowered her head and said, ’’I'm sorry, I wasn't good enough.’’

Huang Leilei and the others also followed her lead and were ready to go back to their teachers side.

However, at this moment, Zhang Ye opened his mouth and said, ’’Pick yourself up from where you fell, why wait until next year?’’

When Xin Ya heard this, she wanted to pounce on and bite him! Zhang Ye!! You believe that I won't kill you!!? She was rendered so speechless by Zhang Ye that she nearly vomited blood. She could not understand what Old Wu saw in him and why she would find someone like him to be her boyfriend! Weren't you scolding us just now? Scolding us for mistreating the children and pushing the responsibility of losing onto them? Alright, you made sense in saying that, but am I not consoling and encouraging the children now? So? Why are you against that now? Why are you asking them to regain their honor now? You can't even wait for next year? What the heck were you trying to do?

Many of those present at the venue could not understand what was going on.

Both Huang Lingling and Huang Leilei raised their heads to look at Zhang Ye and wondered what he was trying to say.

Zhang Ye had a quick look at Dale's Conjecture on the topic board and smiled to himself, then turned around to Huang Lingling and said, ’’What's your name?’’

’’Huang Lingling.’’ She answered quickly.

Zhang Ye pointed at the topic board and asked her, ’’Do you wish to solve that and regain your honor?’’

Huang Lingling was stunned. She nervously grasped her shoulders and said, ’’Of course... I would like to... but... but....’’

’’Alright.’’ Zhang Ye put his hand out, ’’Can you lend me your marker?’’

Huang Lingling immediately handed her marker pen over and asked, ’’Teacher Zhang, what are you going to do? What do you need my marker pen for?’’

Zhang Ye did not answer her and just said, ’’Help Big Bro with a little something, will you?’’

’’Of course I will!’’ Huang Lingling agreed without even thinking.

Zhang Ye held the empty board beside the topic board which was reserved for anyone who wanted to to attempt it. It was similar to the whiteboards in school and was supported by a frame with caster wheels, ’’Help me to get a few more of these whiteboards.’’

Huang Lingling asked, ’’How many do you need?’’

Zhang Ye narrowed his eyes before replying, ’’.....About fifty of them.’’

Huang Lingling was a little taken aback, ’’Ah?’’

Huang Leilei was also stunned, ’’Fifty of those whiteboards?’’

’’What are you trying to do?’’ Xin Ya had a bad feeling about it. She felt that he would be doing something really crazy is this time!

Zhang Ye looked at her and simply said, ’’I'll do what needs to be done.’’

Huang Lingling bit her lips nervously, ’’Alright, I will get them for you.’’ As soon as she said that, she ran off over to the United Kingdom team and spoke in jittery English to their young participants. Finally, with a ’’thanks!’’ in English, she managed to get several whiteboards from them and went back to Zhang Ye.

When Huang Leilei and the other Chinese team youths saw this, they followed suit.

The park visitors were getting more and more curious as to what was happening.

’’What's going on?’’

’’Why does Zhang Ye need so many whiteboards for?’’

The number of whiteboards being pushed over made a lot of noise with the caster wheels rolling over the uneven ground.

The members of the media did not know what was going on, all they did was continue to take as many photographs as they could!

The Chinese mathematicians, including Wang Yiming and Han Henian, also looked over!

The mathematicians from the United Kingdom and French teams slowly gathered around as well!

Louis and David from the American team raised their heads, frowning and staring at Zhang Ye!

Do you know how much you can write on a whiteboard? These were similar to the whiteboards they had in schools, but asking for fifty of them? Disregarding anything else, just this scene's magnificence was already too great. Almost all of the whiteboards made available for this event alone had been pushed over and a sea of white enveloped Zhang Ye!

Huang Lingling was panting after pushing the last one over, ’’Teacher Zhang, I've gathered all of them for you!’’

Huang Leilei and the other children were also wiping sweat off their foreheads.

’’Thank you.’’ Zhang Ye patted her on the head, ’’What you've lost earlier, I will help you gain it back. Come, grab a chair and sit beside me. Let Big Bro show you how to teach the foreigners a lesson.’’


’’This is.....’’

’’Could it be.....’’

Then, under the eye-popping gaze of the park visitors, foreigners and those Chinese mathematicians, he untwisted the cap off the marker pen and pulled a whiteboard over, and even relaxingly yawned, and then without a thought he put the tip of the marker pen onto the surface of the whiteboard and began writing!

Only at this time did everyone finally understand!


This bast**d intended to attempt to solve this problem?!

He was going to demonstrate proof of a conjecture that no one else in this world was able to??


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