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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 517


Chapter 517: Declaring war on the Mathematics world with ’’On Horses’’!

Everyone had different expressions.

Everyone in the crowd was feeling different emotions.

A question board and several forlorn looking children, the scene was very solemn.

Xin Ya looked at them and finally said something, ’’Lingling, Leilei, all of you come here.’’

Huang Lingling turned around and said to Xin Ya, ’’Professor Xin, I, I still want to give it a try!’’

A Nanjing University professor standing at the back said in a harsh tone, ’’All of you come back here right now. This is not something someone of your level can even attempt. It involves all sorts of higher math learning and knowledge which none of you have even learned before!’’

Huang Lingling lowered her head and continued on.

Huang Leilei said, ’’Teacher, please let my sister try.’’ He understood that his sister was blaming herself. Having made those mistakes, she was just trying to make up for it.

Wang Yiming sighed and said, ’’Don't try it anymore.’’

Han Henian also looked at Huang Lingling and the others. Seeing how their team, the organizer for this year's event, had become the butt of jokes of the other countries, especially to the Americans, his temper flared. They had already lost the competition earlier, and now their young participants went a step further to get ridiculed? They were putting up an embarrassing spectacle in front of others. Han Henian let out an angry grunt, ’’What the heck are you trying for?! Don't you think it's already embarrassing enough? Come back here, all of you! You couldn't even solve a simple question in the competition just now, what makes you think you can solve a math conjecture? If you have such time, you should go back and drill yourself with more basic mathematics practice!’’

Huang Lingling stopped writing. She could no longer go on further.

Her team members also lowered their heads, not daring to speak.

Wu Zeqing's eyes looked towards Han Henian.

Beside her, an authoritative professor of the mathematics world was shaking his head and sighing, ’’The children in the past few years are increasingly lacking in talent. There are too few good saplings around anymore!’’

Huang Lingling covered her mouth and sniffed, ’’I'm sorry, it is all my fault.’’

The old professor said, ’’We don't blame you. When it comes to talent, no one can always get it right. Some kids were born to do maths and would understand if when we just prod them a little, while some other kids have a limit to what they can understand, even after we have taught them everything. If you've hit this limit, then there's no way you can improve any further. Talents are born, not bred, there's nothing more we could ask of you and you have already tried your best.’’

Hearing the old professor tell her that she did not have the talent for mathematics, Huang Lingling lowered her head even more. She clenched her hands tightly, feeling more guilty with each word from him.

A female mathematician said, ’’I guess we'll have to find a new batch of children for next year's competition?’’

The old professor nodded, ’’Yes, look carefully this time in the schools. We'll need to use all available resources, otherwise, we won't be able to get any good saplings.’’

Another middle-aged professor added, ’’We must not lose in the next International Math Olympiad again. I will get my people to search for better talents when we get back.’’

Han Henian said, ’’It will be difficult.’’

Xin Ya looked at the children and said, ’’We have to do it even if it is difficult. As long as we have good and talented saplings, I will fight hard to bring them here.’’ The failures in successive competitions had also left her burnt out and moody. These children had been chosen from many others and weren't exactly untalented, but compared to the young participants from other countries, they were still lacking. The results of the competition spoke for themselves.

Han Henian pouted sulkily.

The old professor said with some regrets, ’’A thousand li horse is hard to find.’’

Although they did not speak very loudly, many people could still hear their conversation.

Huang Lingling secretly wiped her tears.

The other children in the team also looked very down, so they were really not the best there was, they weren't geniuses and were still lacking in comparison to many others!

Many of the park visitors who heard this felt that their words were too harsh!


A thousand li horse is hard to find?

Zhang Ye looked at Huang Lingling, Huang Leilei, and the other children. He thought of the situation earlier when his rapid calculation of the quiz was mistaken to be cheating by this bunch of mathematicians who claimed that he had used a calculator. They keep claiming that good saplings can't be found anymore?

How laughable!

Zhang Ye was tickled, he was really tickled. All of a sudden, he emerged from the crowd and exclaimed, ’’If you don't have the abilities to teach the children well! Don't keep making excuses!’’

With that, everyone looked over to him, stunned!

Who was this? What did he mean? Why did he start scolding others the moment he appeared!

Xin Ya frowned and looked at Wu Zeqing. Wasn't he Old Wu's scandalous boyfriend? Why was he saying such things? What was he trying to achieve with that?

Huang Lingling also looked up in surprise.

That old professor and Han Henian, along with the other mathematicians, also looked over to the person who said that. Some of them recognized him as the Peking University teacher who cheated using a calculator.

Han Henian said angrily, ’’What are you trying to say!’’

Seeing someone trying to create trouble, the old professor said, ’’Get rid of him!’’

A few security staff member in charge of maintaining order heard this and went over to the troublemaker.

But at this moment, Wu Zeqing spoke. She smiled and said, ’’I want to see who dares to do that.’’

The old professor's expression changed, ’’President Wu!’’

The security team was also taken aback and stopped in their tracks.

When the Chinese mathematicians heard President Wu's words, they were all stunned. They could not understand why President Wu said that. Even if Zhang Ye was a Peking University teacher, he shouldn't cause trouble like this, especially in the presence of the media!

Xin Ya was left speechless. She did not care for Old Wu's sake anymore and said, ’’This teacher, who are you referring to that did not teach their students well?’’

Zhang Ye stared at her and said, ’’I'm talking about you all. How dare you even claim that the children were being disgraceful? I think the ones who are disgraceful are you bunch!’’

Old Wu's childhood friend?

Get lost! Today, I won't care who you might be!

A young mathematician said, ’’A person who even needs to resort to cheating with a calculator, who are you to say that we are disgraceful? What's wrong with you?’’

Zhang Ye laughed and questioned him back, ’’How did you know if I cheated or not?’’

The young mathematician said, ’’You're a teacher from the Chinese department. How would you know rapid calculation?’’

Zhang Ye laughed again, ’’Who says that a Chinese teacher cannot know how to do rapid calculations? That I do not know mathematics? The way you people look at others and issues are not based on facts, but your own skewed bias? With this kind of attitude, how can you call yourselves teachers? You won't be able to teach good students with such an attitude! And you all still want to seek out your thousand li horse? What the heck! In this world, there was Bo Le before there were thousand-li horses! Thousand-li horses are common, but a Bo Le is rare. Even though there are thousand-li horses that are exceptional, they are disgraced under the hands of slaves, they die side-by-side in their stables, without ever becoming 'thousand-li'horses!’’ He recited without holding back!

What was that?

A classical Chinese essay?

When those words were said, everyone froze!

The old professor, Han Henian and the others were angered by his words. Slaves?

The park visitors liked what they heard. After seeing how these professors criticized the children with every sentence they spoke, their patience had worn thin. Suddenly, they felt what this young man wearing the face mask and sunglasses said made perfect sense. The only thing that left them wondering was the familiarity of this scene? This voice, where did they hear it from?

Zhang Ye looked at those teachers and professors from the mathematical world and said coldly, ’’A thousand-li horse, can eat a dan of grain in one sitting. The feeder feeds not knowing its thousand-li potential. Even if it could gallop a thousand li, without food, without strength, its potential will never be reached.’’

If you can't teach!

If you can't groom!

Why would a horse be able to run fast?

With that, Zhang Ye coldly laughed in an incessant manner. His voice became louder with each question to them, ’’The driver drives not according to its proper method! The feeder does not feed enough for it to reach its full potential! You hear it neigh, but do not understand its meaning! Instead, you raise the whip and proclaim! There are no thousand-li horses under our heavens!’’

At this moment, everyone kept quiet!

’’Sigh!’’ Zhang Ye mockingly laughed, ’’Are there really no thousand-li horses?’’ He looked at the old professor, Xin Ya, and the others, ’’Actually, they just don't know one when they see it!!’’

Unable to find a thousand-li horse under the heavens?

My ass, you can't!

It's just because all of you do not know where to look!

With the famous essay in his previous world's textbooks, ’’On Horses’’, Zhang Ye had scolded all of these professors from the Mathematics world!

Suddenly, the park visitors regained their senses and cheered loudly!

’’Peking University? Teacher?’’

’’Chinese department?’’

’’This classical essay? This background......’’

A Peking University Chinese department's teacher who could scold and invoke such anger, slap faces with words alone, could easily recite a classical essay that no one has ever heard of but still give goosebumps to those who heard it...... Even if you searched through the entire world, there would only be one person who could do it. Other than him, there was no one else!

A young park visitor said in surprise, ’’Ah! It's Zhang Ye!’’

Seeing that he had been recognized, Zhang Ye did not bother hiding his face anymore. He took off his face mask and sunglasses to reveal an expression of indifference.


’’It's Zhang Ye!’’

’’Heavens! It's really Teacher Zhang Ye!’’

The crowd erupted bolstered by the essay of ’’On Horses’’. Some people were even crying out in excitement!

’’Well scolded!’’

’’These professors do not know what's good for them!’’

’’They lost the competition because they don't have the capabilities, yet they want to push all the blame onto the children? Their excuse is that the children do not have talent and the potential? Why don't you all just die?! The children are already under so much pressure. Look at that little girl crying and all you people can do is to keep complaining about this and that!’’

’’Right! Support Zhang Ye!’’

’’Teacher Zhang Ye's mouth might be a little vulgar and likes scolding others, but his words truly make perfect sense! Compared to you educators who claim that you're doing everything for the country and citizens, to me, Teacher Zhang Ye is much more an educator than you all will ever be! This is the first time I'm hearing this essay about Bo Le and the thousand-li horses! It's really too amazing!’’

’’Teacher Zhang Ye's talents are really heaven defying!’’

’’Don't cry anymore, children. It's not because all of you are untalented. You're all good children, all good!’’

’’Right, don't cry anymore. Let Zhang Ye handle this for you. That guy's nickname as the ’’Professional face-smacking Zhang’’ is not for nothing! A normal person would not be able to out argue him!’’

’’Who'd have thought that I could bump into Zhang Ye here at Summer Palace Park today! I'm so excited! Teacher Zhang Ye has always been my idol! I actually have the luck to witness the birth of my idol's new work!’’

’’Support Zhang Ye! The thousand-li horse essay was well said too! It has taught me something!’’

The reporters present were also jolted by this incident. All of them rushed forward to snap pictures of Zhang Ye like they were on steroids. Having just finished his battle with the crosstalk world, was Zhang Ye announcing the Mathematics world as his next target!?


A few reporters who had already dealt with Zhang Ye on previous occasions could no longer hide their joy!

Zhang Ye was really Zhang Ye!

He could not stay still for a day without creating some trouble!


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