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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 512


Chapter 512: The International Math Olympiad!

Next to the lake.

The Sun's rays were trickling down and created a picturesque look.

Looking at Wu Zeqing's graceful face from the side, Zhang Ye's heart was moved. He couldn't hold back and took a photo of her side profile. The more he looked at her her, the more he fell in love and became infatuated with her.

She turned around, ’’Let's go.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’OK.’’

’’There are some arts and crafts items there, let's go take a look.’’ When she went past Zhang Ye, she held his hand very naturally by taking him at his arm.

Zhang Ye's heart was beating fast as he said, ’’No, let's not see those.’’

She smiled, ’’What's the matter?’’

’’That's not befitting of you. I need to consider carefully what I want to gift you.’’ Zhang Ye pulled her along away from there.

Wu Zeqing was just about to say something when the cellphone in her bag rang. She took it out from the bag to check who was calling before answering: ’’Hello.’’

It was a woman's voice on the other side, sounding like a 30 something year old, cheerfully saying: ’’Old Wu, it's Valentine's Day again, who are you spending it with?’’

Zhang Ye's ears had pricked up immediately thinking it was a love rival, but when he heard a woman's voice on the other side, he was relieved and walked on indifferently with Old Wu.

Wu Zeqing spoke as she walked: ’’Hur hur, I'm out with a friend.’’

The woman's voice: ’’With a friend? Who?’’

Wu Zeqing looked at Zhang Ye and said: ’’Even if I said, you wouldn't know who.’’

The woman voice was getting very curious: ’’Heh, we've been friends since we were young. Quickly tell me, who managed to win you over?’’

Wu Zeqing elegantly replied: ’’Make a guess?’’

’’What? So you've really been won over by someone?’’ The woman's sounded a little shocked.

Wu Zeqing shook her head, ’’Are you even an educator? Why are you using words like that?’’

The woman sounded anxiously curious: ’’Don't try that nonsense with me. Quickly tell me who it is? I'm too curious right now which god had managed to win over our Comrade Old Wu. No way! You have to let me meet him. I have to see who that person is who has so much charms that he could even break into the heart of a leftover woman who has not been in a relationship in so many years? What's he called? How old is he? What does he do? Does he have 3 heads and 6 arms?’’

Wu Zeqing laughed heartily: ’’You always have so much to say. Alright, I've to hang up already.’’

’’Don't hang up on me! If you do, then our friendship ends here!’’ That woman voice asked again: ’’So who is it? It sounds quite noisy over there, are you at a restaurant for a meal?’’

Wu Zeqing answer: ’’I'm at the park.’’

’’Park? Which one?’’ The woman sounded stunned.

Wu Zeqing said: ’’Summer Palace Park.’’

The woman was stunned again and broke out into laughter: ’’Ha, Summer Palace Park? What a coincidence! I'm at Summer Palace Park too!’’

Wu Zeqing laughed: ’’Stop playing around.’’

’’Heh, why would I lie to you for? I'm really at Summer Palace Park.’’ The woman said in a speechless manner: ’’Don't you know? It's the International Math Olympiad today and students from all over the world are here to attend, The organizers are Beijing City and the venue is Summer Palace Park. Didn't you realize that there are a lot of foreigners in Summer Palace Park today? I'm the deputy leader for China's team this year and brought the students over at 7AM this morning.’’

International Math Olympiad?

Zhang Ye was slightly taken aback. He seemed to have the impression that there was news of Beijing holding the competition, but hadn't expect it to be held at Summer Palace Park? And it was even today? On the foreign festival of Valentine's Day? Was this a hint from the Mathematics world that if you have dedicated yourself to Mathematics, then you would no longer have the need to celebrate Valentine's Day and was fated to live a lonely life?

Wu Zeqing said in surprise: ’’Is that true?’’

The woman said: ’’Yes, it's true. Where are you at? Come look for me.’’

Wu Zeqing: ’’I'm at the stone gate area.’’

’’Come with that guy over to my side. There's a directional signage and the banner for the competition. If you just keep walking straight from where you are, you'll be able to find me. See you in a bit!’’ the woman's voice commanded.

’’Hur hur, I didn't say that I would be going over.’’ Old Wu said.

’’Just come over quickly, that's settled then.’’ Du du du, the call was cut off.

Zhang Ye asked, ’’Your friend is here too?’’

’’You heard? Your ears are pretty good?’’ Wu Zeqing said, ’’It's a childhood friend of mine. Her name is Xin Ya and she's one of the top mathematicians in our country.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Mathematician? She doesn't sound like one.’’ His impression of a mathematician has always been one that was a little more rigid and boring.

Wu Zeqing explain, ’’Her character's not so rigid, but her level of professionalism cannot be doubted. In the world of Mathematics, she is quite well known.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Let's go look for her then?’’

’’If you're OK with that, then we could meet her?’’ Wu Zeqing asked him respectfully.

At such times, Zhang Ye definitely would not refuse the meeting. This was Old Wu's childhood friend they were talking about. It might even be a test from Old Wu since he would have to pass the test of the childhood friend. An organism like a childhood friend was an especially scary thing. They might not be able to help with putting things together, but to destroy something. They were more than enough to have a say in a relationship. Because of this, he felt that he needed to handle this properly or else if that person were to form a bad impression of him, then it could possibly affect the relationship between Old Wu and him. The two of them had just gotten together a few hours ago, so it would definitely be trouble that a biological being such as the 'childhood friend'could bring.

’’Let's go meet her.’’ Zhang Ye said as though as he was going to meet an important opponent.

Wu Zeqing held him by the arm again and said, ’’OK, then let's go.’’

Zhang Ye was enjoying every moment of Old Wu holding his arm and it made him feel extremely satisfied. This was especially true when he noticed the park visitors around them looking over at them and he would feel extremely good about it in his heart. Subconsciously, as he walked along, his posture also straightened as he gathered up his confidence. Suddenly, his left arm accidentally knocked into a very soft area of Wu Zeqing's body. It was as though his arm had sank in slowly and then quickly rebounded from it after. After a few steps, it happened again. It wasn't deliberate, but it was unavoidable if their arms were crossed.

It was very soft!

They were scarily big!

Old Wu didn't seem to have noticed or maybe she did not mind as she kept just quiet.

But Zhang Ye's heart was pounding. As he walked along, his footsteps also became a little unnatural as all of his focus was on his arm. As Old Wu's breast size was too large, she did not usually wear a bra that had underwires in it. It might not be able to hold them, or it could be too uncomfortable due to squeezing too much into a confined area. The type of bra she'd wear were usually the wireless type. If it were the underwire type of bra she was wearing, Zhang Ye might not have felt much even if his arms were to accidentally brush against them, but since she was not, Zhang Ye was able to get the most out of it. This was really too alluring!

’’Ahem, Old Wu. What should I say later?’’ Zhang Ye communicated with her before meeting her friend.

Wu Zeqing asked, ’’What do you mean what should you say?’’

’’About us, should we tell the others about it?’’ Zhang Ye asked.

She said gently, ’’If you wish to say it, then say it. If not, then don't say it.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’OK, I know what to do.’’

After walking quite a distance, they turned onto a path leading uphill. As expected, there were many foreign visitors on this side of the park. They were probably here to view the Math Olympiad as well. There was even a banner and slogans at the foot of the hill written with phrases like 'Welcome all the participants from every country'and some English signages to inform the visitors of certain rules. The first rule was clearly saying 'No disrupting the competition with unnecessary noise'. It looked like they were getting nearer to the competition venue by now and they could feel the tension of the competition in the air.


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