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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 511


Chapter 511: Love Token



At the main entrance of Summer Palace park.

Today's weather was extremely good with the sun reflecting off the water and streaming through the leaves of trees. The signs of Spring could be seen even though Spring had not yet arrived. There were many visitors outside the park as a lot of local and foreign visitors had gathered at the main entrance area. They were either buying food, waiting for people, or queuing up to buy tickets.

’’Who needs a tour guide?’’

’’Mineral water, two dollars for 1 bottle.’’

’’You need tickets? You can get it for a third cheaper here than the ticketing office.’’

There were many black market tour guides and ticket scalpers who made the main entrance area even more lively.

After parking the car, Wu Zeqing and Zhang Ye walked over to the main entrance. Old Wu's nude colored heels clicking as she walked and her stunning long qipao attracted countless eyes. Many of the visitors turned their heads swiftly, even some of the foreigners had to look several times and were attracted by her beauty. Classic beauty, gentle, and dignified looks This was an ideal traditional beauty in China. Whether it had been in ancient times or modern times, Old Wu was the top in good looks and was the type that all men would wish to marry. Everywhere she went, she would grab the attention of others and leave them amazed.


’’What a beauty!’’

’’She's so god-damn beautiful!’’

’’This person might as well have just walked out of a masterpiece painting!’’

’’What a pity, she's wearing sunglasses and we can't see her eyes.’’

Some of the park visitors were pointing and softly discussing about her.

But the sunglass wearing Wu Zeqing did not have any reaction at all. She took her coat from Zhang Ye's arms and put it on as they walked side by side.

Zhang Ye was feeling show-offy!

Beautiful, right?

She is this bro's girlfriend!

’’Old Wu, wait for me here. I'll go get the tickets.’’ Zhang Ye said.

Wu Zeqing held him back at his shoulders and said, ’’Let Big Sis go.’’

Zhang Ye exclaimed, ’’Why are you still being so polite with me? Aren't we already boyfriend and girlfriend?’’

Hearing that, Wu Zeqing smiled and said, ’’OK then.’’

After Zhang Ye bought the tickets, he and Old Wu both entered the park. The park was buzzing with a lot of visitors a today and since it was so crowded, no one really noticed the two of them.

Zhang Ye said, ’’Ever since I started working, I've been busy as hell and have not managed to come to Summer Palace anymore. The last time I was here was with my hostel mates during the second year of university.’’

Wu Zeqing said as she gazed gently at Kunming Lake, ’’I've not been here in years either. Come to think of it, I mostly visited this place as a kid, so all of this seems pretty nostalgic to me now.’’

The two of them walked on.

As it was the winter break, there were still many university students who had not started their school year yet. Around them were a lot of young university couples holding hands and strolling around the lake. They were the envy of those around them.

Zhang Ye stole a glance at Old Wu as his hand slowly moved over. When they were in the car earlier, he had gone with the flow and held Old Wu's hands when she placed it on his thigh, but now while walking around and with so many people around them, even if Zhang Ye wanted to hold her hands, he felt rather embarrassed to do it.

The back of their hands knocked onto each other.



Zhang Ye still did not hold her hand after a prolonged internal struggle.

But when Wu Zeqing turned her head to face him, she broke out a smile from the corner of her mouth and gracefully moved her hand over and grabbed Zhang Ye's hand.

The palm of his hand was warmed by Old Wu's soft and jade-like hand.

Zhang Ye heart was calmed by this action and felt that this was what one would call paradise.

The two of them strolled around Kunming Lake hand in hand, occasionally chatting and sometimes enjoying the view.

Not long after, when they almost reached the stone gate, Wu Zeqing stopped walking and rested on the the white marble stone wall. She looked out over the vast surface of the lake and took in the view.

Zhang Ye said, ’’Shall I take a photo?’’

’’Sure.’’ Wu Zeqing took out the DSLR from her bag. She had prepared all the necessary equipment since they were coming out today.

Zhang Ye immediately helped to take some pictures of her and even took them from several angles. He had wanted to take a picture together with her, but felt that it wasn't time yet. There were too many people around right now. If he were to take off his face mask and sunglasses, there would surely be some people who would recognize him. If that were to happen, then they had better forget about having anymore fun today.

Zhang Ye asked, ’’Are we in a relationship for real?’’

Wu Zeqing acknowledge with a soft affirming voice.

Zhang Ye blinked, ’’You better not regret your decision and go back on your word, Old Wu.’’

Wu Zeqing smiled and asked, ’’Why would I? Didn't I already agree? What's the matter now? Are Big Sis'words being taken so lightly now?’’

’’That's good enough.’’ Zhang Ye was more at ease now, ’’It's just that I feel that this feels too unreal and thought that you might just be playing with me, so now if were to do some things that lovers do to each other, you mustn't be angry with me, alright?’’

Wu Zeqing's back was facing him and her long flowing hair brushed against his face as she said, ’’Hur hur, what do you want to do?’’

Zhang Ye coughed, ’’Nothing much, I'm just saying, I'm just saying.’’

Old Wu lightly slapped the back of his hands 3 times. She told him, ’’Big Sis wants to give you a gift.’’

’’What is it?’’ Zhang Ye asked, releasing her hand and took a step aside.

Wu Zeqing did not answer, but turned aside to remove from her left wrist with her right hand a string of Hetian Jade beads. It did not look like it was any ordinary Hetian Jade and more like Yangzhi White Jade. It had a warm look and was matched with some leather.

Zhang Ye was stunned, ’’What's this?’’

Wu Zeqing held his hand up and put it on for him, ’’It's a gift for you.’’

’’No, no.’’ Zhang Ye tried to push it away, ’’This stuff is really expensive. Such a large string of jade beads would surely cost a few hundred thousand? Or is over a million?’’ He wasn't too sure either of the market price of Yangzhi White Jade in this world, but he knew that it was definitely very expensive. So how could he dare to accept this gift?!

Old Wu said, ’’If I want you to have it, then just accept it. This was given to me by my parents. I've already worn it for more than 10 years, but today, I wish to give it to you.’’ After she helped him to put it on, she nodded and said, ’’It looks good, keep it on you.’’

Worn it for over 10 years?

When he heard that, Zhang Ye said, ’’Then all the more reason that I cannot accept it!’’

Wu Zeqing looked at him and said, ’’We are already in a relationship now and Big Sis just wants to give you a little something. Why is that a problem? Hur hur. If you see a nice art craft later on, you can get it for me and return the favor.’’

Zhang Ye sighed, ’’An art craft wouldn't cost more than several tens of dollars. How can I use that to return the favor?’’ He was a little stunned, but asked, ’’Old Wu, is this considered as a love token?’’

Wu Zeqing said modestly, ’’If you think it is, then it is.’’

Upon hearing this, Zhang Ye no longer rejected the gift, ’’Alright, then I will accept it!’’

That Old Wu would give him such an expensive gift, Zhang Ye was actually very happy. It wasn't a matter of how much it cost, but rather that it seemed like he mattered more to Old Wu than he thought. Moreover, it seemed certain that Old Wu was not joking about them being in a relationship too.

The bigger issue here was pressure. In the past, Zhang Ye had already earned quite a bit of money and it was easier to return a proper gift favor, but now, this wasn't the case. Just a few days ago, he had agreed to pay the compensation to the publishing firm out of anger and had depleted all of his savings. Even if he did not lack the money to have dinner or such, he still could not afford to get a gift that was good enough.

Buy a similar bracelet?

Or buy a high end ladies watch?

But he didn't have much money! This was also one of the reason why Zhang Ye did not want to accept the gift just now. It was because he felt that he couldn't return a proper gift favor. Even though Old Wu had mentioned that he could just get her some art craft or trinkets, Zhang Ye knew he wouldn't want to do it this way. He wanted face and wouldn't allow himself to do any lesser and all of these reasons entangled him.

What should he get for Old Wu?

How would he even afford to get her a proper gift?


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