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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 510


Chapter 510: Holding hands!


That's it?

Old Wu had agreed?

Zhang Ye spirit was a little shaken, as he did not believe what he had just heard. Even though he had already confessed with the knowledge that this was in a five times reduced difficulty environment, which would otherwise prove impossible in normal circumstances, he still did not harbor much hope that he would succeed here. After all, in terms of their characters, age, or work, they were basically from two different worlds. To be in a relationship together? It was probably because there was nothing much in common between them, that Zhang Ye had blurted out that ’’Verse of the Stone Bridge’’.

This verse stemmed from a story.

Or rather, a story from Zhang Ye's original world.

Anan - one of the ten principal disciples of the Buddha. His full name was Ananda. The name had the meaning of to like, to celebrate, and being untainted. He was Buddha's younger cousin and became a principal disciple of Buddha after becoming a monk for more than 20 years. He had good memory and could remember much of Buddha's teachings and was named the Prime in conduct to Buddha. Ananda was blessed with naturally good looks, a face that glowed like the moon, eyes that were like the lotus flowers, and body as clean as a bright mirror. Even after entering monkhood, he could not resist the temptation of women.

One day.

Ananda said to Buddha: ’’I fell for a girl.’’

Buddha asked Ananda: ’’How much do you like this girl?’’

Ananda replied: ’’I would be willing to reincarnate into a bridge of stone, taking in 500 years of the cold wind, 500 years of the blazing sun and 500 years in the beating rain, only with the wish that she would walk once over the bridge.’’

How much did he like her?

But exchanging a lifetime for love at first sight?

Willing to wait, but not asking for any returns?

Understanding all of this and yet he was still willing to endure all that suffering just for a moment of meeting.

Ananda, just how much do you like that girl to give up everything and choose the path of torturous love?

This was the full text of the origin story. In his previous world, there was a very well known movie which had also used these lines. When Zhang Ye heard Wu Zeqing ask how much he liked her, he reflexively answered with this Zen verse. What mattered was that he had also felt this way in his heart as well. He had really liked this gentle and beautiful lady and thus rushed to confess to her. He really had not expected that Wu Zeqing would agree?

This was unbelievable!

Other than disbelief, he felt more disbelief!

Zhang Ye was so happy that a smile bloomed on his face, ’’Are you sure, Sis Wu?’’

Wu Zeqing said, ’’Hur Hur, didn't I already say it?’’

’’Don't fool me, alright? I will take this to be your serious answer.’’ Zhang Ye was getting excited as his heart beat faster and louder, feeling worried at the same time and asking to make sure again. He could not help it at all. This surprise had come too suddenly, so sudden that Zhang Ye felt that it was unreal.

She just said, ’’Really.’’

Zhang Ye smacked his thighs and shouted, ’’OK!’’

Wu Zeqing turned back around and held the mouse in her hand, ’’Let me read the new chapter of 'Legend of Wukong'first.’’ and she continued on with her reading.

Zhang Ye stayed by her side, but did not bother her anymore. He thought to himself if this was the result of the five times reduced difficulty, or the power of ’’Verse of the Stone Bridge’’? If Wu Zeqing did not say why she agreed, then Zhang Ye wouldn't know exactly why she agreed to it either, but it was likely that both had contributed to the reason behind her decision!


This bro has been alive for over 20 years and has finally found a girlfriend!

And it's even such an earth-shattering woman? If this were to get out, it would surely scare a whole lot of people!

5 minutes.

10 minutes.

After a long while, Zhang Ye's excitement still had not died down. His heart was still beating crazily fast. Watching Wu Zeqing from the side, he felt that he liked her even more as he looked on! He was more and more attracted to her with each look as his hand unconsciously picked up the box of branded chocolates that Old Wu's pursuer had sent her. Without even asking for Old Wu's permission, he unwrapped the packaging and began eating some. If he had to say something, it was that the chocolates tasted quite good.

When Old Wu heard the rustling sound, she looked over and said, ’’Why are you eating chocolates so early in the morning? It's too heaty, so don't eat so much. It's not good for your body.’’

Zhang Ye raised his hand and asked, ’’You want a bite?’’

She did not take it, but said, ’’It's too sweet.’’

’’It's not that I want to eat it.’’ Zhang Ye picked up another piece and threw it into his mouth, finishing up the whole box in just a short time, ’’Since you're my girlfriend now, this box of chocolates from my rival has become my trophy.’’

She smiled and said, ’’If you want to eat it, then just take it.’’

Zhang Ye asked, ’’You've finished reading?’’

’’Yes. I've finished reading.’’ She said.

’’How was it?’’ Zhang Ye was anticipating her answer.

She nodded her head, ’’It's very good. Big Sis used to have the urge to write a novel herself too, but after reading yours, I found out that I don't have the talent to do so.’’

But Zhang Ye did not feel so, ’’You're being to modest. With you literary knowledge, you are more than qualified to write one.’’

’’Don't keep using such polite forms with me anymore.’’ She suddenly said.

Zhang Ye nodded, ’’OK, I will just address you more simply in the future.’’ Then with a slight hesitation and a light laugh, he said, ’’So... so what should I call you from now on?’’

She laughed, ’’Anything is fine.’’

Zhang Ye blinked, ’’Isn't it weird if I were to keep calling you Sis Wu?’’

She laughed lightly, ’’What do you want to call me then?’’

’’Why don't I call you Old Wu? That's more endearing.’’ Zhang Ye said.

Wu Zeqing noticed his collar looked crooked so she reached out to adjust it for him. She then pulled away a strand of messy hair from his sideburns. These actions were very natural, and nothing felt wrong about it. ’’Anything. If you want to call me Old Wu, then let it be Old Wu. Hur Hur, go ahead.’’

Zhang Ye did not move and just sat there allowing Wu Zeqing to adjust his shirt and hair. He closed his eyes, visibly enjoying the care and gentleness of Old Wu.

’’Old Wu.’’


’’Shall we both go out for a walk?’’

’’Where do you want to go to?’’

’’To the park or hiking, anywhere is good. Weren't you intending to go traveling during the New Year? We can just move about in Beijing and treat it as a holiday. It's Valentine's Day today, so we shouldn't just stay at home.’’

’’Didn't you say that you don't celebrate foreign festivals?’’

’’Eh? Did I?’’

’’.......I think so.’’

’’Ahem, then don't treat it as Valentine's Day, but we should still go out and enjoy ourselves.’’


’’Great, let's go!’’

’’Let me get a change of clothes.’’

’’I'll have a shower then.’’

They simply went ahead with their plans after just briefly discussing it.


On the car.

The two of them had already left the city and headed straight for the suburbs.

In the car, Wu Zeqing found a pair of sunglasses and put it on. Zhang Ye did the same, but also added a face mask to keep his privacy. After all, the two of their statuses weren't exactly ordinary. One was a government official, while the other was a celebrity. They had to take precautions since it wasn't possible for them to just go out openly without causing a stir. They would just be looking for trouble if they did that. Beside, if someone saw them, they would not be able to enjoy themselves quietly as well.

It was Old Wu who drove Zhang Ye's X5 because they had considered the road conditions might not be too ideal out in the suburbs. This car was much more adaptable to the conditions out here.

Zhang Ye was in the co-passenger seat and kept glancing over to Wu Zeqing. He felt as though he was living in a dream today and everything felt rather unreal at the moment.

He had actually won over Old Wu!

Just how many blessings from his past lives had he accrued to even have managed this feat!

People are always unable to stay satisfied, so naturally when Zhang Ye remembered that he wouldn't be able to see her anymore in a few more days, he asked her, ’’Old Wu, do you really have to go?’’

She softly chuckled a little, ’’I have to wait for the notice first.’’

Zhang Ye pouted, ’’Why don't you not leave for the South? Peking University is such a nice place, you should just continue working here.’’

’’It's an organizational requirement and not something that I can just reject or request.’’ She slowed down the car as they were approaching a traffic stop, ’’Actually, Big Sis does not want to leave either since I have already gotten used to the capital.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Then why don't you just suggest that to the organization? It wasn't easy for us to get together and now you have to leave after not even a few days of being together with me?’’

Wu Zeqing reached out her hand and lightly placed it on Zhang Ye's thigh, ’’The posting has not been issued yet and nothing is certain for now. Let's not talk about this for now and just enjoy ourselves while we are here.’’

Zhang Ye sighed a little and glanced at her hand which was on his thigh. He coughed and quickly reached his hand over and placed it over the back of her hand.

Wu Zeqing continued to drive and did not really react to it.

Zhang Ye understood and moved his hand to hold her hand tightly.

Old Wu did not look at him and just continued watching the road with her eyes.

But Zhang Ye could feel that the hand in his grasp also tightened it's grasp on his hand as well. The skin was very soft and the bone structure very refined.

How comfortable.

With his heart in swing, he could only feel blessed!


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