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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 507


Chapter 507

In the study room.

It was almost midnight.

Unlike the chaotic scene online, it was very quiet and peaceful in the room. Zhang Ye was smoking a cigarette while drinking his coffee, relaxingly copying and pasting the scolding text with his mouse and keyboard. He continued in his search for more targets. As long as it was someone who had ever stepped on him when he was down, he would target them and not leave a single one untouched.

A moment later.

Sorry, your posting rights have been revoked.

Sorry, your posting rights have been revoked.

Finally, Zhang Ye tried another two more times without success. When he checked out why this was happening, he found out that he had been reported by a total of 13,000 users. In a short 30 minutes, he had actually been reported by more than 10,000 people. He probably broke the record for receiving the most amount of complaints since the launch of Weibo. In the past, even for those extremely hated internet stars, celebrities, or businessmen, no one had ever concurrently received so many complaints against them before. The year's first large scale scolding war had precisely led to such a record being broken. It was undoubtedly a rare moment!

’’Are you crazy!’’

’’Did you have your medication?’’

’’How much did you eat?’’

’’How much did you have?’’

’’I will eat however much you have!’’

’’I have enough for however much you can eat!’’

The scolding battle was still ongoing as the netizens came up with all sorts of ways to scold! Especially for Zhang Ye's fans, they've had much training, having been through so many battles with Zhang Ye in the past. With his influence, their scoldings were fanciful and not ambiguous at all. This left many people bursting with laughter!

’’Aiyo, this is too funny!’’

’’This scolding battle is so enjoyable to watch!’’

’’Hahaha, Zhang Ye has already become public enemy #1. He creates trouble whenever he appears and it's no exception this time!’’

’’This hyping up is too powerful!’’

’’This way of getting attention is really not something that just anyone can come up with. Even if they could, it would take more than an extraordinary person to carry it out! Only a wonder of the entertainment industry like Teacher Zhang Ye has the guts to do something like this. He even executed the whole plan perfectly! Pfft. I've just about fainted from laughing too much in front of my computer!’’

’’Honestly speaking, I am liking Zhang Ye more and more. Other people usually hype up their promotions discreetly by having rumors of relationships or claiming to have certain incidents happening to them. When they are called out for trying to do promotions with such news, they just deny it and appear to be righteous, but look at Teacher Zhang Ye! He's just doing all of it openly! He's basically telling everyone straight up: I am promoting my novel! I am creating all this trouble to do my promotions! Haha, he's totally different from your everyday celebrity! This is the first time I've witnessed hyping up a release in such an honest way! And those artists who have a grudge with Teacher Zhang can only take it quietly! It's really an extraordinary task that could be accomplished by an extraordinary person! In the 50 years of entertainment business, only Zhang Ye could have carried out an act that lacks as much virtue as this!’’

’’Zhang Ye has a very special kind of charm that just attracts you to him. That is what I like most about him He is never pretentious! He's just says everything as it is!’’

Everyone was going to sleep soon and so the scolding battle was also coming to a close. Many of the netizens were already posting their conclusions of the incident today. What was unexpected was that many of them actually had very positive opinions of Zhang Ye's troublemaking this time. This nearly made the celebrities who were scolded and their fans faint!

Zhang Ye was once again the talk of the town!

And the new novel ’’Legend of Wukong’’ had also gone viral!


Past midnight.

As the people online starting to thin out, the scolding war also died together with it. The netizens who had to sleep had gone to sleep. This kind of meaningless war would usually come and go very quickly. The victors and losers were generally undecided and all that mattered was the process of scolding. It was just a way to get a kick from it and then....there's no and then.

A voice called out to him from outside the room.

’’Little Zhang.’’

’’Oh, Sis Wu.’’

’’Are you busy? Come here for a while.’’

’’OK, OK.’’

Zhang Ye did not bother about the scolding war anymore. He turned off his computer and looked at his watch only to realize that it was quite late already. He quickly opened the door and went outside, but did not find anyone in the corridor. He walked out a few steps to a room where the door was open. He could see the Wu Zeqing inside and she was just laying her bed out with a blanket.

When she saw him, Wu Zeqing patted on the bed sheets and said, ’’I've laid out the bed for you. It's already this late, so you don't have to go back tonight. You can just stay over.’’

Zhang Ye hypocritically said, ’’Come on, I think it's better for me to just head back.’’

She pointed at her watch and said, ’’It's rather late now and it's not safe to drive back at this time.’’

’’Then...alright. I guess I will have to bother you again. Zhang Ye was of course more than hoping that this would happen. His intentions were to stay over anyway. The last time he stayed over in this house was due to him having drunk too much at the calligraphy association's anniversary celebrations.

Wu Zeqing pointed to the bathroom, ’’The toothbrush and towel in there were the ones you used previously. I've not touched them. Oh yes, what would you like for breakfast tomorrow?’’

’’It's OK, please don't trouble yourself with that. Just busy yourself with what you need to.’’ Zhang Ye waved his hand.

She smiled and said, ’’Big Sis is having a break from work these few days, so there's nothing to keep me busy with. I will just fix something up for breakfast then. Are you sleepy yet? If you are, you should just go to bed earlier.’’

Zhang Ye blinked, ’’I'm not feeling sleepy yet.’’

’’You're still not tired at this late hour?’’ Wu Zeqing asked.

He smiled and said, ’’I've been sleeping quite late these past few days and don't go to bed before 1 or 2AM.’’


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