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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 504


Chapter 504: Well received reactions!

It exploded!

Zhang Ye's blog exploded with views!


’’This passage is godly!’’

’’It gave me goose bumps all over!’’

’’What a great 'I want for the sky to not cover my eyes'!’’

’’Teacher Zhang is still Teacher Zhang! He's still as good as ever! He just doesn't disappoint!’’

’’I was wrong! I doubted the quality of this novel when it was first released and even said that this was not up to Teacher Zhang Ye's usual standards, but I finally f**king understand this novel! This 'Legend of Wukong'is definitely a masterpiece! Teacher Zhang Ye is trying to send a message through his novel! He's writing from his experiences from the past few days and channeling in his anger and considerations of everything that has happened. He is letting everyone know by pouring all of the emotion from his heart into this novel for everyone to see!’’

’’This passage is a real classic!’’

’’'I want for all those Buddhas to disappear from my life'? Zhang Ye is really daring to write his heartfelt thoughts!’’

’’Teacher Zhang has always spoken through his work! This time is no exception either! The only difference is that he has always used poems to scold others, but this time he changed the medium to a novel?’’

’’Hahahaha! I dare not claim that Teacher Zhang Ye's literary level is the top in this country, but his face-smacking level has to be the top! He is f**king using the characters to represent the crosstalk world and related people and scolding them in it! I think this is too awesome! This style of writing is so godly!’’

’’Teacher Zhang is invincible!’’

’’It's so well written that it makes my blood boil!’’

’’Reading Zhang Ye's novel just makes me feel so fulfilled!’’

’’It's so good that I'm crying! This is what you call a f**king novel!’’

’’How I wish those crosstalk people can see this! @TangDazhang @XuWenxiang @CrosstalkAssociation @FolkArtsAssociation! You people are really good at accusing Zhang Ye for being vulgar and not understanding what art is, but now Teacher Zhang Ye has thrown out a new work and it's artistic levels are good enough to fling you a hundred streets away! A person who is able to come up with such a good novel doesn't know what art is? Teacher Zhang does not perform crosstalk according to your rules because he doesn't want to associate with you lot! But you guys still call him out so much that makes it seem like you're addicted to calling him out just for the sole purpose of calling him out! You bunch of people are precisely the ugly and evil deities in 'Legend of Wukong'!’’

’’Muahaha! This novel is so well written to fit the occasion! It's completely portrays the current situation that Teacher Zhang is in now! 'Want for the sky to not cover my eyes'? Domination! Such domination!’’

’’Teacher Zhang! I do not know if the sentient beings understand you, but we do! We completely understand!’’

’’Why is this novel getting such low click rates? Such an awesome novel, why isn't anyone reading it?’’

’’It's because the media outlets aren't helping Teacher Zhang promote it! He's still banned, so most people do not know that Zhang Ye has a new work released!’’

’’Damn! How hateful!’’

’’After reading 'Legend of Wukong'! I find them them even more hateful now! I did not know how much pressure Teacher Zhang Ye had to bear with in the past, but after reading this novel, I think I finally understand! I have nothing to say! Except that I am supporting Zhang Ye unconditionally! They won't help to promote? They want to ban Teacher Zhang? Let's do it! We fans will help him promote instead!’’


’’Let's do it!’’

’’Well said! Count me in!’’

There were already a lot of people who liked the 'Legend of Wukong'novel, but with this, they liked it even more now! The people who did not understand the meaning, or those who did not really like it at first, now changed their views about it and were fighting to give their reviews about it. Some people even started to help Zhang Ye promote the novel on Weibo and other forums to allow more exposure for Zhang Ye's new work!

On Weibo: ’’Zhang Ye released a new novel! Come and see!’’

On Tieba: ’’Zhang Ye's new novel 'Legend of Wukong'. Link below!’’

On a forum: ’’Extra, extra! Zhang Ye has written a new novel after half a year of hiatus from writing! The godlike Teacher Zhang Ye! And the godlike 'Legend of Wukong'! Everything can be seen on Zhang Ye's blog! Go and check it out! If you don't like it, feel free to beat me up!’’

Everyone's promotion seemed to work as a large influx of new readers surged in. Of course, not all of the people who read the novel liked it. Some people felt it was a little too obscure, or that the genre did not fit their taste in novels, so they left after just reading a little, but a larger number of people stayed to finish reading all six chapters. They were all left amazed, like those before them, especially with their thoughts lingering about the final sentences. Many of them were left with their blood boiling!

The click rate was increasing!





At the Wu residence.

Upstairs in the villa, in the study room.

Zhang Ye had finished writing the sixth chapter and did not plan on writing anymore for today. Firstly, this was because he had written to the most suitable chapter of his intentions and it would be good to stop here. Secondly, he did not have the energy to continue writing any further. He had typed out too many characters in these past few hours and was totally drained. He felt dizzy as the concentration sapped him more than anything physical would. This kind of tiredness did not affect him physically, but mentally, which made him feel much more uncomfortable.

He stretched his waist!

Gururu, a sound came from his stomach. He was hungry.

Zhang Ye touched his belly, knowing that he had really exhausted himself this time, but he was at Wu Zeqing's house now and it would be awkward for him to go downstairs to look for food. He did not know how to cook either and Old Wu's house probably did not have a large stockpile of instant noodles. If he were to go check the fridge, it would be as good as asking Old Wu to cook for him. It didn't feel right, so Zhang Ye decided to just deal with it. He just had a few more sips of water hoping that it would help alleviate his hunger.

Dong, dong, dong.

A knocking sound came from the door behind him, ’’I'm coming in, OK?’’

Zhang Ye quickly said, ’’Please come in, please come in.’’

Old Wu was really respectful towards him. This was her house after all and she held a higher position than him at work, yet she still knocked on the door courteously before coming in. Sigh, how good it would be to marry Old Wu!

When the door opened, a fragrant aroma of congee filled the room.

Wu Zeqing was holding a bowl of steaming hot congee and made her way slowly into the room, ’’Are you hungry?’’

Zhang Ye was so touched that he immediately stood up to get it from her, ’’Aiyo, be careful. Don't scald yourself. I'll take it from here!’’

’’Sit down. Get something to put on the table so that I can place this down.’’ Wu Zeqing did not allow him take the bowl, ’’It's very hot, don't take it.’’

Zhang Ye immediately said, ’’My skin is rough and thick, so I'm not afraid of being scalded, but your hands are more delicate!’’

Wu Zeqing laughed a little and placed the bowl of porridge on the table. ’’Big Sis is not that fragile. This was just prepared a short while ago, so eat it while it's still hot.’’

Zhang'er did not know what to say, ’’How did you know I was hungry? My stomach growled a little just now, but I was a little embarrassed to go downstairs to look for food.’’

Wu Zeqing said, ’’You've written so much just now, so I guessed that you were probably getting hungry as well. I went to prepare the congee a while ago, so eat it first. Is the taste good?’’

’’Good!’’ Zhang Ye did not say too much. He knew that Old Wu was good to him and he would remember this. Their relationship hadn't been too ordinary to begin with. Like Old Wu's nephew, Wu Mo had recieved Zhang Ye's help along with ’’Ode of Mulan’’, which Zhang Ye had written for her. There were also other incidents as well that Old Wu had helped him out with before. Not to mention the most note-worthy incident in which Zhang Ye helped her take photos and the case of sending the wrong message in the first place? You couldn't consider something like that a superior-subordinate relationship, can you? Of course not, but friends? It wasn't really so either, but looking back, their relationship was that of strangers either.

He ate the congee.

The first mouthful of it was enough to make him want more, ’’Ah? Century egg and pork congee? Aiyo, this is too delicious! Preparing this congee must have been a very troublesome task!’’

Wu Zeqing said, ’’Just eat.’’

Zhang Ye said while he ate, ’’My novel....did you read it already?’’

’’Yes.’’ She sat beside him and nodded.

Zhang Ye asked in anticipation, ’’What do you think of it?’’ He was very conscious of what Old Wu thought of it since the novel was mainly written because Old Wu said that she wanted to read a new novel of his. If Wu Zeqing did not like it, then his all of effort would have been in vain. This was why he really looked forward to hearing Old Wu's thoughts.

Wu Zeqing did not answer him, but just looked at him and asked, ’’This 'Legend of Wukong'was really written spontaneously?’’

He said, ’’Yes.’’

Wu Zeqing said, ’’If I did not criticize you, then this novel would have never seen the light of day?’’

Zhang Ye hesitated for a bit, thinking that it might have really been so, but coughed and said, ’’No, but it was thanks to you that my inspiration just came and I started writing without stopping like I was possessed.’’ After a pause, ’’Oh yes, you have not told me what you think of it yet? Do you think it's a good read?’’

Wu Zeqing smiled and said, ’’It's more than that. Although this unconstrained style of writing is considered as online literature, the level it has reached already far exceeds traditional literature. Hur hur, looks like Big Sis has criticized you well and rightly. You are full of literary talent. If you don't show everyone what you've got, it would be such a pity. Do you know which line Big Sis liked the most?’’ She said, ’’’’I want for all sentient beings to be able to understand my intentions.’’

When he heard that she liked it, he was naturally very happy, ’’It's good as long as you like it.’’

’’There are many feelings in your heart.’’ Wu Zeqing said, ’’If you just show everyone a little of it, the literary world will not be able to continue living in peace, even if it wanted to. Big Sis is looking forward to the development of the story in its later chapters.’’

Without another word, Zhang Ye said, ’’Then. I will continue writing through the night!’’

She gave a wave of her hand, ’’That's enough. Enjoy your congee and get some rest for tomorrow.’’

Zhang Ye did not force it, ’’Sure, I will surely let you read it before you leave Beijing. I will definitely get it finished within three days!’’

Wu Zeqing took the bowl of finished congee and held it in her hand, ’’OK, I will wait for it then.’’ After saying that, she took the empty bowl and spoon and went downstairs with light footsteps.

He looked at his watch.

It was getting late.

Zhang Ye blinked and blinked, thinking that it should be time for him to go home. It was already past 11PM at night and it would be awkward for a man like him to stay over at a woman's place. but because Wu Zeqing did not say anything or made it seem like she wanted him to leave, Zhang Ye pretended he didn't notice and just went along with it. He did not mentioned it and intended to stay over to see if anything would arise. If Old Wu asked him to leave just before she slept, then he would go. If Old Wu didn't say a word, then Zhang Ye would just stay over, but, hmm, he needed an excuse? He would just call it the fine-sounding reason of staying up all night to write his novel!

Suddenly, his cellphone rang!

Zhang Ye, who was having crooked thoughts, got a bit of a scare from this. A thief would always have a guilty conscience. He checked his cellphone to see who was calling and answered, ’’Old Yao, what's the matter?’’

Yao Jiancai said, ’’Quickly publish the next chapter!’’

’’Ah? You're talking about 'Legend of Wukong'?’’ Zhang Ye was a little stunned, but he understood after a moment of thinking. He said happily, ’’Even you're reading my novel? This novel isn't meant for people your age.’’

Yao Jiancai said in a depressed voice, ’’I won't read that shitty novel of yours even if you gave it to me, but my MiMi likes it a lot and she's been begging me to ask you.’’

’’My student wants to read it?’’ Zhang Ye said, ’’I was still thinking why someone like you, who has no class, would read it at all? Ha, but I can't publish anymore. I've stopped writing for the day.’’

’’What about your stockpile!’’

’’There's isn't any. I published whatever I've written.’’

’’Don't give me that bullshit. Quick!’’

’’Old Yao, I really don't have anymore written for now. Why would I lie to you!’’


Later, Zhang Ye's colleague also began calling him.

Peking University's Chinese department Teacher Su Na.

’’Teacher Su, you're still awake so late at night?’’

’’How could I sleep? Teacher Zhang, you're really great. I saw your blog posting just before I went to bed, so I curiously had a glance and that was the start of the rabbit hole. I've stayed up throughout the night and finally finished reading all six chapters and was left wanting more. Please let me read the stockpile!’’



’’I really don't have a stockpile, Teacher Su.’’

’’I don't believe you. We're colleagues, so if you won't let me read the stockpile today, then let's not keep in touch anymore.’’

’’Hai, don't mind me, but you'll have to wait for tomorrow. I will write more tomorrow. My hands are already breaking.’’

’’At least tell me the plot.’’

’’I can't reveal that.’’

’’You....we're not friends anymore!’’

’’Heh, don't say that, don't say that!’’


A few other friends called him as well!

They mentioned words like 'a treat to a meal', 'smashing windows', and other threats or benefits which made Zhang Ye at at a loss of whether to laugh or cry, but his mood was very good because of this as it meant that 'Legend of Wukong'was a success and popular with readers.


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