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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 502


Chapter 502: A new work!

Old Wu's room.

Zhang Ye had just started doing what he said he would do.

Eh, this sounds like an euphemism for..... He started writing just like he had promised he would.

Zhang Ye looked around and asked, ’’You have a computer around here?’’

’’I have a few, but you can use the one in the study room since it's already been setup properly.’’ Wu Zeqing gently put down her tea cup and pressed on the Chinese classical looking tea table to support herself in standing up, ’’Come, l'll bring you there.’’

Zhang Ye responded, ’’OK, sure.’’

She led the way and asked, ’’Are you really serious about writing it now?’’

Zhang Ye asked her in response, ’’Do you want to read it now?’’

’’Like I said, I really enjoyed reading your novel. After finishing 'Ghost Blows Out the Light', I'd been waiting for your new work. If I get to read it today, that would be best.’’ They reached the study room and Wu Zeqing gracefully pushed open the door and went into the room, ’’But of course you must write it well enough and not just come up with something random. That would disappoint me and also disappoint your fans, so I'd suggest that you spend some time conceptualizing before you start writing. Even if I get posted in the South for work, I can still get to read it online.’’

But Zhang Ye did not listen, ’’If you wish to read it, I must definitely let you read it by today. I will get it done if I say so.’’

Hearing that, Wu Zeqing did not go on and just switched on the computer for him, ’’Alright then, I will wait for the good news.’’

Zhang Ye asked, ’’What genre do you like?’’

’’As long as it's written by you, I'm fine with whatever genre.’’ Wu Zeqing smiled gently, ’’I believe in your abilities. Ever since I invited you to join Peking University, I've never doubted you.’’

Suddenly, Zhang Ye felt considerably pressured, ’’I won't have enough time to write a long one, how about a medium length one? I will spread it out over a few days and just do a portion of it today, posting as I finish.’’

She smiled and said, ’’That sounds good.’’

’’I will start writing now then.’’ Zhang Ye said.

Wu Zeqing nodded and left the room so that she would not disturb him, closing the door behind her.

Zhang Ye was now left alone in the study. He took a deep breath and opened up the game ring's interface to see his Reputation points. A few days ago, he had used up all of it for his lottery draws and couldn't even afford to purchase the lowest valued item of 10,000 reputation points. He had been crazy poor, but in a short time of 2-3 days, Zhang Ye's reputation points had soared again because of the three crosstalk performance. With that, he immediately opened up the merchant shop and bought some memory search capsules. He bought a total of three capsules as he was worried that one would not be enough, spending a total of 30,000 points.


He retrieved them from his inventory and threw the capsules into his mouth.

1 capsule.

2 capsules.

3 capsules.

He ate three capsules at once and closed his eyes. Instantly, he was brought back to deep within his memory as he started wandering through all of those forgotten memories. Why did he choose ’’Legend of Wukong’’? Firstly, because this novel was one of the most classic novels in his previous world. Secondly, because the chapter length was more suitable for him to write out in the coming few days, not too long nor too short, so Wu Zeqing could finish reading it before she left for her new post. Thirdly and most importantly, in this novel was a point that Zhang Ye had wanted to express to everyone. It was a message that he wanted to let everyone know about after being banned and after taking part in the crosstalk competition, and so it had to be this novel a necessary novel for a world-crossing traveler.

At 6PM sharp.

Zhang Ye opened his eyes and his hand reached for the mouse. He created a new document and his fingers started typing furiously at a high speed.


’’Legend of Wukong’’.

Title: Chapter 1.

The four of them had already came to this point, a dense forest ahead of them, with no signs of a path.

’’Wukong, I'm hungry. Go and look for some food and bring it back here.’’ said Monk Tang as he clambered onto a large rock and took a seat on it.

’’I'm a little busy over here, why don't you go look for it yourself? ....It's not like you don't have legs.’’ Sun Wukong said holding onto his staff.

’’You're busy? With what?’’

’’Don't you think that the sunset looks beautiful?’’ Sun Wukong said as his eyes looked towards the horizon, ’’Only looking at something so beautiful could make me determined enough to carry on westward.’’

’’You could always look at that while searching for food. As long as you don't bump into a large tree, it will be fine.’’

’’I refuse to do anything else when I'm enjoying the sunset!’’

’’Sun Wukong, you can't be this way. How can you bully baldy this way. If you let him starve to death, we won't be able to find our way to the Western Regions. If we don't find the Western Heavens, then the curses on our bodies will never be lifted.’’ said Pigsy.


Being a modern person, Zhang Ye's typing speed wouldn't be that slow. Besides, the current activity he was doing was different from chatting or writing papers. He did not have to think about it, think of what to write next, or hesitate. The words were imprinted in his brain and whichever words appeared in his mind would immediately be transferred over to the document. It was even faster than copying directly from the original manuscript. It was only natural that he could type like he was flying through the words.

Half an hour.

An hour.

From the study room, the continuous tapping sound of the keyboard could be heard. It wasn't just any sound, but a sound that would make the soul tremble. It was quick and light, but gave a sense of stability, Within that stability, it exuded a grand aura. The grand aura was mixed with a force not unlike a dragon leaping or a tiger jumping. It was quiet, but the movement was......

OK, the descriptions should stop here.

In any case, it was the sound of typing on a keyboard very quickly.

Behind him, the door to the study room opened.

Zhang Ye, who was fully concentrated on the computer screen, didn't notice until a shadow of a figure appeared beside him. He saw Wu Zeqing standing behind him.

’’Sis Wu.’’ He stopped typing.

Wu Zeqing was holding a tray with a cup of coffee on it. She placed it on the table and used a spoon to give it a few stirs. Smiling, she said, ’’Just continue doing what you were doing. If you get tired, have something to drink.’’

Zhang Ye quickly said, ’’Thank you.’’

Wu Zeqing's had a blanket over her left arm which she opened up and spreading it across Zhang Ye's legs, ’’It's a little cold in this house, so cover up to keep warm.’’

’’Aiya, it's OK.’’ Zhang Ye was spoiled by the attention.

Wu Zeqing gently said, ’’Cover up well. listen to Big Sis.’’

Zhang Ye could only say, ’’Thank you then. Don't busy yourself with me. If you are tired, go have a rest.’’ Although she was no longer the president of Peking University, she was still a leader. Seeing how Old Wu was giving him so much attention, Zhang Ye felt rather bad about it.

’’It's only a little past 7PM, and so it's still early.’’ Wu Zeqing smiled, ’’I still need to wait to read your novel. If I don't get to read it today, I won't be able to sleep. Keep it up, I will close the door for you.’’

He said, ’’OK.’’

Old Wu left and closed the door.

Zhang Ye drank the coffee in large gulps and touched the blanket that was covering his legs. He suddenly felt a warmth, thinking how Old Wu was such a caring and thoughtful person.

For Old Wu!

Write! Write! Write!

Zhang Ye started to show his prowess as his typing speed became even faster!

After a short while, the first chapter was complete. This was a slightly longer chapter that contained a little over 6000 characters.

He did not say anything since he knew that Old Wu was waiting to read it. One of the reasons why he decided to write a novel today was not only because he had listened to Old Wu's criticisms, but a larger part of it was because he wanted Old Wu to be able to read his novel, and only then was Zhang Ye be able to write with such passion. He was always a guy who would find it hard to reject a girl. And so, Zhang Ye opened up the browser and speedily logged onto his Weibo, synchronized his account, and then activated his blog.

The development of Weibo and blogs in this world was a little different from his previous world. The blogging platform here had been the dominant one since it's release and there weren't too many other competitors as Weibo was also developed from this blogging platform and forked out into a product of its own. As such, the sign-in ID between these 2 platforms were shared since they were products of the same company anyway. Most of the information and functionalities were also cross functional and were synchronized to the account. It was extremely convenient as anything posted to the blog could be posted onto Weibo in a summarized version too.



The controls were simple and the process of posting was completed very quickly!

Zhang Ye shouted towards the door of the room, ’’Sis Wu, I've written a little and posted up a chapter already.’’

A very gentle voice replied from outside, ’’On your blog?’’

’’Yes.’’ Zhang Ye replied.

’’OK, I will read it.’’ and she didn't say a word after that.

Zhang Ye did not want to delay as he knew that even though this world had ’’Journey to the West’’, there wasn't a ’’Parody Journey to the West’’, which was the basis of characters for ’’Legend of Wukong’’. That might leave the readers a little confused at the beginning as these characters were a little obscure. He had to rush out the back chapters so that the readers would be able to understand the initial few chapters of the novel.

The second chapter's wordcount was much lesser at 2000 to 3000 characters. Zhang Ye wanted to finish it in 30 minutes, so he concentrated hard and typed in furiously on the keyboard.


On the web.

Everyone was chatting about news concerning their own interests.

’’Have you all watched Old He's movie?’’

’’I did. It was so good!’’

’’Water Goddess has a new song out!’’

’’Damn, I'm so frustrated by her, she's too good at making the news!’’

’’But her popularity is sky high right now. Anything she posts on to Weibo are always reposted a few hundred thousand times and always has a few million comments. Everyone just likes her for doing all that nonsensical stuff.’’

’’To be honest, I still prefer Zhang Ye. Although his popularity is not as high as those other people and his works are not as mainstream and well publicized as others, he has really good talent! If he were as handsome as the mainstream stars and his works were more publicized, his popularity would surely improve a lot and would overtake those stars who use publicity to pump up their popularity!’’

’’I agree with that. If Teacher Zhang were to carry on walking down this path, his popularity would definitely go against the heavens. He's not even debuted for a full year yet, at most it's been half a year and he's already sprinting towards the B-list celebrity rankings!’’

’’Haha, did all of you watch the crosstalk competition? I was so tickled by it! Zhang Ye was too funny! Those antics of his nearly made me die of laughter. How did he crush the whole crosstalk competition all by himself!? He's really too good at stirring up trouble! I really think that Zhang Ye would do well! As long as he can continue doing what he does and the entertainment industry gives him a chance, he would definitely become a dominant presence in this f**king entertainment business!’’

’’What a pity that he has been banned!’’

’’Sigh, don't talk about that anymore. I get angry whenever someone mentions it!’’

’’I wonder what Teacher Zhang is doing now.’’

’’What else can he do? He's been totally banned. He won't even be able to take part in competitions now since who would dare to allow him join any at all. This is literally a death sentence and I'm afraid Teacher Zhang will not be able to get out of this now.’’

Suddenly, someone exclaimed!

’’Zhang Ye started a blog!’’

’’F**k, what's the big deal about that? It's just a blog, isn't it?’’

’’What do you think! Go take a look quickly! There's a novel posted on the blog! It's something called 'Legend of Wukong'! I think it's Zhang Ye's new work!’’


’’Are you serious?’’

’’Damn, it's for real!’’


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