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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 493


Chapter 493: Arrival of the 3rd Crosstalk performance!

At home.

’’What's the matter?’’

’’Who called?’’

His parents and sisters looked at Zhang Ye.

But Zhang Ye was smiling and said, ’’It was just someone from the program team. They said that if our performance tomorrow still involves the three vulgarities, then we would be disqualified from the competition without fail.’’

His third sister said, ’’Then how will you deal with this?’’

His mother was furious, ’’Those people are forcing you into a corner! Why is it that when my son says it, it becomes disallowed! Who set the rules saying that a crosstalk can only be elegant! Aren't they poking their noses into everything?! Why are all the policies or regulations directed at my son? Did my son commit murder or arson?!’’

The second sister slammed her hand down on the table, ’’This is too atrocious!’’

His father asked, ’’Then you won't be able to say it anymore?’’

Yao Jiancai also asked, ’’Old bro?’’

’’What do you think, Old Yao?’’ Zhang Ye blinked.

Yao Jiancai laughed and said, ’’The crosstalk performance was written by you, I will say it however you write it.’’

Compromise might give us a chance of survival?

If we continue to do it as we did, then we might be disqualified?

Zhang Ye knew very well that someone from the crosstalk world had pushed this issue up to the authorities with a letter or report. Because of this, they were now given an ultimatum and forced into a corner once again.


At the same time.

The news spread online!

The crosstalk competition program team had singled out Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai's work and criticized it on their Weibo and the official site, giving them a stern warning!

Many of the netizens were discussing jubilantly about ’’I will reject the Three Vulgarities’’ with some of them having watched it several times already. Everyone was talking about it, but with the news of the criticism from the crosstalk world's conference, the decree passed by the SARFT, as well as the warning given by the competition's program team, many of these netizens were taken by surprise!


’’If they go on saying such things, they'll be disqualified?’’

’’Based on what!’’



’’Is there still justice?’’

’’Aren't they just attracting anger this way?! Those bunch of crosstalkers are such grandsons!’’

’’It isn't easy for Teacher Zhang and Teacher Yao! After being banned, they barely found a way to stay in the public eye but now they still want to get rid of him once and for all? They don't even want to give him a chance?’’

’’I can't accept this!’’

’’Me neither!’’

’’Why is crosstalk only meant to educate people?! Based on what?!’’

’’I only enjoy watching Zhang Ye's version of crosstalking! Why does my right to like something have to be taken away? It hasn't been easy for our nation to produce two talented crosstalk actors like Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai, so why did you have to do this to them? And you even claim that this was for the good of the crosstalk world? Why don't you all just go to hell!’’

’’Zhang Ye won't be able to perform crosstalks anymore?’’

’’He can still do it, but it will have to be done according to their mainstream rules and regulations, to educate the people!’’

On the other end, the crosstalk world's members were getting arrogant once again. With the decree from the SARFT and the program team's official warning, they became more emboldened, especially those who had been scolded in today's ’’I will reject the Three Vulgarities’’. All of them jumped out once again!

Xu Wenxiang probably gave an interview after the conference ended and said some words, which had been reported by an online news agency. The words were as such: ’’To my knowledge, crosstalk is used to encourage others to be good and not used as a scolding tool. That kind of crosstalk won't last and will only cause the corruption of the culture behind crosstalks. If we allow Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai to continue like this, sooner or later it would create a mess that we can no longer control, so we must definitely rid the crosstalk world of such a person!’’

Tang Dazhang posted on Weibo: ’’The competition program team should have handled it this way in the first place. This kind of work insults crosstalk and the vulgarity in it is akin to eating garlic raw!’’

One of Tang Dazhang's disciples also said, ’’Teacher said it well. This is just like eating raw garlic, which would irritate your mouth and eyes. I've been wondering why the audience would even call it a good work? Hur!’’

Another crosstalk artist said: ’’It's just like in the movies. Although we're fixated on the plot and content, a good movie should leave you thinking after you are done watching it. That would mean the work was a success and the message it wants to send to the viewers has been transmitted successfully as well. A crosstalk work is the same. It cannot just make people laugh but should instead do so and leave a little for the listeners to ponder upon. Using vulgar segments to tease and tickle the audience is as good as being worthless.’’

Countless crosstalk actors stepped forward to say their piece!

This time, it was even more than the number of people that had denounced Zhang Ye yesterday. It was clear that this was because of the momentum of things happening after the crosstalk conference had concluded!

A young crosstalk actor said: ’’I don't find Zhang Ye's work to be funny. I just felt that it was very vulgar.’’

A crosstalk competition participant said: ’’Is it that difficult to present a piece of work that is a little bit more elegant and meaningful? Why did he has to stick to the lesser, non-mainstream style? It really makes me despise them!’’

An old veteran of crosstalking said, ’’I suggest that they be stripped of their qualifications to take part in the competition!’’

During the afternoon at today's live broadcast, most people had already witnessed Zhang Ye's scolding prowess. They had seen his wit and knew that those bunch of people could not out-scold him. That Zhang guy had already scolded countless people and his mouth was well known to be venomous. This was the reason why no one was willing to step on his tail as the consequences would be really bad, but after tonight's crosstalk conference, the SARFT, and the competition program team's statements, they were riled up again. They knew that it was over for Zhang Ye and he wouldn't be able to last for more than a few more days. This led to everyone coming forward to laugh at Zhang Ye and denounce him!

Not only them, even some of Zhang Ye's old enemies found the courage to make some noise!

For example, those Korean undergraduates who knew of Zhang Ye's hatred for the Koreans!

’’Boycott Zhang Ye!’’

’’Boycott him with all we got!’’

’’Let's keep Zhang Ye down forever!’’

’’What so good about his work! I also enjoy China's crosstalk performances a lot because there are so many joke segments that are memorable and thoughtful. It makes one feel full of emotions just listening to them, but what are the things that are said by Zhang Ye!’’

’’Disqualify them!’’

’’Ban them forever!’’

’’Haha, I will predict that they will last just one more performance, in which they wouldn't dare say anything about anything since the authorities have already made their stand! It's as good as pinpointing them!’’

’’Yea, let's see if he still dares to scold!’’

’’Unless he's mad!’’

’’This time, it's really over for Zhang Ye. How can he stand up against the whole crosstalk world alone? They have so many artists on their side, so surely they would be able to take him into control?’’

’’Hur hur, let's see what he talks about tomorrow.’’

’’I suppose it will be his last performance tomorrow. No matter what he says, he'll end up disqualified. He has really offended too many people!’’

There were countless voices!

Countless of denouncing voices!

On this night, the whole crosstalk world had declared war on Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai!

There were many comments on the internet regarding Zhang Ye's works. It was divided into who was for and against, with numerous netizens talking about the topic of whether Zhang Ye should be boycotted, whether crosstalk needed to be educational, and the difference between an elegant crosstalk and a vulgar one!


Meanwhile, Zhang Ye, who was at home, no longer bothered about the comments. He already had an idea for tomorrow's crosstalk competition performance!


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