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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 491


Chapter 491: Whatever goes!

Central TV.

Along the corridor.

’’What shall we eat tonight?’’ Zhang Ye asked rather happily.

Yao Jiancai laughed, ’’You still care about eating? Why do I feel that we are going to be in some sort of trouble? Two days of being broadcasted live. The two of us are going to end up poking a hole in the sky.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’What has that got to do with us?’’

Yao Jiancai said, ’’Even if it was Central TV's mistake, the ones who gained the most from this was us. We were the ones who were shown on broadcast, so how could the authorities ignore that? Not only Central TV Department 11 would be in trouble, I think even the two of us would be implicated.’’

But Zhang Ye, being a carefree soul, said, ’’So what? We've already been banned anyway, what more could happen to us? Will they tie us up? Will they stuff our mouths and make us shut up?’’

Yao Jiancai smiled at this, ’’That's rather true too.’’

’’We will still say whatever we have to say and not care about anyone!’’ Zhang Ye said.

At this time, a person walked up to them. He looked familiar, probably a member of the competition program team.

The youth took a look at them before saying, ’’Teacher Yao, Teacher Zhang. I'm from the program team. Can I have a minute of your time? Let's chat somewhere else?’’

They proceeded to an office.

Zhang Ye said, ’’What's the matter?’’

The youth did not beat around the bush, ’’There were some instructions from the station just now. We also had some discussions among the program team. It is our wish that your crosstalk be cleaner and less vulgar.’’

Zhang Ye laughed, ’’Is the station criticizing me now?’’

The youth said, ’’We wouldn't dare.’’

Yao Jiancai shot a glance at him before saying, ’’This is a crosstalk competition and what we performed was within the acceptable limits. How did it become unclean to you all? Where are the unclean parts?’’

The youth said, ’’There are profanities and innuendos!’’

’’Which were the profanities?’’ Zhang Ye asked.

The youth said, ’’Don't butt in.’’

Zhang Ye laughed sarcastically, ’’What I said was Dont Buttin. How is that a profanity? Point it out for me. I would like to know too!’’

The youth frown, ’’We both know what you meant.’’

Zhang Ye waved his hand, ’’Don't say that, I really don't know!’’

The youth clenched his teeth, ’’What about badmouthing Teacher Tang Dazhang? Teacher Tang came to us after the recording with a lot of the other crosstalk artists.’’

’’They're complaining?’’ Yao Jiancai rolled his eyes.

Zhang Ye lighted a cigarette, ’’Yo, heh, I've heard of people picking up money, but never heard of them picking up a scolding. I was talking about Tang Dade, yet someone wants the scolding to be about him. If he chose to be scolded, why do I have to be blamed? If by your saying, then Tang Dazhang's disciples who scolded me by using my name should be spoken to as well? Or maybe you mean to say that they can scold me or whatever, but me and Old Yao here can't even say a thing? We even have to be warned? What sort of crosstalk competition is this! Was it specially organized for Tang Dazhang? Then you should have told everyone earlier! You should have written a notice telling everyone that only Tang Dazhang's disciples are allowed to take part in this competition. If that were the case, we would not have registered at all!’’

The youth was piqued, ’’How can you say that? Regarding your crosstalk, everyone else discussed about it and the organizers also studied what you said. Nothing of it represents what crosstalk should be.’’

Zhang Ye asked, ’’Then tell me what is the art of crosstalk about?’’

The youth said, ’’At the very least, it cannot be so vulgar. This sort of crosstalk performance is not suitable for the stage and would negatively affect the audience. Crosstalk is a form of culture, a classy and elegant culture!’’

Zhang Ye laughed. He patted the youth's shoulder and said, ’’Alright, don't talk nonsense with me anymore. I have no time for that. I know how to do crosstalk better than you, so why would I listen to your explanations?’’

’’You....’’, The youth had not expected this sort of behavior from Zhang Ye.

Yao Jiancai also couldn't be bothered, ’’Let's go, old bro.’’

Zhang Ye stood up, ’’Let's go. Shall we have dinner at my parents'place tonight?’’

’’Sure.’’ Yao Jiancai agreed happily, ’’I've never been to your place before, so it's about time I visited.’’

The two of them joked as they stepped out of the office. They did not bother about the program team's youth staff at this point in time anymore.

The youth looked at their backs and was angered. He had no choice, as he was also timid in the presence of Zhang Ye. He was someone who had scolded the SARFT, beaten up a leader, fought off hijackers, and even landed a hijacked plane. That was the sort of person he was, so it would be best not to offend him. In any case, he had already passed on the message that the station wanted him to pass on. However they planned to do their next performance would be up to them since they couldn't blame it on him for not warning them beforehand!

Well then, it was time to go back to report this to the leader.

The youth tried to pull the door to leave the office, but with a twist of the door knob, it broke off from the door, ’’Ah?’’ He immediately knocked on the door saying, ’’Open the door! Please help me to open the door! If you can't get it opened, help get someone here to help!’’


The duo heard the knocking and plea.

Yao Jiancai laughed and said, ’’What do you think?’’

’’He's trapped inside?’’ Zhang Ye was also cheered by this.

Peng peng peng, ’’If anyone is outside, please help me open the door!’’

Zhang Ye nearly wanted to do so, but thinking about how coincidental this was, he remember that it was probably the Difficulty Adjustment Die doing its work. Since Zhang Ye did not feel much for these bunch of people, maybe it was the Die giving it to them?

Sure enough, it seemed that within these 6 days, no matter who came at him would be killed off immediately!

He smiled and said, ’’Let's go.’’

Yao Jiancai said, ’’Go?’’

’’Don't bother about him, let him knock all he wants.’’ Zhang Ye said.

The youth heard them from behind the door!

He nearly vomited blood!

He still had some urgent matters to attend to later! He had to go supervise a program!

He immediately took out his cellphone and tried to make a call to a colleague to ask for help, but as he took out the phone, he dropped it and the cellphone was smashed to pieces when it hit the ground!

The youth was dumbfounded for a moment. What the f**k!

Did his luck have to be this bad?!

What was going on in the station these past two days!

Was there a ghost?

The two of them who were outside nearly went crazy from laughter.

Yao Jiancai said, ’’I've heard of your temper before, but I've never witnessed it first hand. This time, however, I've finally seen this side to you. Now I understand why you offend so many people with the things that you do. People with a bad temper, heh, this old bro has seen it a few times before, but never have I seen someone as quick tempered as you.’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’I've already suppressed myself. That bunch of people deserved a scolding. That Tang guy incited a group of people to step on me and go against me. As a judge of the competition, he's abusing his powers to backstab me. Now he's even trying to make us lose our qualifications to take part in it? His disciples criticized us on their program, but I have never seen a program team deal with such bullshit like that? Central TV has not even issued a statement? Tang Dazhang is also a part of the program team. Isn't that the same as the magistrates being free to burn down houses, while the common people are forbidden to light their lamps? Only they can step on others, but others may not step on them? F**k their grandpas!’’

Yao Jiancai said, ’’You rascal. You never allow yourself to be on the losing end! Hehe, but your old bro likes it this way. Since the fuss has already been kicked up, let's just go all the way!’’

As they were prepared to walk on, another person was headed towards them again. It was an old man.

Seeing that person, Yao Jiancai immediately recognized him. It was a veteran artist of the crosstalk performance world.


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