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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 473


Chapter 473: Zhang Ye's Big Move!

Department 11 at Central TV.

Internal meeting at the competition's program team.

There were about nine people seated at the meeting table.

The head said, ’’There are no problems with the recording hall, right?’’

’’It's all ready.’’ A woman said.

’’What about the competition's divisions?’’ The first person asked again.

A middle-aged man, third one from the left, said, ’’We have already contacted people from the notary office. They will be here tomorrow to randomly assign the divisions.’’

Suddenly, a youth paused and said, ’’Director, now there is one problem. Two banned celebrities listed on decree #43 have registered for the competition. We had no way to deal with it temporarily, so had to do it through the normal processes.’’

The head said, ’’Oh, I heard about that. It's alright. Since this competition doesn't limit the participants, then things can go according to procedure. However, during the editing, you must monitor it. No matter how well they perform, Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai's crosstalk program is not to be aired, nor should it be uploaded. The higher-ups have already issued the decree. Those banned celebrities'programs can't even be aired on the internet, so make sure to pay careful attention to it.’’


’’Got it.’’

Towards Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai's participation, Central TV's Department 11 were extremely speechless about it. They knew the two of them were here to mess things up, but after a long discussion, they could not deprive them of their right to participate. As they had no reason to do so, they could only prevent the banned duo from appearing in broadcasts, but could not interfere with their personal freedom. Besides, this was not an ordinary entertainment program, but the National Crosstalk and Skit Competition. It was an authoritative competition jointly organized by the Crosstalk Association and six other departments. If they wanted to refuse Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai the right to participate, it wasn't like they could not do it. However, if they were to do so, the competition would lose a lot of its impartiality and open style. They might even lose their reputation. They could prevent anyone they did not want to participate from participating? A champion was decided internally? Silencing the dissidents? If this kind of rumors spread amongst the people, it wouldn't be nice. It would be a bad influence on their program, so after a discussion between the program team and the organizing committee, they finally decided to let Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai participate. It was not worth harming their reputation just for two people who were likely not to be promoted to the elimination rounds.

As for promoting?

That was a joke!

Without any broadcast, their participating work wouldn't be shown with them, so how could they be promoted? Besides, if the two of them were to produce a program or act in a show, they could still believe it, but crosstalk? What crosstalk can they do!? Crosstalk was a language art form. Without decades of foundational skills, there was no way they could pass!


On the same day.

News broke out on the internet.

Once the news came out, it immediately attracted the attention of numerous people, stunning them!

’’Ah? Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai are going to compete in the crosstalk competition?’’

’’What the f**k! Did I see wrongly?’’

’’It's just a rumor, right? News from the grapevine cannot be believed. It's impossible!’’

’’It should be true. I think it was leaked from Central TV's Department 11.’’

’’Aren't they banned?’’

’’That's right, how can they participate?’’

’’I don't know either. What's going on?’’

’’Banning refers to limiting the avenues for broadcasting and not limiting their personal freedom or civil rights. It's like a taking an exam to be a civil servant, you might previously have committed crimes, and even if you passed the exam, they would not hire you, but that does not mean that you are barred from registering for the exam. You can still take the exam. Haha, I'm sure this idea was from Teacher Zhang Ye. He found a loophole and plans to mess up the crosstalk and skit competition, causing them some trouble, but to truly hope that Teacher Zhang Ye can get any good placing, then that will be hoping for too much. How can Zhang Ye know anything about crosstalk?’’

’’Then wouldn't it be meaningless to join? Would they be aired?’’

’’Definitely not.’’

’’How Teacher Zhang does things is always so surprising! Hahaha!’’

’’Screwing things up for others would be good, after all, Teacher Zhang Ye has nothing better to do at home. He came out to 'have a ride'! Pfft! A comical feeling just hit me!’’

’’I also feel like laughing. Zhang Ye is planning on teaming up with Yao Jiancai to do crosstalk? I can't imagine that scene! Somehow I am looking forward to it!’’

’’I really want to go and see it in person. I want to see how badly Teacher Zhang does!’’

’’I guess Zhang Ye didn't even make any preparations for his crosstalk program. He's there just to mess things up. Just being there would achieve his goals. So whatever he says doesn't matter!’’

’’Supporting Zhang Ye!’’

’’Supporting Old Yao!’’

’’Haha! These two brothers in trouble sure are great at stirring up sh*t!’’

’’They have already received a complete ban, yet they still dare to participate in a television competition?’’


Zhang Ye's home.

The moment he returned home in the afternoon, his phone kept ringing.

It was first skit actress, Ci Xiufang. The first thing she said, ’’You are participating in the crosstalk competition? You sure are fantastic. Is there any meaning to it?’’

Zhang Ye held his cellphone while laughing and said, ’’I'm just showing my presence.’’

Ci Xiufang said, ’’Do you really know or do you really not know? Do you think just because they allowed you to register, it means you can participate in the competition? That means you can be aired? That means you can be promoted? You are making it out to be too simple. I guarantee you that once you finish the preliminaries, you won't be able to stir up a tiny wave. It will be a waste of effort.’’

’’I know.’’

’’Yet you are still going to do it??’’

’’Aiyah, Auntie Ci, I naturally have my own considerations.’’

After hanging up on Teacher Ci, a few friends gave him a call.

Tian Bin: ’’What's up with you?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’Hur Hur, just that.’’

’’Are you really participating?’’ Tian Bin asked in a speechless manner.

Zhang Ye responded, ’’Of course.’’

Tian Bin said, ’’Alright then. I won't say anything more.’’

Beside him, Yao Jiancai was also picking up phone call after phone call. It was all from his friends, asking him about the news of him registering for the competition.

Yao Jiancai kept picking up phone calls.

Zhang Ye suggested, ’’We still have quite a few things to do. Why don't we switch off our phones?’’

Yao Jiancai nodded and switched off his cellphone. Then he blinked at Zhang Ye. ’’Little Zhang, the few phone calls from before have jolted me awake. Before registering, this old bro was confused by you, I nearly lost my bearings. Now that I think about it, it's not right. You said that even if we can't be aired during the preliminaries, but the elimination rounds and finals are television live broadcasts, so Central TV's Department 11 has no way of preventing us from going on a live broadcast, but that's not right. If our works can't be f**king seen during the preliminaries, with them all banned, how the hell are we to enter the elimination rounds?’’

Zhang Ye vaguely said, ’’We'll talk about that when the time comes.’’

Yao Jiancai nearly fainted. ’’When the time comes?’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’It's not like we have anything else we can do. Let's do the crosstalk well. As for the rest, let's leave it to fate. Alright Old Yao, let's match our lines.’’

Yao Jiancai said, ’’I just realized I got scammed onto your pirate ship and can't jump ship. Alright then, I'm going for broke this time, and I'll do it to the very end! Let's do it!’’

Actually, everything others said to him was understood by Zhang Ye. However, there were certain things he could not explain to everyone. He naturally knew that his work with Old Yao would not be aired. This competition was also filled with arduous paths with no way out, but Zhang Ye had his own ideas. It was just that he could not tell anyone else. What he wanted to do now was to participate in the preliminaries with Old Yao, and do the crosstalk to its best for the preliminaries!

The rest shall be left to fate!

Whether this could actually be accomplished or not actually needed just a bit of luck!


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