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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 439


Chapter 439: The virus rages on!


The spread of the virus intensified!

Panda Burning Incense had already made its way around all of Korea. Personal computers, enterprise computers, government computers, none of them were able to escape as the virus continuously emanated!

On the Korean internet, no one was paying anymore attention to the hacker war or Lee Anson. There were only voices of condemnation!

’’I've been infected too!’’

’’This is so depressing! I have to reinstall everything again! It's all gone!’’

’’F**k me! I reinstalled my system just 10 minutes ago, but I got infected by Panda Burning Incense when I went online again! What the hell is with this virus!’’

’’Those Chinese hackers are such bastards!’’

’’This is pushing it too far!’’

’’This is infuriating! My poor computer!’’

’’How many people have been infected so far?’’

’’There are no reports from the government, but I heard that there's already tens of thousands!’’

’’Oh my god! Just what kind of virus is this!? The author of it is too wicked!’’

’’My five computers at home, mine, my sister's, my brother's, my wife's, my parents, all of them have been infected by Panda Burning Incense!’’

’’Hit back at them!’’

’’Where the hell are our hackers? Hit back at them!’’

’’Don't bother calling them out anymore. I've just received some news that they were infected as well. They're probably too busy trying to save their own systems to even think of retaliation!’’

’’JIN and his team got infected too?’’

’’But they're world class hackers!’’

’’Holy sh*t! What kind of a person did we offend this time!?’’


At home.

Zhang Ye was still awake. He looked at the results of his battle and was rather surprised by it. The speed at which the virus spread was faster than he had expected. It seemed like the virus had raged with more damage than it had in his previous world, possibly because this world's network security was too well made and the anti-virus softwares were too powerful, leading users to have a false sense of security. This was probably what contributed the most to the fast spreading of Panda Burning Incense!

But was that all?

Was he going to just wash his hands clean of this matter now?

Of course not. This was only just the beginning. A grandson like Zhang Ye would have a lot more tricks up his sleeves, like this one.....

He entered a few keystrokes quickly and then launched a Korean translation software.

It's done!

Brought to a successful completion!

Let's start another wave!


The most affected victim was Lee Anson's agency and his circle of friends. This was the focus spot of Panda Burning Incense. Other than Lee Anson's computer being taken over by the ’’Panda’’, the 125 other computers in his management company had been infected as well. His friends'personal computers and some entertainment companies, which had dealings with him, were also infected!

A lot of them gave a call to Lee Anson.

’’Lee Anson, what kind of contract document did you send to me! Why was it infected with a virus! The computers at my office have all been infected as well! What the heck are you doing?’’

’’Director Park, my computer was infected as well. I, I really didn't know how.’’

’’This matter all started because of you! Those hackers from China came for you! You better watch your back this time! Don't send me any emails ever again!’’

’’I'm sorry, Director Park. I'm really sorry.’’

’’I'm hanging up!’’

Lee Anson was also very furious as he had a lot of important documents and data on his computer. He immediately formatted his hard drive and reinstalled the operating system. The computer was restored very quickly and he searched for his files. Hu, luckily they were still there. He then went online to continue his half finished work, carefully checking each time he clicked on a link or before opening his mail. He felt very tense.


This was?

Lee Anson suddenly discovered on a forum that someone had announced a ’’Panda Burning Incense’’ removal tool. Other than him, many other Koreans saw it as well!


’’Our efficiency is really good!’’


’’We came up with a removal tool so quickly! It even does preventions for future infections?’’

’’Hahaha, there's nothing to be afraid of anymore!’’

Lee Anson and countless other Korean citizens rushed to download it. They were very excited as they finally found a solution to their problem!

Then, just as Lee Anson executed the removal tool, he saw a familiar image of a panda again. It appeared on his computer desktop!

’’F**k me!’’ Lee Anson nearly cried!

He had been infected again!

This removal tool was really a virus!

Those who had download this removal tool had all been tricked!


Somewhere in the Internet Surveillance Bureau.

Meng Yi cried out, ’’Hey, a removal tool for the Panda Burning Incense virus has been released!’’

’’So fast?’’ Fang Xiaoshui asked in surprise, ’’Looks like there are a lot of experts over there too.’’

Seeing that the leader was not around, Zhang Er muttered, ’’What a pity. If it was released at a later time, they would have had more systems infected. That would have taught them a lesson!’’

A cyber-policewoman sighed, ’’It's too bad. It seems that their lives are blessed.’’

Fang Xiaoshui said, ’’Let's download it too. It might be useful at a later time.’’

But after Fang Xiaoshui downloaded the Korean titled removal tool, she was suddenly startled, ’’This, this isn't a removal tool! It's that damned Panda Burning Incense virus!’’

The other cyber-policewoman nearly spat out her drink when she heard that!

After Fang Xiaoshui said that, she was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry too!

Meng Yi and the other dozen other cyber-police: ’’..........’’

Needless to ask, this was definitely another ruse of ’’2’’!

That grandson! This hacker was such a grandson! First, he infected a large number of Korean systems with the Panda Burning Incense worm. When the spread was significant enough, he released a fake removal tool that infected another large number of systems! Just how brutal could you be! Just how much do you hate Koreans!

When Dong Zhiqiang returned from his meeting to witness this scene, he even felt a little happy. He did not know what to say anymore!

Such an insidious strategy!

A hooligan's trick!

Did all of this come from a top-class hacker?

Dong Zhiqiang and the others were all smiling wryly. Even they had to admit that this strategy was full of deception! Even Dong Zhiqiang and his team, who had so many years of experience doing internet surveillance and facing off with hackers and viruses, when met with such a strategy, even they might have fallen for it if they weren't careful enough, let alone those Koreans citizens! This ’’2’’ was too immoral!

Over at the Korean side, this removal tool had indeed infected another large wave of people. Some people, who were initially quite vigilant and did not download any software or open any email attachments had scrambled to download the removal tool when they saw it!

From there, they were all infected as well!

After about 10 minutes, the Koreans issued another red alert through the Korean Malware Protection Center. It reminded citizens not to fall for the so-called Panda Burning Incense removal tool, as it was also a virus! On top of that, the relevant Korean departments had applied to the Global Malware Protection Center and several other international security companies to ask for assistance. It was said that the virus was being studied at the moment to come up with a solution!


At another location.

YOYOT (USA): ’’Did you all see that?’’

TOM (UK): ’’Yes, I never expected '2'to attack with a virus. This is one of the most difficult means and hard to implement, but not only did he manage to come up with a new type of virus, he even managed to spread it with so much destruction. I got my hands on the virus to study it just now. The code is not complex, but it's really destructive. This time, the Koreans are going to get a huge headache!’’

Cepera (Russia): ’’A red alert for virus hasn't appeared in how long?’’

Fujiwara (Japan): ’’Those Korean hackers messed with the wrong guy!’’

Cepera (Russia): ’’They only have themselves to blame. Earlier, the Korean hackers already had an advantage. They should have stopped there after winning, but they got greedy and wanted to do more. Look at them now, they offended '2'. This unknown expert from China is obviously not someone they can deal with! There's a saying in China, ’’There are always people who are better than you’’. This saying seems very appropriate in this situation now. '2'is a really dangerous person! To create a virus and release it in this way is definitely too scary!’’

YOYOT (USA): ’’I just tested the Panda Burning Incense virus. It's indeed quite a handful. Anti-virus software or firewalls can't withstand it at all! This virus variant is like a nude woman, and I discovered that it seems this virus'programming only targets Korean language operating systems, and is less destructive towards any other operating systems. It seems '2'held back this time. If '2'were to go all out in spreading the virus, doing freely as he pleased, I wonder what the internet would be like if that were to happen. We might even succumb to it. JIN is doomed. It looks like he messed with someone he shouldn't have!’’

Who was '2'?

Where did this godly person jump out from?

These words appeared in the minds of the hackers and programmers all over the world who were watching the situation. China was truly filled with hidden masters!


On China's side.

Many people were staying up all night to keep tabs on the situation!

When they saw the Koreans issue the red alert, and how the Panda Burning Incense had wrecked havoc in Korea, these citizens, who were waiting in front of their computers, felt uplifted. They began crying out with joy!


’’This is blood boiling!’’

’’We've finally sought revenge!’’


’’It feels so good!’’

’’God '2'is too awesome!’’

’’Our national treasures, pandas, have rushed out of the country!’’

’’Whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed! Every time I see this godly person's words, I feel excited!’’

’’Who the f**k said our China's networking skills are bad? See! Come round and take a look! Our China also has top world-class hackers!’’


’’The Koreans sure got unlucky this time!

’’We let you remain arrogant! We let you show off!’’

’’I don't think this is good, right? A computer virus is against the law after all!’’

’’The person above me, are you sick? Those hackers from Korea illegally accessed our websites, and that's not against the law? So they are right? When our gods are angered and step forward to fight back, it now becomes our own fault? I support god '2'unconditionally! It's so empowering!’’

’’Me too!’’

’’Same here, supporting unconditionally!’’

’’An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!’’

’’Right, so they are allowed to initiate it, but we are not allowed to follow up?’’

’’Delightful! That bunch of retards! This time, they got themselves into big trouble!’’

A Panda Burning Incense was enough to wreck havoc throughout the world. Everyone in Korea was looking out for themselves. The entire world was staring at them. They were on high alert, worried their own countries would be affected. This was a cyber-disaster. It was the most devastating and serious internet virus in Korean history!

Firewalls could not intercept it!

Anti-virus software could do nothing against it!

Security experts were helpless against it!

China and their national treasure, pandas, outrageously appeared on computer after computer in Korea. They were not here for invasion, nor was it an act of aggression. It seemed like their appearance was to tell Korea and the entire world one thing. ’’Whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed!’’




Panda Burning Incense swept throughout Korea!


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