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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 395


Chapter 395: Friend of Women!

At Zhang Ye's maternal grandma's house.

The performance for ’’Woman Flower’’ came to an end.

There was no one left making dumplings in the kitchen. Everyone in the house was on the couch staring at the television in front of them. Especially all the women in the house were too moved by this song!

Second Aunt also cried. ’’It was sung so well!’’

Third Aunt patted her on the back. ’’That's right. Who would have thought that even at that age, Zhang Xia can still dress so beautifully in that flower dress. It didn't look out of place either. It was very pretty. Zhang Yuanqi too. I think Zhang Yuanqi today was much more beautiful than any of her previous outfits!’’

First Uncle interjected, ’’Is this song good?’’

First Aunt leered at him. ’’This is a song for us women. What would you know!?’’

Cao Mengmeng said, ’’Yes, this is a song for us women! It's really nice!’’

Everyone laughed. ’’You are a little girl at best, what woman? Hur Hur Hur.’’

Cao Mengmeng did not like hearing that. ’’Hey, music knows no boundaries, nor does it discriminate against gender or age. Why can't I find it nice? All of you are discriminating!’’

Suddenly, Cao Dan looked at her cellphone in shock. ’’Oh hey, hurry and take a look. News appeared on the internet. This ’’Woman Flower’’ was written by our bro!’’

Cao Tong exclaimed, ’’What?’’

Cao Mengmeng rushed over, ’’Give it to me!’’

Cao Dan excitedly passed her cellphone to her. ’’Take a look!

This was news revealed by Zhang Yuanqi's company.

’’Woman Flower’’.

Lyrics: Zhang Ye.

Composer: Zhang Ye.

Arranger: Zhang Ye, Zhang Xia, Zhang Yuanqi, Wang Zhengyi, Sun Chengzhi.

Cao Mengmeng exclaimed, ’’Holy sh*t, even the arranger has my bro's name? And his name is placed in front of everyone else's? My bro is too awesome! This is really a song written by my bro!’’

Zhang Ye's mom became excited. ’’Give it to me! Show it to me!’’

Cao Mengmeng handed the cellphone to her. ’’Aunt, someone from our family has really gone on the Spring Festival Gala! It's so empowering! No, no! I must call my classmates! Hahahaha!’’ She immediately took her cellphone to the balcony and began bragging to her classmates and friends. She was showing off happily!

Zhang Ye's Mom's glance made her momentarily high-spirited. With a beaming smile, three shouts of ’’Great’’ sounded out, and then hurriedly went to a corner to make phone calls. It was all to her old neighbors or colleagues.

’’Hey, Old Zhang!’’

’’Hey Old Cao.’’

’’Wishing you a happy new year.’’

’’Thank you, thank you. Here's me wishing you a happy new year too.’’

’’Are you watching the Spring Festival Gala?’’

’’I'm watching. I just finished listening to the 'Woman Flower'.’’

’’You heard it? What's your thoughts about it?’’

’’Of course it's good. Our entire family is talking about it. This song is absolutely wonderful!’’

’’Hahaha, let me tell you that this song's composer and arranger was all written by my son! Didn't I tell all of you that my son's work would be on the Spring Festival Gala this year? It was originally going to be 'Wishing We Last Forever', but they changed it with something even better. It's this 'Woman Flower'!’’

’’Ah? It's really written by Little Ye?’’

’’How could that be fake!? It's written by my son!’’

’’Hey! Old Cao, your house has produced a genius!’’

It was immediately followed up by a second call.

’’Hello, Big Sis Sun, here's wishing you a happy new year.’’

’’Hey, Little Cao, thank you. You have happy new year as well.’’

’’You heard the 'Woman Flower'on the Spring Festival Gala just now, right? It's written by my son! And it was specially written by my son for me! Wasn't it nice?’’


A few phone calls later.

Zhang Ye's Dad glanced at her. ’’Was there a need to brag so much?’’

Mom rolled her eyes. ’’Who was bragging!? Isn't that song my son's work!?’’

’’It is written by Little Ye, but who said it was written for you.’’ Dad was quite speechless.

Mom could not stand it and disliked what she had heard. ’’Hey, if that wasn't written for me, then who was it for?’’ She then looked at her other relatives and said, ’’Tell me, am I right!? Look at the lyrics, that melody. It can't be any clearer. This was a song my son created for me!’’

Dad was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. ’’Why can't I see that?’’

Maternal grandma smiled and said, ’’Since she said it that way, then it has to be it.’’

’’Mom.’’ Mom stared. ’’What do you mean then it has to be it. It's true in the first place!’’

Dad did not want to argue with her. ’’Alright, alright, alright. It is.’’

Mom was overjoyed. ’’I was wondering what our son was doing this new year's eve, so he was out composing a song. He has really given our family face!’’


On the web.


’’Woman Flower’’ caused quite a buzz!

’’It's really a nice song!’’

’’It does not have any high pitch or pitch changes, or colorful, eye-catching things in it, but every word was so moving! Isn't the highest art of singing this?’’

’’I'm not afraid to be ridiculed by all of you. I cried listening to the song just now.’’

’’I didn't go so far as to cry, but I was also touched!’’

’’Me too. These two music veterans have really made a leap and reached a level of sublimation. I also liked their songs in the past, but just like how young people evaluated these songs, the songs are all too old. It's too outdated. It's fine listening to them once or twice, but it can be inevitably tiring hearing it too many times. There's nothing new, but today's 'Woman Flower'has really made a qualitative leap! I can't not be in admiration!’’

’’Who said it's the world of young people now? After listening to 'Woman Flower', I only have a feeling. That wine gets better with age!’’

’’This is a classic piece!’’

’’That's right! ’’It will definitely be a golden oldie that will leave a good name forever!’’

Following that, the songwriter's identity was revealed. When many people first saw his name, they were stunned, and then began to feel that it was very normal!

’’It's Zhang Ye!’’

’’Holy sh*t! It's really him!’’

’’I knew it. I was just asking who could write such lyrics! There aren't many you can find in the music circles. Zhang Ye is one of them, and it's really written by him!’’

’’This production of his sure is big!’’

’’Zhang Ye is too heaven-defying! He's truly talented!’’

’’But he's a young person and a man at that. How does he understand women so well?’’

’’Haha, sometimes men are able to understand a woman better than other women!’’

’’That's true. With Teacher Zhang Ye's talent, you can no longer look at him with common sense. Just like his talent in poetry. If it were anyone else, it's not something they can produce at that age. However, this is common sense when it comes to Zhang Ye. Don't put common sense over his neck!’’

’’Actually, after I heard 'Woman Flower', I chuckled. I had something in my mind saying what if this song was written by Zhang Ye? As the directing team had just rejected Zhang Yuanqi and Zhang Xia from going on stage. The media and many members of the public also say that they are old and outdated. Eventually, it was followed up immediately by that 'I have a flower, it grows within my heart', telling everyone that they were not old. This is face-smacking! Those who understand Zhang Ye's personality should know that these lyrics are too reminiscent of that fellow Zhang Ye! There's no one else other than him! I never expected it to be true! When my wife was watching TV, she was also amused. Her eyes were very sharp and immediately said that this song was not only sung for women. Not only was it sung for the audience, it was also sung to those who doubted them!’’

’’What literary skills!’’

’’Zhang Ye's ability to create music might not be weaker than his ability at writing poetry. The popularity of 'Wishing We Last Forever'now doesn't look like a coincidence. Zhang Ye has the ability. In the future, more and more people will ask for songs written by him. However, I heard that he doesn't easily write songs for people. It seems even when Zhang Yuanqi tried buying the rights to 'Shuidiao Getou'back then, they had gone through quite a lot of trouble. They only managed to get it after using both hard and soft tactics. Furthermore, it was Zhang Yuanqi who composed the melody!’’

’’I also heard of it. After that song, many people came asking for Zhang Ye to write their songs, however, they were all nicely rejected by Zhang Ye. Hai, only the Heavenly Queen Zhang Yuanqi and an old veteran like Zhang Xia have the standing to get one from him. As for others...nothing. After today's resounding outcome, Zhang Ye will be at the top of the musician circles. Just these two songs of his are no less than a top musician's work! In fact, it might even be slightly better in certain aspects!’’

’’Zhang Ye is too awesome!’’

’’I'm wondering. How can this Teacher Zhang Ye be so versatile? He can write novels and poems. He's good at making programs too. He is also good at speeches, proficient at literature, and the classics. Also, wasn't that Brain Gold advertisement in recent times also a work of his? Now, there's an additional trait of writing lyrics and composing melodies! How can one person be so talented? Which rock did this man jump out of!?’’

’’This is what 'however strong you are, there is always someone stronger'means!’’

’’Haha, I'm really anticipating his next piece of work!’’

’’'Ode of Mulan'was wonderful! 'Woman Flower'is a classic! I suddenly feel like I'm obsessed with Teacher Zhang Ye! He is a spokesman for us women! He knows us women too well!’’

’’That's right! He's a spokesman for women!’’

Zhang Ye had experienced ups and down, and was quite legendary. Hence, he always had many nicknames and titles.


Literary hooligan!

Anti-hijacking hero!

Professional Korean Insulter!

Today, under everyone's discussion, Zhang Ye had gained another title of ’’Friend of Women’’!


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