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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 353


Chapter 353: Meeting Water Lotus Moon!

The wind was blowing.

It was not strong, but still, it was a winter night. A light wind would also be cold.

Zhang Ye's body shivered. He did not wear much since he had just come out for a jog. He stood up from the staircase, and ran to around to the other side of the bank and found a place to shelter himself from the wind. He squatted down facing a cafe and restaurant on the opposite side. Since he did not bring his wallet, he could not go in either, so he decided to settle for staying in that spot.

Guess what she was thinking?

This sort of question was simple, because there was no need for thinking or technicalities to consider. Yet it was also the most difficult as it was purely made for guessing only. Of course, this was the case for other people. They would probably not be able to guess unless they were really lucky, but for Zhang Ye, this was not something that he couldn't do!

Right now, Zhang Ye only had one thing to do. He opened the game ring's virtual screen and reached into his inventory to take out a crystal. He crushed it.

[Saving Game]

[Game Saved]

[Saved Game Validity: 30 minutes]

This was his last ’’Save Game Crystal’’ that Zhang Ye had. In order to meet Water Lotus Moon, he had to sacrifice it all. His heart ached the moment he crushed the crystal. This was because he knew how important it was. It could even be said that Zhang Ye could only successfully become a host all thanks to the ’’saved game’’. Otherwise, he might still not have found a suitable job up to now, much less to have developed so successfully in the entertainment industry. Yes, but then again, such items were drawn so that they could be used, right? He could not hoard it till the day he died just because it was valuable. That would be most unwise. Zhang Ye did not want to be a miser, besides he might still be able to get a valuable item like this in the next lottery draw. When it was time for it to be used, it should be used. This was a case of no pain, no gain!

The other party now was a beautiful lady with a voluptuous figure. Even if she was not some peerless beauty, she shouldn't be too bad looking. The manner in which she spoke was also very appropriate and this touched Zhang Ye. Of course he had to grab at this chance. If he missed it, he might no longer have another chance in the future.

At this moment, he received Water Lotus Moon's message: ’’Are you sure you want to try?’’

’’Yes.’’ Zhang Ye replied: ’’Please ask, what are the questions?’’

After a short while, Water Lotus Moon asked: ’’I am thinking of a color now, soulmate. Tell me what color am I thinking of?’’

Zhang Ye made a wild guess: ’’White!’’

This was because he had seen Water Lotus Moon's white colored panties earlier, so the color just rolled off his mind.

Water Lotus Moon sent a faint smiling emoticon: ’’Pity, you guessed wrong.’’

Zhang Ye replied: ’’Next question.’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’I've thought of a number, it's your turn.’’

Zhang Ye asked: ’’How many digits?’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’I can't give you that hint. Otherwise, how is this a soulmate test?’’

Zhang Ye randomly said: ’’32!’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’Hur Hur, such a pity, you are wrong again.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’Then what number and color were you thinking of?’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’If I said you were wrong, then you were definitely wrong. I have no reason to lie to you, no? Alright, since you don't sound convinced, let me give you a few more questions. For these questions, you only have to guess one correctly as to what I am thinking of and I will admit that we are soulmates. How about that?’’

Zhang Ye did not give up of course, ’’Go ahead and ask.’’

He did not know if Water Lotus Moon was just playing around with him, but was clearly intrigued, ’’What sort of books do you think Big Sis likes to read?’’

Zhang Ye blinked, ’’I guess that you like to read Chen Tianmo's prose essays?’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’What a pity again. Do I prefer raw Pu'er or ripe Pu'er?’’

This was a question of 2 choices and there was a 50% chance of getting it right. Zhang Ye was excited at this prospect as Water Lotus Moon had mentioned earlier that he only needed to get 1 question right before she agreed to meet up. After thinking it through, most people preferred ripe Pu'er. Could the answer be the opposite, but if it were so simple, why would Water Lotus Moon ask it? Unless the answer was really ripe Pu'er? He had to think using reverse-reverse psychology? Zhang Ye decided to answer: ’’You like ripe Pu'er!’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’Wrong again. Alright, let's not fool around anymore. Big Sis has to go now, let's chat again when there's a chance.’’

Zhang Ye quickly replied, ’’Don't go. You haven't told me the answers yet! Big Sis? Big Sis?’’ He continuously sent out 3 to 4 messages but she did not reply.

He had not expected this to happen!

F**k! If there's no answer, how am I supposed to do this!

Zhang Ye was unwilling to accept defeat as he continued to send a few more messages, but even though the other party's avatar was lit up, there was still no response. He did not know if it was because she did not reply on purpose or whether she was driving. Thinking of this, Zhang Ye decided to try his luck. He ran straight towards Liulichang at a very fast speed, similar to that of a short distance sprint!

In about ten minutes, he arrived at Liulichang, but upon looking around, the streets were mostly deserted. Several shops that sold the Four Treasures of the Study were already closed for the day. Two of them were preparing to close their shops. There were no cars to be seen around the area. Clearly, Water Lotus Moon had already left. Regrets. He should not have fooled around on chat with Water Lotus Moon. He should have just come directly to take a look and it would have been the same, right. but then again, that might not have been okay. Liulichang was a huge area and was split into the east and west streets. Who would have known where Water Lotus Moon was buying Xuan paper and appreciating the moon from? Behind was a section of alleyways which would make it too difficult to look for someone. The problem was that he did not even know what Water Lotus Moon looked like. Would he have to search for her by staring at people's chests? Figure it out by look at the size of their breasts? Zhang Ye did not have such a skill anyway!

It was a wrong move!

He really did not expect this!

Zhang Ye did not have any other way out, so he walked home listlessly. He did not know how long he had walked for as he headed south past Hufang bridge, but at that very moment, his cellphone received a message!

It was from Water Lotus Moon: ’’Big Sis has reached home, you rest early too.’’

Zhang Ye's wait was finally over. He quickly replied: ’’I'm not home yet, still outside. I've been trying to guess the answer to those questions, but still can't figure it out! If you don't tell me your answers, I won't even have the mood to go home!’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’It was just a joke, there's no need for that.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’There's a need for it! I see everything as important! If I don't get this clear, I wouldn't be able to sleep!’’

Water Lotus Moon sent him a calm faced emoticon: ’’I don't mind telling you. Big Sis thought of the color, purplish blue. The number I thought of was....’’

As she was telling him the answers, Zhang Ye kept looking at his watch nervously. When Water Lotus Moon finally said all the answers to her questions, Zhang Ye did not hesitate one moment longer and quickly pressed on an option on the virtual screen of his game ring!

[Reading file]

[Retrieving data]

[Data retrieved!]


His head was dizzy!

His eyes went into a blur!

Zhang Ye's tiredness from running to Liulichang suddenly disappeared. What was left was just the little bit of tiredness from his earlier jogging. The lights and scene of Hufang bridge was also no longer in sight. The scene before him changed and Zhang Ye was back at the side of the dimly lit bank. A few people were walking past him.

He's back!

The saved data had returned him to the time from 28 minutes earlier!

What a close shave! Another 2 minutes, no, just another minute more and the save would have been wasted. The saved data could only be stored for 30 minutes at most! Whether it be 1 minute or 30 minutes later, the saved data would be able to bring Zhang Ye back to the save point, but once it was past 30 minutes, the saved data would not exist. This was a matter of life or death!

Looking at the time on his cellphone, it was exactly 28 minutes ago when he was on the chat app with Water Lotus Moon. Zhang Ye had just sent the message ’’Let's give it a try’’.

Di di!

The alert sounded!

’’Are you sure you want to try?’’ Water Lotus Moon asked.

It was the exact same words as before!

Zhang Ye was afraid that he might change the outcome, so he stuck to the same words as before, ’’Yes. Please ask, what are the questions?’’ He even knew that the reply from Water Lotus Moon would come in 5 seconds.

1 second.......

3 seconds........

5 seconds.........

As expected, Water Lotus Moon's reply came: ’’I am thinking of a color now, soulmate. Tell me what color am I thinking of?’’

Zhang Ye replied without hesitation: ’’Purplish blue.’’

Water Lotus Moon immediately replied: ’’.......’’

Zhang Ye smiled: ’’Did I guess correctly?’’

Water Lotus Moon seemingly pondered: ’’Your luck is pretty good.’’

Only Zhang Ye knew that it was not due to some shitty luck. If it were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple, it might have been luck, but thinking of the color purplish blue, cyan, or khaki, etc, even a deity would not be able to guess correctly. This was already not some primary color. It was a secondary color like sky blue, purplish blue, sea blue, etc, etc, etc. Just how many were there to choose from? Who would guess that!

Only Zhang Ye could have used a different way to find out, but even if he knew the answer, he understood that Water Lotus Moon was not actually planning on meeting him. This was because if she did, she wouldn't have come up with such questions that might seem simple to guess, but were in fact not down to luck. This was probably similar to the odds of striking lottery!

Water Lotus Moon: ’’Let me ask another one.’’

Zhang Ye: ’’Please.’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’I've thought of a number, make a guess?’’

Zhang Ye directly answered: ’’19!’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’..............’’

Zhang Ye laughed: ’’Did I get it again?’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’What sort of books do you think Big Sis usually likes to read?’’

Zhang Ye answered without a thought: ’’Analects!’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’.....You can even guess that?’’

Zhang Ye smiled and replied, ’’We're soulmates after all. I only guessed because I like reading 'Analects'too.’’

Water Lotus Moon was stunned: ’’Alright then, I have 1 last question. I like to drink tea, do you think Big Sis prefers raw Pu'er or ripe Pu'er?’’

This was the most tricky question!

He had initially thought that this was a choice between 2 answers, but Water Lotus Moon had actually dug a hole for him to jump in!

Zhang Ye smiled, ’’I feel that you like neither raw Pu'er or ripe Pu'er, but you actually prefer Tie Guanyin instead.’’

When he finished answering this question, Water Lotus Moon did not reply.

Zhang Ye blinked: ’’Big Sis?’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’Yes.’’

Zhang Ye coughed: ’’Did I get them all?’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’Big Sis only started liking Tie Guanyin in the past few days. Even those who have known me for many years would not know this, I don't understand how you guessed it.’’

Zhang Ye reply: ’’I just blindly guessed.’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’I know that you guessed it blindly, otherwise how would you even know what number I was thinking of? Could you really be a Big Sis' soulmate?

Zhang Ye quickly replied: ’’You think too highly of me.’’

Water Lotus Moon: ’’Big Sis has never believed in fate, but today I can't say that anymore. Since I made the promise, I will do it. Let's meet up today.’’


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