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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 147


Chapter 147: Gathering the Surgery Fees!


Beijing Television Station's News Channel broadcasted the news.

’’Next, we will have a piece of breaking news. Here is a shocking scene recorded by our reporters this afternoon at People's Hospital. Back then, a girl, who was diagnosed with a terminal disease, was standing at the roof of the hospital, thinking of committing suicide. The persuasion of her close loved ones and the police were ineffective. Just as she was about to jump down, my colleague, Teacher Zhang Ye, of the Beijing Television Station stepped forward and used a poem to save her life!’’

Zhang Ye's figure appeared in the video footage.

There were people all around him, those who were present at the hospital.

’’When cobwebs sealed my stove without mercy...’’

’’When the smoldering embers lamented poverty...’’

’’I didn't yield, but smoothed out the ashes of despair;And with the lovely snow I wrote: In the future we trust.’’

Finally, the scene changed to that of a girl squatting on the roof wailing before she was rescued by the police who rushed there in time.

Returning back to the studio, the news anchor said, ’’Our station's reporters learned from the hospital that Yang Lian is Teacher Zhang Ye's fan. Her parents said that she has always liked Zhang Ye's works. She could memorize every poem easily, and now, Yang Lian's surgery fees have been settled. Zhang Ye has undertaken all of the fees. With that, my heart can't help but think of a sentence, This world.. still has many good people.’’

Once this news was broadcast, everyone heatedly discussed on Weibo, on Beijing area's forums, and on Tieba!

’’So awesome?’’

’’Teacher Zhang Ye has another new work? He saved someone yet again?’’

It's too awesome. Someone could actually come up with such a mighty modern day poem in such an intense atmosphere and scene in an impromptu fashion?’’

’’'In the Future We Trust' is written too well!’’

’’Why are Zhang Ye's poems so good? Is he on steroids?’’

’’He will bear all of the fan's medical expenses? Such morals, such virtues, I am speechless!’’

’’I've heard a few people from the industry saying Zhang Ye's reputation is bad. But a person who would go so far for his fan, how bad of a person can he be?’’

A Weibo verified vice president of a certain profession posted, ’’It's not that Zhang Ye's reputation is bad, but it's because his morals are too good. He dares to speak up, resulting in him offending many. Honestly, the first feeling I had from seeing this piece of news was disbelief. Secondly, I was touched. I have never encouraged people who chase after stars, for I think it's meaningless and dumb. After chasing them all day, would the celebrity know who you are? But today, I can't be sure anymore. Maybe being one of Teacher Zhang Ye's fans is a blissful matter.’’

At this moment, a verified Weibo account made a post. It was a famous person from Beijing's economic circle. You could even say he was an elite. ’’I had randomly listened to Beijing Radio Station's Mid-Autumn Poetry Meet in the past. I remembered Zhang Ye giving a speech after winning the meet. It said something like 'in comparison to science, literature indeed has no practical use. Yet the greatest function of literature is perhaps its lack of function.' I always found it very difficult to understand this line for some reason, and it has been revolving in my brain all this while. Today, I think I have understood a bit of Zhang Ye's words.’’

’’Well said!’’

’’I've decided. From today forward, I will be a fan of Teacher Zhang!’’

’’Me, too. Where do Zhang Ye's fans gather at? I want to join!’’

’’Count me in. Teacher Zhang Ye has done it beautifully today!’’



Zhang Ye's Nest.

The discussion in the fan club's main turf was even more explosive than the discussion elsewhere on the internet!

’’Number1 nearly committed suicide? How can that be?’’

’’She did not have enough money, so Number1 did not want to burden her parents!’’

’’If she didn't have enough, she could tell us. All of us could donate! She's so silly!’’

’’She's competitive and did not want to trouble others. Thankfully, it's so thankful that Teacher Zhang Ye rushed there in time, or the consequences would be unthinkable!’’

’’Teacher Zhang is too fierce! This lady loves him to death!’’

’’That's right. Teacher Zhang is like a divine army descending from heaven today! It was so timely!’’

’’Number1's medical fees are all going to be paid for by Teacher Zhang Ye? Teacher Zhang has so much money? He just started working, so he can't be rich, right?’’

’’Do you think Teacher Zhang is like everyone else? The publication of 'Ghost Blows Out the Light' already has so much sales. Teacher Zhang is richer than the average person!’’

’’That's right. Teacher Zhang is rich!’’

’’Then I'm relieved. Hai, we really did not become fans of the wrong person!’’

’’That's for sure. Teacher Zhang is completely different from the others in the entertainment industry!’’

’’If anyone dares to speak badly of Teacher Zhang Ye, I'll be the first to fight with them!’’

’’Right. For a celebrity to do something for small fans like us, how many in this world will do that? If anyone goes against Zhang Ye, it means they are going against me!’’

’’That's right. I'll support Zhang Ye for life!’’

’’Support for life +1666!’’


At the same time.

At the Beijing Television Station.

Zhang Ye stopped his car in the unit's public car park. His younger cousin, Cao Mengmeng, called.

The moment the call connected, the young lass immediately chatted, ’’Bro! I saw the news! You are too awesome! You are too cool! You are so cool that the heavens are overturned!’’

Zhang Ye said, ’’What's so cool about it!?’’

Cao Mengmeng said, ’’That poem made my blood rush!’’

Zhang Ye could not help but laugh, ’’Enough. At that moment, I was covered in cold sweat. Alright, enough of this talk. I'm busy over here. I'm hanging up.’’

Entering the television station.

Quite a number of people were looking at him. Some even greeted him. Clearly, they knew of the news.

’’Teacher Zhang.’’

’’Teacher Zhang is back?’’

’’I was touched by you today. Awesome.’’

Previously, Zhang Ye was like a jinx in the television station. Many people would avoid him. Even if they did not purposely avoid him, they would seldom speak to him unless necessary. This was because everyone knew of Zhang Ye's past notorious records. He was a person who would dare scold anyone if he was enraged. But with today's matter, Zhang Ye immediately won the respect of many people. Some people, who never greeted him before, greeted him with a smile today. Of course, one of the main reasons was that ’’Lecture Room’’ was having better and better results.

Zhang Ye greeted them back before returning to his own office.

Hu Fei and company were all there, ’’Hey. Little Zhang, we heard of the matter on the news. We were just about to give you a call.’’

Xiao Lu chuckled, ’’Teacher Zhang is Teacher Zhang. Even when he is resting at home, he can still appear on the news. You are getting famous again this time!’’

Dafei asked, ’’Right, why did you come to the unit? Haven't a lot of episodes been recorded already? There's no need to record any today.’’

Zhang Ye hesitated, ’’I'm here to raise money. Which one of you has a million. Can I borrow it? I need it by tonight. I'll sell my car and return it.’’

Hou Ge exclaimed, ’’A million?’’

Hou Di said, ’’Is it for that girl's medical fees?’’

’’Yes,’’ Zhang Ye said, ’’I only have tens of thousands here. It's not enough. I also can't sell my car on such short notice, so I'm thinking of borrowing first, so that Yang Lian's surgery will not be delayed.’’

Hu Fei said, ’’Your car definitely can't be sold. Yours is a bulletproof car. Typical people would not need it and it's not very practical. Few would buy it. Even if those who want to buy it and have the ability to buy it aren't lacking in cash, they will likely not buy a secondhand car. It would be difficult to sell it, even if you have just driven it for a few days. For me, I have a bit over a hundred thousand. If you need it greatly, you can take it. But it's still not enough.’’

Xiao Lu counted her purse, ’’I can provide 10,000.’’

Hou Ge was dumbfounded, ’’Teacher Zhang, could it be that you don't have spare cash? Then why did you agree to undertake all the medical fees? You are too generous!’’

Dafei also did not agree, ’’That's right! We don't have the means. About helping others, you...’’

Zhang Ye waved his hand, ’’When I was in trouble, she helped me. Now it's my turn. Even if I have to smash my iron pots and pans into pieces and sell them as scrap iron, I'll make sure she's cured!’’

’’This way!’’ Hu Fei suddenly thought of an idea, ’’Yesterday, the Director chatted with me. It's regarding the rights to 'Zhang Ye's Analysis of the Three Kingdoms'. As some other provincial television stations want to broadcast it, too, the station wants to strike while the iron is hot and create a few DVDs before the program finishes airing. Compared to letting the video websites profit for nothing, why don't we sell it? The rights belong to you, so it seems that the station wants to buy it from you. I actually wanted to have a good chat with you about it next week. Since you are in need of money, there's only this method.’’

Zhang Ye did not even give it thought, ’’Alright, I'll sell it.’’

Hu Fei said, ’’Alright, then let us go to the Director.’’


Wang Shuixin's office.

Hu Fei explained the matter to him.

Wang Shuixin nodded, ’’Fine. Let's talk about the price.’’

Zhang Ye also did not offer a high price. He knew the value of the DVDs to ’’Analysis of the Three Kingdoms ’’. Even if its sales would not be too good, it couldn't be too terrible. Hence, he offered, ’’1.1 million will do.’’ It was exactly the amount for Yang Lian's medical fees.

However, Wang Shuixin frowned, ’’Little Zhang, you are biting off more than you can chew. You are our station's employee. To have your current results and ratings, it's all due to the station pushing for you. Without our Arts Channel's promotion, can your 'Analysis of the Three Kingdoms' reach this popularity and obtain such accomplishments? The moment we talk about rights, you offer more than a million. Aren't you being too particular? Even if it's half the price, I already find it too much!’’

Zhang Ye said unhappily, ’’Director Wang, I didn't ask for too much, right? If I negotiated with cooperating merchants, people will buy it even for 1.5 million!’’

Wang Shuixin stared at him, ’’You even want to sell your rights by jumping over the station?’’

Hu Fei tugged at Zhang Ye and immediately tried to harmonize the situation, ’’Director, you must have seen the news just now, right? Little Zhang is doing this for a patient who is in urgent need for surgery. The surgery fees happen to be 1.1 million. He is lacking in money, so he wants to quickly raise the funds to pay for the medical fees for the young lady.’’

Wang Shuixin waved his hand, ’’This has nothing to do with the unit. I can't damage the interests of the unit because Little Zhang has agreed to donate to someone and do some charity. It is against principles!’’ After some thought, ’’600,000. It will be 600,000 at most!’’

Hu Fei's face turned dark, ’’Director, this is too little!’’

Wang Shuixin probably knew that Zhang Ye was in desperate need for money, so he took advantage of the situation, ’’Our unit is not a charity organization. That is the most it can give. Well, unless Little Zhang transfers the permanent broadcasting rights to our station. It happens that several provincial television stations are negotiating with us. If so, we can give a bit more. 1 million would do. 1.1 million is definitely impossible!’’

Hu Fei argued, ’’It's just short of a 100,000. You...’’

Wang Shuixin shook his head, ’’Not one bit more. It's a matter of principle.’’

Zhang Ye gritted his teeth, ’’Fine, one million then. I'll sell it all. However, I have a request. I need the money today. They are still waiting for the surgery now!’’

Wang Shuixin put on airs, ’’I can't guarantee that. You will need to negotiate with Finance. Let's settle the contract first, and talk later.’’

Zhang Ye had originally wanted to obtain 1.1 million from selling the DVD rights, but who knew it would end up being for the permanent broadcasting rights as well? Furthermore, it was only a million. There was still 100,000 lacking. And even though Zhang Ye had said so, with his eyebrows knitted, saying it was for saving a life, he was still not guaranteed that he would receive the money today. Seeing Wang Shuixin taking advantage of the situation, Hu Fei felt coldness. Let alone Zhang Ye, Hu Fei had never expected Wang Shuixin to deal with this matter in this way, as he had not believed he was a person with such a character.

Back at the office.

Xiao Lu rushed over anxiously, ’’How was it?’’

Zhang Ye did some calculations and said, ’’I have tens of thousands, so with that one million, I'm lacking about 40 to 50 thousand. Everyone, can you lend me a bit? I'll return it to you once the salary is paid. If this month isn't enough, I'll pay in installments.’’ He did not have a credit card, so that was the only way he could do so. There was no other way.

Dafei said in surprise, ’’A million? Impossible. I heard the estimate given by other cooperating merchants that other than the cut from the television station, as the original creator, you should get at least 1.3-1.4 million in copyright royalties.’’

Hu Fei said, ’’That was for two of the rights. Even the right to broadcast has been sold!’’

’’It's all been sold? And all of that for a million? Teacher Zhang, are you dumb!?’’ Hou Ge could not take it any further, ’’This is not some pittance;how can you sell it so cheaply!?’’

Zhang Ye said calmly, ’’Is a human life more important, or is money more important? Saving a life is more urgent;I can't care about anything else!’’

Xiao Lu could not help but curse, ’’That Wang Shuixin! He's too wicked!’’

Dafei was also angered, ’’He even wants to scam the surgery fees for saving a life? Does he even have a heart? Isn't he afraid of going to Hell after he dies?’’

Hu Fei immediately opened his online banking, ’’Little Zhang, give me your account. Don't say anything else;I'll pay the remaining 50,000. You don't have to pay it back. Treat it as a donation from me.’’

Zhang Ye resolutely said, ’’Then I wouldn't want it. She is my fan, and this is also my business. I can't take your money. I'll treat it as a loan and will slowly repay it.’’

In the afternoon, Zhang Ye signed the contract.

Wang Shuixin did not guarantee when the money would reach Zhang Ye, so Zhang Ye went to Finance and urged them five to six times.

The Finance department was quite reasonable and knew Zhang Ye needed the money urgently to save a life, so they made an exception.

Finally, Zhang Ye managed to raise 1.1 million before getting off work. Without hesitation, he rushed to the hospital and settled Yang Lian's surgical fees!


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