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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 1072


Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072: I'm a newcomer!

Translator: Legge Editor: Legge

In the audience.

Zhang Ye's father sighed, ’’What a nice song this is.’’

His mother said, ’’This woman sang really well!’’

His eldest sister was shocked. ’’Yeah, who is she?’’

His third sister anxiously said, ’’I don't know! Why didn't she take off her mask?’’

’’The Clown stopped her!’’ His second sister slapped her thigh and exclaimed, ’’This song is so good! It didn't feel fake, nor was there much flamboyance to it. It was purely singing. It was so damn awesome!’’

A duet and a solo were two different concepts. They were completely different!

The difficulty of singing a duet lay in the cooperation between the singers and the ’’control’’ of the atmosphere. In fact, the majority of duets were not suited for competitive singing. As such, some of the contestants before them chose to make use of musical instruments to control the atmosphere by putting on electronica the moment they went onstage and using it to pump up the atmosphere. Some others chose to use their performances to control the atmosphere by wearing resplendent outfits like they were staging a play, and adding a dance segment to give the audience a stronger visual impact! But The Clown and Wild Rose's song was all about controlling the stage with their voices and using their singing to excite the audience! This was clearly much more difficult, as even the husband and wife pair of Chen Guang and Fan Wenli could not cooperate to this level in their earlier performance!

The music ended.

The audience were at a loss for a moment, then suddenly erupted into applause!

Hearing the applause and seeing everyone around them standing up from their seats, Zhang Ye was having fun singing. He felt fulfilled with his performance today and could claim to have sung to perfection. He managed to use his own style to sing all that he wanted to say and express. Furthermore, Wild Rose's partnership with him was even better. The two of them seemingly had an unspoken understanding of each other even though their characters and approach to handling things were totally different. For some reason, they resonated very well together on a spiritual and artistic level. Perhaps this was why these two people who were from two completely different worlds could end up as the good friends they were.




They were flawless in all aspects!

This was a very famous classic from Zhang Ye's previous world called ’’Love of a Lifetime’’ that was used as the theme song of A Chinese Odyssey. Zhang Ye had heard of it when he was young but did not have any strong feelings about it. However, when the song was used in the movie, it brought out a different side to the song that sounded quite good. However, he had never had the urge to sing this song. It wasn't until the grand finals when he invited Wild Rose to be his partner that Zhang Ye suddenly thought of this song. It was like it had infected him he really wanted to sing it. For this reason, Zhang Ye stayed up many nights just to practice the pronunciation of this song's Cantonese lyrics so that he could sing it today! Thinking about it now, it was worth all the effort he put in. He did not fail this song regardless of how the results would turn out.

Dong Shanshan walked back onto the stage with a smile. ’’Hello, teachers.’’

The Clown and Wild Rose both smiled.

With the live broadcast camera in front of them, the attention of the entire country's audience was focused on them.

Dong Shanshan looked at them and said, ’’I don't know how I should greet the two of you right now, because you two have yet to reveal your identities, so I wouldn't know who you are.’’

Wild Rose smiled as she raised her microphone and said, ’’I was planning planning to reveal my face.’’

Because she did not take off her mask, the vocoder on her microphone was still on.

Curious, Dong Shanshan asked, ’’Then why didn't you?’’

Wild Rose laughed and said, ’’You have to ask him.’’

Dong Shanshan looked at The Clown. ’’Oh?’’

The Clown did not answer.

In fact, Zhang Ye and Wild Rose had communicated about this issue beforehand. She was not too inclined to take off her mask during the performance itself as she did not want to destroy the artistic integrity of the performance, which Zhang Ye agreed with. So the two of them did not plan to take off their masks from the start. Zhang Ye did not know why Wild Rose would suddenly change her mind about this. Perhaps she was afraid that he would lose out too much in the voting, but Zhang Ye managed to stop her from doing so. On this stage, Zhang Ye's only intended to sing well. He knew that if Wild Rose had taken off her mask, the competition would probably end early with Zhang Ye gaining a great advantage. But that was not what he wanted.

He wanted to win!

He wanted to win fair and square!

Comparing popularity?

Comparing acting chops?

Comparing misery?

Comparing charitability?

What was the meaning in that!

Zhang Ye did not wish for his show that he brought over from his previous world to become like this!

So The Clown raised his microphone to his mouth as he looked to the singer next to him. ’’Today, I would like to thank Teacher Wild Rose for taking time off to support me. My deepest gratitude.’’ The vocoder made him sound very strange.

Wild Rose laughed and said, ’’That's what friends are for.’’

The Clown looked at the audience. ’’Next, I would like to thank my parents and family. They're also here today, but I wonder if they liked my song.’’

Dong Shanshan said in surprise, ’’Oh? Aunt and uncle are here too?’’

Hu Fei, who was giving instructions giving instructions offstage, was stunned.

Dafei and Xiao Lu were also a little taken aback.


The Clown's family members are here?

That's impossible! The Clown did not request for any admission passes to the grand finals from them!

All the admission passes that were given out had gone through their hands, so they naturally wouldn't remember wrong. Many of the contestants'relatives were attending the grand finals today, like Spinach's aunt and uncle, King of Oddity's mother, and Li Xiaoxian's siblings. The program team had allocated the best tickets for them and arranged for them to be seated in the front rows. However, The Clown's family members were definitely not included in this list!

Hu Fei asked Dafei, ’’Did you give them passes?’’

Dafei replied, ’’I didn't.’’

’’Little Han, did you give them passes?’’

Han Qi stuttered, ’’It wasn't me either! I don't know anything!’’

A lot of people in the audience started looking around!

’’The Clown's parents?’’

’’Who are they?’’

’’Who are his parents?’’

’’We should be able to figure out his identity if we can spot them!’’

’’Where are they?’’

Zhang Ye's parents were also searching.

His mother turned to check behind her and to the sides. ’’There's no one?’’

His eldest sister also searched for a long time. ’’No one stood up.’’

His father wondered, ’’Are his parents seated in the front row?’’

His mother stretched her neck to have a look. ’’They're not up front either.’’

At this time, Dong Shanshan questioned, ’’Teacher Clown, Teacher Wild Rose, I believe that there are many people who are curious about who you are, including me. In five minutes'time, the voting channels will be suspended. Are the both of you really not planning to reveal your faces and let everyone see who you really are?’’

The Clown said, ’’It's not necessary.’’

Dong Shanshan blinked. ’’Then do you want to ask for votes?’’

The Clown calmly said, ’’It's not necessary.’’

Dong Shanshan did not know what else to say. ’’Th-Then alright, we will respect the teachers'choice. Let's have them head backstage for head backstage for a short break. We'll return after these messages.’’

The TVs cut to commercial break.

Dong Shanshan was sweating from the stage lights as they were too hot. She immediately went offstage to get her makeup touched up. Three makeup artists ran over to assist her. The other members of the staff quickly tidied up the stage.

When they were heading off the stage, Wild Rose, who was walking ahead of The Clown, asked without even looking back, ’’Are we really not going to reveal our identities?’’

The Clown made a noise in the affirmative.

’’Not going to ask for votes?’’


’’You know, this song was never suitable for a competition.’’

’’I know.’’

’’What if we lose?’’

’’I'll accept it.’’

Wild Rose suddenly laughed. She turned around and looked at him for several seconds. ’’I finally believe that you're really my old friend. I don't have many friends with a temperament like yours. I think I know who you are now, although I'm not very sure because the person I know shouldn't know how to sing.’’

The Clown spread his hands, not replying.

The staff led them to the front row.

Fan Wenli, Chen Guang, Li Xiaoxian, Xiaodong, Jiang Hanwei, Zhang Xia, and the others were all seated there. This special zone was reserved for the contestants and judges. When the two of them came over, all the contestants and judges stared at them en masse as they took their seats beside them.

Amy spoke up the fastest. ’’Big Sis, who are you?’’

Wild Rose looked at her and chuckled, ’’Guess.’’

Flowing Time (Zhao Qiquan) said, ’’You should have taken your mask off.’’

King of Oddity agreed, ’’Yeah.’’

Wild Rose acknowledged him.

Jiang Hanwei asked suspiciously, ’’Do we know each other?’’

Wild Rose purposely disguised her voice and said, ’’No, I'm a newcomer.’’

You're a newcomer?

How is that possible!

The singers nearby nearly fainted!

Especially Flowing Time and the other veteran contestants. They were even more at a loss for words. Damn, if you are a newcomer, then aren't we dead meat?


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