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I’m Really A Superstar - Chapter 1015


Chapter 1015: Zhang Ye proposes! (First half)


In the morning, his parents arranged to have a day out at the Summer Palace with two neighbors.

Zhang Ye was bored and stayed home to practice his songs over and over again. As Mother's Day fell on this weekend, he incidentally thought about the song for this week and if he should perform one that transmitted a message of love for mothers. However, he did not have a specific idea of what to sing yet since there were still five days to go, and there was no rush to decide that quickly.

He checked the show's official website.

The Clown's popularity has leaped to first place!

First: The Clown (470,000 votes)

Second: Petal Shower (410,000 votes)

Third: Sunflower in the Starlight (320,000 votes)

Fourth: Sunset Glow (290,000 votes)

Although The Clown had jumped from fourth to first in the popularity poll, the gap was actually not that much. Besides, Zhang Ye had won the crown of the Masked King twice in a row. His momentum was ruthless, which made it difficult for him to lag behind in the competition.

Quite a few people were leaving comments on the official website.

"Who does everyone think will get crowned as Masked King in the third episode?"

"The Clown, of course. I love his songs so much!"

"I doubt it'll be him."

"Yeah, he's already gotten it twice."

"Right, everyone knows how strong he is and will therefore have higher expectations. The audience might be disappointed if he doesn't perform his next song perfectly, or if his chosen song is not that great, or maybe even if his next song is not another original. Considering all that, it's gonna get quite difficult for The Clown for the rest of the competition."

"We can't expect that every one of his songs are originals and that they'll be that good, can we?"

"Then does that mean Petal Shower's chances are better now?"

"Sunflower and Sunset Glow have some hope now."

"They're all pros and can sing really well, so that makes it really difficult to say who'll win."

Reading the reviews, Zhang Ye turned things over in his mind. He thought that the netizens were correct. In his current position, it was indeed very difficult for him to make any additional progress as no one person could keep getting crowned as Masked King forever. It wasn't a matter of singing skills, but the expectations of the audience. However, luckily for this fellow, he still had a trick up his sleeve. A very classic song from his previous world had yet to be revealed by him and was meant to be a backup. From the looks of it, he had to choose a more generic song this time—perhaps one that everyone would like the moment they heard it?

Which song?

It was really difficult to choose.

All of a sudden, his cell phone rang.

The caller ID displayed: Wu Zeqing.

Zhang Ye broke into a grin and answered immediately. "Old Wu."

The gentle voice of a woman came from the other end of the line. "Hur hur, you sound like you're in a good mood?"

"Haha, more or less," Zhang Ye said. "Isn't today Monday? What's the matter? Not working?"

"I just got back from a business trip and took a day off to rest."

Zhang Ye knew that she had gone on a business trip for many days. It was related to the aftermath of the air pollution documentary. At that time, Wu Zeqing had helped him hold off endless pressure from all sides and kept the air pollution documentary online for an extra day or two. She'd offended a lot of people and then left Beijing on a business trip. He didn't need to ask to know for sure that she must have gotten implicated in this matter. "Did the air pollution documentary cause you a lot of trouble?"

She laughed. "It's already been settled. It wasn't too troublesome."

On these official matters, Zhang Ye did not know much. But since Old Wu said it was already settled, then it must have really been settled. Unlike Dong Shanshan who was always deceptive, Old Wu would give it to him straight.

Zhang Ye felt reassured. "You're at home?"


Zhang Ye asked: "I'll go over to look for you then."

"Sure. What would you like to eat?"

Zhang Ye bluntly said: "Deep-fried mandarin fish and sautéed pig's kidney. You know how to cook them?"


"Alright, wait a little for me," Zhang Ye said.

"OK, then I'll go and buy the groceries."

Having not seen Old Wu in a while, Zhang Ye was very much so looking forward to seeing her again. He took a shower and changed his clothes, then groomed himself in front of the mirror for the longest time before finally going downstairs to his car and driving off.

Perhaps due to the morning rush hour, there was a small traffic jam outside.

Before a traffic light intersection, more than a hundred vehicles were stopped and could not move.

At this moment, Zhang Ye heard a man singing from a car beside his that had its windows rolled down. "I wanna walk from south to north!/I wanna walk from day til night!"

Has "Fake Monk" really become this popular?

It's only been two days and there were already people who knew how to sing it?

But then again, big bro, the traffic is all snarled, and you're still thinking of going from the south to the north? I'd bow to you if you could even make it to the traffic lights up ahead! But there was still a chance that you might be able to go from day til night!

All the best!


At 10 AM.

Taoran Pavilion's East Gate, Old Wu's place.

In the villa, Wu Zeqing was sitting on the sofa and reading the papers.

The door opened. When Zhang Ye entered the house, he immediately took a look at his girlfriend. The weather was getting warmer and warmer, and Old Wu was dressed in a more relaxed qipao today. It wasn't the type of long qipao she wore in the spring and autumn, but the short version of it. The color was very plain, but at the hem of the qipao above her knees, a pair of supple thighs were exposed and looked particularly alluring. The chest region fabric in the top half of her qipao looked like it full to bursting.

Zhang Ye swallowed hard. "Old Wu."

Wu Zeqing turned to him and said with a smile, "You're here?"

"There was a traffic jam, otherwise I'd have gotten here even earlier." Zhang Ye walked over. "What are you reading?"

"News regarding King of Masked Singers." She flapped the newspapers in her hand.

"You've watched the show too?"

"I have. It's quite good."

Zhang Ye blinked and asked, "Who do you like?"

"The Clown and Petal Shower, I guess. They're both pretty good."

Zhang Ye was very happy.

Look at this, just look at this!

It was still his girlfriend who had good insight!

Sitting down on the sofa, Zhang Ye took the newspaper from her. "Let me have a look." After flipping through a few of the pages, he didn't feel comfortable enough. He turned his head and glanced at Old Wu's thighs, then coughed and unceremoniously laid down onto them. Half of the back of his head was cushioned by the qipao, while the other half was lying directly on her thighs. His left ear vaguely touched her skin and he could feel the cooling smoothness and softness of it.

How comfortable!

Zhang Ye was enjoying it to the fullest extent.

Wu Zeqing did not say much and just smiled. "What have you been up to recently?"

Zhang Ye read the newspaper while lying down. He remarked, "I've just been staying at home."

Wu Zeqing said, "There aren't any TV stations willing to hire you?"

"Yeah," Zhang Ye replied.

Wu Zeqing gave a noise of acknowledgment. "I'll make some arrangements for you later."

"There's no need to, there's really no need. I've worried you enough already, and even given you a lot of trouble. There's no need to bother yourself with this problem for the time being. This bro can solve it by himself." Zhang Ye put the newspaper down and looked up at her. He did not manage to immediately see Wu Zeqing's face. From his angle, all he could see was Old Wu's dress protruding out in the region of her chest, and his view of her face got blocked. "I've been doing something that's been keeping me quite busy, so I can't actually find time to deal with other work. But as for what it is exactly, I'll keep it a secret for now. Haha, you'll know about it in time anyway."


"Just watch what I can do. Have I ever let you down before?"

"Alright, I'll wait and see then."

Since Zhang Ye wanted to keep her guessing, Old Wu did not continue with a line of questioning.

This was how the two of them had interacted for the duration of their relationship.

Keeping it simple.

Trusting each other.


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