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I’m Hui Tai Lang - Chapter 32


Chapter 32: Completing the Mission in a Strange Way

As long as the old man Zhang had a normal brain, he would definitely take back his Young Master Nan Gong back to Northern Cloud City

They are certainly hurt after escaping for their lives from the spirit sucking insects.

Returning and nursing their injuries is the right path!

Don't tell me I really have to take a trip to the human world to kill those two people?

This is simply forcing me on a deadly journey!

I quietly sat in the snow, waiting for my injury to recover. When night came, my stomach was already growling from hunger

There were a lot of spirit sucking insects that had died from Long Aotian's self-explosion, but I didn't dare to eat them.

What would I do if I drew out all of those hibernating insects?

Compared to facing my death, hunger was nothing really.

My injury took three days to heal and my hind leg also managed to gradually heal itself. I saw the muscles and fur on my hind leg grow back before my very eyes, it felt somewhat strange to look at.

It looks like I had no choice but to go to head over to human world.

Just as I was about to harden my heart and make my way into the tiger's cave, the System Notice suddenly sounded by my ear:

’’Compulsory Nature Mission: Kill the vicious beasts who've persecuted the snow wolf race. And resolve the desperate situation of the snow wolves facing extermination.’’

’’Mission completed ahead of time.’’

’’Mission Evalution: Perfect!’’

’’Reward a random Wolf Race Fierce-Beast Grade Lineage: Metal Wolf Lineage.’’

’’Metal Wolf Lineage: The rare metal-type wolf that can evolve its lineage. They had the toughest and most durable body, because they swallowed all kinds of metals and forged it into their own bodies, which was considered their most formidable weapon.’’

’’Innate Skills: Metal Body, their metal spiritual type power covers their whole body and forms a valiant defense. The strength of their teeth as well as the hardness of it is exceptional.’’

I felt like I was treading the path to becoming more and more like a tortoise shell.

TL Note: A Tank

I received the skill before clicking on the Lineage. The pain once more appears, but it was not as painful as before and I was able to bear when I stood up and gritted my teeth.

After being in so much pain so many times, my tolerance had also improved.

Gold fur appeared from my body and mixed with the black and white fur.

My Crystal Stone also had a golden portion to it.

I don't even understand my own appearance anymore.

I don't know if anyone would recognize me after I go back!

I took a look at my attribute panel.

Name: Hui Tai Lang

Gender: Male

Lineage: Snow Wolf Lineage (Fierce Beast Grade);Dark Ghost Wolf (Fierce Beast Grade) (Evolution requires 1000 Soul Points);Metal Wolf (Fierce Beast Grade) (0%)

Innate Skills: Olfaction 4th Grade;Shadowless and Invisible (Unable to upgrade);Soul Devouring Evolution;Metal Body;Metal Evolution

Level: Acquired Seventh Level

Skills: Wolf God's Golden Body (2nd Stage: 15%);Gale Level 6 (7%);Ice Edge Level 5 (23%);Frost Breath (0%);Primary Wind Conception.

Profession: None

Atrocity Points: 1284

Soul Points: 187

’’Yao Yao, why do I only have this many Soul Points?’’ When I saw the soul points, I thought of those fancy skills of the dark ghost wolf and felt as if I was hanged by the System, ’’I obviously killed all the Ice Dragon Mercenary Group people though!’’

’’Were they really killed by you?’’ Yao Yao's small mouth curled and asked, ’’Why is it that no matter how I looked, they all seemed to be eaten by the spirit sucking insects?’’

’’But they were drawn over here by me!’’

’’It doesn't count, the System says it doesn't count.’’ Yao Yao shook her head and her pony tail also swayed from side to side. Her new hairstyle looked especially adorable.

’’That's right, how did my mission get completed?’’

’’I don't know! Most likely someone helped you finish them off! The System isn't god, so if you really want to know, go find out for yourself.’’ Yao Yao said somewhat impatiently, ’’I'm going to sleep. If there's nothing going on, don't bother me anymore.’’

I helpless watched Yao Yao's back disappeared and thought in my mind, how nice it would be if the System Fairy could be more obedient!

Perhaps I could act out a platonic type of spiritual love with Yao Yao.

How thirsty must one be that they would even go after virtual characters for se*?

Besides the white bones of the mercenaries left behind on the snow, there were also their weapons.

I thought of the way the Metal Wolf Lineage evolution and tried to find the two meter long sword of Long Aotian. Opening my mouth, I gave it a bite and left behind deep bite marks on the blade.

My teeth were certain quite good.

I switched my target to a small dagger. With one bite, I directly bit through the dagger.

Taking it into my mouth, I chewed it with a ’’peng peng’’ sound, it was quite crispy and became turned into small pieces, before I swallowed it.

Even if I can't digest it, it was unlikely that it would harm my internal organs.

The icy cold metal slipped into my esophagus and quickly wrapped up by the metal spiritual power. Very soon, it was digested and all that that was left were some waste products.

So I really can eat it, it's just that the taste isn't very good.

However, I decided to bear it.

Spending five days of effort, I managed to swallow all of the mercenaries equipment, including that two meters long big sword.

My appetite was really good!

The evolution of the Metal Wolf Lineage was at 30%, there was still quite a while before it would evolve to the next grade.

After calculating the time, I figure it was about time for me to return to the snow wolf pack.

I don't know if Miki had went out to hunt yet, but if she hasn't and was caught by me, I would need to punish her well.

How should I punish her?

It is said that the best way to disciplining a lady was by spanking her butt.

However, this method is not applicable to me, since I don't have any hands.

On the whole journey, I dashed in the direction of the snow wolf race. A whirlwind rose up wherever I passed, making the snowflakes on the ground scatter all over the place.

The feeling of being as fast as lightning is really nice.

Speedily pursuing and being enthusiastic was considered a male's instinct.

From afar, I saw the snow wolves had assembled together. It looked like they had just come back.

The first one to see me was Big White who was standing on a high spot. He got up and stared at me, his might and majestic body gave an oppressing feeling.

’’Aowu......’’ Big White's majestic long howl sounded throughout the snowfield.

The other snow wolves also noticed me and Miki took the lead with the other snow wolves following behind to join in on the fun by howling.

The howls merged together and my strong eyesight clearly saw an avalanche happening ten kilometers away. It had definitely been caused by the snow wolves.

In the front row, I saw over a hundred acquaintances. They were the brothers I had saved from the mercenary group.

This scene was too domineering!

This grand style was in order to welcome and thank me!

I seemed to have became the big hero for the snow wolf race.

The vanity males always had, was fully satisfied at this moment.

I also copied them and howled a few times.

Miki lively ran over with her tail swaying along with her buttocks, as if she was dancing the samba.

She extended her tongue and licked my face with all her might.

Sure enough, even if I turned into a wolf, I was a very popular wolf to the opposite se*.

I lifted my head, trying to break away from her slippery tongue.

But in a moment of carelessness, her tongue even went into my mouth, I hurried ran away.

This passion, I couldn't take stand it!

Thankfully I had already gave my first kiss to Feng Qing, otherwise I would have lost too much.

The one with passion toward me wasn't just Miki, there were also other female snow wolves around.

After I returned back to the snow wolves, the other female snow wolves would also intentionally or otherwise come to my side, lightly rub my body and hint at their favorable impression towards me.

Since ancient time, the most difficult thing to bear was a beauty's favor!

The furry encounters made me feel fear toward these females.

Thankfully Miki would always appear in time and viciously drive away those female wolves who were showing off flirtatious expressions.

Miki was such a good person!

After the revenge, I resume establishing my small platoon. With my unprecedented appeal of power, I was only second to Big White and had more than three hundred wolves under my control now.

More than three hundred subordinates?

Thinking of this felt somewhat strange

I felt as if I was capable of fighting against Big White, but gave up after thinking it over a bit.

In the future, I would certainly rejoice over coming to this decision and be glad that I was not the leader.

And so time slowly passed by in this manner.

Being a captain, there was a thing called responsibility which now came up.

I could not stand my subordinates going hungry, and even more so, I could not stand seeing Miki going hungry.

A whole body of skin and bones, looking at it just made me feel sad.

The prey on the snowfields were becoming more and more scarce. In order to hunt, we had to deal with the other races as well and if we could beat them, I took the lead so that we would come out on top. If we couldn't beat them, we could only avoid them as much as possible.

In the snowfields, we had also met other mercenary groups, but as long as they did not do anything to us, I made my small platoon avoid them.

Sometimes I would think about who was it that killed Young Master Nan Gong and old man Zhang, but I couldn't find even a clue concerning that.

Things that I don't understand, I wouldn't think about them anymore.

It's still best to nicely pass one's day!


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