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I’m Back In The Other World? - Chapter 95.1


Chapter 95 - Trap

On the next morning, we went to fight Soutinsu's army on the border again, just like yesterday.

If yesterday's rumors are true, the battle should almost be settled today. The adventurers near me seem to be at ease while thinking that.

The enemy's army doesn't seem disheartened though, rather, they feel creepy...

Perhaps they're planning something for today, but I don't know what, so I can't prepare against it.

The bad feeling from yesterday didn't disappear after the night, rather, it grew more and more.

...... I should have told the prince about it yesterday... There is nothing I can do about it now though.

Anyway, I should be careful, a single person paying more attention to things might find something others wouldn't.1

Just like yesterday, a signal to start the battle is sent, and the soldiers start rushing to the field.

Everyone seemed hyped today, which made me make a yell.

「Seiya-! ...... Next!」

I cut Soutinsu's soldiers down and focus on reducing their numbers.

By fighting, I could see that Soutinsu's soldiers look the same as yesterday, but with more morale than before. At the same time, they aren't really rushing forward, so it gives a very eerie feeling.

To shake off that feeling, I searched for more enemies.

Is it around noon already? I already lost my sense of time, but it seems like it, based on the sun's position.

A chill ran down my spine.

I don't know from where, but I felt an ominous feeling.

I fell back to see what it was.

But before I could check it, Soutinsu's army started withdrawing.

Considering the difference in our fighting forces at today's start, it might look like they're fleeing in defeat, but when I think of what I'm currently feeling, it makes me suspicious.

While Sobyuuru's army cheers, they move to pursue Soutinsu's army. Looking at it from a distance, it seems like the retreat is a strategy of sorts.

Thinking on it, I think I read somewhere that faking a withdrawal might be a good strategy to lead enemies to a trap.

Mages that didn't appear even if they should be here. Soldiers that are in great disadvantage, but still keep their morale high. And them this retreat, I think this is all connected.

...... Could it be, are they actually casting a forbidden spell?

This idea came to my head. Soutinsu is a country that carried out summoning magic by sacrificing many people's lives. I don't think they would have qualms in using it.

I hurriedly tracked the source of my ominous feeling.

...... I found it! But this magical power ...! And the place is....

A very big magical power came from the source of the ominous feeling, and its aim was right at the middle of the pursuit.

Draw them in and then annihilate the soldiers with a single forbidden spell...!

Considering this much magical power, a radius of 1 km might be caught. It will get over half of the kingdom's forces, maybe even 70%.

Not only that, the people from Soutinsu that are luring Sobyuuru's troops will also get caught. Are they really going that far?

「It's a trap! Please retreat, the enemy will use a wide area spell!!」

I shout to the soldiers around me, but barely anyone listens, they're too busy running after the enemy. Besides, from my position, I can't reach many people that were on the chase.

「Run away! Magic will come! You'll die if you keep going like this!」

I need to help as many soldiers escaping, but I can't do much alone. Then, I need to find Prince Sedrim and Prince Edwil....

I ran towards the central unit with Qi strengthening my body, while I kept shouting for people to retreat. I don't know if I'll be able to find them, so I need to save as many troops' live as possible. Otherwise, Sobyuuru will definitely lose.

「Prince Edwil! Send a retreat order immediately! The enemy is preparing a large scale magic! Right now, more than half of our soldiers are in its range!」

I finally found prince Edwil and ran towards him as quickly as possible.

「What?! Is that true?」

「The area in which we're pursuing them is the center, a mage should be able to feel the overflowing magical power. There is no time, please hurry!」

Hearing my words, Prince Edwil instructed the nearby mage.

「Is this true? Can you feel the magical power?」

「....... Yes, as she says, I can confirm there is a lot of magical power gathered... But this much is...」

「It's probably a ritual to cast a forbidden spell, so please withdraw immediately!」

Ignoring the magician who is blinking and mumbling, I approached Prince Edwil.

「....... Understood. I'm sending a complete withdrawal order! Hurry!」

When Prince Edwil instructed the mage, a signal flare was launched to signal the retreat.

「Prince Edwil, please retreat too, we're also in the spell's range..... So, where is Prince Sedrim?」

「Alright, you withdraw as well... Sedrim was leading the front charge, so probably...」

Prince Edwil's line of sight looked at the frontlines.

The collected magical power should reach the critical point soon. Since the withdrawal flare should also be visible by the enemy, they must be hurrying the cast.

...... If things go like this, the prince and everyone on the frontline will be caught.

「Prince Edwil please withdraw... I'll do something about that spell.」

「That's stupid! You'll just die!」

Prince Edwil was surprised by my words. He is probably right though, it is reckless to go alone against 100 mages on a ritual spell....

But, that doesn't mean I have no chances of winning.

「I might be able to handle it somehow. I need to earn enough time to let Prince Sedrim flee.」

I hold my trump card and look at the center of the spell again.

My trump card is the sword that was blessed by God. If I put all my magic in it, and stab it on the center of the spell, I might be able to disrupt it. If not...

... Maa, I don't know what will happen then.

I have no plans of dying in vain, nor do I wish to hasten my death, but I'll regret not acting when I have a chance of doing something. Also, if I leave this be, Sobyuuru will lose the main chunk of its forces, I don't know what will come of this war in that case...... And I have my reasons to not let the prince die.

「You absolutely must not fail...」

I leave him alone and rush to the battlefield with Qi strengthening my body.


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