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I’m A NEET But When I Went To Hello Work I Got Taken To Another World - Volume 5 - Chapter 8


Chapter 8 ~ Agricultural Development Magic

Nania-sans village, Largano, is one of the villages scattered around the Garland Fortress. It's about 2 to 3 hours walking distance from the fort.

We left the guild and started flying once we exited the fortress. Ellie is with Ann, while I'm carrying both Tilika and Sati at my back and front.

Ellie went to the village once, so she knows the way.

It's a small village surrounded with walls. The nearby area is fully utilised for plantation and there we often see people working while flying over.

Before I know it, Ellie has landed nearby the gate. I don't have much choice but to land on my side.

Five people suddenly got off from the sky. There is only one gatekeeper. It's not an exaggeration to say that it might be a surprise attack.

’’W-who are you?’’

A surprised gatekeeper came to me and raise a shout.

’’We're not a suspicious people.’’

However, when a person whose face is covered with a black robe said that, it doesn't sound convincing at all.

Sure enough, the gatekeeper turns vigilant with that single sentence alone. He immediately pressed the alarm at the gate. It was located at a position that can be ring easily.

’’Ellie, please be silent......’’

Ann who just recovered from the rough landing pushed Ellie aside. She is still not standing stably.

Flying magic allows lot of flexibility during mobility. Since we control the movement just by thinking, it's possible to make a sudden stop. It's fun to do a sharp turn too.

However, in extreme case of manoeuvring, there are cases where the user loses consciousness and led to catastrophe accident. When flying, we should consider our own limit to ensure safe flight. It was Ellie who taught me the fundamental, but the first flight was rough. The person who initiate the Fly himself might be fine, but the passenger might not be able to take it.

’’I'm from the priesthood.’’

When the beautiful Ann declared so, the guard immediately shows relief. If it's a priest, even if they come to visit small village, people won't be alerted and they're usually accepted everywhere. It's safer to leave the communication to Ann. It's not because I'm too shy nor the gatekeeper appearance is too scary. It's about the right person at the right place.

’’What a surprise, a priest from the shrine. Welcome. Do you have any business at this village?’’

Just to be sure, they examined her card and found out that she is a genuine priest. Afterwards, the gatekeeper instantly turns polite.

’’The people who we're looking for are in this village. I'm sure there are people who are named Olba and Nania in this village.’’

Turk-san should be in this village too, well, it's fine. The quest target is Nania-san.

’’I'm one of their former party member. I've come to visit.’’

Ellie said from the side.

’’So, you're from Dawn Battle-axe!’’

Although they went back to their hometown due to retirement injury, they're still a B Rank Dragon slayer. They're heroes in this village, famous people.

’’Where are they?’’

’’They are currently outside the village. They went towards there, around the entrance of the forest.’’

It's a distance that cover about 30 minutes by walking. The location is about 2 km from the village.

’’Thank you so much. Then, we're going.’’

After getting directions from the gatekeeper, we off to Fly again. I'm chasing after Ellie who went full speed ahead, and the forests comes into view soon after.

’’We've arrived. They are over there.’’

Sati points to a direction with her finger. We can see several people are working inside the forests. Ellie also noticed and make a turn. Following after her, I make a gentle turn. I bet Ann got swing around real hard over there.

We landed in front of the forest. Ellie quickly landed, left Ann right there and ran towards the forest.

I can already see a silhouette that resembles Nania-san. Ellie probably saw that too. We're heading right towards there.

I let Ellie who finally reunited with Nania-san alone, and went to greet Olba-san.

’’Long time no see, Olba-san.’’

Among them, there are also several others young people helping out and carrying the logs outside the forest. They are ten stacks of cut down tree at the edge of the forest.

Afterwards, I listened to his story. He wants to return back to his hometown to start plantation, but there are no farmlands available or put on sale. In this case, people usually go to the neighbouring village. But, true to his wish, he really wants to stay at his own hometown.

In the end, starting from yesterday, he finally got permission to open the forest nearby for cultivating use.

It's a hard job to clear out the forest, but there is farm right besides, complete with waterway. Plus, the distance from the village is just moderate.

A handful of youngsters from the village lend them a helping hand, creating a small group. As a reward for their helps, Olba-san decided to start a swordsmanship class.

He cut down the forest trees one by one, dog them up and pull out the root. He took the trees and turn them to woods. They're some small trees and weeds, and the place is quite rocky. He's choosing a flat land, but nonetheless, it'll not be a farm land unless the element is all balanced.

For the time being, he planned to ready this farmland by spring, and expand it years later.

This another world is a dangerous place where people need to confine their residences behind a wall. However, even though I've stayed outside, there is no risk of death yet so far. Though, if you live for a year or two, then there is no escape from a monsters assault at least once or twice.

At one time, there are people who are staying outside, but they didn't manage to last for long.

Eventually, they all gathered and build a wall. In case of emergency, it's impossible to survive unless they amass enough strength by fighting together.

For example, even if you manage to find a good location to start a farmland somewhere, it's not an easy task to start cultivation. First of all, it's necessary to build a safe place for residency. That's the reason to why there are lots of free land outside the perimeter of the village area.

’’So, why are Masaru and everyone else here? I hope it's not one of Ellie selfish whims.’’

The reason we are here is because of the quest issued by God, but there is no way I'm going to tell him that.

’’Just Ellie being selfish.’’

Whether it's about God Quest or setting a transfer point for Ellie's gate, both got Ellie involved and it is hard to explain. If I told him the reason is simply because Ellie want to see Nania-san, then it will sound better than making other excuses.

’’Ah, somehow I feel really sorry for you guys......’’

There is no actual reason for him to feel responsible since Ellie is my wife. However, the pang that he felt might come from him taking care of her for 4 years previously as the party leader.

’’Well, that is about half of it, but we do have other business as well.’’

’’Did you come here to see the elf?’’

’’Ah, you're right. That's also one of it. We want to go sightseeing lots of things.’’

Yes, the Elf. Garland Fortress is directly connected to the Demon Realm, and directly adjacent to the Demon World is the Elven Forest. The forest is an independent territory of the elves where lots of elves live inside. While ordinary people are prohibited from entering, there are still economics transaction and the elves do come to the fort once in a while.

’’Elves! I want to see them!’’

’’It would be the best if we can stay here for a while, Sati.’’


’’I think it would be a good idea to take on the escort mission for the merchant group going to the Elven Forest. Ellie is a B rank, so they might accept.’’

A quest to join a group going to Elven Forest is incredibly popular. People with a higher rank are usually given priority.

’’Ah, I manage to become a B rank too just recently.’’

’’When I first met you, you're just an E rank, right......?’’

I rise up to D rank after the Dragon subjugation quest, C rank after the battle at Gorbas Fortress, B rank after returning from the forest and the special training. When I think about it, my rank risen in quite a fast pace.

’’There is no reason for you to become so reckless, you know?’’

’’At first, Ellie suggested for us to go to the Demon Realm. Of course, I stopped her then.’’

’’I-I really am sorry. Albeit being a mage, she is an aggressive one. Perhaps, that is the result of me spoiling her for a long time. Should I give her a lecture to be more cautious?’’

’’Don't be, Ellie has been a great help to us. After all, she is the one with the most experience in our party.’’

She did have few a moments where she overdid things, but she is still 17 years old. It's unthinkable to expect too much from her. By all rights, as a leader and a senior, I should be the one people are counting onto. If I asked for more, I'll be punished.

’’If everything works well then it is good.’’

At that time, Ellie suddenly broke into our conversation.

’’Masaru, Olba! Let's start discussing about that!’’

’’Which what?’’

’’Cultivating a new land!’’

It's already late afternoon, but I still have some leftover magic power since I've only used them for flying only. I decided to check out what kind of work I want to do starting from tomorrow.

’’Let's burn this part with magic. On my mark.’’

If I used Meteor, the forest will completely disappear. But the land will be full of craters. Other than that, I can simply burn it down, but I'm afraid the fire will get contagious.

’’Collect the usable woods, Ellie. You can put it at the neighbouring farmland.’’

Olba-san gives Ellie instruction.

Naturally, I rejected Ellie initial plan. I decided to continue cutting down the trees just like the others.

In the meantime, I borrowed the axe used by the young man who helped for cutting down the tree. They already work for a full day, so right now they are taking a break. A team consisting of Tilika, Ann and Ellie collected the logs by using Levitation.

I'm pulling out even the roots. It's an easy task if I dig them with Earth Magic.

Big trees aside, there are also shrubs, weeds rocks fallen trees and many other obstructing objects. We need to clear all of them.

Now that I think about it, always, when I watched a TV shows about farming at Japan, I've actually never seen a cultivation process since the beginning. When I do it manually without machines help, it feels more laborious than I expected.

I pick up all the obstructive trees and big rocks inside my Item Box, and put them at the side of our planned cultivation land.

Even Ellie who hates chores are working for Nania-san sakes. She is doing a lot of the work.

It took us about an hour to recover the woods and collect it. We managed to secure a large farmland as planned. The sun has already set. It's possible for me to light the surrounding area with magic, so it's still possible to work at night. However, putting that much effort on the first day is just too much.

Including today's works, a new addition of lands is added to the one they have previously cleared before.

’’Really, once a mage starts helping, all works can be done earlier.’’

That's what Olba-san said, but I've only cleared out the big trees and rocks. Honestly, I would like to clear out the weeds, pebbles, and the others. But then it'll become too troublesome. It's already sunset, so we don't have much time left.

Wouldn't it be possible to continue the work with only Earth magic past this stage?

’’If we use Earth magic, I get a feeling that everything can be finished in one go.’’

’’Um, I don't know if it will succeed, but I think that it's worth the try. This way, the weeds and the soil might be mixed together.’’

Ann is a bit sceptical.

’’Let's do it!’’

Ellie immediately agreed, hoping that the workloads are going to decrease.

’’Alright, let's have a try. Not like we can continue working today anyways.’’

Everyone else evacuated.

I get a firm grasp by using Earth Sonar. There was a huge rock at the shallow bottom underground. I pulled it out with Earth magic, an isolated it inside my item box. It's robust and have a nice shape, so it's a good natural boulder material. It's for the best to keep it.

Overlooking the planned farm destination, I got on my knees and put both of my hands on the ground to refine the image. I must transform this weedy-rich place to a land suitable for agriculture.

I reclaimed the Earth. I minced the fallen leaves and weeds together in the process. Water is an essential. I don't want these pebbles. I'm going to crush it thoroughly.

I put the most important imagine. A land that can produce bountiful crops which can be harvested yearly, a very rich land.

This is the first time I'm using this magic. Carefully, I consolidate the image and concentrated my magic power.

I activated the Earth magic.

The Earth reverberates slightly and it raises up. The remaining shrubs and weeds were swallowed by the soil in a blink of an eye.

It became one flat brown surface, with an area about 50 meter squared.

Everyone went to the newly constructed farmland to inspect it. Soft, watery, and damped soil, as if it's okay to sow the seed right at the moment. The soil release it latent heat, and little steams can be seen rising.

The magic power consumption isn't much. If I do this for a day, then it's possible to secure a vast farmland.

’’Not bad at all. As expected of my husband.’’

Ellie is in great delight. Nania-san seems happy to be shown this new place.

’’Now, what's left is to construct the wall. Hmm, there is still tomorrow, so I'll continue then.’’

’’No, no, please wait a second. I've never seen such kind of Earth magic before. Just how did you do it!?’’

What Ann said is reasonable. Even if she asked for details, I simply don't know. But, the water comes from the air, and the rock got swallowed inside the cracks during land forming. There is nothing strange at all. Because, magic is supposed to do that all, isn't it?

’’Right......isn't it? I've never saw someone creating a farmland with Earth magic......’’

’’Not only Earth. There is also Wind and Water.’’

The soil is warm, might be an effect of fire element. If that isn't the case, the vegetation wont simply disappears. With the Earth magic alone, the plant won't be cut off that easily, I can't imagine the Wind elements are not playing a role.

But, thinking in the same line, meteor is not only fire attribute, there must be Earth Element mixed together. Firestorm would be something like fire and wind and hot water will be combination of water and fire.

If you asked me how the magic turned out like that, then I don't have a single clue.

The magic that I used for agriculture this time, although it's hard to control because of 3 or 4 mixed attributes which is unusual, it's still nothing compared to Meteor. Even if I scale up and do it in single time, it should still be alright.

I mean, this magic might not be able to use before cutting of all the trees first. The reason I can do this is because there are no large trees around. Although the trees and rocks were all cleared up first, there is still slight increase in magic consumption.

’’I feel bad. To think that you're helping us this much.’’

’’What are you saying now, Olba. This is for Nania. From tomorrow on, this farm will extend even further!’’

I'm the one who will do the main work, though.


Nania-san get teary eyed. I remember our previous talk about the debt, but this is surely not the time to be talking about money. Next time then.

Ah, the quest.


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