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I’m A NEET But When I Went To Hello Work I Got Taken To Another World - Volume 5 - Chapter 10


Chapter 10 ~ Let's Build a House!

Next day. Olba-san wanted to drop off at the village chief's house first. While walking, both of us chatted.

Although at first, it was said that it's fine to cultivate the land however he wanted, the scale which he is cultivating was bigger than originally planned, so he wanted to make a progress report.

However, the village chief had already left. He already went to see the planned cultivation location since early morning.

When we have reached the farm site, there were already about 20 to 30 people gathering around. Surrounding the farm site which I've created yesterday has people encircling it, from small children, to elders, gathering and chatting around.

’’Did you increase the amount of aides?’’

I asked Olba-san.

’’Its Impossible. Since the fields are already usable, just that yesterday I was asking around whether they have any crops to plant.’’

’’They are coming to see anyways.’’

Ellie reaffirms the fact.

Maybe they have come to see the site that was created by magic.

’’That's like half of my total relatives......’’

Olba-san muttered after taking a look at the group.

Ah, I get it. This is a rural village. Even though he claimed that his parents were already dead, he still has many relatives left in this village.

’’Olba! This is quite a well-done job!’’

’’Chief, sorry for troubling you, coming all the way here just to see.’’

A stout old man with grey hair and whiskers came stomping towards us.

’’This is one of my leisure times. Oh, isn't He the esteemed Mage! I'm the chief of Largano village. Call me Bahalt.’’


We shook hands.

’’Just like what you had heard, the farmland area is likely to grow bigger than expected with Masaru-kun and Ellie's help.’’

Olba-san explained the situation to the Chief.

We had briefly consulted with Olba-san regarding our debts. Since Ellie had borrowed from Nania-san a lot during the olden days, I've promise to do the job.

Just that we were uncertain with the full amount. It was for the period of 4 years, and money was rough for both Nania-san and Ellie at that time. The left-over money from the remittance were used for whatever was necessary. Although Olba-san can roughly estimate the amount of money their party earned and after distribution, he still doesn't know the tiny details such as how these two spends their money.

As a result, during this winter sojourn, it was decided to help the debt repayment by supporting them readying the farmland.

’’Ohh, don't mind us. Just do it quickly!’’

A lot of curious villagers comes near, watching me talking with the Chief.

It feels like the act of myself showing off the magic yesterday was a mistake. Though, for those people who are helping out till yesterday, I think it is fine for them to go back already? I don't mean anything bad, I just hope that this magic doesn't get spread too much when there's only a few people here.

’’Everyone! Let's do it!’’

After the Chief yelled out the signal, about 20 people began cutting down the trees simultaneously.

’’Chief, actually we don't need that much helping hand...’’

’’It's okay, don't mind it. We're just short of some firewood. See you, then.’’


Tilika who was standing behind me pass out the judgement. Well, that seems to be the case.

I saw off the village chief who was inspecting inside the forest.

’’What's his deal?’’

’’The area nearby here, I heard a talk saying that there is not enough farmland.’’

After listening to his story, the shortage of agriculture land around here was causing some life and death matter to the village people.

The easier place to cleared up nearby the village were done so long times ago. Although the population is increasing, only few manages to inherit any land. Even though the land can be cleared, it doesn't mean that the land is suitable for agriculture. There are also defence against the demons and waterway maintenance that needs to be handled. In Olba-sans case, from the beginning of 2 to 3 years, there might be not be any harvest. He may not have any problems with money, but it's still a big project which is quite a handful to do alone or with family.

For those who doesn't have any lands to inherit, they must live like a half-slave, or went to the town.

However, from the town where I come from, a work that can be done from a rural upbringing are quite limited. There's still a fair amount of jobs that they can do for their own livelihood, but money wise, a soldier or an adventurer are pretty much the common choice. The type of job which risks lives.

Because of that, many people prefer to continue pillowing the field.

I'm oblivious to the needs of these people, but for Olba-san and Nania-san who planned to continue their livelihood in this village, there's no way they can abandon the hope of this villagers.

In truth, both of them have actually never mentioned something like that to me.

’’The price for hiring a mage to do jobs are very steep.’’

I see. He doesn't want to let his wife work as a merchant guard in the meantime.

It's align with Ann's missionary works, helping other people in need occasionally is something which I can do.

’’It's not like I always give out a free service every-time, you know? The clinic properly takes money and management of the orphanage is pretty hard.’’

’’That's right. I remember getting totally rip off the first time I came to learn Recovery magic.’’

’’Wasn't the price cheap enough?’’

I was stripped off 3500 Gold in just 2 days. Even for a mage, it takes about a month to collect that amount of money.

By the way, that was the minimum payment that I should make before getting taught anything. In order to teach a someone who doesn't have a single clue about magic, it is not something that can be done in a short term. Like this, anyone would look for a better learning institution.

’’Eh? I was told that even the longest will only take about 2 weeks.’’

’’If I actually told you that it takes a month, won't you feel bad if you end up not able to learn it when the time nearly up? If I told you that it would only take 2 weeks, then won't that make you give up much faster?’’

That is fricking awful!

However, for those who don't have affinity with magic, they will likely be unable to learn it because of lacking in magic power.

’’Then, Ellie who is actually capable of using it is actually pretty incredible?’’

’’Right? Now that you understood my greatness, give me more, just forget it....’’

P-please don't worry too much! In my case, I just have my cheat ability! Ellie is a wonderful mage!

After Olba-san came for reinforcement, she hesitates for a bit, but her mood quickly got better. As usual, she is too easy.

’’That's right! I'm the ultimate mage who has mastered the Space Magic!’’

Um. Amazing, amazing.

Currently, there's about 20 people who are currently working in the woods, and while we were talking, a considerable number of trees were cut down. They just need to cut it down and roll it at the side. Since there's no need for them to actually collect the logs, so their working pace is very fast. We, the mages were in charge of the collection.

While paying attention to the falling trees, we started collecting the logs. Walking around, I explore the surrounding with Earth Sonar and check whether there are any obstacles. Although small things are okay, big rocks and equivalent would only get in the way when I start activating my magic.

Even if I weave through the working villagers, they won't notice me since I've killed my presence.

While I'm collecting the fallen trees, the person will jolt on the sudden disappearance of the tree. Sorry.

Everyone stopped their work once the village chief returned and announced the breaks.

Since we also lend a help, the forest got cleared up in just 2 hours.

But, there's still many weeds and shrubs left since we only focused on the big trees. Its hard for me to divide the area for cultivation.

Of course, that was not a big problem.

I confirm again that everyone has evacuated, and scanned the area with Earth Sonar to make sure. There's no more obstacles left.

As for me, I keep on killing my presence since my focus can be easily perturbed by others. None of the villagers were aware that I was chanting.

The area is twice as big compared to yesterday.

I invoked the magic while remembering yesterday feeling

Alright, I've mastered it!

Suddenly, the forest site is nowhere to be seen, and a land of soft soil appeared. The villagers who were chatting till while ago slowly noticed the phenomenon with shocked looks, and their expressions quickly bright up.

’’When I first learned about it, I still have half doubt. But this is......’’

Right after, all the villagers came forth to inspect the soil of the newly formed farmland.

’’What do you planned to do next?’’

’’I have to draw the waterway, and since the farmland is going to grow bigger, it might be necessary to create new one. I have to consult with the village chief first.’’

Originally, he planned to pull one from the existing waterway, but now it's no longer sufficient since the farm size has grown. Thus, left an option where we need to expand the waterway, by drawing an additional one from the river.

’’Alright then, I'm going to build the wall.’’

As for the wall, I can build it without worrying about the imperfections, since I can always patch them up later. For now, as long as there's wall it's fine.

I adjusted the walls height and boundary after consulting with Olba-san.

Normally, for the agriculture land, the walls or fence height was about one meter only. It was made so because most people take cost into consideration. They want the wall to come out sturdy.

Eventually I tried to build a wall about 3 meters. It is as high as the wall around the village.

The villagers come and see when both me and Ellie were building the wall. Is it that unusual to see a wall being created with Earth magic?

Although there's no effect to my secret since all of them were flocking towards Ellie, I tried to withdraw myself further and watching them from afar.

’’I wonder if I should try learning Earth Magic.’’

Ann said that while looking at the finished wall.

’’What about space magic?’’

’’It's hard, isn't it?’’

’’Very difficult.’’

Tilika answered Ann's question. For some reason, learning Space Magic is quite tough.

’’Isn't it always hard to learn new type of magic? Space magic, in particular, has higher degree of difficulty.’’

So that was the reason as to why the total Skill points to unlock level 1 is very high.

Silently, I continued building the wall. In the end, the wall joined up with Ellie's side, completely surrounding the farm site. Both of the pathways for going in and out are cleared at once. I hope someone will help installing the gate later on.

’’This one feels like a good one!’’

’’Well then, let's build a house while keeping things as it is.’’

A house, huh. Where should we build our house? If we build it too near to the farmland, then wouldn't it get too noisy? Why don't we go inside the forest for now?

We went for confirmation with the village chief first, and we got permission to build our house wherever we want to.

’’What should we do about the monsters at the surrounding area?’’

I asked Olba-san.

’’There are many soldiers and adventurers at the fort. That is because this area is near to the Demon Realm.’’

Since there is a fighting force in vicinity, the correspondence time is fast. Though, occasionally they couldn't come if there was a fierce attack from the Demon Realm side.

......Dang it, I'm too scared to venture deep inside the forest. Let's just explore nearby.

There is enough manpower to mow down the trees, so we decided to leave them and find a spot for our house.

I've decided to build a house nearby, so I want to wrapped it up today.

I hold up Sati, float up with Levitation, and check the surrounding area topography.

’’H-how about that place, Masaru-sama?’’

Sati points to a destination which is a small hill besides the forest. The distance is probably less than a kilometre from here. It's very near to this farmland.

’’Hmm. I think that would make a good spot.’’

Ellie, Ann and Tilika also came up.

Ellie seems to like the high point on the hill top. If we build a tall house on that hill then it's possible to get a good view even from home.

’’Let's go take a look at the place for a time being.’’

Ann voiced out her opinion.

We switched to Fly, and went towards the hill. It's unexpectedly small when looking at it closely. I don't know whether it's really a hill or just a small mound on the land.

We get off on the hill, and explore the surroundings. There are many small animals scattering around, but we've not picked up any signs of Demons.

But if I were to make this place my home, I better secure the safety first. Let's hunt all of the Demons in this vicinity during my free time.

When I explored the underground with Earth Sonar, I found out the water vein. Like this, water supply is not a problem even without using magic.

’’Why don't we cut off the obstructing trees for now?’’


Together with Sati, both of us commence our operation. That part of the hill quickly bald up.

Now, what kind of house should I made? I can simply build the common one, but now that we're at high altitude, why don't we take advantage of this nice view. A tower building, a three-story bungalow, a castle......a castle!

Let's build a Japanese style castle. Yeah, that is a really great idea. Let's make it a castle with a tower. If I build a castle reinforced with a stone wall, the defenses will be boosted too.

’’I think I'm going to build a castle (Japanese style).’’

’’A castle. What a great idea!’’

Ellie is probably imagining a western style castle with a tower.

’’Castle? Won't you have trouble managing it if it is too big?’’

Our family's homemaker, Ann is worried about the labor and management effort that need to be poured off during cleaning.

’’I will try to make the size as manageable as I can. But, this is an area which the Demons are coming out, so isn't it better to build a sturdier one?’’

’’You're certainly right.’’

First of all, I need to focus on the foundation of the castle. Normally, when you're building a castle, we need to stack the stones to create a stone wall. The Earth Magic eliminates the need of that.

Earth Magic is capable of building anything.

There was a time when I believed that notion. But, the reality is harsh.

The stone wall turned into something with a slippery feeling. Well, that can't be helped. Without the stone wall, we're likely to get invaded easily.

There's no white plaster applied on the castle wall, so naturally it's brown soil color. I wished I have a marble or whitish stone lying around, not only the soil. No choice.

Supposedly, the castle roof should be made of roof tile, but since it's troublesome to create a roof tile one by one, in the end it became an oblique roof. The material used is the same as the wall, so the color is brown as well.

The shape ends up looking like a row of building with intricate detailing like a Japanese castle, yet still feeling slightly off. Preferably, a roof tile must be attached to the castle, producing each of them are truly troublesome.

I don't have much time to spare. If I don't finish everything by today, I will stay at Olba-sans house again.

Just like that, I continue building the tower castle. I also put Shachihoko on top of the roof. That one is also brown in colour and looks very amateurish. Somehow......I can see it?

Its like those from the three-storey residential area, with the addition of a castle roof. I'm planning to add a basement later.

In the end, what was the result?

Ellie wished to have a tall building, ticked. My wish to have a castle, ticked. Since Ann is sceptical for effort put in cleaning, she hopes that the size will be affordable and manageable, ticked. Rather than a castle, the completed house looks like a rectangular long vertical tower. And on the roof, there is a tea room style penthouse rather than a castle tower.

What the hell is this? How did this happen......

Not only that, everything clicked together with everyone, except for the Shachihoko......


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