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I Work As A Healer In Another World’s Labyrinth City - Chapter 69


Chapter 69


「This is awesome, this is so awesome...」

I'm nervous. I'm in the large bath at the lord's mansion. While soaking up to my shoulders in the warm, cloudy water that fills it, I've been feeling restless. In my excess nervousness, I've been talking to myself for a while now.

...Most likely, Ruruka and Eris both ended up saying they'd get in the bath together with me due to the course of events back there. Perhaps not wanting me to see them undressing, they said they'd wait for me to get in first, with a strong sense of embarrassment in their attitudes. Even after washing my face and scrubbing my body, I can still vaguely see the two of them huddled in the dressing room through the frosted glass.

「But... the two of them are probably still going to come in, right?」

Eris and Ruruka have both told me they love me. Most likely, the two of them have gotten into a situation where they can't retreat even if they want to. If Eris retreats then Ruruka will enter and tempt me with her charm, and if Ruruka retreats then even Eris may very well do the same.

My heart is pounding now. Or should I say, it's been pounding since some time ago. I-I wonder if they'll let me wash their bodies? Or wait... what if it doesn't end with just washing?

Neither of them are the type to consider immediately having se*ual relations as soon as they fall in love. If I had to say... they're the type to steadily take things one step at a time.

-But that doesn't apply right now. Currently, they've both ended up in a situation where they're playing chicken over the extent to which they'll accompany me.

For instance, let's say Eris and Ruruka are washing my body. First, one of them will be washing me from behind. In terms of personality, Ruruka is more likely to act first, so let's assume she washes my back. When she does, in order to counter that, it means Eris will have no choice but to wash my front.

I'm getting in the bath together with the two of them;there's no way I can maintain a calm, tranquil, serene condition. In the sense that my front side strongly asserts its existence. Surely, Eris will inevitably avert her eyes while washing my chest and legs.

But she can't avert her eyes forever. Eris and Ruruka are both well aware that in order to do something about my feelings, seduction is the most expedient method. It's not like there's no possibility that it will go on like that and escalate.

「Calm down... calm down, me...」

As my excitement rises again, it makes its way out of my mouth in the form of my internal monologue.

On the other side of the frosted glass, I can vaguely see Eris and Ruruka's silhouettes. It looks like the two of them are slowly removing their clothes in silence. The only sound that reaches me is the rustling of their clothes.

「Wha...! They're amazing... e-ehhh!?」

Then suddenly, I hear Ruruka's surprised voice.

「I-I don't think... they're really that incredible, though...」

I can hear Eris' bashful voice too.

I know what just happened. Most likely, Eris removed her top.

...They sure are impressive, huh. I was amazed too, the first time I saw them. So overly amazed that I immediately dove onto Eris in the bathroom, and got myself kicked out of the hospital the next day.

But no matter how much I look at them now, she won't throw me out. We have an agreement. Even touching them, maybe she'll allow it. I doubt that either Ruruka or Eris would get mad.

「Something like this... is it okay for something like this to happen...?」

Somehow, I very much feel like offering my gratitude to something. But I'm afraid I have no religion that I believe in. For now, I guess I could thank the succubus for the part she played in my relationship progress? And having to be wary of the succubus was also the reason behind the situation developing into this. Succubus, apostle of the evil god, you have my thanks. And thank you too, evil god, for producing the succubus... at this point, I may as well become an evil god adherent.

Across the frosted glass, the scene in the dressing room is visible. Perhaps flustered by Eris removing her clothes, Ruruka too is evidently making undressing motions. My excitement is steadily rising.

Then, through the frosted glass, below Ruruka's red hair, everything has turned skin-colored. I can only see a vague silhouette, but she has definitely taken off her clothes.

C'mon, all that's left is to open the door connecting the dressing room over there to the bath. Just a bit further, and their figures will be visible.

For a short time, both of them freeze and their movements stop. But slowly, they start to move again. Looks like they've overcome their uncertainty. I get the feeling there was something I needed to think about, but the fact that the two of them are about to enter the bath is the only thing on my mind anymore. Now, come... c'mon... come in!!

Then, the door starts to open!

-That instant.

「It's the succubuuus! The succubus has cooome!」

The throaty voice of a knight resounds throughout the mansion.

「That shitty succubus!!!」

To think that the succubus would actually come around with this timing. But it was just a little further until Eris and Ruruka entered the bath. Even though we were so close, being disturbed at a time like...!

「...No, wait...?」

...The fact that the succubus has come, that means that both Eris and Ruruka need to stay by my side. In other words, it means they need to enter this bath. Conversely, it's possible that the succubus' arrival will make the two of them hurry inside.

My chance hasn't disappeared yet. I'm gambling on the hope that arises in my mind. However, from the dressing room,

「...I-It's too soon, isn't it.」

I hear Ruruka's voice.

「T-That's right. I-It's certainly too sudden... entering the bath together, that is. A-And there's no window in this bath large enough for the succubus to enter, either. There's only a single entrance, so... so it's fine to wait.」

Then I hear Eris' voice, agreeing with Ruruka's statement.

「T-That's right! Like I thought, it's too early! I-I just got a bit impatient!」

I can tell what state Ruruka's in now even without looking. First of all, she's no doubt averting her gaze from Eris' breasts, making a face that doesn't have a shred of self-confidence.

...Most likely, she saw Eris' devastatingly voluptuous breasts and ended up doubting herself. Despite being the one who decided on her own to enter the bath.

「O-our clothes... should we put them back on?」

「Ah, y-yeah!」

Most likely, Eris is simply embarrassed to be seen naked. And we haven't properly taken the right steps, so maybe she's thinking that this is a mistake. She wants to withdraw if she can, that sentiment is keenly coming across to me. But I was hoping she wouldn't back down at this point.

-Then the dressing room grows quiet. I've been left behind, alone in the bath.

...Where should I vent these feelings? Since my chance has disappeared right in front of my eyes, all of my risen expectations simmer up to a boiling rage.

「Just you wait, succubus.」

I spit out curses on the name of the evil god's apostle whom I was thanking until just now.

「I will definitely catch you. I'll strip you down and parade you around the entire city!!」

I've renewed my determination to catch the succubus!!

「Apparently the succubus charged into the dining hall by herself! Hurry to the dining hall!」

「Her targets are Sage-sama and Saint-sama! She must not be allowed to pass!」

「Bar the exits! She must be brought down in the dining hall!」

When I leave the bath, the inside of the mansion is in an uproar. I can hear knights shouting from everywhere in the mansion. Judging by the contents of their voices, it seems the succubus has rushed in without bringing any monsters.

...That reminds me, about the story of the succubus seeking treatment for her petrification in another town's church.

「Is she being hasty due to the petrification progressing?」

Perhaps the succubus is really feeling the pressure. But this mansion is currently so prepared that you could call it the anti-succubus strategic headquarters. It should be impossible for the succubus, with no combat ability, to slip past the guards in this mansion and do anything to me or the saint. This attack is beyond reckless.

「It'd be bad if Shiki got tempted by the succubus and taken away, right...? F-For now... h-hands, or something? S-Should we hold hands?」

As I'm thinking about such things, suddenly, there's a pleasantly cool sensation on my right hand. It's Ruruka.

...She blushes in moderate embarrassment, and grasps my hand a bit shyly. Although rather than grasping my hand, I wish she'd get into the bath together with me instead.

「T-That's right... h-hands, right. Holding hands is fine, right.」

Piggybacking on Ruruka, Eris also softly touches my left hand. As for Eris, she's acting somewhat relieved.

...By some chance, Eris may even be remembering the words the saint told her before, when I was being tempted by the succubus. Although rather than holding hands, that option would be fine instead.

「E-Eeeeeeeeeep! W-Whyyyy! Why are there so many of youuuu!」

「Don't let the succubus get away! Swords, arrows, whatever works! Hurl everything you've got and pin her to the wall!」

「That's it, her wings! Cut off her wings! Without her wings she shouldn't be able to flee all over the place anymore!」

「S-Stooop! I don't wanna get pinned! My wings, not my wiiiiiings!」

...Man, to plunge into the dining hall of all places, the succubus sure is unlucky. There should be a crowd of knights having a meal in there. For sure, I can easily imagine it becoming a ’’like a moth to a flame’’ situation.

「My petrification! I just want you to cure my petrificaaatiiooooonnnn!!!」

「She broke out through the windooow! After her, after heerrrr!」

With a crash, there's the sound of a window shattering, and simultaneously the bitter cries of the succubus and the roars of the knights resound throughout the mansion. When I take a look outside through the window, I can see the succubus flying overhead.

「The succubus is running away, isn't she.」

「A bit of her wing got cut off around the tip, huh. And her hair is kinda burnt.」

「Her leg too, it's already petrified past the knee... I know it's necessary to subjugate her, but... she's starting to look a little pitiful somehow...」

After entering the mansion, within a few minutes the succubus runs away with wounds all over her body.

...Seems like the mansion's defense is perfect. I was planning on getting my retribution, but I didn't even have to lift my hand. The succubus ran away without even managing to discover the fact that I'm inside the mansion.

At this pace, if the saint and I just hunker down within this mansion, the succubus could very well be a statue in a few days. If her petrification has progressed past the knee in a single day, most likely in another 2-3 days, the petrification will have advanced to her wings and she won't even be able to fly anymore. And apparently there aren't any other EX Heal users in the vicinity besides us. With this, the succubus is already in checkmate.

Man, what a nuisance. Just a bit further and Eris and Ruruka would have entered the bath.

「O-Oh maaaan. The succubus coming sure surprised me! W-Well then, you got off all the mess from the stew too, so why don't we go see Dra-chan! Dra-chan! Ah, Eris-san can come too, alright!」

「T-That's right. Why don't we go see the dragon? W-We should try to be friendly, right...」

Neither one of them are in the mood anymore. Rather, they won't even touch upon the fact that we were about to get in the bath together. They're completely trying to pretend it never happened. Most likely, even if I say we should go at this point, they won't get in with me. Plus they no longer have a reason to.

「That reminds me, Yuel was in the garden. Just to be sure, I should let her know I'm safe.」

She might be worried and all. The moment I try to continue,

「Master, I'm here.」


she calls out to me from behind. That freaking surprised me. Like, really surprised me. It surprised me so much that I ended up letting go of Eris and Ruruka's hands.

「Y-Yuel, you were here...?」

「Astel-san told me. A spy must always erase their presence, it seems. In order for me to get used to erasing my presence by habit, she told me to first practice waiting to serve Master by your side without you noticing.」

I wish you wouldn't make Yuel do strange things. Did they already finish their poison studies?

...Hold on, how long has she been there? Since the dining hall? The bath? Or since the succubus came?

「She has been behind you since around right after you left the bath. You didn't notice?」

Eris points it out, as if to say ’’What are you talking about?’’. What's with that, it's super scary.

「Y-Yuel, y-you don't have to erase your presence near me. L-Look, I can't pet your head that way, right?」

Scary. Too scary. When Yuel hides seriously, without a doubt I won't notice her presence. I'll need to remain conscious of Yuel's gaze at all times. I won't even be able to use Slime Jelly in the bathroom without fear anymore.

「Yes, understood!」

「A-And don't hide near me either, okay? Yuel is cute, so I want to always be able to see you.」


Yuel nods enthusiastically. I'm glad she's such a docile girl. She's grinning, perhaps because she was called cute.

...No, wait. There's something off. That's it, her gaze isn't directed towards me.

Yuel's gaze is pointed at Ruruka and Eris.

...Ah, this grinning is probably because the three of us were linking hands. And she didn't seem to want Eris and Ruruka to bicker. She must be thinking that they've reconciled. Although in actuality, it's just that between the bath and the succubus and whatnot, things have gotten rather hazy.

But I'll let this misunderstanding remain in place. I'm worried that she'll reveal the harem plan again. And besides, if she knew that most people don't actually accept harems, Yuel would probably cry.


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